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Hai Xia, X. Co Author Listing * Multi-object visual tracking based on reversible jump Markov chain Monte Carlo
Includes: Hai Xia, X. Hai-Xia, X.

Hai Ying Co Author Listing * Chinese Chess Character Recognition with Radial Harmonic Fourier Moments
Includes: Hai Ying Hai-Ying

Hai Yuan, L.[Liu] Co Author Listing * Modulation Type Recognition Method Using Wavelet Support Vector Machines, A
Includes: Hai Yuan, L.[Liu] Hai-Yuan, L.[Liu]

Hai, G.[Gang] Co Author Listing * Antarctic Ice Sheet Surface Mass Balance Estimates From 2003 To 2015 Using Icesat And Cryosat-2 Data

Hai, J.[Jinjin] Co Author Listing * Wire segmentation for printed circuit board using deep convolutional neural network and graph cut model

Hai, J.J.[Jin Jin] Co Author Listing * Fast medical image segmentation based on patch sharing
Includes: Hai, J.J.[Jin Jin] Hai, J.J.[Jin-Jin]

Hai, L.V.H.[Le Vu Hong] Co Author Listing * Soil Salinity Mapping Using SAR Sentinel-1 Data and Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms: A Case Study at Ben Tre Province of the Mekong River Delta (Vietnam)

Hai, W.[Wen] Co Author Listing * Time-scaled interactive object-driven multi-party VR

Hai, Y. Co Author Listing * Easy Calibration of a Blind-Spot-Free Fisheye Camera System Using a Scene of a Parking Space
* Fast Generation of View-Direction-Free Perspective Display from Distorted Fisheye Image
* Full-View Spherical Image Format, A
* Synchronization of Full-View Image and GPS Data for Route Map Building
Includes: Hai, Y. Hai, Y.[Ying]

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