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Cheoi, K. Co Author Listing * Feature-Driven Attention Module for an Active Vision System, A

Cheoi, K.J.[Kyung Joo] Co Author Listing * Method of Extracting Objects of Interest with Possible Broad Application in Computer Vision, A
Includes: Cheoi, K.J.[Kyung Joo] Cheoi, K.J.[Kyung-Joo]

Cheok, A.D. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Lip Geometric Features for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
* Metazoa Ludens: Mixed-Reality Interaction and Play for Small Pets and Humans
* Real-time camera tracking for marker-less and unprepared augmented reality environments
Includes: Cheok, A.D. Cheok, A.D.[Adrian David]

Cheok, G.[Geraldine] Co Author Listing * 3D Ground-Truth Systems for Object/Human Recognition and Tracking

Cheok, G.S. Co Author Listing * Propagation of Orientation Uncertainty of 3D Rigid Object to Its Points
* Recovering Spheres from 3D Point Data

Cheok, K.C. Co Author Listing * Dynamic cluster tracking technique for traffic monitoring using on-vehicle radar

Cheok, L.T.[Lai Tee] Co Author Listing * Implementing multiplexing, streaming, and server interaction for MPEG-4
Includes: Cheok, L.T.[Lai Tee] Cheok, L.T.[Lai-Tee]

Cheon, G.J.[Gi Jeong] Co Author Listing * Coregistration of Small Animal PET and Autoradiography for in vivo-ex vivo Comparison
Includes: Cheon, G.J.[Gi Jeong] Cheon, G.J.[Gi-Jeong]

Cheon, J. Co Author Listing * Improving Smartphone Position and Attitude for Geospatial Augmented Reality Applications
* Real-time Drone Mapping Platform for Marine Surveillance, A
* Validation of LIDAR Calibration Using A LIDAR Simulator

Cheon, J.W. Co Author Listing * Automatic UAV Mapping System for Supporting UN (United Nations) Field Operations, An

Cheon, M.[Manri] Co Author Listing * Ambiguity of objective image quality metrics: A new methodology for performance evaluation
* Evaluation of objective quality metrics for multidimensional video scalability
* Gaze pattern analysis for video contents with different frame rates
* Generative Adversarial Network-Based Image Super-Resolution Using Perceptual Content Losses
* Improving Key Human Features for Pose Transfer
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Image Demoireing: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* Perceptual Image Quality Assessment with Transformers
* Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of Compressed 4K UHD Videos for Immersive Experience
* Temporal resolution vs. visual saliency in videos: Analysis of gaze patterns and evaluation of saliency models
* Vision-Based Vehicle Detection System With Consideration of the Detecting Location
Includes: Cheon, M.[Manri] Cheon, M.
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Cheon, M.S. Co Author Listing * Improved Video Compression Efficiency Through Flexible Unit Representation and Corresponding Extension of Coding Tools
* Quadtree Based Nonsquare Block Structure for Inter Frame Coding in High Efficiency Video Coding

Cheon, S.H.[Sang Hoon] Co Author Listing * Crafting a 1.5mu-m pixel pitch spatial light modulator using Ge2Sb2Te5 phase change material
* enhanced SURF algorithm based on new interest point detection procedure and fast computation technique, An
* Systolic realization of motion compensated interpolation filter
* Wavelet based seam carving for content-aware image resizing
Includes: Cheon, S.H.[Sang Hoon] Cheon, S.H.[Sang-Hoon] Cheon, S.H.[Seung Hyeon] Cheon, S.H.[Sung-Hyun]

Cheon, S.J.[Sung Jun] Co Author Listing * Controllable Multi-Lingual Multi-Speaker Multi-Style Text-to-Speech Synthesis With Multivariate Information Minimization, A
* Memory Attention: Robust Alignment Using Gating Mechanism for End-to-End Speech Synthesis
Includes: Cheon, S.J.[Sung Jun] Cheon, S.J.

Cheon, S.U.[Sang Uk] Co Author Listing * Connectivity-based convolutional neural network for classifying point clouds
Includes: Cheon, S.U.[Sang Uk] Cheon, S.U.[Sang-Uk]

Cheon, Y.[Yeongjae] Co Author Listing * Contrastive Regularization for Semi-Supervised Learning

Cheon, Y.H.[Yong Hun] Co Author Listing * Subsurface object sensing with a multifrequency microwave radiometer
Includes: Cheon, Y.H.[Yong Hun] Cheon, Y.H.[Yong-Hun]

Cheon, Y.J.[Yeong Jae] Co Author Listing * Natural facial expression recognition using differential-AAM and manifold learning
Includes: Cheon, Y.J.[Yeong Jae] Cheon, Y.J.[Yeong-Jae]

Cheon, Y.M.[Young Min] Co Author Listing * Video Shot Boundary Detection Algorithm

Cheong, B.[Boonleng] Co Author Listing * Robust Velocity Dealiasing for Weather Radar Based on Convolutional Neural Networks

Cheong, B.L. Co Author Listing * Bootstrap Dual-Polarimetric Spectral Density Estimator
* SimRadar: A Polarimetric Radar Time-Series Simulator for Tornadic Debris Studies
* Weather Radar Simulator for the Evaluation of Polarimetric Phased Array Performance, A

Cheong, C. Co Author Listing * Generating Compact Classifier Systems Using a Simple Artificial Immune System

Cheong, C.E.[Chan E.] Co Author Listing * Method for disconnecting character strings of a compressed image

Cheong, C.K. Co Author Listing * Significance Tree Image Sequence Coding with DCT-based Pyramid Structure
* Structural Motion Segmentation Based on Probabilistic Clustering
Includes: Cheong, C.K. Cheong, C.K.[Cha Keon]

Cheong, C.W.[Clarence Weihan] Co Author Listing * Vehicle Semantics Extraction and Retrieval for Long-Term Carpark Video Surveillance

Cheong, D.K.[Dae Kyo] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Pre-Historical Volcanic Eruption in the Hantangang River Volcanic Field: Experimental and Simulation Study
Includes: Cheong, D.K.[Dae Kyo] Cheong, D.K.[Dae-Kyo]

Cheong, D.L.H. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Tumor Blood Flow Distribution by Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced CT

Cheong, F. Co Author Listing * Generating Compact Classifier Systems Using a Simple Artificial Immune System

Cheong, H. Co Author Listing * Temporal Interpolation of Video Sequences Using Zonal Based Algorithms

Cheong, H.Y.[Hye Yeon] Co Author Listing * Adaptive spatio-temporal filtering for video de-noising
* Computation Error Tolerance in Motion Estimation Algorithms
* Fast mode decision and motion estimation for JVT/H.264
* N-dimensional Zonal Algorithms. the Future of Block Based Motion Estimation?
* Quantization based nearest-neighbor-preserving metric approximation
Includes: Cheong, H.Y.[Hye Yeon] Cheong, H.Y.[Hye-Yeon] Cheong, H.Y.

Cheong, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * new distance measure for non-identical data with application to image classification, A

Cheong, J.[Jiaee] Co Author Listing * Causal Structure Learning of Bias for Fair Affect Recognition
* Counterfactual Fairness for Facial Expression Recognition
* Hitchhiker's Guide to Bias and Fairness in Facial Affective Signal Processing: Overview and techniques, The

Cheong, J.W.[Joon Wayn] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Hybrid Robust Filter for Multi-Sensor Relative Navigation System
* Integrity for Multi-Sensor Cooperative Positioning
* Matched Filter for Spaceborne GNSS-R Based Sea-Target Detection, A
* Message Passing Enhanced Distributed Kalman Filter for Cooperative Localization
* Spaceborne GNSS Reflectometry
Includes: Cheong, J.W.[Joon Wayn] Cheong, J.W.

Cheong, J.Y. Co Author Listing * Deep CNN-Based Super-Resolution Using External and Internal Examples
* Reflection Removal Under Fast Forward Camera Motion

Cheong, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Measuring the distance of vegetation from powerlines using stereo vision

Cheong, K.M.[Kah Meng] Co Author Listing * Robust Voice Activity Detection Algorithm Based on Feature of Frequency Modulation of Harmonics and Its DSP Implementation
Includes: Cheong, K.M.[Kah Meng] Cheong, K.M.[Kah-Meng]

Cheong, L. Co Author Listing * All in One Bad Weather Removal Using Architectural Search
* Baseline Desensitizing in Translation Averaging
* Characterizing Depth Distortion due to Calibration Uncertainty
* Visual Encoding of Tilt from Optic Flow: Psychophysics and Computational Modelling

Cheong, L.F.[Loong Fah] Co Author Listing * email: Cheong, L.F.[Loong Fah]: loongfah AT cfar umd edu
* 3D Motion and Shape Representations in Visual Servo Control
* 3D Motion Representations in Visual Servo Control
* 3D ordinal constraint in spatial configuration for robust scene recognition
* Accurate and Stable Camera Calibration of Broadcast Tennis Video
* Actionness-Assisted Recognition of Actions
* Active Segmentation with Fixation
* Active Visual Segmentation
* Adaptive Sparse Coding for Painting Style Analysis
* Affective Understanding in Film
* Automatic camera calibration of broadcast tennis video with applications to 3D virtual content insertion and ball detection and tracking
* Background Context Augmented Hypothesis Graph for Object Segmentation
* Behaviour of SFM algorithms with erroneous calibration
* Behind the Depth Uncertainty: Resolving Ordinal Depth in SFM
* Block-Sparse RPCA for Consistent Foreground Detection
* Block-Sparse RPCA for Salient Motion Detection
* Characterizing Depth Distortion under Different Generic Motions
* Code: Active Segmentation With Fixation
* Consistent Foreground Co-segmentation
* Depth distortion under calibration uncertainty
* Depth Perception Under Motion and Stereo with Implications for 3D TV
* Direct Photometric Alignment by Mesh Deformation
* Distortion of Shape from Motion
* Dynamic Bayesian Framework for Extracting Temporal Structure in Video
* Effects of Errors in the Viewing Geometry on Shape Estimation
* Error Analysis of SFM Under Weak-Perspective Projection
* Error Characteristics of SFM with Erroneous Focal Length
* Establishment shot detection using qualitative motion
* Facilitating and Exploring Planar Homogeneous Texture for Indoor Scene Understanding
* Fast Postprocessing for Difficult Discrete Energy Minimization Problems
* Film shot classification using directing semantics
* Geometry of Distorted Visual Space and Cremona Transformation
* Heavy Rain Image Restoration: Integrating Physics Model and Conditional Adversarial Learning
* Hierarchical spatio-temporal context modeling for action recognition
* How Do Movie Viewers Perceive Scene Structure from Dynamic Cues
* Interaction Between 3D Shape and Motion: Theory and Applications
* Into the Twilight Zone: Depth Estimation Using Joint Structure-Stereo Optimization
* Iso-Distortion Contours and Egomotion Estimation
* Learning Clustering for Motion Segmentation
* Learning Structure-And-Motion-Aware Rolling Shutter Correction
* Linear ego-motion recovery algorithm based on quasi-parallax
* Linear Quasi-Parallax SfM Using Laterally-Placed Eyes
* Minimal Basis Facility Location for Subspace Segmentation
* Minimal Basis Subspace Representation: A Unified Framework for Rigid and Non-rigid Motion Segmentation
* Modeling the Temporality of Saliency
* Motion Segmentation by Exploiting Complementary Geometric Models
* MRF Augmented Particle Filter Tracker
* Multi-view repetitive structure detection
* Nighttime Stereo Depth Estimation using Joint Translation-Stereo Learning: Light Effects and Uninformative Regions
* On the distortion of shape recovery from motion
* Parsing video programs into individual segments using FSA modeling
* Perspective Motion Segmentation via Collaborative Clustering
* Practical Matrix Completion and Corruption Recovery Using Proximal Alternating Robust Subspace Minimization
* Proximal robust factorization for piecewise planar reconstruction
* Quasi-Parallax for Nearly Parallel Frontal Eyes
* RainFlow: Optical Flow Under Rain Streaks and Rain Veiling Effect
* Randomized Locality Sensitive Vocabularies for Bag-of-Features Model
* Robust Detection and Affine Rectification of Planar Homogeneous Texture for Scene Understanding
* Robust identification of gradual shot-transition types
* Robust Optical Flow in Rainy Scenes
* Robust Video Background Identification by Dominant Rigid Motion Estimation
* Rolling-Shutter-Aware Differential SfM and Image Rectification
* SCAMS: Simultaneous Clustering and Model Selection
* Scene-Based Shot Change Detection and Comparative Evaluation
* SEAGULL: Seam-Guided Local Alignment for Parallax-Tolerant Image Stitching
* Seeing double without confusion: Structure-from-motion in highly ambiguous scenes
* Segmentation over Detection by Coupled Global and Local Sparse Representations
* Segmentation Over Detection via Optimal Sparse Reconstructions
* Semantic Segmentation without Annotating Segments
* Shot Change Detection Using Scene-Based Constraint
* Simultaneous Camera Pose and Correspondence Estimation in Cornerless Images
* Simultaneous Camera Pose and Correspondence Estimation with Motion Coherence
* Simultaneous Clustering and Model Selection for Tensor Affinities
* Simultaneous Clustering and Model Selection: Algorithm, Theory and Applications
* Simultaneous video defogging and stereo reconstruction
* Single-image Camera Response Function Using Prediction Consistency and Gradual Refinement
* Smoothly varying affine stitching
* Sparse and Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition for Automatic Target Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Spatiotemporal Representations for Visual Navigation
* Synergizing spatial and temporal texture
* Taxonomy of Directing Semantics for Film Shot Classification
* trajectory-based ball detection and tracking algorithm in broadcast tennis video, A
* Two-Stream Flow-Guided Convolutional Attention Networks for Action Recognition
* Understanding the Behavior of SFM Algorithms: A Geometric Approach
* Video Co-segmentation for Meaningful Action Extraction
* Video Foreground Cosegmentation Based on Common Fate
* Visual Space Distortion
* Visual tracking via sparsity pattern learning
* When Discrete Meets Differential: Assessing the Stability of Structure from Small Motion
Includes: Cheong, L.F.[Loong Fah] Cheong, L.F.[Loong-Fah] Cheong, L.F.
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Cheong, L.H. Co Author Listing * Assessment of perfusion by dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging using a deconvolution approach based on regression and singular value decomposition

Cheong, L.L.[Lin Lee] Co Author Listing * Single View Physical Distance Estimation using Human Pose

Cheong, M. Co Author Listing * approach to texture-based image recognition by deconstructing multispectral co-occurrence matrices using Tchebichef orthogonal polynomials, An
* Study on Detecting Patterns in Twitter Intra-topic User and Message Clustering, A
* To Honor our Heroes: Analysis of the Obituaries of Australians Killed in Action in WWI and WWII
Includes: Cheong, M. Cheong, M.[Marc]

Cheong, P.L.C. Co Author Listing * Rigid-Body Constrained Noisy Point Pattern-Matching

Cheong, S.[Snons] Co Author Listing * Numerical Imaging of the Seabed and Acoustic Flares with Topography and Velocity Variance

Cheong, S.C.[Sok Ching] Co Author Listing * Clinically Guided Trainable Soft Attention for Early Detection of Oral Cancer

Cheong, T. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Traveling Salesman Problem: Value of Real-Time Traffic Information
* Flexible Delivery Routing for Elastic Logistics: A Model and an Algorithm
* mathematical programming approach for integrated multiple linear regression subset selection and validation, A
Includes: Cheong, T. Cheong, T.[Taesu]

Cheong, W. Co Author Listing * Disparity Refinement with Guided Filtering of Soft 3D Cost Function in Multi-view Stereo System
* Novel Method for Detecting and Localising of Reflectional and Rotational Symmetry Under Weak Perspective Projection, A
Includes: Cheong, W. Cheong, W.[Wong]

Cheong, W.S.[Won Sik] Co Author Listing * Autostereoscopic 3D video generation from stereoscopic videos using FPGA and GPU
* Design of Synchronization and T-STD Model for 3DTV Service over Hybrid Networks
* High-definition 3DTV trial service over terrestrial broadcasting network
* Improvement of segment-based depth estimation using a novel segment extraction
* Scalable multiplexing for depth adjustment of ROI in 3D display
* Signaling of a downloadable hybrid 3DTV service system using broadcast and broadband channels
* Synchronization and T-STD Model for 3D Video Distribution and Consumption over Hybrid Network, A
* Technical development and broadcast trials of 3D service over digital multimedia broadcasting
* Tri-level optimization-based image rectification for polydioptric cameras
Includes: Cheong, W.S.[Won Sik] Cheong, W.S.[Won-Sik] Cheong, W.S.
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