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Szymak, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of Using a Pretrained Deep Learning Neural Networks for Object Classification in Underwater Video, The

Szymanek, J. Co Author Listing * Data Augmentation via Image Registration
* Precise multi-level face detector for advanced analysis of facial images
* Texture Analysis for Identifying Heterogeneity in Medical Images
Includes: Szymanek, J. Szymanek, J.[Janusz]

Szymanowicz, S.[Stanislaw] Co Author Listing * Discrete neural representations for explainable anomaly detection
* Photo-realistic 360 Head Avatars in the Wild
* X-MAN: Explaining multiple sources of anomalies in video

Szymanowski, M.[Mariusz] Co Author Listing * Topographic Characteristics of Drainage Divides at the Mountain-Range Scale: A Review of DTM-Based Analytical Tools

Szymanski Exner, A. Co Author Listing * X-ray computed tomography methods for in vivo evaluation of local drug release systems
Includes: Szymanski Exner, A. Szymanski-Exner, A.

Szymanski, A.[Artur] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Rough Sets Theory Applied to Parameters of Eye Movements Can Help to Predict Effects of Different Treatments in Parkinson's Patients

Szymanski, B.K. Co Author Listing * Age of Social Sensing, The

Szymanski, D.B. Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D Cell Segmentation Using Deep Features and CRF Refinement

Szymanski, J.[Julian] Co Author Listing * Selecting Features with SVM
* Two Stage SVM and kNN Text Documents Classifier

Szymanski, J.J. Co Author Listing * Comparison of GENIE and conventional supervised classifiers for multispectral image feature extraction
* Multispectral Thermal Imager: Mission and Applications Overview
* Optimizing Digital Hardware Perceptrons for Multi-Spectral Image Classification
Includes: Szymanski, J.J. Szymanski, J.J.[John J.]

Szymanski, L. Co Author Listing * CNN for historic handwritten document search
* Coarse facial feature detection in sheep
* Deep Sheep: kinship assignment in livestock from facial images
* Increasing the accuracy of convolutional neural networks with progressive reinitialisation
* Predicting Cherry Quality Using Siamese Networks
* Singularity resolution for dimension reduction
* Stacked Hourglass CNN for Handwritten Character Location
Includes: Szymanski, L. Szymanski, L.[Lech]
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Szymanski, P. Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Profiling of Public Transport Delays Based on Large-Scale Vehicle Positioning Data From GPS in Wroclaw

Szymanski, Z.[Zbigniew] Co Author Listing * Cardiac Rhythm Analysis Using Spatial ECG Parameters and SPART Method

Szymanskic, L. Co Author Listing * Deep networks are efficient for circular manifolds

Szymczak, A.[Andrzej] Co Author Listing * Element-Free Elastic Models for Volume Fitting and Capture
* Piecewise Regular Meshes: Construction and Compression
* Spin Contour

Szymczak, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * Elastic moduli of simple mass spring models

Szymczyk, K.[Konrad] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Hand's Small Vessels Based on MR Angiography and Level-Set Approach

Szymkowski, M.[Mateusz] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking of Deep Architectures for Segmentation of Medical Images

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