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Gulec, S.A. Co Author Listing * Photogrammetric Evaluation of the Tiles on Turkish Traditional Buildings, an Example from Konya, The
Includes: Gulec, S.A. Güleç, S.A.

Guleer, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive feature selection and constrained weak-membrane optimization for boundary detection

Gulen, E.[Elvan] Co Author Listing * METU-MMDS: An Intelligent Multimedia Database System for Multimodal Content Extraction and Querying
* RELIEF-based modality weighting approach for multimodal information retrieval, A

Guler, A.[Alp] Co Author Listing * Human Joint Angle Estimation and Gesture Recognition for Assistive Robotic Vision

Guler, E. Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation of Thermographic Cameras for Photogrammetric Measurements

Guler, E.C. Co Author Listing * Feature extraction and classification of nonstationary signals based on the multiresolution signal decomposition

Guler, I.[Inan] Co Author Listing * ECG beat classifier designed by combined neural network model
* Features extracted by eigenvector methods for detecting variability of EEG signals
* recurrent neural network classifier for Doppler ultrasound blood flow signals, A
* Ultrasound Imaging Based on Multiple Beamforming with Coded Excitation
Includes: Guler, I.[Inan] Güler, I.[Inan] Guler, I.

Guler, M. Co Author Listing * Radiometric And Geometric Accuracy Analysis Of Rasat Pan Imagery
* Real-time Defect Inspection of Textured Surfaces
Includes: Guler, M. Güler, M.[Mustafa]

Guler, P.[Puren] Co Author Listing * Real-time multi-camera video analytics system on GPU

Guler, R.A.[Riza Alp] Co Author Listing * Deforming Autoencoders: Unsupervised Disentangling of Shape and Appearance
* Dense Pose Transfer
* DensePose: Dense Human Pose Estimation in the Wild
* DenseReg: Fully Convolutional Dense Shape Regression In-the-Wild
* Landmarks inside the shape: Shape matching using image descriptors
* Screened Poisson Hyperfields for Shape Coding
* Structured Output Prediction and Learning for Deep Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation
Includes: Guler, R.A.[Riza Alp] Güler, R.A.[Riza Alp] Güler, R.A. Guler, R.A.
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Guler, S. Co Author Listing * Contextual video clip classification
* Enhanced event recognition in video using image quality assessment
* GPU enabled Smart Video Node
* Learning a background model for change detection
* Missing Slice Recovery for Tensors Using a Low-Rank Model in Embedded Space
* Stationary objects in multiple object tracking
* Tracking and handoff between multiple perspective camera views
Includes: Guler, S. Guler, S.[Sadiye] Guler, S.[Seyhmus]
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Gulerce, B. Co Author Listing * Wireless controller for interactive virtual reality games

Guleryuz, G. Co Author Listing * Spatial Sparsity-Induced Prediction (SIP) for Images and Video: A Simple Way to Reject Structured Interference

Guleryuz, O.G.[Onur G.] Co Author Listing * Approximation and Compression With Sparse Orthonormal Transforms
* Complexity regularized pattern matching
* Dense Motion Fields for Digital Video Processing and Compression
* Fast Lifting for 3D Hand Pose Estimation in AR/VR Applications
* Fast text/graphics resolution improvement using wavelet based denoising and chain-code table lookup
* Image Compression with a Geometrical Entropy Coder
* Improving hybrid coding via control of quantization errors in the spatial and frequency domains
* Layered-givens transforms: Tunable complexity, high-performance approximation of optimal non-separable transforms
* Linear, Worst-Case Estimators for Denoising Quantization Noise in Transform Coded Images
* Non-causal encoding of predictively coded samples
* Nonlinear approximation based image recovery using adaptive sparse reconstructions
* Nonlinear Approximation Based Image Recovery Using Adaptive Sparse Reconstructions and Iterated Denoising-Part I: Theory
* Nonlinear Approximation Based Image Recovery Using Adaptive Sparse Reconstructions and Iterated Denoising-Part II: Adaptive Algorithms
* On optimal royalty costs for video compression
* Optimized Nonorthogonal Transforms for Image Compression
* Pixel recovery via el minimization in the wavelet domain
* Rate-Distortion Modeling of Binary Shape using State Partitioning
* Row-column transforms: Low-complexity approximation of optimal non-separable transforms
* Royalty Cost Based Optimization for Video Compression
* Sparse orthonormal transforms for image compression
* sparsity-distortion-optimized multiscale representation of geometry, A
* Subspaces of Quantization Artifacts for Image Transform Compression
* Transform-coded pel-recursive video compression
* Weighted Averaging for Denoising With Overcomplete Dictionaries
Includes: Guleryuz, O.G.[Onur G.] Guleryuz, O.G.
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Gules, A.[Antonin] Co Author Listing * Complex modulation computer-generated hologram by a fast hybrid point-source/wave-field approach

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