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Benaaf, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Computational Machine Learning Approach for Flood Susceptibility Assessment Integrated with Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Benabbas, Y.[Yassine] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition Using Direction Models of Motion
* Motion Pattern Extraction and Event Detection for Automatic Visual Surveillance
* Multi-Modal User Interactions in Controlled Environments
* MuMIe: a new system for multimedia metadata interoperability
* Spatio-Temporal Optical Flow Analysis for People Counting

Benabbou, F. Co Author Listing * Preprocessing Arabic Dialect for Sentiment Mining: State of Art

Benabbou, Z. Co Author Listing * idea of a clustering algorithm using support vector machines based on binary decision tree, An

Benabdallah, A.[Asma] Co Author Listing * Coronary Artery MultiScale Enhancement Methods: A Comparative Study

Benabdallah, F.[Fairouz] Co Author Listing * On the use of non-orthogonal multiple access for V2V message dissemination

Benabdelhafid, A. Co Author Listing * Can fractal dimension be used in font classification
* Fractal-based system for Arabic/Latin, printed/handwritten script identification
* New features using fractal multi-dimensions for generalized Arabic font recognition
* PRAAD: Preprocessing and Analysis Tool for Arabic Ancient Documents
* Unsupervised Block Covering Analysis for Text-Line Segmentation of Arabic Ancient Handwritten Document Images
Includes: Benabdelhafid, A. Benabdelhafid, A.[Abdellatif]

Benabdelkader, A. Co Author Listing * Setting Up of a GIS for the General Population and Housing Census, The

Benabdelkader, S.[Souad] Co Author Listing * Recursive algorithm based on fuzzy 2-partition entropy for 2-level image thresholding

Benabdelouahab, T. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-based Reconstruction of Spatiotemporally Fused Satellite Images for Smart Agriculture Applications In A Heterogeneous Agricultural Region
* Mapping and Characterization of Phenological Changes over Various Farming Systems in an Arid and Semi-Arid Region Using Multitemporal Moderate Spatial Resolution Data
* National-Scale Cropland Mapping Based on Phenological Metrics, Environmental Covariates, and Machine Learning on Google Earth Engine
Includes: Benabdelouahab, T. Benabdelouahab, T.[Tarik]

Benabderrahmane, S.[Sidahmed] Co Author Listing * Recognition of user-dependent and independent static hand gestures: Application to sign language

Benac, C.[Cedomir] Co Author Listing * Application of UAV for the Analysis of Geological Hazard in Krk Island, Croatia, Mediterranean Sea, The

Benac, J. Co Author Listing * Alternating Minimization Algorithms for Transmission Tomography
* Deblurring subject to nonnegativity constraints when known functions are present with application to object-constrained computerized tomography

Benachir, D.[Djaouad] Co Author Listing * Blind Unmixing of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data: A New Geometrical Method Based on a Two-Source Sparsity Constraint

Benaddy, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of the different control strategies for Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Benadjimi, N.[Noussaiba] Co Author Listing * Critical Comparison of Fingerprint Fuzzy Vault Techniques, A

Benahmed Daho, A. Co Author Listing * Architecting Location Intelligence Platforms Using Open-source Components

Benaichouche, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Reconstruction of Sea Surface Currents from AIS Maritime Traffic Data Using Trainable Variational Models
Includes: Benaichouche, S.[Simon] Benaïchouche, S.[Simon]

Benaim, S.[Sagie] Co Author Listing * Assessing Neural Network Robustness via Adversarial Pivotal Tuning
* Discriminative Class Tokens for Text-to-Image Diffusion Models
* Domain Intersection and Domain Difference
* Estimating the Success of Unsupervised Image to Image Translation
* Evaluation Metrics for Conditional Image Generation
* FewGAN: Generating from the Joint Distribution of a Few Images
* Hierarchical Transformation-Discriminating Generative Model for Few Shot Anomaly Detection, A
* Identity and Attribute Preserving Thumbnail Upscaling
* Image-Based CLIP-Guided Essence Transfer
* Permuted AdaIN: Reducing the Bias Towards Global Statistics in Image Classification
* SpeedNet: Learning the Speediness in Videos
* Text-driven Stylization of Video Objects
* Text2Mesh: Text-Driven Neural Stylization for Meshes
* Volumetric Disentanglement for 3D Scene Manipulation
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Benaissa, M.[Manel] Co Author Listing * 2D-feature descriptor without orientation compensation

Benakcha, A. Co Author Listing * Multi-view Deep Features for Robust Facial Kinship Verification
* Robust multimodal 2D and 3D face authentication using local feature fusion

Benalcazar, D. Co Author Listing * Iris Recognition: Comparing Visible-Light Lateral and Frontal Illumination to NIR Frontal Illumination

Benalcazar, M.E.[Marco E.] Co Author Listing * Artificial neural networks applied to statistical design of window operators
* Automatic Design of Binary W-operators Using Artificial Feed-forward Neural Networks Based on the Weighted Mean Square Error Cost Function
Includes: Benalcazar, M.E.[Marco E.] Benalcázar, M.E.[Marco E.]

Benali, A.[Akli] Co Author Listing * Determining Fire Dates and Locating Ignition Points With Satellite Data
* Electronic and computer system for monitoring a photovoltaic station
Includes: Benali, A.[Akli] Benali, A.

Benali, F. Co Author Listing * Use of New Technologies in The Restoration and Conservation Of Built Cultural Heritage/ The Case of The Statue of Fouara, Setif, Algeria, The

Benali, H.[Habib] Co Author Listing * Anatomical Regularization on Statistical Manifolds for the Classification of Patients with Alzheimer's Disease
* Estimation of the Hemodynamic Response in Event-Related Functional MRI: Bayesian Networks as a Framework for Efficient Bayesian Modeling and Inference
* Foundations of Factor Analysis of Medical Image Sequences: A Unified Approach and Some Practical Implications
* From Handcrafted to Deep-Learning-Based Cancer Radiomics: Challenges and opportunities
* Identification of atrophy patterns in Alzheimer's disease based on SVM feature selection and anatomical parcellation
* Model Selection Method for Nonlinear System Identification Based fMRI Effective Connectivity Analysis, A
* Relating Structural and Functional Connectivity in MRI: A Simple Model for a Complex Brain
* Spatial and Anatomical Regularization of SVM: A General Framework for Neuroimaging Data
* Statistical Method for Source Localization in MEG/EEG Tomographic Reconstruction Problem
* Unsupervised robust nonparametric estimation of the hemodynamic response function for any FMRI experiment
Includes: Benali, H.[Habib] Benali, H.
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Benalia, M.[Mohcene] Co Author Listing * Improved Basic Sequential Clustering Algorithm for Background Construction and Motion Detection, An

Benallal, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration with a Viewfinder
* Location by involution
Includes: Benallal, M.[Mohamed] Bénallal, M.[Mohamed] Benallal, M.

Benallegue, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Toward Active Physical Human-Robot Interaction: Quantifying the Human State During Interactions

Benaloh, J. Co Author Listing * Using character recognition and segmentation to tell computer from humans

Benamar, A.A. Co Author Listing * IoT-5G User Tracking in a 5G Network Using 60 GHZ MM-waves Based on an ABF-ED Algorithms for a Cluttered Indoor Environment

Benamar, F. Co Author Listing * Gradient-based time to contact on paracatadioptric camera
* Time to contact estimation on paracatadioptric cameras
* Two-Step Optimization-Based Synthesis of Squat Movements, A
Includes: Benamar, F. Benamar, F.[Faiz]

Benamara, A.[Adel] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Multi-object Tracking with Occlusion and Stationary Objects Handling for Conveying Systems

BenAmara, N.E.[Najoua Essoukri] Co Author Listing * ICPR2020 Competition on Text Detection and Recognition in Arabic News Video Frames

Benameur, L. Co Author Listing * Novel Greedy Genetic Algorithm to Solve Combinatorial Optimization Problem, A

Benameur, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Biplanar Reconstruction of Scoliotic Vertebrae Using Statistical Models
* Edge-Preserving Anatomical-Based Regularization Term for the Nas-Rif Restoration of SPECT Images, An
* Estimation of mixtures of probabilistic PCA with stochastic EM for the 3d biplanar reconstruction of scoliotic rib cage
* hierarchical statistical modeling approach for the unsupervised 3d reconstruction of the scoliotic spine, A
* Spect image restoration via Recursive Inverse Filtering constrained by a probabilistic MRI atlas
* Superpixel and Entropy-Based Multi-atlas Fusion Framework for the Segmentation of X-ray Images
Includes: Benameur, S. Benameur, S.[Said]

Benamira, A.[Adrien] Co Author Listing * Truth-table Net: A New Convolutional Architecture Encodable by Design into Sat Formulas

Benamou, J.D. Co Author Listing * computational fluid mechanics solution to the Monge-Kantorovich mass transfer problem, A

Benamrane, N.[Nacera] Co Author Listing * Fast and Robust Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Brain Images Using a Combination of the Pyramidal Approach and Level Set Method, A
* Fuzzy generalized fast marching method for 3D segmentation of brain structures
* MS lesions segmentation in 3D MR images using FCM and SVM
Includes: Benamrane, N.[Nacera] Benamrane, N.[Nacéra] Benamrane, N.

Benamrou, B. Co Author Listing * AI_COVID: Automatic Diagnosis of Covid-19 Using Frontal Chest X-ray Image

Benanni, Y. Co Author Listing * Deep Based Recommender System For Relevant K Pick-up Points

Benany, E. Co Author Listing * Choreography for interoperability in the e-Government applications

Benaouda, D.[Djamel] Co Author Listing * High-Level Feature Extraction for Crowd Behaviour Analysis: A Computer Vision Approach

Benaragama, D.[Dilshan] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Flowering Index for Canola Yield Modelling

Benarbia, T.[Taha] Co Author Listing * Modeling, Relocation, and Real-Time Inventory Control of One-Way Electric Cars Sharing Systems in a Stochastic Petri Nets Framework

Benard, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Tumor Lesion Segmentation from 3D PET Using a Machine Learning Driven Active Surface
Includes: Benard, F.[Francois] Bénard, F.[François]

Benard, J. Co Author Listing * Configural processing enables discrimination and categorization of face-like stimuli in honeybees

Benard, M. Co Author Listing * Kalman Filtering of Image Sequences

Benard, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Line Drawings from 3D Models: A Tutorial
Includes: Benard, P.[Pierre] Bénard, P.[Pierre]

Benardou, A.[Agiatis] Co Author Listing * From Europeana Cloud to Europeana Research: The Challenges of a Community-Driven Platform Exploiting Europeana Content

Benari, G. Co Author Listing * Remote Spectral Imaging Using a Low Cost UAV System

Benas, N.[Nikos] Co Author Listing * CRAAS: A European Cloud Regime dAtAset Based on the CLAAS-2.1 Climate Data Record
* Estimation of the Land Surface Albedo Changes in the Broader Mediterranean Area, Based on 12 Years of Satellite Observations
* Evaluation of CLARA-A2 and ISCCP-H Cloud Cover Climate Data Records over Europe with ECA&D Ground-Based Measurements
Includes: Benas, N.[Nikos] Benas, N.[Nikolaos]

Benassarou, A. Co Author Listing * 3D displays and tracking devices for your browser: A plugin-free approach relying on web standards

Benassi, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * 3D image reconstruction using Radon transform
* Classification of Texture Images using Multi-scale Statistical Estimators of Fractal Parameters
* DSP-based real time contour tracking system, A
* First Absolute Central Moment in Low-Level Image Processing, The
* Flexible Noise Model for Designing Maps, A
* From morphlet to Takagi scheme: definitions and back process
* Real time contour tracking with a new edge detector
Includes: Benassi, A.[Antonio] Benassi, A.
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Benassi, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * Population Trends and Urbanization: Simulating Density Effects Using a Local Regression Approach
* Testing Accuracy and Repeatability of UAV Blocks Oriented with GNSS-Supported Aerial Triangulation
Includes: Benassi, F.[Federico] Benassi, F.[Francesco]

Benassou, S.N.[Sabrina Narimene] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical complementary learning for weakly supervised object localization

Benatallah, B.[Boualem] Co Author Listing * Opinion fraud detection via neural autoencoder decision forest
* Rating prediction via generative convolutional neural networks based regression
* Software expert discovery via knowledge domain embeddings in a collaborative network

Benatchba, K.[Karima] Co Author Listing * Critical Comparison of Fingerprint Fuzzy Vault Techniques, A
* Optimized multi-biometric enhancement analysis
* Score Level Fusion Scheme in Hybrid Multibiometric System

Benatia, D. Co Author Listing * New Model of a Solar Wind Airplane for Geomatic Operations

Benatia, M.A.[Mohamed Akram] Co Author Listing * Att2ResNet: A deep attention-based approach for melanoma skin cancer classification

Benato, B.C.[Barbara C.] Co Author Listing * Deep feature annotation by iterative meta-pseudo-labeling on 2D projections
* Semi-automatic data annotation guided by feature space projection
Includes: Benato, B.C.[Barbara C.] Benato, B.C.[Bárbara C.]

Benatti, R. Co Author Listing * Method to Contrast Enhancement of Digital Dense Breast Images Aimed to Detect Clustered Microcalcifications, A

Benauer, R. Co Author Listing * Damage Estimation of Explosions in Urban Environments By Simulation

Benavent Oltra, J.A.[Jose Antonio] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of LIRIC Algorithm Performance Using Independent Sun-Sky Photometer Data at Two Altitude Levels
Includes: Benavent Oltra, J.A.[Jose Antonio] Benavent-Oltra, J.A.[José Antonio]

Benavent, J. Co Author Listing * Multimedia Information Retrieval Based on Late Semantic Fusion Approaches: Experiments on a Wikipedia Image Collection

Benavent, M.[Maite] Co Author Listing * Insights into the Magmatic Feeding System of the 2021 Eruption at Cumbre Vieja (La Palma, Canary Islands) Inferred from Gravity Data Modeling
* Strain Pattern and Kinematics of the Canary Islands from GNSS Time Series Analysis

Benavent, X. Co Author Listing * Multimedia Information Retrieval Based on Late Semantic Fusion Approaches: Experiments on a Wikipedia Image Collection
* New Wavelet-Based Texture Descriptor for Image Retrieval, A
* relevance feedback CBIR algorithm based on fuzzy sets, A
* statistical model for magnitudes and angles of wavelet frame coefficients and its application to texture retrieval, A
* Tiling of the Wavelet Lowpass Subbands for Progressive Browsing of Images
* Wavelet-Based Texture Retrieval Modeling the Magnitudes of Wavelet Detail Coefficients with a Generalized Gamma Distribution
Includes: Benavent, X. Benavent, X.[Xaro]

Benavente, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Validation of Reef-Scale Thermal Stress Satellite Products for Coral Bleaching Monitoring

Benavente, F.[Francisca] Co Author Listing * VidHarm: A Clip Based Dataset for Harmful Content Detection

Benavente, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Assessing Satellite-Derived Shoreline Detection on a Mesotidal Dissipative Beach
* UAS Identify and Monitor Unusual Small-Scale Rhythmic Features in the Bay of Cádiz (Spain)
* Video-Monitoring Tools for Assessing Beach Morphodynamics in Tidal Beaches

Benavente, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * 3DRRDB: Super Resolution of Multiple Remote Sensing Images using 3D Residual in Residual Dense Blocks
* Color image enhancement based on perceptual sharpening
* Induction operators for a computational colour-texture representation
* Intrinsic image evaluation on synthetic complex scenes
* Names and shades of color for intrinsic image estimation
* Normalized Colour Segmentation for Human Appearance Description
* Parametric fuzzy sets for automatic color naming
* Perception Based Representations for Computational Colour
* Photometry of Intrinsic Images, The
* Unveiling the Influence of Image Super-resolution on Aerial Scene Classification
Includes: Benavente, R.[Robert] Benavente, R.
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Benavides Arce, A.A.[Anthony A.] Co Author Listing * Foreground Detection Using an Attention Module and a Video Encoding
Includes: Benavides Arce, A.A.[Anthony A.] Benavides-Arce, A.A.[Anthony A.]

Benavides, A.[Angela] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Fatigue Measurement Using Human Motor Coordination for Gesture-Based Interaction in 3D Environments
* Mutual Induction and the Effect of Host Conductivity on the EM Induction Response of Buried Plate Targets Using 3-D Finite-Element Analysis
* Physically-Based Bimanual Volumetric Selection for Immersive Visualizations
Includes: Benavides, A.[Angela] Benavides, A.

Benavides, F.T.[Fausto T.] Co Author Listing * Fast and Accurate Single-Image Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* PhoneDepth: A Dataset for Monocular Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices
Includes: Benavides, F.T.[Fausto T.] Benavides, F.T.[Fausto Tapia]

Benavides, I. Co Author Listing * Image reconstruction on hypercube computers: Application to electron microscopy

Benavides, J.I.[Jose Ignacio] Co Author Listing * optimized approach to histogram computation on GPU, An
Includes: Benavides, J.I.[Jose Ignacio] Benavides, J.I.[José Ignacio]

Benavides, J.L. Co Author Listing * Combining luminance and edge based metrics for robust temporal video segmentation

Benaya, N. Co Author Listing * Limits of fluidification for a stochastic Petri nets by timed continuous Petri nets

Benayoun, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Meshes and Nonrigid Motion Computation
* Building and Using Hypervideos
* Dense Non-Rigid Motion Estimation in Sequences of 3D Images Using Differential Constraints
* Dense Nonrigid Motion Estimation in Sequences of Medical Images Using Differential Constraints
* From Partial Derivatives of 3D Density Images to Ridge Lines
* Local Quantitative Measurements for Cardiac Motion Analysis
* Using Differential Geometry in R4 to Extract Typical Features in 3D Density Images
* Using Differential Geometry in R4 to Extract Typical Features in 3D Images
* Using Partial Derivatives of 3D Images to Extract Typical Surface-Features
Includes: Benayoun, S. Benayoun, S.[Serge]
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Benazir, M. Co Author Listing * Verification of bank cheque images using Hamming measures

Benazir, T.M. Co Author Listing * Removal of high and low density impulse noise from digital images using non linear filter

Benazoun, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of the Damages and Symptoms on Plant Leaves Using Parallel Combination of Two Classifiers
* Hybrid Combination of Multiple SVM Classifiers for Automatic Recognition of the Damages and Symptoms on Plant Leaves, A
Includes: Benazoun, A. Benazoun, A.[Abdeslam]

Benazza Benyahia, A.[Amel] Co Author Listing * Adaptive lifting schemes with a global L1 minimization technique for image coding
* Bayesian Vehicle Detection Using Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Block-Based Adaptive Vector Lifting Schemes for Multichannel Image Coding
* Building Robust Wavelet Estimators for Multicomponent Images Using Stein's Principle
* Close Approximation of Kullback-Leibler Divergence for Sparse Source Retrieval
* Copula-based statistical models for multicomponent image retrieval in the wavelet transform domain
* Dense disparity map representations for stereo image coding
* Depth-based color stereo images retrieval using joint multivariate statistical models
* Disparity based stereo image retrieval through univariate and bivariate models
* Dynamic Neural Network for Lossy-to-Lossless Image Coding
* Efficient retrieval strategies for quantized stereo image
* Exploiting disparity information for stereo image retrieval
* Extracting Relevant Features from Videos for a Robust Smoke Detection
* Fast scalable retrieval of multispectral images with Kullback-Leibler divergence
* Generalized multivariate exponential power prior for wavelet-based multichannel image restoration
* Gradual Iris Code Construction from Close-Up Eye Video
* Image Denoising in the Wavelet Transform Domain Based on Stein's Principle
* Joint Learning of Fully Connected Network Models in Lifting Based Image Coders
* Multivariate indexing of multichannel images based on the copula theory
* Neural Network Approach for Joint Optimization of Predictors In Lifting-Based Image Coders, A
* nonlinear diffusion-based three-band filter bank, A
* Optimized Lifting Scheme Based on A Dynamical Fully Connected Network for Image Coding
* Satellite image restoration in the context of a spatially varying point spread function
* Scalable region-based image retrieval system in the Wavelet Transform domain
* unifying framework for lossless and progressive image coding, A
* Vector Lifting Schemes for Stereo Image Coding
* Wavelet based statistical detection of salient points by the exploitation of the interscale redundancies
* Wavelet-based blotch detection in old movies
* Wavelet-based parallel MRI regularization using bivariate sparsity promoting priors
Includes: Benazza Benyahia, A.[Amel] Benazza-Benyahia, A.[Amel] Benazza-Benyahia, A.
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Benazza Benyahya, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation Protocol of Skeletonization Applied to Grayscale Curvilinear Structures
Includes: Benazza Benyahya, A. Benazza-Benyahya, A.

Benazza, A. Co Author Listing * Classification of radar images in polarimetric remote sensing
* Self noise and contrast controlled thinning of gray images
Includes: Benazza, A. Benazza, A.[Amel]

Benazzi, T. Co Author Listing * Uncertainty Visualization Approaches for 3D Models of Castles Restituted from Archeological Knowledge

Benazzouz, M.[Mourtada] Co Author Listing * Microscopic image segmentation based on pixel classification and dimensionality reduction
* Modified U-Net for cytological medical image segmentation

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