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Kino, H. Co Author Listing * Inverse Dynamics of Human Passive Motion Based on Iterative Learning Control

Kinoshenko, D. Co Author Listing * Block-diagonal form of distance matrix for region-based image retrieval
* Method of Creating of Functional Invariants under One-Parameter Geometric Image Transformations
Includes: Kinoshenko, D. Kinoshenko, D.[Dmitry]

Kinoshit, Y.[Yuma] Co Author Listing * Image and Model Transformation with Secret Key for Vision Transformer

Kinoshita, A.M.[Alicia M.] Co Author Listing * ECOSTRESS and CIMIS: A Comparison of Potential and Reference Evapotranspiration in Riverside County, California
* Estimating Evapotranspiration in a Post-Fire Environment Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning
* Urban Fire Severity and Vegetation Dynamics in Southern California
* Workflow to Estimate Topographic and Volumetric Changes and Errors in Channel Sedimentation after Disturbance, A

Kinoshita, F.[Fumiya] Co Author Listing * Study on Driver Agent Based on Analysis of Driving Instruction Data: Driver Agent for Encouraging Safe Driving Behavior (1)

Kinoshita, G.I.[Gen Ichiro] Co Author Listing * pattern classification by dynamic tactile sense information processing, A
Includes: Kinoshita, G.I.[Gen Ichiro] Kinoshita, G.I.[Gen-Ichiro]

Kinoshita, H. Co Author Listing * image digital signature system with ZKIP for the graph isomorphism, An
* Image Retrieving Method using the Object Index and the Motion, An
Includes: Kinoshita, H. Kinoshita, H.[Hirotsugu]

Kinoshita, K. Co Author Listing * 3-D Shape Recognition by Active Vision without Camera Velocity Information
* Camera Model Selection based on Geometric AIC
* Depth map upsampling by self-guided residual interpolation
* Driver Drowsiness Estimation by Parallel Linked Time-Domain CNN with Novel Temporal Measures on Eye States
* Estimation of Inverse Kinematics Model by Forward-Propagation Rule with a High-Order Term
* Facial Model Fitting Based on Perturbation Learning and It's Evaluation on Challenging Real-World Diversities Images
* fast and robust 3D head pose and gaze estimation system, A
* Linear estimation method for three-dimensional position with affine camera correction
* Moving object tracking via one-dimensional optical flow using queue
* Online Speech Dereverberation Using Mixture of Multichannel Linear Prediction Models
* Robotic Control with Partial Visual Information
* Simultaneous Determination of Camera Pose and Intrinsic Parameters by Visual Servoing
* Sparse Bayesian Regression for Head Pose Estimation
* Tracking of a Moving Object Using One-Dimensional Optical Flow with a Rotating Observer
* Unified Convolutional Beamformer for Simultaneous Denoising and Dereverberation, A
Includes: Kinoshita, K. Kinoshita, K.[Keisuke] Kinoshita, K.[Koichi]
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Kinoshita, N. Co Author Listing * neural network for fusing the MR information into PET images to improve spatial resolution, A

Kinoshita, R.A.[Robert A.] Co Author Listing * Systems and methods for improved telepresence

Kinoshita, T.[Tsuguki] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the Uncertainty of Degree Confluence Project for Validating Global Land-Cover Maps Using Reference Data-Based Classification Schemes
* Characteristics of the Degree of Grade in Grade-added Rough Set For Land Cover Classification
* Chromosome Image Recognition Method Based on Subregions, A
* Chromosome Image Recognition with Local Band Patterns
* Chromosome image recognition with subregion search iteration
* Combination of AVNIR-2, PALSAR, and Polarimetric Parameters for Land Cover Classification
* Effectiveness of a Driver Assistance System With Deceleration Control and Brake Hold Functions in Stop Sign Intersection Scenarios
* Efficient Tracking of News Topics Based on Chronological Semantic Structures in a Large-Scale News Video Archive
* flexible videoconference system based on multiagent framework, A
* Global Land Cover Assessment Using Spatial Uniformity Validation Dataset
* parallelization method for multi-stereo 3D shape reconstruction, A
* Variable-bit-rate HDTV codec with ATM-cell-loss compensation
Includes: Kinoshita, T.[Tsuguki] Kinoshita, T. Kinoshita, T.[Tetsuo] Kinoshita, T.[Toshiki] Kinoshita, T.[Tomoyoshi]
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Kinoshita, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic Exposure Compensation for Multi-Exposure Image Fusion
* Convolutional Neural Networks Considering Local and Global Features for Image Enhancement
* Development of an Estimation Model for Instantaneous Presence in Audio-Visual Content
* Error Evaluation of L-Band InSAR Precipitable Water Vapor Measurements by Comparison with GNSS Observations in Japan
* Instantaneous Evaluation of the Sense of Presence in Audio-Visual Content
* Multi-Color Balance for Color Constancy
* Privacy-Preserving Deep Neural Networks with Pixel-Based Image Encryption Considering Data Augmentation in the Encrypted Domain
* Scene Segmentation-Based Luminance Adjustment for Multi-Exposure Image Fusion
* Separated-Spectral-Distribution Estimation Based on Bayesian Inference with Single RGB Camera
Includes: Kinoshita, Y. Kinoshita, Y.[Yuichiro] Kinoshita, Y.[Yohei] Kinoshita, Y.[Yuma]
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Kinouchi, T.[Tsuyoshi] Co Author Listing * Multidecadal Land Water and Groundwater Drought Evaluation in Peninsular India
* Multivariate Drought Index for Seasonal Agriculture Drought Classification in Semiarid Regions, A
* Water Budget Closure in the Upper Chao Phraya River Basin, Thailand Using Multisource Data

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