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Anan, H. Co Author Listing * Efficient discovery service for a digital library of 3D models

Anand, A.[Ashima] Co Author Listing * Authenticating and securing healthcare records: A deep learning-based zero watermarking approach
* Automated Disease Identification With 3-D Optical Imaging: A Medical Diagnostic Tool
* Bidirectional effects in Landsat reflectance estimates: Is there a problem to solve?
* Characterization and classification of semantic image-text relations
* Compression-Then-Encryption-Based Secure Watermarking Technique for Smart Healthcare System
* Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India
* Entropy-based clustering of embryonic stem cells using digital holographic microscopy
* Fmfinder: Search and Filter Your Favorite Songs
* Identification and analysis of transcription factor family-specific features derived from DNA and protein information
* Integrated Spatiotemporal Pattern Analysis Model to Assess and Predict the Degradation of Protected Forest Areas, An
* Integrating Multi-Sensors Data for Species Distribution Mapping Using Deep Learning and Envelope Models
* IQ-VQA: Intelligent Visual Question Answering
* Joint Watermarking-Encryption-ECC for Patient Record Security in Wavelet Domain
* Latent Fingerprint Enhancement Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* MMGAN: Manifold-Matching Generative Adversarial Networks
* Multi Sensor Approach to Forest Type Mapping for Advancing Monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Myanmar, A
* Multi-stage Attention based Visual Question Answering
* Pandemic Induced Changes in Economic Activity around African Protected Areas Captured through Night-Time Light Data
* Use of Hyperion for Mangrove Forest Carbon Stock Assessment in Bhitarkanika Forest Reserve: A Contribution Towards Blue Carbon Initiative
* Wave Height Prediction in Maritime Transportation Using Decomposition Based Learning
Includes: Anand, A.[Ashima] Anand, A. Anand, A.[Anupam] Anand, A.[Avishek] Anand, A.[Arur] Anand, A.[Arun] Anand, A.[Anushka] Anand, A.[Ashish] Anand, A.[Akash]
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Anand, C.K.[Christopher Kumar] Co Author Listing * Robust Solvers for Inverse Imaging Problems Using Dense Single-Precision Hardware

Anand, C.S.[C. Shyam] Co Author Listing * MOSAIC: Multi-Object Segmented Arbitrary Stylization Using CLIP

Anand, D.[Deepak] Co Author Listing * Classification of Breast Cancer Histology Using Deep Learning
* Machine Learning Solution for Video Delivery to Mitigate Co-Tier Interference in 5G HetNets, A
* Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A
* Smart Cloud and IoVT-Based Kernel Adaptive Filtering Framework for Parking Prediction, A
Includes: Anand, D.[Deepak] Anand, D.[Devanshu] Anand, D.[Divya]

Anand, D.V.[D. Vijay] Co Author Listing * Hodge Laplacian of Brain Networks

Anand, G.[Gaotham] Co Author Listing * Deep TEC: Deep Transfer Learning with Ensemble Classifier for Road Extraction from UAV Imagery

Anand, G.V. Co Author Listing * FFT-Based Technique for Fast Fractal Image Compression, An

Anand, H.V.K.[Hruday Vishal Kanna] Co Author Listing * Gradient-Based Maximally Interfered Retrieval for Domain Incremental 3D Object Detection

Anand, J. Co Author Listing * Robust edge detection in noisy images using an adaptive stochastic gradient technique

Anand, K.[Khushboo] Co Author Listing * CoroNetGAN: Controlled Pruning of GANs via Hypernetworks
* Evaluating and Bench-marking Object Detection Models for Traffic Sign and Traffic Light Datasets
* Semiblind Interference Alignment: A New Framework
Includes: Anand, K.[Khushboo] Anand, K.

Anand, M.P.[Mahesh Padukudru] Co Author Listing * novel receptive field-regularized V-net and nodule classification network for lung nodule detection, A

Anand, N.[Neeraj] Co Author Listing * Partial Binarization of Neural Networks for Budget-Aware Efficient Learning

Anand, P.[Praveen] Co Author Listing * Class-Guided Image-to-Image Diffusion: Cell Painting from Brightfield Images with Class Labels

Anand, R.[Rangachari] Co Author Listing * Analyzing images containing multiple sparse patterns with neural networks
* Robust Classification Technique for Hyperspectral Images Based on 3D-Discrete Wavelet Transform
Includes: Anand, R.[Rangachari] Anand, R.

Anand, R.S. Co Author Listing * Classification of hardwood species using ANN classifier
* closed form design method for the two-channel quadrature mirror filter banks, A
* CT and MR image information fusion scheme using a cascaded framework in ripplet and NSST domain
* Depth data and fusion of feature descriptors for static gesture recognition
* Despeckling of ultrasound medical images using ripplet domain nonlinear filtering
* Epileptic seizures detection in EEG using DWT-based ApEn and artificial neural network
* Image enhancement by wavelet-based thresholding neural network with adaptive learning rate
* improved method for the design of quadrature mirror filter banks using the Levenberg-Marquardt optimization, An
* Multimodal neurological image fusion based on adaptive biological inspired neural model in nonsubsampled Shearlet domain
* Performance evaluation of 3D hybrid transforms and 2D-set partitioning methods for lossy hyperspectral data compression
* Progressive medical image coding using binary wavelet transforms
* PSO-based learning of sub-band adaptive thresholding function for image denoising
* Speckle filtering of ultrasound images using a modified non-linear diffusion model in non-subsampled shearlet domain
Includes: Anand, R.S. Anand, R.S.[Radhey Shyam]
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Anand, S.[Saket] Co Author Listing * Army of Thieves: Enhancing Black-Box Model Extraction via Ensemble based sample selection
* BIRDSAI: A Dataset for Detection and Tracking in Aerial Thermal Infrared Videos
* Computational MRI With Physics-Based Constraints: Application to Multicontrast and Quantitative Imaging
* Contextual Diversity for Active Learning
* DGSAC: Density Guided Sampling and Consensus
* Disentangling Factors of Variation with Cycle-Consistent Variational Auto-encoders
* Distance Metric Learning by Optimization on the Stiefel Manifold
* Diversity in Fashion Recommendation Using Semantic Parsing
* Does Data Repair Lead to Fair Models? Curating Contextually Fair Data To Reduce Model Bias
* Efficient Vertex Detection Algorithms Using the Hough Transform
* Exploring Bias in Primate Face Detection and Recognition
* Fast hypothesis filtering for multi-structure geometric model fitting
* Framework for Adaptation of the Active-DTW Classifier for Online Handwritten Character Recognition, A
* Generalized projection based M-estimator: Theory and applications
* Generalized Projection-Based M-Estimator
* HierMatch: Leveraging Label Hierarchies for Improving Semi-Supervised Learning
* Hybrid Approach to Tiger Re-Identification, A
* Intelligent Camera Selection Decisions for Target Tracking in a Camera Network
* Intelligent querying for target tracking in camera networks using deep Q-learning with n-step bootstrapping
* Learning Hierarchy Aware Features for Reducing Mistake Severity
* Method of multi-region tumour segmentation in brain MRI images using grid-based segmentation and weighted bee swarm optimisation
* Metric learning based automatic segmentation of patterned species
* New Face Recognition Algorithm using Bijective Mappings, A
* Pseudo RGB-D for Self-improving Monocular SLAM and Depth Prediction
* Quantitative Model and Analysis of Information Confusion in Social Networks, A
* Reducing Annotation Effort by Identifying and Labeling Contextually Diverse Classes for Semantic Segmentation Under Domain Shift
* REGroup: Rank-aggregating Ensemble of Generative Classifiers for Robust Predictions
* Robust Detection of Microaneurysms for Sight Threatening Retinopathy Screening
* Robust Multi-Model Fitting Using Density and Preference Analysis
* Semi-Supervised Kernel Mean Shift Clustering
* SICKLE: A Multi-Sensor Satellite Imagery Dataset Annotated with Multiple Key Cropping Parameters
* W-A net: Leveraging Atrous and Deformable Convolutions for Efficient Text Detection
Includes: Anand, S.[Saket] Anand, S. Anand, S.[Swaminathan] Anand, S.[Sarabjot] Anand, S.[Sukhad]
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Anand, V.N.[Vijay N.] Co Author Listing * 3D Display Using Passive Optical Scatterers

Anandakumar, K. Co Author Listing * Nonlinear filtering using generalized subband decomposition
* Nonlinear Multiresolution Decomposition with Applications in Image Restoration
* Real-Time MPEG-1 Audio Coding and Decoding on a DSP Chip

Anandan, M.M.[Mukunthan Manapakkam] Co Author Listing * Satellite Image Classification Using a Hierarchical Ensemble Learning and Correlation Coefficient-Based Gravitational Search Algorithm

Anandan, P. Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Anandan, P.: anandan AT microsoft com
* Accurate Computation of Optical Flow by Using Layered Motion Representations
* Adaptive-complexity registration of images
* Coarse-to-Fine Control Strategy for Stereo and Motion on a Mesh-connected Computer, A
* Computational Framework and an Algorithm for the Measurement of Visual Motion, A
* Computationally-efficient method for estimating image motion
* Computing Dense Fields Displacement with Confidence Measures in Scenes Containing Occlusion
* Confidence Measure and a Smoothness Constraint for the Computation of Image Displacement Fields, A
* Constraints for the Early Detection of Discontinuity from Motion
* Cooperative Multisensor Video Surveillance
* Direct Recovery of Planar-Parallax from Multiple Frames
* Efficient representations of video sequences and their applications
* Extracting layers and analyzing their specular properties using epipolar-plane-image analysis
* Factorization with Uncertainty
* Frameless registration of MR and CT 3D volumetric data sets
* Framework for the Robust Estimation of Optical Flow, A
* From Ordinal to Euclidean Reconstruction with Partial Scene Calibration
* From Reference Frames to Reference Planes: Multi-View Parallax Geometry and Applications
* Geometry-image Representation Tradeoff for Rendering, The
* Guest Editorial: Computer Vision Research at Microsoft Corporation
* Hierarchical Model-Based Motion Estimation
* Image Stabilization by Registration to a Reference Mosaic
* Implicit Representation and Scene Reconstruction from Probability Density Functions
* Integrated Bayesian Approach to Layer Extraction from Image Sequences, An
* Integrating Local Affine into Global Projective Images in the Joint Image Space
* Interactive 3D Modeling from Multiple Images Using Scene Regularities
* Introducing a Smoothness Constraint in a Matching Approach for the Computation of Optical Flow Fields
* Layer Extraction from Multiple Images Containing Reflections and Transparency
* Layered Approach to Stereo Reconstruction, A
* Measurement of Non-Rigid Motion Using Contour Shape Descriptors
* Measuring Visual Motion from Image Sequences
* Method and apparatus for detecting moving objects in two- and three-dimensional scenes
* Method and apparatus for performing global image alignment using any local match measure
* Method and apparatus for performing mosaic based image compression
* Method and apparatus for three-dimensional scene processing using parallax geometry of pairs of points
* Method and system for image combination using a parallax-based technique
* Method and system for rendering and combining images to form a synthesized view of a scene containing image information from a second image
* Model for the Detection of Motion over Time, A
* Mosaic Based Representations of Video Sequences and Their Applications
* Motion Recovery by Integrating over the Joint Image Manifold
* Optimization in Model Matching and Perceptual Organization
* Optimization in Model Matching and Perceptual Organization: A First Look
* Parallax Geometry of Pairs of Points for 3D Scene Analysis
* Real-time Scene Stabilization and Mosaic Construction
* Recovery of epipolar geometry as a manifold fitting problem
* Representation of Scenes from Collections of Images
* Robust Dynamic Motion Estimation Over Time
* Robust Estimation of Multiple Motions: Affine and Piecewise-Smooth Flow-Fields, The
* Robust Estimation of Multiple Motions: Parametric and Piecewise-Smooth Flow-Fields, The
* Robust Multi-Sensor Image Alignment
* Scene Matching by Hierarchical Correlation
* Segmenting Visual Actions based on Spatio-Temporal Motion Patterns
* Shape Recovery from Multiple Views: A Parallax Based Approach
* Spatial and Temporal Mechanisms in Target Cueing
* Structure and Motion in Two Dimensions from Multiple Images: A Least Squares Approach
* System and method for determining structure and motion from two-dimensional images for multi-resolution object modeling
* System and method for determining structure and motion using multiples sets of images from different projection models for object modeling
* System for automatically aligning images to form a mosaic image
* Trilinear Constraints Revisited: Generalized Trilinear Constraints and the Tensor Brightness Constraint
* Unified Approach to Moving Object Detection in 2D and 3D Scenes, A
* Unified Perspective on Computational Techniques for the Measurement of Visual Motion, A
* Video as an image data source: efficient representations and applications
* Video compression using mosaic representations
* Video Indexing Based on Mosaic Representations
* Video Mosaic Displays
* Video Processing for Security, Surveillance and Monitoring
* Video Registration and Motion Estimation: A Retrospective
* Video Representation and Manipulation Using Mosaics
* What Can Be Determined from a Full and a Weak Perspective Image?
* What Does the Scene Look Like from a Scene Point?
Includes: Anandan, P. Anandan, P.[Padmanabhan] Anandan, P.[Padmananbhan]
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Anandan, V.K. Co Author Listing * Denoising Atmospheric Radar Signals Using Spectral-Based Subspace Method Applicable for PBS Wind Estimation
* Performance Analysis of Optimum Tilt Angle and Beam Configuration to Derive Horizontal Wind Velocities by Postset Beam Steering Technique

Anandathirtha, P.[Paresh] Co Author Listing * Integrated Detect-Track Framework for Multi-view Face Detection in Video

Anandha Mala, G.S. Co Author Listing * effective content based video retrieval utilizing texture, color and optimal key frame features, An

Anandhakumar, P. Co Author Listing * improved fast watershed algorithm for image segmentation, An

Anandhavelu, N. Co Author Listing * LayerDoc: Layer-wise Extraction of Spatial Hierarchical Structure in Visually-Rich Documents

Anandkumar, A.[Anima] Co Author Listing * AdvDO: Realistic Adversarial Attacks for Trajectory Prediction
* Augmenting Deep Classifiers with Polynomial Neural Networks
* Bongard-HOI: Benchmarking Few-Shot Visual Reasoning for Human-Object Interactions
* Differentially Private Video Activity Recognition
* DiscoBox: Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation and Semantic Correspondence from Box Supervision
* End-to-end 3D Tracking with Decoupled Queries
* Fast Monocular Scene Reconstruction with Global-Sparse Local-Dense Grids
* FB-BEV: BEV Representation from Forward-Backward View Transformations
* FocalFormer3D : Focusing on Hard Instance for 3D Object Detection
* FreeSOLO: Learning to Segment Objects without Annotations
* Fully Attentional Networks with Self-emerging Token Labeling
* Not All Labels Are Equal: Rationalizing The Labeling Costs for Training Object Detection
* Panoptic SegFormer: Delving Deeper into Panoptic Segmentation with Transformers
* Question Type Guided Attention in Visual Question Answering
* Self-Calibrating Neural Radiance Fields
* Spacetime Surface Regularization for Neural Dynamic Scene Reconstruction
* Tensor Contraction Layers for Parsimonious Deep Nets
* Tensor Methods in Computer Vision and Deep Learning
* Vision Transformers are Good Mask Auto-Labelers
* VoxFormer: Sparse Voxel Transformer for Camera-Based 3D Semantic Scene Completion
Includes: Anandkumar, A.[Anima] Anandkumar, A.[Animashree]
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Anani, M.[Macho] Co Author Listing * Fully automatic multisegmentation approach for magnetic resonance imaging brain tumor detection using improved region-growing and quasi-Monte Carlo-expectation maximization algorithm

Ananiadou, S.[Sophia] Co Author Listing * Classifying Suicide-Related Content and Emotions on Twitter Using Graph Convolutional Neural Networks
* Cluster-Level Contrastive Learning for Emotion Recognition in Conversations
* Data Visualization with Structural Control of Global Cohort and Local Data Neighborhoods
* Disentangled Variational Autoencoder for Emotion Recognition in Conversations
* Improving Textual Emotion Recognition Based on Intra- and Inter-Class Variations
* Proximity-Based Frameworks for Generating Embeddings from Multi-Output Data

Ananias, P.H.M.[Pedro Henrique M.] Co Author Listing * Fully Unsupervised Machine Learning Framework for Algal Bloom Forecasting in Inland Waters Using MODIS Time Series and Climatic Products, A

Ananloo, E.S. Co Author Listing * Comparison of volumes of subcortical regions in schizophrenia patients and healthy controls using MRI

Ananth, A.D.[Antony Dennis] Co Author Listing * Extended and optimized deep convolutional neural network-based lung tumor identification in big data

Ananth, J.P.[John Patrick] Co Author Listing * Illumination-based texture descriptor and fruitfly support vector neural network for image forgery detection in face images

Anantha, N.H.[N. Herald] Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of brain tissues and tumor detection and grading system using ANFIS classifier

Ananthakrishnan, G. Co Author Listing * Search based Video Recommendations

Ananthakumar, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Face And Gesture Recognition For Time Sensitive Application

Ananthanarayana, T.[Tejaswini] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Cross-Feature Fusion for American Sign Language Translation
* SignNet II: A Transformer-Based Two-Way Sign Language Translation Model
* SignNet: Single Channel Sign Generation using Metric Embedded Learning

Ananthanarayana, V.S. Co Author Listing * Efficient clustering of large data sets
* incremental data mining algorithm for compact realization of prototypes, An
* Multi-dimensional semantic clustering of large databases for association rule mining
* Prefix-Suffix Trees: A Novel Scheme for Compact Representation of Large Datasets
* tree based representation for effective pattern discovery from multimedia documents, A

Ananthanarayanan, G. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Video Analytics: The Killer App for Edge Computing

Ananthapadmanabha, T.V. Co Author Listing * Threshold-Independent QRS Detection Using the Dynamic Plosion Index

Anantharaj, V. Co Author Listing * Comprehensive review of evolution of satellite sensor specifications against speedup performance of pattern recognition algorithms in remote sensing

Anantharaj, V.G.[Valentine G.] Co Author Listing * Optimal wavelet features for an infrared satellite precipitation estimate algorithm
* Precipitation data fusion using vector space transformation and artificial neural networks

Anantharajah, K.[Kaneswaran] Co Author Listing * Local inter-session variability modelling for object classification
* Quality Based Frame Selection for Face Clustering in News Video
* Robust Automatic Face Clustering in News Video
Includes: Anantharajah, K.[Kaneswaran] Anantharajah, K.

Anantharajan, D.[Divya] Co Author Listing * Sclera Vessel Analysis for Biometric System on Real Time Security Application

Anantharajan, S.[Shenbagarajan] Co Author Listing * Automated brain tumor detection and classification using weighted fuzzy clustering algorithm, deep auto encoder with barnacle mating algorithm and random forest classifier techniques

Anantharam, P. Co Author Listing * Semantic, Cognitive, and Perceptual Computing: Paradigms That Shape Human Experience

Anantharaman, A.[Aditya] Co Author Listing * Multi-Space Approach to Zero-Shot Object Detection, A

Anantharaman, B. Co Author Listing * Compressed Domain Action Classification Using HMM

Ananthi, M. Co Author Listing * secure model on Advanced Fake Image-Feature Network (AFIFN) based on deep learning for image forgery detection, A

Ananthi, V.P. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of gray scale image based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets constructed from several membership functions

Anantrao, G.G.[Girish Gunjotikar] Co Author Listing * Detecting Water Hyacinth Infestation in Kuttanad, India, Using Dual-Pol Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery

Anantrasirichai, N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive-weighted bilateral filtering for optical coherence tomography
* Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation for Sequences with Moving Objects Using Recursive Image Fusion
* Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation Using Complex Wavelet-Based Fusion
* Atmospheric turbulence removal with complex-valued convolutional neural network
* concealment based approach to distributed video coding, A
* Contextual Colorization and Denoising for Low-Light Ultra High Resolution Sequences
* Curvelet domain image fusion of OCT and fundus imagery using convolution of Meridian distributions
* Defectnet: Multi-Class Fault Detection on Highly-Imbalanced Datasets
* Detecting Ground Deformation in the Built Environment Using Sparse Satellite InSAR Data With a Convolutional Neural Network
* Fixation identification for low-sample-rate mobile eye trackers
* Fixation Prediction and Visual Priority Maps for Biped Locomotion
* ICIP 2022 Challenge on Parasitic Egg Detection and Classification in Microscopic Images: Dataset, Methods and Results
* Image fusion via sparse regularization with non-convex penalties
* In-Band Disparity Compensation for Multiview Image Compression and View Synthesis
* Line Detection as an Inverse Problem: Application to Lung Ultrasound Imaging
* Mitigating the effects of atmospheric distortion using DT-CWT fusion
* Multi-View Image Coding with Wavelet Lifting and In-Band Disparity Compensation
* Optimal Transport-Based Graph Matching for 3D Retinal OCT Image Registration
* Orientation estimation for planar textured surfaces based on complex wavelets
* Projective image restoration using sparsity regularization
* River Planform Extraction From High-Resolution SAR Images via Generalized Gamma Distribution Superpixel Classification
* Robust texture features based on undecimated dual-tree complex wavelets and local magnitude binary patterns
* Robust texture features for blurred images using Undecimated Dual-Tree Complex Wavelets
* Spatiotemporal super-resolution for low bitrate H.264 video
* ST-MFNET Mini: Knowledge Distillation-Driven Frame Interpolation
* Terrain Classification From Body-Mounted Cameras During Human Locomotion
* Undecimated Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and its application to bivariate image denoising using a Cauchy model, The
* Undecimated Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transforms
* Unsupervised Image Fusion Using Deep Image Priors
* Visual salience and priority estimation for locomotion using a deep convolutional neural network
* Volumetric Reconstruction with Compressed Data
* Volumetric Representation for Sparse Multi-Views
Includes: Anantrasirichai, N. Anantrasirichai, N.[Nantheera]
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Anantsuksomsri, S.[Sutee] Co Author Listing * Fine-Scale (10 m) Dynamics of Smallholder Farming through COVID-19 in Eastern Thailand
* Stand age estimation of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) plantations using an integrated pixel- and object-based tree growth model and annual Landsat time series

Ananya, U Co Author Listing * Detection of doctored images using bispectral analysis

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