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Hendawi, A.[Abdeltawab] Co Author Listing * FraudMove: Fraud Drivers Discovery Using Real-Time Trajectory Outlier Detection

Hendawi, A.M.[Abdeltawab M.] Co Author Listing * Panda*: A generic and scalable framework for predictive spatio-temporal queries

Hendawy, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * CFA: Constraint-based Finetuning Approach for Generalized Few-Shot Object Detection
* Towards Discriminative and Transferable One-Stage Few-Shot Object Detectors

Hendeby, G.[Gustaf] Co Author Listing * Framework for Network-Constrained Tracking of Cyclists and Pedestrians
* On the Relationship Between Iterated Statistical Linearization and Quasi-Newton Methods

Hendel, A.[Avishai] Co Author Listing * Clustered Synopsis of Surveillance Video
* Identifying Surprising Events in Videos Using Bayesian Topic Models

Henderson, A.[Annette] Co Author Listing * Creating Connection with Autonomous Facial Animation

Henderson, C. Co Author Listing * Minimal Hough Forest training for pattern detection
* Robust Feature Matching in Long-Running Poor-Quality Videos
* Symmetric stability of low level feature detectors
Includes: Henderson, C. Henderson, C.[Craig]

Henderson, C.E.M. Co Author Listing * Paleographer's Eye ex machina: Using Computer Vision to Assist Humanists in Scribal Hand Identification, The

Henderson, C.J.[Christopher J.] Co Author Listing * Watching the Saltmarsh Grow: A High-Resolution Remote Sensing Approach to Quantify the Effects of Wetland Restoration

Henderson, D. Co Author Listing * Back-Propagation Applied to Handwritten Zip Code Recognition
* Handwritten zip code recognition with multilayer networks
* Image skeletonization method
* Online Cursive Script Recognition Using Time-Delay Neural Networks and Hidden Markov-Models
* Recognition-Based Segmentation of Online Run-On Handprinted Words: Input vs. Output Segmentation
Includes: Henderson, D. Henderson, D.[Donnie]

Henderson, E.[Ethan] Co Author Listing * Chat2Map: Efficient Scene Mapping from Multi-Ego Conversations

Henderson, H.[Hayden] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of ICESat-2 Significant Wave Height Data with Buoy Observations in the Great Lakes and Application in Examination of Wave Model Predictions

Henderson, I.H.C. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Geological Mapping and Modeling Activities at the Geological Survey of Norway
* Managing Geological Profiles in Databases for 3D Visualisation

Henderson, J.[Jette] Co Author Listing * Federating recommendations using differentially private prototypes
* Predicting Table Beet Root Yield with Multispectral UAS Imagery
Includes: Henderson, J.[Jette] Henderson, J.[John]

Henderson, J.G.N. Co Author Listing * All-format decoders and set-top boxes

Henderson, J.M. Co Author Listing * Top-down control of visual attention in object detection

Henderson, M.R. Co Author Listing * Feature Based Object Decomposition for Finite Element Meshing
* Graph-Based Extraction of 2-Connected Morphological Features from Boundary Representations

Henderson, N.[Nicholas] Co Author Listing * Teaching Privacy: Multimedia Making a Difference

Henderson, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Automatically Selecting Inference Algorithms for Discrete Energy Minimisation
* Considerations for Efficient Picture Output via Lineprinter
* End-to-End Training of Object Class Detectors for Mean Average Precision
* Learning Single-Image 3D Reconstruction by Generative Modelling of Shape, Pose and Shading
* Learning to Predict Keypoints and Structure of Articulated Objects without Supervision
* Leveraging 2D Data to Learn Textured 3D Mesh Generation
* RenderDiffusion: Image Diffusion for 3D Reconstruction, Inpainting and Generation
Includes: Henderson, P.[Paul] Henderson, P.[Peter] Henderson, P.
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Henderson, R.E.[Rachel E.] Co Author Listing * UAS-SfM for Coastal Research: Geomorphic Feature Extraction and Land Cover Classification from High-Resolution Elevation and Optical Imagery

Henderson, R.L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Stereo Reconstruction of Man-Made Targets

Henderson, S.[Scott] Co Author Listing * Automated digital elevation model (DEM) generation from very-high-resolution Planet SkySat triplet stereo and video imagery
* comparison of classification algorithms for the identification of smoke plumes from satellite images, A
* Season Spotter: Using Citizen Science to Validate and Scale Plant Phenology from Near-Surface Remote Sensing
Includes: Henderson, S.[Scott] Henderson, S. Henderson, S.[Sandra]

Henderson, S.E. Co Author Listing * Automated Inspection of Electronic Assemblies

Henderson, T. Co Author Listing * 2-D Scene Analysis Using Split-Level Relaxation
* Parallel Split-Level Relaxation
* Range Data Processing: Representation of Surfaces by Edges
* Symbolic pruning in a structural approach to engineering drawing analysis

Henderson, T.C.[Thomas C.] Co Author Listing * email: Henderson, T.C.[Thomas C.]: tch AT cs utah edu
* 3-D Hough Shape Transform, The
* 3-D Model Building for Computer Vision
* 3-D Model Building using CAGD Techniques
* Analysis of Engineering Drawings and Raster Map Images
* Analysis of Topographic Maps for Recreational Purposes Using Decision Trees
* Apparent Symmetries in Range Data
* Arc and Path Consistency Revisited
* CAD-Based Robotics
* CAGD Based 3-D Vision
* CAGD Based Computer Vision
* CAGD-Based 3-D Visual Recognition
* Calibrated Imagery for Quantitative Evaluation of IU Classification, Pose-Estimation, and Stereo Algorithms
* CBCV: A CAD-Based Computer Vision System
* Constraint Optimization and Feature-Based Model Construction for Reverse Engineering
* Constructing High-Precision Geometric Models from Sensed Position Data
* Efficient 3-D Object Representations for Industrial Vision Systems
* Efficient Segmentation Method for Range Date
* Feature Extraction for Localization
* Flat Surface Reconstruction Using Minimal Sonar Readings
* Hierarchical Constraint Processes for Shape Analysis
* Hierarchical Models and Analysis of Shape
* Image Understanding Research at the University of Utah
* Industrial Inspection and Reverse Engineering
* Intrinsic Characteristics as the Interface Between CAD and Machine Vision Systems
* IU at the University of Utah: Building 3-D Models from Sensed Data
* IU at the University of Utah: Extraction of Micro-Terrain Features
* Lane-Based Large-Scale UAS Traffic Management
* Model for Texture Edges, A
* Multiconstraint Shape Analysis
* Multisensor Knowledge Systems: Interpreting 3D Structure
* Note on Discrete Relaxation, A
* Overview of the computer vision and robotics programme at the University of Utah
* Parallel Architecture for Discrete Relaxation Algorithm, A
* Perception Framework for Inspection and Reverse Engineering, A
* Raster Map Image Analysis
* Ridge and Ravine Detection in Digital Images
* Sensing Strategies Based on Manufacturing Knowledge
* Sensing the Virtual World--Work in Progress
* Shape Grammar Compilers
* Three-Point Seed Method for the Extraction of Planar Faces from Range Data
* Towards the Automatic Generation of Recognition Strategies
* UPE: Utah Prototyping Environment for Robot Manipulators
* Vision-Based Localization
Includes: Henderson, T.C.[Thomas C.] Henderson, T.C.
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Henderson, T.L. Co Author Listing * Comments on Linear Feature Extraction

Henderson, T.R.[Todd R.] Co Author Listing * Method for segmenting a digital image into a foreground region and a key color region

Henderson, V. Co Author Listing * Towards a one-way American Sign Language translator

Hendi, H.A.[Hamad Al] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Ground-Based Measurements of Aerosol Optical Depth over Kuwait City
* Validation of NASA SMAP Satellite Soil Moisture Products over the Desert of Kuwait

Hendler, J.[Jim] Co Author Listing * Home Page.

Hendra, A.[Andi] Co Author Listing * Smaller Residual Network for Single Image Depth Estimation

Hendra, H.[Hansen] Co Author Listing * Quadruped Robot Platform for Selective Pesticide Spraying

Hendra, Y. Co Author Listing * Retrieval characteristics of an untrained holographic index for image databases

Hendrayana, E. Co Author Listing * Important of TOPONYM in the Middle of Maps and Imagery for Disaster Management, The

Hendrayanto Co Author Listing * Airborne Tree Crown Detection for Predicting Spatial Heterogeneity of Canopy Transpiration in a Tropical Rainforest
* Predicting Tree Sap Flux and Stomatal Conductance from Drone-Recorded Surface Temperatures in a Mixed Agroforestry System: A Machine Learning Approach

Hendrey, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Spatial Upscaling of Tree-Ring-Based Forest Response to Drought with Satellite Data

Hendri, P.[Pirdiansyah] Co Author Listing * Deep Real-time Hand Detection Using CFPN on Embedded Systems

Hendria, W.F.[Willy Fitra] Co Author Listing * Improving distinctiveness in video captioning with text-video similarity

Hendrich, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Convergence Analysis for a Primal-Dual Monotone + Skew Splitting Algorithm with Applications to Total Variation Minimization

Hendrich, N.[Norman] Co Author Listing * Dexterous Hand-Arm Teleoperation System Based on Hand Pose Estimation and Active Vision, A

Hendricks, D.[Dieter] Co Author Listing * Using real-time cluster configurations of streaming asynchronous features as online state descriptors in financial markets

Hendricks, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Near-Infrared Fluorescence Tomography and Imaging of Ventricular Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow and Extracranial Outflow in Non-Human Primates

Hendricks, L.A.[Lisa Anne] Co Author Listing * Captioning Images with Diverse Objects
* Deep Compositional Captioning: Describing Novel Object Categories without Paired Training Data
* Generating Visual Explanations
* Grounding Visual Explanations
* Localizing Moments in Video with Natural Language
* Long-Term Recurrent Convolutional Networks for Visual Recognition and Description
* Multimodal Explanations: Justifying Decisions and Pointing to the Evidence
* Speaking the Same Language: Matching Machine to Human Captions by Adversarial Training
* Women Also Snowboard: Overcoming Bias in Captioning Models
Includes: Hendricks, L.A.[Lisa Anne] Hendricks, L.A.
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Hendricks, S.[Sharief] Co Author Listing * Automated Tackle Injury Risk Assessment in Contact-Based Sports: A Rugby Union Example
* Comparing Coincident Elevation and Freeboard From IceBridge and Five Different CryoSat-2 Retrackers
* Impact of Geophysical Corrections on Sea-Ice Freeboard Retrieved from Satellite Altimetry, The
* Retrieving Sea Level and Freeboard in the Arctic: A Review of Current Radar Altimetry Methodologies and Future Perspectives
* Snow and Ice Thickness Retrievals Using GNSS-R: Preliminary Results of the MOSAiC Experiment
Includes: Hendricks, S.[Sharief] Hendricks, S. Hendricks, S.[Stefan]

Hendrickson, A.E.[Anita E.] Co Author Listing * Recombinant adeno-associated virus targets passenger gene expression to cones in primate retina

Hendrickson, J. Co Author Listing * Color calibration of digital images for agriculture and other applications

Hendrickx, E. Co Author Listing * Should a movie have two different soundtracks for its stereoscopic and non-stereoscopic versions? A study on the front/rear balance

Hendrickx, G.[Guy] Co Author Listing * Modelling the Spatial Distribution of Culicoides imicola: Climatic versus Remote Sensing Data

Hendrickx, L.[Lotte] Co Author Listing * Hardware-aware NAS by Genetic Optimisation with a Design Space Exploration Simulator
* Hot-started NAS for Task-specific Embedded Applications

Hendrickx, M. Co Author Listing * On the Reconstruction of Urban House Roofs from Aerial Images

Hendrik, B.[Billy] Co Author Listing * Technological Intervention for Moral Education Among Teenagers: A Review

Hendriks, C.L.L. Co Author Listing * Accurate Estimation of Gaussian and Mean Curvature in Volumetric Images
* Adaptive Hit or Miss Transform
* Analyzing Tubular Tissue in Histopathological Thin Sections
* Exact Evaluation of Stochastic Watersheds: From Trees to General Graphs
* Fast Evaluation of the Robust Stochastic Watershed
* Improving Spatial Resolution in Exchange of Temporal Resolution in Aliased Image Sequences
* Improving the stochastic watershed
* Mathematical Morphology on Irregularly Sampled Signals
* new approach to mathematical morphology on one dimensional sampled signals, A
* Postprocessing method for reducing phase effects in reconstructed microcomputed-tomography data
* Salience-Based Parabolic Structuring Functions
* Segmentation of Highly Lignified Zones in Wood Fiber Cross-Sections
* Segmentation of Wood Fibres in 3D CT Images Using Graph Cuts
* Special issue on advances in mathematical morphology
Includes: Hendriks, C.L.L. Hendriks, C.L.L.[Cris L. Luengo]
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Hendriks, E. Co Author Listing * 3-D Scene Reconstruction with Viewpoint Adaptation on Stereo Displays
* Detection of Concept Frames Using Clustering Multi-instance Learning, The
* Rhythmic Brushstrokes Distinguish van Gogh from His Contemporaries: Findings via Automated Brushstroke Extraction
* Toward Discovery of the Artist's Style: Learning to recognize artists by their artworks
Includes: Hendriks, E. Hendriks, E.[Ella]

Hendriks, E.A.[Emile A.] Co Author Listing * 3DTV rendering from multiple cameras
* Acceptability ratings by humans and automatic gesture recognition for variations in sign productions
* Accurate and robust marker localization algorithm for camera calibration
* Adaptive stereo similarity fusion using confidence measures
* Camera Network Coverage Improving by Particle Swarm Optimization
* Capturing appearance variation in active appearance models
* Confidence Estimation for Medical Image Registration Based On Stereo Confidences
* Confidence measures for block matching motion estimation
* Correspondence estimation in image pairs
* Detecting Generic Low-level Features in Images
* efficient image-based telepresence system for videoconferencing, An
* fast and robust point tracking algorithm, A
* Fully Automated Attenuation Measurement and Motion Correction in FLIP Image Sequences
* Gaze Tracking by Using Factorized Likelihoods Particle Filtering and Stereo Vision
* Hierarchical Grid-Based Learning Approach for Recovering Unknown Depths in Kinect Depth Maps
* Hybrid Kinect Depth Map Refinement for Transparent Objects
* Improving segment based stereo matching using SURF key points
* Influence of Handshape Information on Automatic Sign Language Recognition
* Influence of the observation likelihood function on particle filtering performance in tracking applications
* Isophote Properties as Features for Object Detection
* iterative motion estimation-segmentation method using watershed segments, An
* learning environment for sign language, A
* Learning to recognize a sign from a single example
* Middle View Stereo Representation: An Efficient Architecture for Teleconference with Handling Occlusions
* Multi-Step View Synthesis with Occlusion Handling
* Multiple people tracking and pose estimation with occlusion estimation
* On the development of an autonomous and self-adaptable moving object detector
* On-line detection of red blood cell shape using deformable templates
* Online training of object detectors from unlabeled surveillance video
* OTESC: online transformation estimation between stereo cameras
* Person-Independent 3D Sign Language Recognition
* Probabilistic Confidence Measures for Block Matching Motion Estimation
* Real-Time Multi-Step View Reconstruction for a Virtual Teleconference System
* real-time realization of geometrical valid view synthesis or tele-conferencing with viewpoint adaptation, A
* realtime hardware system for stereoscopic videoconferencing with viewpoint adaptation, A
* Recursive Disparity Estimation Algorithm for Real Time Stereoscopic Video Applications
* Semi-automatic object-based video segmentation with labeling of color segments
* Sign language detection using 3D visual cues
* Sign Language Recognition by Combining Statistical DTW and Independent Classification
* Stereo Similarity Metric Fusion Using Stereo Confidence
* Support value based stent-graft marker detection
* Temporal stabilization of Video Object Segmentation for 3D-TV applications
* Towards a Robust Solution to People Counting
* Unsupervised and simultaneous training of multiple object detectors from unlabeled surveillance video
* Video Segmentation by MAP Labeling of Watershed Segments
Includes: Hendriks, E.A.[Emile A.] Hendriks, E.A.
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Hendriks, F.[Falke] Co Author Listing * Development and Application of an Integrated Evaluation Framework for Preventive Safety Applications
* Realistic Video Avatar
Includes: Hendriks, F.[Falke] Hendriks, F.[Ferdinand]

Hendriks, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * comparison of methods for mammogram registration, A

Hendriks, R.C. Co Author Listing * Distributed Rate-Constrained LCMV Beamforming
* Generalized Poisson Summation Formula and its Application to Fast Linear Convolution, A
* Instrumental Intelligibility Metric Based on Information Theory, An
* Optimizing Speech Intelligibility in a Noisy Environment: A unified view
* Simple Model of Speech Communication and its Application to Intelligibility Enhancement, A

Hendrikse, A.[Anne] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Eigenvalue Correction Applied to Biometrics
* Likelihood-Ratio-Based Verification in High-Dimensional Spaces
* Verification Under Increasing Dimensionality

Hendriksen, K.[Kathrin] Co Author Listing * Support Vector machine and duration-aware conditional random field for identification of spatio-temporal activity patterns by combined indoor positioning and heart rate sensors

Hendrix, C.[Chad] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Urban Mapping Methods Using High-Resolution Digital Imagery, A
* GIS-Assisted Rail Construction Econometric Model that Incorporates LIDAR Data, A
* Relationship Between Monocular and Binocular Depth Cues for Judgments of Spatial Information and Spatial Instrument Design
Includes: Hendrix, C.[Chad] Hendrix, C.

Hendrix, E.M.T.[Eligius M.T.] Co Author Listing * On Endmember Identification in Hyperspectral Images Without Pure Pixels: A Comparison of Algorithms

Hendrix, R.[Rik] Co Author Listing * Analysing River Systems with Time Series Data Using Path Queries in Graph Databases
* Phone2Proc: Bringing Robust Robots into Our Chaotic World
* Time-Series-Based Queries on Stable Transportation Networks Equipped with Sensors
Includes: Hendrix, R.[Rik] Hendrix, R.[Rose]

Hendrix, V.[Valerie] Co Author Listing * Global Surface Net-Radiation at 5 km from MODIS Terra

Hendry Co Author Listing * email: Hendry: hendry AT uksw edu
* Archive and Preservation of Media Content Using MPEG-A
* Automatic License Plate Recognition via sliding-window darknet-YOLO deep learning
* High-Level Syntax of the Versatile Video Coding (VVC) Standard, The

Hendry, M.T.[Michael T.] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Applications for Landslide Monitoring and Investigation in Western Canada

Hendrycks, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * Many Faces of Robustness: A Critical Analysis of Out-of-Distribution Generalization, The
* Natural Adversarial Examples
* PixMix: Dreamlike Pictures Comprehensively Improve Safety Measures
* Spectral View of Randomized Smoothing Under Common Corruptions: Benchmarking and Improving Certified Robustness, A

Hendryx, S.M.[Sean M.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Vegetation Response to Multi-Scalar Drought across the Mojave, Sonoran, Chihuahuan Deserts and Apache Highlands in the Southwest United States

Hendseth, S. Co Author Listing * Worst-case latency analysis of SDF-based parametrized dataflow MoCs

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