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McClain, M. Co Author Listing * Information-theoretic matching of two point sets

McClain, M.E.[Michael E.] Co Author Listing * Classification of Geomorphic Units and Their Relevance for Nutrient Retention or Export of a Large Lowland Padma River, Bangladesh: A NDVI Based Approach

McClanahan, T.[Timothy] Co Author Listing * PlaNet: A Neural Network for Detecting Transverse Aeolian Ridges on Mars

McClanahan, T.R.[Tim R.] Co Author Listing * Designing Climate-Resilient Marine Protected Area Networks by Combining Remotely Sensed Coral Reef Habitat with Coastal Multi-Use Maps

McClatchy, D.M.[David M.] Co Author Listing * Modeling and Synthesis of Breast Cancer Optical Property Signatures With Generative Models

McClean, S. Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction from two orthogonal views using simulated annealing approach
* Ambulances Deployment Problems: Categorization, Evolution and Dynamic Problems Review
* Contour Detection of Labelled Cellular Structures from Serial Ultrathin Electron Microscopy Sections using GAC and Prior Analysis
* Coupling edge and region-based information for boundary finding in biomedical imagery
* Definition of Strategies for the Reduction of Operational Inefficiencies in a Stroke Unit
* Fusion of Elevation Data into Satellite Image Classification Using Refined Production Rules
* Incorporating Feature Based Priors into the Geodesic Active Contour Model and its Application in Biomedical Imagery
* MCMC-Based Algorithm to Adjust Scale Bias in Large Series of Electron Microscopical Ultrathin Sections
* Mobile Multimedia Technology to Aid Those with Alzheimer's Disease, A
* Model-Based Segmentation of Multimodal Images
* Performance of a Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential and Eye Gaze Hybrid Brain-Computer Interface on Participants With and Without a Brain Injury
* stability approach to convergence of curve evolution methods, A
* Timely autonomous identification of UAV safe landing zones
* Utilizing Geographic Information System Data for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Position Estimation
Includes: McClean, S. McClean, S.[Sally]
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McCleary, A.L.[Amy L.] Co Author Listing * Integration of Hyperion Satellite Data and a Household Social Survey to Characterize the Causes and Consequences of Reforestation Patterns in the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon

McClellan, J.H. Co Author Listing * Array Processing in Microseismic Monitoring: Detection, Enhancement, and Localization of Induced Seismicity
* Blind Polarimetric Equalization of Ultrawideband Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery
* Efficient Algorithm Design for GPR Imaging of Landmines
* Focusing Resonance Signatures in Ultra-Wideband SAR Images by Allpass Filtering
* Low computation and low latency algorithms for distributed sensor network initialization
* Migration of Underground Targets in UWB-SAR Systems
* Modified Alpha-Root Technique for Image Processing, A
* Multi-aspect target detection for SAR imagery using hidden Markov models
* Multistatic Ground-Penetrating Radar Experiments
* Multitone Model-Based Seismic Data Compression, A
* Optimal Maneuvering of Seismic Sensors for Localization of Subsurface Targets
* Performance Analysis of Parameter Estimation in Electromagnetic Induction Data
* Performance Bounds for Target Parameter Estimation From Frequency-Domain Electromagnetic Induction Data
* Seismic Tunnel Imaging and Detection
* Single Snapshot Super-Resolution DOA Estimation for Arbitrary Array Geometries
* Target Detection Features for Pruned Quadtree Image Formation
* Target Tracking Using a Joint Acoustic Video System
Includes: McClellan, J.H. McClellan, J.H.[James H.] Mcclellan, J.H.[James H.]
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Mcclellan, T.[Todd] Co Author Listing * Self-Supervised Leaf Segmentation under Complex Lighting Conditions

McClelland, J.[Jamie] Co Author Listing * Motion modelling and motion compensated reconstruction of tumours in cone-beam computed tomography

McClelland, J.R.[Jamie R.] Co Author Listing * Combining Image Registration, Respiratory Motion Modelling, and Motion Compensated Image Reconstruction
* Evaluation of Registration Methods on Thoracic CT: The EMPIRE10 Challenge
* Motion estimation and correction for simultaneous PET/MR using SIRF and CIL
* Pulmonary Lobe Segmentation With Probabilistic Segmentation of the Fissures and a Groupwise Fissure Prior
* Statistical Motion Mask and Sliding Registration
Includes: McClelland, J.R.[Jamie R.] McClelland, J.R.

McClendon, R.W. Co Author Listing * Color Computer Vision and Artificial Neural Networks for the Detection of Defects in Poultry Eggs
* Crack Detection in Eggs Using Computer Vision and Neural Networks
* Detection of Cracks in Eggs Using Color Computer Vision and Artificial Neural Networks

McClory, J.W. Co Author Listing * 3D sparse point reconstructions of atmospheric nuclear detonations
* Physical modeling of nuclear detonations in DIRSIG

McCloskey, E. Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Ageing Atlas of the Proximal Femur, A

McCloskey, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Estimating Fluid Flow Velocities: an Image Analysis Approach
* machine vision system for quantifying velocity fields in complex rock models, A

McCloskey, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Regional Monitoring of Fall Armyworm (FAW) Using Early Warning Systems

McCloskey, S.[Scott] Co Author Listing * 2D Barcode localization and motion deblurring using a flutter shutter camera
* Activity detection in the wild using video metadata
* Analysis of Motion Blur with a Flutter Shutter Camera for Non-linear Motion
* Analyzing Modern Camera Response Functions
* Automated Removal of Partial Occlusion Blur
* Barcode Imaging Using a Light Field Camera
* Bridging the Gap Between Computational Photography and Visual Recognition
* Concurrent Band Selection and Traversability Estimation from Long-Wave Hyperspectral Imagery in Off-Road Settings
* Confidence weighting for sensor fingerprinting
* Design and Estimation of Coded Exposure Point Spread Functions
* Detecting GAN-Generated Imagery Using Saturation Cues
* Evolving Measurement Regions for Depth from Defocus
* Focus Manipulation Detection via Photometric Histogram Analysis
* Image Splicing Detection via Camera Response Function Analysis
* Improved Motion Invariant Deblurring through Motion Estimation
* Incremental Multiple Kernel Learning for Object Recognition
* Jittered Exposures for Image Super-Resolution
* Jittered Exposures for Light Field Super-Resolution
* Local Expert Forest of Score Fusion for Video Event Classification
* Low-and Semantic-Level Cues for Forensic Splice Detection
* Low-Noise Fluttering Shutter Camera Handling Accelerated Motion, A
* Masking Light Fields to Remove Partial Occlusion
* Metadata-Weighted Score Fusion for Multimedia Event Detection
* Metric Feature Indexing for Interactive Multimedia Search
* MEVID: Multi-view Extended Videos with Identities for Video Person Re-Identification
* Motion aware motion invariance
* Motion invariance and custom blur from lens motion
* Multimedia event detection with multimodal feature fusion and temporal concept localization
* Planar orientation from blur gradients in a single image
* Recognition of 3D package shapes for single camera metrology
* Removal of Partial Occlusion from Single Images
* Removing Partial Occlusion from Blurred Thin Occluders
* Resolution Transfer for Object Detection from Satellite Imagery
* Reverse Projection Correlation Principle for Depth from Defocus, The
* Seeing Around Occluding Objects
* Temporally coded flash illumination for motion deblurring
* Temporally Coded Illumination for Rolling Shutter Motion De-blurring
* Training data recycling for multi-level learning
* Velocity-Dependent Shutter Sequences for Motion Deblurring
Includes: McCloskey, S.[Scott] Mccloskey, S. McCloskey, S.
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McClosky, S.H.[Stan H.] Co Author Listing * Method for aligning an articulated beam delivery device, such as a robot

McCloy, K. Co Author Listing * Development and Evaluation of Phenological Change Indices Derived from Time Series of Image Data

McCloy, K.R. Co Author Listing * Fundamentals of Average Local Variance: Part I: Detecting Regular Patterns, The
* Fundamentals of Average Local Variance: Part II: Sampling Simple Regular Patterns With Optical Imagery, The
* Optimizing Image Resolution to Maximize the Accuracy of Hard Classification

McClune, A.P.[Andrew P.] Co Author Listing * Automatic 3d Building Reconstruction From A Dense Image Matching Dataset
* Automatic urban 3D building reconstruction from multi-ray photogrammetry
Includes: McClune, A.P.[Andrew P.] McClune, A.P.

McClure, D.E.[Donald E.] Co Author Listing * Image models in pattern theory
* Nonlinear Filter for Film Restoration and Other Problems in Image Processing, A

McClure, P. Co Author Listing * new deformable model-based segmentation approach for accurate extraction of the kidney from abdominal CT images, A
* Visual Dictionary Learning for Joint Object Categorization and Segmentation
Includes: McClure, P. McClure, P.[Patrick]

McClure, S.C.[Stephen C.] Co Author Listing * Concept and Technologies of Quality of Geographic Information Service: Improving User Experience of GIServices in a Distributed Computing Environment, The

McCluskey, E.J. Co Author Listing * Determination of Redundancies in a Set of Patterns

McCluskey, J. Co Author Listing * US financial market forecasting using data classification with features from global markets

McCluskey, L.F. Co Author Listing * High-Dimensional Spatial Normalization of Diffusion Tensor Images Improves the Detection of White Matter Differences: An Example Study Using Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

McClusky, S. Co Author Listing * Extracting Colored Noise Statistics in Time Series via Negentropy
* Regional Ionospheric Corrections for High Accuracy GNSS Positioning
Includes: McClusky, S. McClusky, S.[Simon]

Mcclymont, D.[Darryl] Co Author Listing * Assessing Myocardial Microstructure With Biophysical Models of Diffusion MRI
* Improving the Discrimination of Benign and Malignant Breast MRI Lesions Using the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient
* Monte Carlo Simulations of Diffusion Weighted MRI in Myocardium: Validation and Sensitivity Analysis
* Multiple Instance Learning for Breast Cancer Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Reconstruction of 3D Cardiac MR Images from 2D Slices Using Directional Total Variation
* Sensitivity Analysis of Diffusion Tensor MRI in Simulated Rat Myocardium
Includes: Mcclymont, D.[Darryl] McClymont, D.[Darryl] McClymont, D.

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