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BioIm17 * *Bio-Image Computing
* Automatic 3D Single Neuron Reconstruction with Exhaustive Tracing
* Bots for Software-Assisted Analysis of Image-Based Transcriptomics
* Computer-Automated Malaria Diagnosis and Quantitation Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Count-ception: Counting by Fully Convolutional Redundant Counting
* Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Detecting Cellular Changes Due to Malignancy
* Discovery of Rare Phenotypes in Cellular Images Using Weakly Supervised Deep Learning
* Dual Structured Convolutional Neural Network with Feature Augmentation for Quantitative Characterization of Tissue Histology
* Part-to-Whole Registration of Histology and MRI Using Shape Elements
* Particle Tracking Accuracy Measurement Based on Comparison of Linear Oriented Forests
* Siamese Networks for Chromosome Classification
* Solving Large Multicut Problems for Connectomics via Domain Decomposition
* Spatially-Variant Kernel for Optical Flow Under Low Signal-to-Noise Ratios Application to Microscopy
* Spheroid Segmentation Using Multiscale Deep Adversarial Networks
* Synthesising Wider Field Images from Narrow-Field Retinal Video Acquired Using a Low-Cost Direct Ophthalmoscope (Arclight) Attached to a Smartphone
* Towards a Spatio-Temporal Atlas of 3D Cellular Parameters During Leaf Morphogenesis
* Towards Virtual H E Staining of Hyperspectral Lung Histology Images Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Virtual Blood Vessels in Complex Background Using Stereo X-Ray Images
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BioImage15 * *BioImage Computing Workshop
* Deep neural networks for anatomical brain segmentation
* Fast registration of segmented images by normal sampling
* From photography to microbiology: Eigenbiome models for skin appearance

BioImage16 * *BioImage Computing Workshop
* 3-D Density Kernel Estimation for Counting in Microscopy Image Volumes Using 3-D Image Filters and Random Decision Trees
* Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Exosomes in Transmission Electron Microscopy
* Cell Counting by Regression Using Convolutional Neural Network
* Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Embryonic Cell Counting
* Dendritic Spine Shape Analysis: A Clustering Perspective
* Feature Augmented Deep Neural Networks for Segmentation of Cells
* Histopathology Image Categorization with Discriminative Dimension Reduction of Fisher Vectors
* Measuring Process Dynamics and Nuclear Migration for Clones of Neural Progenitor Cells
* Poisson Point Processes for Solving Stochastic Inverse Problems in Fluorescence Microscopy
* Single-Image Insect Pose Estimation by Graph Based Geometric Models and Random Forests
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BioImaging(2) * 3-D Texture Characterized by Accessibility Measurements, Based on the Grey Weighted Distance Transform

BioInfo05 * Classification of Proteomic Data with Logistic Kernel Partial Least Squares Algorithm
* Discovery of Prokaryotic Relationships through Latent Structure of Correlated Nucleotide Sequences
* Extended-Regular Sequence for Automated Analysis of Microarray Images
* Gene Selection via a Spectral Approach
* Identifying Genes with The Concept of Customization
* Overview of DNA Microarray Image Requirements for Automated Processing, An
* Pattern Recognition Method to Detect Vulnerable Spots in an RNA Sequence for Bacterial Resistance to the Antibiotic Spectinomycin
* Protein Interaction Inference as a MAX-SAT Problem
* Reliable Tracking of Large Scale Dense Antiparallel Particle Motion for Fluorescence Live Cell Imaging
* Tracking Cell Signals in Fluorescent Images
* Tracking Single Quantum Dots in Live Cells with Minimal Paths
* Wavelet Transformation for Temporal Gene Expression Analysis, The
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