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Grim, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Automatic Reassembly of Three-Dimensional Jigsaw Puzzles

Grim, J. Co Author Listing * Boosting in probabilistic neural networks
* Color Texture Segmentation by Decomposition of Gaussian Mixture Model
* Computer-Aided Evaluation of Screening Mammograms Based on Local Texture Models
* Discrete Mixtures Colour Texture Model, A
* Dynamic Oscillating Search algorithm for feature selection
* EM Cluster Analysis for Categorical Data
* gaussian mixture-based colour texture model, A
* Initializing Normal Mixtures of Densities
* Maximum-Likelihood Design of Layered Neural Networks
* Multivariate Structural Bernoulli Mixtures for Recognition of Handwritten Numerals
* On Stopping Rules in Dependency-Aware Feature Ranking
* Probabilistic Discrete Mixtures Colour Texture Models
* Probabilistic neural network playing and learning Tic-Tac-Toe
* Problem of Fragile Feature Subset Preference in Feature Selection Methods and a Proposal of Algorithmic Workaround, The
* Sequential pattern recognition by maximum conditional informativity
* Structural poisson mixtures for classification of documents
* Subspace Approach to Texture Modelling by Using Gaussian Mixtures, A
* Texture Defect Detection
Includes: Grim, J. Grim, J.[JirÝ] Grim, J.[Jiri]
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Grima, C. Co Author Listing * Interferometric Approach to Cross-Track Clutter Detection in Two-Channel VHF Radar Sounders, An

Grima, R. Co Author Listing * Virtualization of CH for Historical Reconstruction: the AR Fruition Of the Fountain of St. George Square In Valletta (Malta), The

Grimaccia, F. Co Author Listing * Architecture and Methods for Innovative Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network Applications
* Novel Speed-Bump Design and Optimization for Energy Harvesting From Traffic

Grimaila, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Biometric enhancements: Template aging error score analysis

Grimal, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * TIAM - A Metric for Evaluating Alignment in Text-to-Image Generation

Grimaldi, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * Learning hetero-synaptic delays for motion detection in a single layer of spiking neurons

Grimaldi, C.S.L.[Caterina S. L.] Co Author Listing * MODIS-Based Robust Satellite Technique (RST) for Timely Detection of Oil Spilled Areas, A

Grimaldi, D. Co Author Listing * More Traffic Means More Accidents? the Case of French Nice Highway

Grimaldi, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Remote Monitoring of Mediterranean Hurricanes Using Infrasound

Grimaldi, J. Co Author Listing * Introduction of Clouds In Dart Model

Grimaldi, L.[Lucia] Co Author Listing * comparative study of 3D transmission formats for 4K auto-stereoscopic displays, A
* Flow Duration Curve from Satellite: Potential of a Lifetime SWOT Mission
Includes: Grimaldi, L.[Lucia] Grimaldi, L.[Luca]

Grimaldi, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Deep Neural Networks via Semi-Structured Activation Sparsity
* Citizen-Centric Approach for the Improvement of Territorial Services Management, A
* Differentiation of alphabets in handwritten texts
* Object segmentation from a dynamic background using a pixelwise rigidity criterion and application to maritime target recognition
* unsupervised approach to automatic object extraction from a maritime video scene, An
* Writer identification based on the fractal construction of a reference base
* YOLOBench: Benchmarking Efficient Object Detectors on Embedded Systems
Includes: Grimaldi, M.[Matteo] Grimaldi, M.[Michele] Grimaldi, M.
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Grimaldi, P.[Pietro] Co Author Listing * GIS Today
* Stereometric Modelling
Includes: Grimaldi, P.[Pietro] Grimaldi, P.

Grimaldi, S.[Stefania] Co Author Listing * Application of Remote Sensing Data to Constrain Operational Rainfall-Driven Flood Forecasting: A Review
* Assessing the Optimal Stage-Cam Target for Continuous Water Level Monitoring in Ephemeral Streams: Experimental Evidence
* Enabling Image-Based Streamflow Monitoring at the Edge
* Evaluation of Image Velocimetry Techniques under Low Flow Conditions and High Seeding Densities Using Unmanned Aerial Systems, An
* Optical Tracking Velocimetry (OTV): Leveraging Optical Flow and Trajectory-Based Filtering for Surface Streamflow Observations
Includes: Grimaldi, S.[Stefania] Grimaldi, S.[Salvatore]

Grimaldo, A.I.[Ana I.] Co Author Listing * User-Centered Visual Analytics Approach for Interactive and Explainable Energy Demand Analysis in Prosumer Scenarios

Grimaldo, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Combining feature extraction and expansion to improve classification based similarity learning
* Special Issue on Pattern Recognition Techniques in Data Mining
* Windowing strategy for Distributed Data Mining optimized through GPUs, A

Grimalsky, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * New Insights into the Simulations of Electric Currents for Discharges and ULF Magnetic-Field Perturbations: Applications to the Popocatepetl Volcano and a Micro-Discharge Model

Grimalt Gelabert, M.[Miquel] Co Author Listing * Air Photo Interpretation for Spatial Analysis of Heritage Agrarian Structures in Mediterranean Settings as Sea-Breezes Proxy-Data. Application to the Island of Mallorca
Includes: Grimalt Gelabert, M.[Miquel] Grimalt-Gelabert, M.[Miquel]

Grimani, M. Co Author Listing * Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Grimard, G.[Guy] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Differentiation of Multi-scale Line-Structures for Model-Free Instrument Segmentation in Thoracoscopic Images
* Detection and correction of specular reflections for automatic surgical tool segmentation in thoracoscopic images
* Segmentation of Laparoscopic Images for Computer Assisted Surgery
* Watershed Segmentation of Intervertebral Disk and Spinal Canal from MRI Images

Grimaud, J.J.[Jean Jacques] Co Author Listing * Midlink virtual insertion system

Grimberg, D.[Dominic] Co Author Listing * First International Fingerprint Liveness Detection Competition: LivDet 2009

Grimbergen, C.A. Co Author Listing * 4D Statistical Model of Wrist Bone Motion Patterns, A
* Deformable triangular surfaces using fast 1-D radial Lagrangian dynamics-segmentation of 3-D MR and CT images of the wrist
* Estimation of Diffusion Properties in Crossing Fiber Bundles

Grimbergen, J. Co Author Listing * On-line detection of red blood cell shape using deformable templates

Grimbergen, K.A. Co Author Listing * Constrained Registration of the Wrist Joint

Grimble, M.J. Co Author Listing * Restricted structure optimal linear estimators
* Restricted-structure linear estimators for multiple-model systems

Grimes, A.E. Co Author Listing * Extraction, layout analysis and classification of diagrams in PDF documents

Grimes, C.[Carrie] Co Author Listing * Image Manifolds which are Isometric to Euclidean Space
* Neural-Network Position-Independent Multiple Pattern Recogniser, A
Includes: Grimes, C.[Carrie] Grimes, C.

Grimes, D.B. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic bilinear models for appearance-based vision

Grimes, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * PoseNet: A Convolutional Network for Real-Time 6-DOF Camera Relocalization

Grimes, N.[Nathan] Co Author Listing * Geometric Targets for UAS Lidar

Grimm Pitzinger, A.[Albert] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Potential for the Analysis of Archaeological Finds Based on 3D Modeling
* First experiences with the Trimble GX scanner
Includes: Grimm Pitzinger, A.[Albert] Grimm-Pitzinger, A.[Albert] Grimm-Pitzinger, A.

Grimm, A.[Amanda] Co Author Listing * Classification of Eurasian Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) Using Drone-Enabled Multispectral Imagery Analysis
* Coastal Remote Sensing: Merging Physical, Chemical, and Biological Data as Tailings Drift onto Buffalo Reef, Lake Superior
* Railmapper: A Dedicated Mobile Lidar Mapping System for Railway Networks, The
* Using Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles for Identifying the Extent of Invasive Phragmites australis in Treatment Areas Enrolled in an Adaptive Management Program
Includes: Grimm, A.[Amanda] Grimm, A.

Grimm, C.[Cindy] Co Author Listing * Statistical analysis of manual segmentations of structures in medical images

Grimm, C.M.[Cindy M.] Co Author Listing * 3d pattern for pose estimation for object capture, A
* Adaptive smooth surface fitting with manifolds
* Comparing local shape descriptors
* Feature Detection Using Curvature Maps and the Min-cut/Max-flow Algorithm
* Guided Structure-Aligned Segmentation of Volumetric Data
* Local Shape Descriptors, A Survey And Evaluation
* Method and system for capturing and representing 3D geometry, color and shading of facial expressions and other animated objects
* new input device for 3d sketching, A
* Refining Shape Correspondence For Similar Objects Using Strain
* Visualization Techniques for the Developing Chicken Heart
Includes: Grimm, C.M.[Cindy M.] Grimm, C.M.[Cindy Marie]
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Grimm, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Lanelet2 for nuScenes: Enabling Spatial Semantic Relationships and Diverse Map-based Anchor Paths

Grimm, D.A.[David A.] Co Author Listing * Exploration of Teammate Trust and Interaction Dynamics in Human-Autonomy Teaming

Grimm, D.E.[David Eugen] Co Author Listing * Highly Accurate Pose Estimation as a Reference for Autonomous Vehicles in Near-Range Scenarios

Grimm, F. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-based interpretation of thyroid scintigrams

Grimm, J. Co Author Listing * From Genomics to Clinical Molecular Imaging

Grimm, J.L. Co Author Listing * Method to Estimate Biomechanics and Mechanical Properties of Optic Nerve Head Tissues From Parameters Measurable Using Optical Coherence Tomography, A

Grimm, L.J.[Lars J.] Co Author Listing * Ipsilateral Lesion Detection Refinement for Tomosynthesis

Grimm, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Pose-Dependent Weights and Domain Randomization for Fully Automatic X-Ray to CT Registration
* Real-time hybrid pose estimation from vision and inertial data
Includes: Grimm, M.[Matthias] Grimm, M.

Grimm, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Automatic Color Profiling of Digital Cameras Using Unordered Photos
* Context-Aware Querying for Multimodal Search Engines
* Rendering Virtual Objects with High Dynamic Range Lighting Extracted Automatically from Unordered Photo Collections

Grimm, R. Co Author Listing * Multi-Dimensional Flow-Preserving Compressed Sensing (MuFloCoS) for Time-Resolved Velocity-Encoded Phase Contrast MRI

Grimm, S.[Soren] Co Author Listing * Flexible Direct Multi-Volume Rendering in Dynamic Scenes
Includes: Grimm, S.[Soren] Grimm, S.[S÷ren]

Grimm, T. Co Author Listing * Sleep position classification from a depth camera using Bed Aligned Maps

Grimm, W.M.[Wolfgang M.] Co Author Listing * Dual sensing intrusion detection method and system with state-level fusion

Grimmer, D. Co Author Listing * Deformable Template Approach to Detecting Straight Edges in Radar Images, A

Grimmer, R.[Rainer] Co Author Listing * Comparison and classification of 3D objects surface point clouds on the example of feet

Grimmond, C.S.B. Co Author Listing * Derivation of an urban materials spectral library through emittance and reflectance spectroscopy
* Uncertainties in Tidally Adjusted Estimates of Sea Level Rise Flooding (Bathtub Model) for the Greater London
Includes: Grimmond, C.S.B. Grimmond, C.S.B.[C. S. B.]

Grimmond, S.[Sue] Co Author Listing * Tailored Algorithms for the Detection of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height from Common Automatic Lidars and Ceilometers (ALC)

Grimoldi, A. Co Author Listing * Assessment of The Baroque Vault Construction Technique By Scan-to-bim Process: St. Bernard's Chapel in The Plasy Monastery, The
* Geometric Primitives Assessing Italian-Czech Vault Construction Techniques in Baroque Period
* HBIM Analysis of The Geometry to Understand The Constructive Technique: The Use of The Trompe Volume in a Brick Vault, The
* HBIM Feeding Open Access Vault Inventory Through GeoDB HUB
* Preface: Geomatics and Restoration. Cultural Heritage: Challenges, New Perspectives And Technology Innovation. Toward Informative Content Models And Beyond
* Shape And Construction of Brick Vaults. Criteria, Methods And Tools For A Possible Catalogue
* Towards a Semantic Based Hub Platform of Vaulted Systems: HBIM Meets A Geodb
Includes: Grimoldi, A. Grimoldi, A.[Alberto]
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Grimpen, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Learning Camera Pose from Optical Colonoscopy Frames Through Deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
* Uninformative Frame Detection in Colonoscopy Through Motion, Edge and Color Features

Grims, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Low-cost Terrestrial Photogrammetry as a Tool for a Sample-Based Assessment of Soil Roughness

Grimsdale, R.L. Co Author Listing * Framestore system for map displays
* System for the Automatic Recognition of Patterns, A

Grimshaw, G.M. Co Author Listing * Implementing 3D visualizations of EEG signals in artistic applications

Grimson, R. Co Author Listing * Statistical Inverse Method for Gridding Passive Microwave Data With Mixed Measurements, A

Grimson, W.E.L.[W. Eric L.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Grimson, W.E.L.[W. Eric L.]: welg AT csail mit edu
* 2D-3D Rigid Registration of X-Ray Fluoroscopy and CT Images Using Mutual Information and Sparsely Sampled Histogram Estimators
* Active Contours Under Topology Control Genus Preserving Level Sets
* Active Visual Attention System to Play Where's Waldo, An
* Adaptive Background Mixture Models for Real-time Tracking
* Adaptive segmentation of MRI data
* Affine Matching of Planar Sets
* Affine Matching With Bounded Sensor Error: Study of Geometric Hashing and Alignment
* Analyzing Anatomical Structures: Leveraging Multiple Sources of Knowledge
* Analyzing the Probability of a False Alarm for the Hausdorff Distance Under Translation
* AnatomyBrowser: A novel approach to visualization and integration of medical information
* Aspects of a Computational Theory of Human Stereo Vision
* Automated Registration for Visualization in Surgery
* Automatic Registration Method for Frameless Stereotaxy, Image Guided Surgery and Enhanced Reality Visualization, An
* Automatic Tube Inspection System That Finds Cylinders in Range Data, An
* Background Subtraction for Temporally Irregular Dynamic Textures
* Background Subtraction Using Markov Thresholds
* Binocular Shading and Visual Surface Reconstruction
* Codimension-Two Geodesic Active Contours for the Segmentation of Tubular Structures
* Combinatorics of Heuristic Search Termination for` Object Recognition in Cluttered Environments, The
* Combinatorics of Local Constraints in Model-Based Recognition and Localization from Sparse Data, The
* Combinatorics of Object Recognition in Cluttered Environments Using Constrained Search, The
* Comments On Digital Step Edges from Zero Crossings of Second Directional Derivatives
* Computational Experiments with a Feature Based Stereo Algorithm
* Computational Theory of Visual Surface Interpolation, A
* Computer Implementation of a Theory of Human Stereo Vision, A
* Computer Vision Applications
* Computer Vision Methods for Image Guided Surgery
* Computing Stereopsis Using Feature Point Contour Matching
* Configuration based scene classification and image indexing
* Consistency Clustering: A Robust Algorithm for Group-wise Registration, Segmentation and Automatic Atlas Construction in Diffusion MRI
* Constructing Optimized Prototypes for Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
* Correspondence-Free Activity Analysis and Scene Modeling in Multiple Camera Views
* Correspondence-free multi-camera activity analysis and scene modeling
* Cost of Choosing the Wrong Model in Object Recognition by Constrained Search, The
* CURVES: Curve evolution for vessel segmentation
* Detecting and tracking multiple interacting objects without class-specific models
* Detecting Cortical Surface Regions in Structural MR Data
* Differential Geometry, Surface Patches and Convergence Methods
* Discontinuity Detection for Visual Surface Reconstruction
* Edge-Based Rich Representation for Vehicle Classification
* Effect of Indexing on the Complexity of Object Recognition, The
* Efficient Population Registration of 3D Data
* Evaluating and Validating an Automated Registration System for Enhanced Reality Visualization in Surgery
* Expectation Maximization Approach for Integrated Registration, Segmentation, and Intensity Correction, An
* Experimentation with a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation System for Functional Brain Mapping
* Extracting Templates for Scene Classification Using a Few Examples
* Fast and Robust 3D Recognition by Alignment
* Finding Cylinders in Range Data
* Fixed Topology Skeletons
* Forest of Sensors, A
* Forest of Sensors: Using Adaptive Tracking to Classify and Monitor Activities in a Site
* Framework for Learning Query Concepts in Image Classification, A
* From Images to Surfaces: A Computational Study of the Human Early Visual System
* Gait analysis for recognition and classification
* Gaussian Error Models for Object Recognition
* Hierarchical Algorithm for MR Brain Image Parcellation, A
* Implementation of a Computational Theory of Visual Surface Interpolation, An
* Implicit Constraints of the Primal Sketch, The
* Improving object classification in far-field video
* Inference of Non-Overlapping Camera Network Topology by Measuring Statistical Dependence
* integrated visualization system for surgical planning and guidance using image fusion and an open MR, An
* Learning coupled conditional random field for image decomposition with application on object categorization
* Learning Patterns of Activity Using Real-Time Tracking
* Learning Semantic Scene Models by Trajectory Analysis
* Learning visual flows: A Lie algebraic approach
* Localizing Overlapping Parts by Searching the Interpretation Tree
* Medical Applications of Image Understanding
* Method and apparatus for classifying and identifying images
* Methods of Analysis of Neural Nets
* Model-Based Curve Evolution Technique for Image Segmentation
* Model-Based Recognition and Localization from Sparse Range Data
* Model-Based Recognition and Localization from Sparse Range or Tactile Data
* Modeling and estimating persistent motion with geometric flows
* Modeling of anatomical information in clustering of white matter fiber trajectories using Dirichlet distribution
* Multi-class object tracking algorithm that handles fragmentation and grouping
* Multiple View 2D-3D Mutual Information Registration
* Non-Invasive Functional Brain Mapping Using Registered Transcranial Magnetic Simulation
* Novel Active Contour Framework. Multi-component Level Set Evolution under Topology Control, A
* Object Detection and Localization by Dynamic Template Warping
* Object Localization by Dynamic Template Warping
* Object Recognition by Alignment Using Invariant Projections of Planar Surfaces
* Object Recognition by Alignment using Invariant Projections of Planar Surfaces of 3D Objects
* Object Recognition by Computer: The Role of Geometric Constraints
* Object Recognition Research at MIT: Introduction
* Object Segmentation of Database Images by Dual Multiscale Morphological Reconstructions and Retrieval Applications
* On the Recognition of Curved Objects
* On the Recognition of Parameterized 2-D Objects
* On the Reconstruction of Visible Surfaces
* On the Sensitivity of Geometric Hashing
* On the Sensitivity of the Hough Transform for Object Recognition
* On the Verification of Hypothesized Matches in Model-Based Recognition
* Perception of Subjective Surfaces, The
* Progress in Image Understanding at MIT
* Prototype optimization for nearest-neighbor classification
* Recognition and Localization of Overlapping Parts from Sparse Data
* Recognition of Object Families Using Parameterized Models
* Recognizing 3D Objects from 2D Images: An Error Analysis
* Recognizing 3D Objects Using Constrained Search
* Reconfigurable Peer-to-Peer network Image Retrieval
* Recovering Non-overlapping Network Topology Using Far-field Vehicle Tracking Data
* Robust Algorithm for Fiber-Bundle Atlas Construction, A
* Robust and Efficient 3D Recognition by Alignment
* Segmentation of Brain Tissue from MR Images
* Sensing Strategies for Disambiguating Among Multiple Objects in Known Poses
* Shape Based Segmentation of Anatomical Structures in Magnetic Resonance Images
* Shape Encoding and Subjective Contours
* shape-based approach to the segmentation of medical imagery using level sets, A
* Similarity Templates for Detection and Recognition
* Simultaneous Pose Estimation and Camera Calibration from Multiple Views
* Simultaneous pose recovery and camera registration from multiple views of a walking person
* Spatial template extraction for image retrieval by region matching
* Statistical Shape Influence in Geodesic Active Contours
* Study of Affine Matching with Bounded Sensor Error, A
* Surface Consistency Constraints in Vision
* Synthesis of Boolean Nets and Time Behavior of a General Mathematical Neuron
* To have your edge and fill-in too: A commentary
* Trainable Modular Vision System, A
* Training Templates for Scene Classification using a Few Examples
* Trajectory analysis and semantic region modeling using a nonparametric Bayesian model
* Trajectory Analysis and Semantic Region Modeling Using Nonparametric Hierarchical Bayesian Models
* Unified, Multiresolution Framework for Automatic Target Recognition, A
* Unsupervised Activity Perception by Hierarchical Bayesian Models
* Unsupervised Activity Perception in Crowded and Complicated Scenes Using Hierarchical Bayesian Models
* Unsupervised Modeling of Object Tracks for Fast Anomaly Detection
* Using Adaptive Tracking to Classify and Monitor Activities in a Site
* Using Photometric Invariants for 3D Object Recognition
* Utilizing Segmented MRI Data in Image-Guided Surgery
* Verifying Model-Based Alignments in the Presence of Uncertainty
* Video Surveillance of Interactions
* Why Stereo Vision is Not Always About 3D Reconstruction
Includes: Grimson, W.E.L.[W. Eric L.] Grimson, W.E.L.
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Grimwood, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Voice-Assisted Image Labeling for Endoscopic Ultrasound Classification Using Neural Networks

Grimwood, P. Co Author Listing * Integrated Content and Metadata Based Retrieval System for Art, An

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