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Gandapur, M.Q.[Maryam Qasim] Co Author Listing * E2E-VSDL: End-to-end video surveillance-based deep learning model to detect and prevent criminal activities

Gandarilla Aizpuro, F.J.[Fabiola J.] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Landscape Trends on Agriculture, Introduced Exotic Grasslands and Riparian Ecosystems in Arid Regions of Mexico
Includes: Gandarilla Aizpuro, F.J.[Fabiola J.] Gandarilla-Aizpuro, F.J.[Fabiola J.]

Gandelin, M. Co Author Listing * expert system for the automatic classification and description of zooplanktons from monocular images, An

Gandelin, M.H. Co Author Listing * new image shape analysis approach and its application to flower shape analysis, A

Gandelsman, Y.[Yossi] Co Author Listing * Deep Saliency Prior for Reducing Visual Distraction
* Double-DIP: Unsupervised Image Decomposition via Coupled Deep-Image-Priors
* Explaining in Style: Training a GAN to explain a classifier in StyleSpace
* On the Effectiveness of VIT Features as Local Semantic Descriptors
* Rosetta Neurons: Mining the Common Units in a Model Zoo
* Semantic Pyramid for Image Generation
Includes: Gandelsman, Y.[Yossi] Gandelsman, Y.[Yosef]

Gander, H. Co Author Listing * Laser Tracking System to Measure Position and Orientation of Robot End Effectors Under Motion, A

Gandetto, M. Co Author Listing * Localization and classification of partially overlapped objects using self-organizing trees

Gandham, L.M.[Laxmi Manisha] Co Author Listing * Survey on Current Heritage Structural Health Monitoring Practices Around the Globe, A

Gandhamal, A.[Akash] Co Author Listing * Knee Articular Cartilage Segmentation from MR Images: A Review

Gandhe, S.T. Co Author Listing * Dual Watermarking in Video Using Discrete Wavelet Transform

Gandhi, A.[Ankit] Co Author Listing * Decomposing Bag of Words Histograms
* Detection of Cut-and-Paste in Document Images
* GeThR-Net: A Generalized Temporally Hybrid Recurrent Neural Network for Multimodal Information Fusion
* Weakly Supervised Learning of Heterogeneous Concepts in Videos
Includes: Gandhi, A.[Ankit] Gandhi, A.

Gandhi, A.S. Co Author Listing * simple and efficient approach for medical image security using chaos on EZW, A

Gandhi, B. Co Author Listing * Fast video shot retrieval based on trace geometry matching
* Fast video shot retrieval by trace geometry matching in principal component space
* Optimal video summarization with a bit budget constraint
* Perceptual Feature Selection for Semantic Image Classification
* Rate-distortion optimal video summary generation

Gandhi, D.[Dhiraj] Co Author Listing * Curious Robot: Learning Visual Representations via Physical Interactions, The

Gandhi, H.K.[Harsh K.] Co Author Listing * Image glossiness from curvelet features using SVM-based classification
* Quantifying image naturalness using differential curvelet features

Gandhi, M.[Mona] Co Author Listing * @ CREPE: Can Vision-Language Foundation Models Reason Compositionally?
* Measuring Compositional Consistency for Video Question Answering

Gandhi, S.[Samir] Co Author Listing * Identifying Mangrove Deforestation Hotspots in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific
* Madagascar's Mangroves: Quantifying Nation-Wide and Ecosystem Specific Dynamics, and Detailed Contemporary Mapping of Distinct Ecosystems
* Scalable Detection of Offensive and Non-compliant Content / Logo in Product Images
Includes: Gandhi, S.[Samir] Gandhi, S.

Gandhi, S.I.[S. Indira] Co Author Listing * Video stitching based on multi-view spatiotemporal feature points and grid-based matching

Gandhi, S.R.[Samir R.] Co Author Listing * Google Earth Engine Mangrove Mapping Methodology (GEEMMM), The

Gandhi, T.[Tarak] Co Author Listing * Application of Planar Motion Segmentation for Scene Text Extraction
* Detection of Obstacles in the Flight Path of an Aircraft
* Detection of Obstacles on Runway Using Ego-Motion Compensation and Tracking of Significant Features
* Detection of obstacles on runways using ego-motion compensation and tracking of significant features
* Dynamic Panoramic Surround Map: Motivation and Omni Video Based Approach
* Efficient Medical Supply Chain Forecasting Using Time Series Analysis
* Looking-In and Looking-Out of a Vehicle: Computer-Vision-Based Enhanced Vehicle Safety
* Motion based vehicle surround analysis using an omni-directional camera
* Panoramic Appearance Map (PAM) for Multi-camera Based Person Re-identification
* Parametric ego-motion estimation for vehicle surround analysis using an omnidirectional camera
* Pedestrian Protection Systems: Issues, Survey, and Challenges
* Performance Characterization of the Dynamic Programming Obstacle Detection Algorithm
* Person tracking and reidentification: Introducing Panoramic Appearance Map (PAM) for feature representation
* Real-Time Implementation of Obstacle Detection Algorithms on a Datacube MaxPCI Architecture
* Reconfigurable omnidirectional camera array calibration with a linear moving object
* Robust Feature Selection for Object Recognition using Uncertain 2D Image Data
* Structure Recognition and Information Extraction from Tabular Documents
* Vehicle Mounted Wide FOV Stereo for Traffic and Pedestrian Detection
* Vehicle Surround Capture: Survey of Techniques and a Novel Omni-Video-Based Approach for Dynamic Panoramic Surround Maps
* Video and Seismic Sensor-Based Structural Health Monitoring: Framework, Algorithms, and Implementation
Includes: Gandhi, T.[Tarak] Gandhi, T. Gandhi, T.[Tushya]
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Gandhi, T.K. Co Author Listing * Advanced Visibility Restoration Technique for Underwater Images, An
* BAT Optimized CNN Model Identifies Water Stress in Chickpea Plant Shoot Images
* Classification of neovascularization on retinal images using extreme learning machine
* Classification of patients with tumor using MR FLAIR images
* Collaborative Human Machine Attention Module for Character Recognition
* Deep convolutional neural networks with transfer learning for automated brain image classification
* Explainable few-shot learning with visual explanations on a low resource pneumonia dataset
* Improved Air-Light Estimation Scheme for Single Haze Images Using Color Constancy Prior, An
* Model-based dehazing scheme for unmanned aerial vehicle system using radiance boundary constraint and graph model, A
* Performance Evalution of 3D Keypoint Detectors and Descriptors for Plants Health Classification
* Unlocking the Mechanism of Devanagari Letter Identification Using Eye Tracking
* WMCP-EM: An integrated dehazing framework for visibility restoration in single image
Includes: Gandhi, T.K. Gandhi, T.K.[Tapan K] Gandhi, T.K.[Tapan K.] Gandhi, T.K.[Tapan Kumar]
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Gandhi, T.L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Jigsaw Puzzle Solver, An

Gandhi, V.[Vineet] Co Author Listing * Automatic analysis of broadcast football videos using contextual priors
* Bringing Generalization to Deep Multi-View Pedestrian Detection
* Detecting and Naming Actors in Movies Using Generative Appearance Models
* EEG-Based Mobile Robot Control Through an Adaptive Brain-Robot Interface
* Exploring 3 R's of Long-term Tracking: Re-detection, Recovery and Reliability
* Long-Term Visual Object Tracking Benchmark
* Real Time GAZED: Online Shot Selection and Editing of Virtual Cameras from Wide-Angle Monocular Video Recordings
* TextureToMTF: predicting spatial frequency response in the wild
Includes: Gandhi, V.[Vineet] Gandhi, V.
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Gandikota, K.V. Co Author Listing * Blind Single Image Reflection Suppression for Face Images using Deep Generative Priors
* Generative Model for Generic Light Field Reconstruction, A
* On Adversarial Robustness of Deep Image Deblurring
* On the unreasonable vulnerability of transformers for image restoration - and an easy fix
* Simple Domain Shifting Network for Generating Low Quality Images, A
* Simple Strategy to Provable Invariance via Orbit Mapping, A
Includes: Gandikota, K.V. Gandikota, K.V.[Kanchana Vaishnavi]

Gandikota, R.[Rohit] Co Author Listing * Erasing Concepts from Diffusion Models
* Unified Concept Editing in Diffusion Models

Gandikota, S. Co Author Listing * Information Flow Settings in Building Rehabilitation

Gandini, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptation to Flooding Events Through Vulnerability Mapping in Historic Urban Areas

Gandini, B. Co Author Listing * Le Corbusier's Apartment-studio: 3D Model Data of Preliminary Research for the Restoration

Gandini, E.[Erio] Co Author Listing * Emerging Technologies for Remote Sensing of Floating and Submerged Plastic Litter
* Investigating the Backscatter of Marine Plastic Litter Using a C- and X-Band Ground Radar, during a Measurement Campaign in Deltares
* Monitoring of Plastic Islands in River Environment Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data

Gandini, M. Co Author Listing * VLSI implementation study of a 10 Mbit/s video decoder, A

Gandjbakhche, A. Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral imaging of Kaposi's Sarcoma for disease assessment and treatment monitoring
* Optical Signatures of Small, Deeply Embedded, Tumor-like Inclusions in Tissue-like Turbid Media Based on a Random-walk Theory of Photon Migration

Gandji, N.P. Co Author Listing * Tunable Ultrahigh Dielectric Constant (tuHDC) Ceramic Technique to Largely Improve RF Coil Efficiency and MR Imaging Performance

Gandler, W.R. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of 3D Reconstruction Algorithms for a Small Animal PET Camera

Gandlin, R.[Rima] Co Author Listing * Multigrid Narrow Band Surface Reconstruction via Level Set Functions

Gandois, L.[Laure] Co Author Listing * Using High Spatio-Temporal Optical Remote Sensing to Monitor Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Arctic River Yenisei

Gandolfi, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Real-time Cross-dataset Quality Production Assessment in Industrial Laser Cutting Machines

Gandolfi, S. Co Author Listing * Close Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning Using a Mobile Mapping System for the High Detailed Survey of a Height Density Urban Area
* InSAR Monitoring Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) and Small Baseline Subset (SBAS) Techniques for Ground Deformation Measurement in Metropolitan Area of Concepcion, Chile
* Super-Resolution of Thermal Images Using an Automatic Total Variation Based Method
Includes: Gandolfi, S. Gandolfi, S.[Stefano]

Gandolfo, F. Co Author Listing * Role of Vision in Two-Arms Manipulation, The
* Vision During Action
Includes: Gandolfo, F. Gandolfo, F.[Francesca]

Gandolph, D.[Dirk] Co Author Listing * Reliability-aware cross multilateral filtering for robust disparity map refinement

Gandomi, A.H.[Amir H.] Co Author Listing * Human Memory Update Strategy: A Multi-Layer Template Update Mechanism for Remote Visual Monitoring
* Salp Swarm Algorithm: A bio-inspired optimizer for engineering design problems
* Using genetic programming on GPS trajectories for travel mode detection

Gandomi, M.[Mostafa] Co Author Listing * Permeable Breakwaters Performance Modeling: A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Techniques

Gandomkar, Z. Co Author Listing * iCAP: An Individualized Model Combining Gaze Parameters and Image-Based Features to Predict Radiologists Decisions While Reading Mammograms

Gandon, F.[Fabien] Co Author Listing * Revisiting Artistic Style Transfer for Data Augmentation in A Real-Case Scenario

Gandor, F. Co Author Listing * Photogrammetric Mission Planner for RPAS

Gandy, K.C.[Kellen C.] Co Author Listing * Emotion Recognition and EEG Analysis Using ADMM-Based Sparse Group Lasso

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