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Do, E.Y.L. Co Author Listing * Diagram Query And Image Retrieval In Design

Do, K.H. Co Author Listing * Iterative Relaxational Stereo Matching Based On Adaptive Support Between Disparities

Dobashi, Y. Co Author Listing * Display Of Clouds Taking Into Account Multiple Anisotropic Scattering And Skylight

Dobbins, A. Co Author Listing * Organization Of Curve Detection: Coarse Tangent Fields And Fine Spline Coverings, The

Dobbins, B.N. Co Author Listing * Identification Of Fringe Minima In Electronic Speckle Pattern Images

Dobbins, J.T. Co Author Listing * Medical Imaging 1998: Physics Of Medical Imaging (San Diego, Ca, February 22-23
Includes: Dobbins, J.T. Dobbins III, J.T.

Dobie, M.R. Co Author Listing * Data Structures For Image Processing In C
* Extracting Curvilinear Features From Remotely Sensed Images Using Minimum Cost Path Techniques

Dobkin, D. Co Author Listing * Applied Computational Geometry: Towards Robust Solutions Of Basic Problems
* Efficient Algorithm For Finding The Csg Representation Of A Simple Polygon, An
* Efficient Algorithm For Finding The Csg Representation Of A Simple Polygon, An
* Maps: Multiresolution Adaptive Parameterization Of Surfaces
* Probing Convex Polytopes
* Recipes For Geometry And Numerical Analysis-Part I: An Empirical Study
* Special Issue: Acm Symposium On Computational Geometry
* Visibility With A Moving Point Of View
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Dobkin, D.P. Co Author Listing * Computational Geometry And Computer Graphics
* Computational Geometry In A Curved World
* Contour Tracing By Piecewise Linear Approximations
* Decomposition And Intersection Of Simple Splinegons
* Efficient Uses Of The Past
* Fast Detection Of Poyhedral Intersection
* Finding Extremal Polygons
* Intersection Of Convex Objects In Two And Three Dimensions
* Linear Algorithm For Determining The Separation Of Convex Polyhedra, A
* Linear Algorithm For Determining The Separation Of Convex Polyhedra, A
* Optimal Convex Decompositions
* Primitives For The Manipulation Of Three-Dimensional Subdivisions
* Searching For Empty Convex Polygons
* Space Searching For Intersecting Objects
* Space Searching For Intersecting Objects
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Dobrikin, D. Co Author Listing * Apex: Two Architectures For Generating Parametric Curves And Surfaces

Dobrindt, K.T.G. Co Author Listing * On Levels Of Detail In Terrains

Dobrzeniecki, A.B. Co Author Listing * Interactive And Intuitive Segmentation Of Volumetric Data: The Segment View System And The Kooshball Algorithm
* Interactive Segmentation Of Multi-Dimensional Medical Data With Contour-Based Application Of Genetic Algorithms

Dodd, N. Co Author Listing * Multispectral Texture Synthesis Using Fractal Concepts

Dodge, C.N. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision For Interactive Computer Graphics

Dodhiawala, R.T. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Cosmic Ray Tracks Using Distributed Problem Solving

Dodson, R.J. Co Author Listing * Development, Implementation, Testing, And Application Of An Affine Transform Invariant Curvature Function

Dodsworth, J.R. Co Author Listing * Boundary Evaluation Using Inner And Outer Sets: The Isos Method

Dodwell, P.C. Co Author Listing * Angular Frequency Filtering: A Basis For Pattern Decomposition
* Figural Synthesis, Erlbaum, Hillsdale

Doebner, H.D. Co Author Listing * Neurodynamics (Proceedings, Summer Workshop, Clausthal, Germany, July 17-20, 1990), World Scientific

Doemens, G. Co Author Listing * Image Processing And Analysis In Multisensory Systems

Doenges, P. Co Author Listing * Getting Graphics In Gear: Graphics And Dynamics In Driving Simulation

Doermann, D. Co Author Listing * Function Of Documents, Ivc 16, 1998, The

Doermann, D.S. Co Author Listing * International Journal On Document Analysis And Recognition, Springer
* Recovery Of Temporal Information From Static Images Of Handwriting
* Temporal Clues In Handwriting

Doerschuk, P.C. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Spatial Classifiers Based On Tree Approximations To Markov Random Fields
* Cluster Expansions For The Deterministic Computation Of Bayesian Estimators Based On Markov Random Fields
* Texture-Based Segmentation Using Markov Random Field Models And Approximate Bayesian Estimators Based On Trees
* Tree Approximations To Markov Random Fields

Doh, J.I. Co Author Listing * Visibility Problems For Orthogonal Objects In Two Or Three Dimensions

Doherty, M.F. Co Author Listing * Split-Merge-Merge: An Enhanced Segmentation Capability
* Use Of Compound Predicates In Split-And-Merge Segmentation

Dohi, H. Co Author Listing * 3-D Vision System Incorporating Solid Modeler And Geometric Reasoning, A
* Realistic Image Synthesis Of A Deformable Living Thing Based On Motion Understanding

Dohler, H.U. Co Author Listing * Compact Contour Codes For Convex Binary Patterns
* Generation Of Root Signals Of Two Dimensional Median Filters

Dohmen, M. Co Author Listing * Survey Of Constraint Satisfaction Techniques For Geometric Modeling, A

Doi, H. Co Author Listing * Robust Curve Detection By Temporal Geodesics
* System For Pcb Automated Inspection Using Fluorescent Light, A

Doignon, C. Co Author Listing * Ellipse Fitting And Three-Dimensional Localization Of Objects Based On Elliptic Features

Dolan, J. Co Author Listing * Computing Curvilinear Structure By Token-Based Grouping
* Perceptual Grouping Of Curved Lines
* Programming In The Image Understanding Environment: Locating Fibers In Microscope Images
* Solving Diverse Image Understanding Problems Using The Image Understanding Environment

Dolev, D. Co Author Listing * Distributed Firing Squad Problem, The
* Efficient Fault Tolerant Routings In Networks
* New Look At Fault Tolerant Network Routing, A

Dom, B. Co Author Listing * Design And Implementation Of A Low-Level Image Segmentation Architecture-Lisa
* Detecting Parameterized Curve Segments Using Mdl And The Hough Transform
* Fast Algorithm For Mdl-Based Multi-Band Image Segmentation, A
* Foreground/Background Segmentation Of Color Images By Integration Of Multiple Cues
* Pattern Classification Algorithms For Real-Time Image Segmentation
* Quantitative Methods Of Evaluating Image Segmentation
* Query By Image And Video Content: The Qbic System
* Segmenting And Representing Background In Color Images
* Unsupervised Image Segmentation Using The Minimum Description Length Principle
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Dom, B.E. Co Author Listing * Design And Implementation Of A Low-Level Segmentation Architecture-Lisa
* Machine Vision Applications In Character Recognition And Industrial Inspection (San Jose, Ca, February 10-12
* Mdl Estimation For Small Sample Sizes And Its Application To Segmenting Binary Strings
* P300: A System For Automatic Pattern Wafer Inspection, The

Domenger, J.P. Co Author Listing * Geometrical, Topological, And Hierarchical Structuring Of Overlapping 2-D Discrete Objects

Domey, J. Co Author Listing * Direct Estimation Of Deformable Motion Parameters From Range Image Sequence
* Facial Image Synthesis Using Skin Texture Recording

Domingo, J. Co Author Listing * Gray-Level 2d Feature Detector Using Circular Statistics, A

Dominguez, S. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Schemes For Curve Representation

Don, H.S. Co Author Listing * 3-D Moment Forms: Their Construction And Application To Object Identification And Positioning
* Graph Matching Approach To 3-D Point Correspondences, A
* Parallel Algorithm For Stochastic Image Segmentation, A
* Pattern Recognition Using 3-D Moments
* Representation And Recognition Of 3-D Curves
* Segmentation Of Bilevel Images Using Mathematical Morphology
* Stochastic Image Segmentation Using Spatial-Temporal Context
* Syntactic Approach To Time-Varying Pattern Analysis, A
* Syntactic Method For Image Segmentation And Object Recognition, A
* Syntactic Method For Image Segmentation And Object Recognition, A
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Donachy, P. Co Author Listing * Environment For Generating Fpga Architectures For Image Algebra-Based Algorithms, An

Donahue, M. Co Author Listing * Image Recognition With Occlusions
* Sparse Representations For Image Decomposition With Occlusions

Donahue, M.J. Co Author Listing * On The Use Of Level Curves In Image Analsis

Donald, B. Co Author Listing * Kinodynamic Motion Planning
* Simplified Voronoi Diagrams
* Simplified Voronoi Diagrams

Donald, B.R. Co Author Listing * Complexity Of Planar Compliant Motion Planning Under Uncertainty, The
* Complexity Of Planar Compliant Motion Planning Under Uncertainty, The
* Geometric Approach To Error Detection And Recovery For Robot Motion Planning With Uncertainty, A
* Guest Ed., Special Issue-Computational Robotics: The Geometric Theory Of Manipulation, Planning, And Control, Algorithmica 10(2-4)
* On Information Invariants In Robotics
* Planning Multi-Step Error Detection And Recovery Strategies
* Real-Time Robot Motion Planning Using Rasterizing Computer Graphics Hardware
* Search Algorithm For Motion Planning With Six Degrees Of Freedom, A
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Donati, L. Co Author Listing * Singularities Of Illuminated Surfaces

Doner, J. Co Author Listing * Organizational Approach To Texture Analysis, An

Doner, J.F. Co Author Listing * Motion-Vision Architectures

Dong, H. Co Author Listing * Arg Representation For Chinese Characters And A Radical Extraction Based On The Representation, An

Dong, P. Co Author Listing * Boundary Detection By Constrained Optimization

Dong, Y. Co Author Listing * Fast And Effective Stereo Matching Method-Implementational Aspects, A
* Street Orientation Detection And Recognition In Landsat Tm And Spot Hrv Image

Donias, M. Co Author Listing * Curvature Of Oriented Patterns: 2-D And 3-D Estimation From Differential Geometry

Donnelly, T. Co Author Listing * Dracap: Drawing Capture For Electronic Schematics

Donovan, W. Co Author Listing * Programmable Image Processing In A Memory Controller

Dony, R.D. Co Author Listing * Self-Organizing Segmentor And Feature Extractor

Dorai, C. Co Author Listing * Cosmos--A Representation Scheme For Free-Form Surfaces
* Cosmos|A Representation Scheme For 3d Free-Form Objects
* From Images To Models: Automatic 3d Object Model Construction From Multiple Views
* Optimal Registration Of Multiple Range Views
* Optimal Registration Of Object Views Using Range Data
* Practicing Vision: Integration, Evaluation And Applications
* Recognition Of 3d Free-Form Objects
* Registration And Integration Of Multiple Object Views For 3d Model Construction
* Shape Spectra Based View Grouping For Free-Form Objects
* Shape Spectrum Based View Grouping And Matching Of 3d Free-Form Objects
* View Organization And Matching Of Free-Form Objects
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Doraiswamy, S. Co Author Listing * Virtual Motion: 3-D Scene Recovery Using Focal Length-Induced Optic Flow

Doran, C.J.L. Co Author Listing * New Geometric Methods For Computer Vision: An Application To Structure And Motion Estimation

Doretto, G. Co Author Listing * Free-Form Textured Surface(S) Registration By A Frequency Domain Technique

Dori, D. Co Author Listing * Advances In Pattern Recognition Seventh International Workshop On Structural And Syntactic Pattern Recognition, And Second International Workshop On Statistical Techniques In Pattern Recognition, Sydney, Australia, August 11-13, 1998,) Springer
* Efficient Nesting Of Congruent Convex Figures
* Grammar Of Dimensions In Machine Drawings, The
* Pattern Recognition Approach To The Detection Of Complex Edges, A
* Protocol For The Performance Evaluation Of Line Detection Algorithms, A
* Quantitative Performance Evaluation Of Thinning Algorithms Under Noisy Conditions
* Shape, Structure, And Pattern Recognition (International Workshop On Structural And Syntactic Pattern Recognition, Nahariya, Israel, October 4-6, 1994), World Scientific
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Doria, D. Co Author Listing * Image-Enhanced Estimation Methods

Doria, D.M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Exploitation: Image Understanding At Raytheon
* Atr Performance Prediction With Feature Based Optimization
* Image Understanding Research At Hughes Aircraft Company: Adaptive Image Exploitation
* Performance Modeling And Adaptive Target Detection
* Progress On The Fast Adaptive Target Detection Program
* Recognition By Matching With Edge Location And Orientation

Dorigo, M. Co Author Listing * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Learning Autonomous Robots

Dornaika, F. Co Author Listing * Object Pose: Links Between Paraperspective And Perspective
* Object Pose: The Link Between Weak Perspective, Paraperspective, And Full Perspective
* Self Calibration Of A Stereo Head Mounted Onto A Robot Arm
* Simultaneous Robot-World And Hand-Eye Calibration
* Visually Guided Object Grasping

Doros, M. Co Author Listing * On Some Properties Of The Generation Of Discrete Circular Arcs On A Square Grid

Dorsey, J. Co Author Listing * Flow And Changes In Appearance
* Modeling And Rendering Of Metallic Patinas
* Painting With Light

Dorst, L. Co Author Listing * Analyzing The Behaviors Of A Car: A Study In Abstraction Of Goal-Directed Motion
* Best Linear Unbiased Estimators For Properties Of Digitized Straight Lines
* Choosing Filter Parameters For Non-Linear Image Filtering
* Discrete Representation Of Straight Lines
* Length Estimators Compared
* Length Estimators For Digitized Contours
* Pseudo-Euclidean Skeletons
* Spirograph Theory: A Framework For Calculations On Digitized Straight Lines
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Dos Santos Facao, P.E. Co Author Listing * Computation Of Egomotion Using The Vertical Cue

Doshita, S. Co Author Listing * Figuring Out Most Plausible Interpretation From Spatial Constraints

Dosinas, A. Co Author Listing * Optical Character Recognition Based On Analog Preprocessing And Automatic Feature Extraction

Dosso, M. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Agricultural Areas In Tropical Regions

Doster, W. Co Author Listing * Different States Of A Document'S Content On Its Way From The Gutenbergian World To The Electronic World

Dou, H.S. Co Author Listing * Metal Surface Inspection Using Image Processing Techniques

Dou, J. Co Author Listing * Contour Shape Description Based On An Arch Height Function
* Edge Expression Based On Tree Structure

Dougherty, E.R. Co Author Listing * Application Of The Hausdorff Metric In Gray-Scale Mathematical Morphology Via Truncated Umbrae
* Asymptotic Granulometric Mixing Theorem: Morphological Estimation Of Sizing Parameters And Mixture Proportions
* Asymptotic Normality Of The Morphological Pattern-Spectrum Moments And Orthogonal Granulometric Generators
* Closed-Form Representation Of Convolution, Dilation, And Erosion In The Context Of Image Algebra
* Computational Gray-Scale Mathematical Morphology On Lattices (A Comparator-Based Image Algebra) Part Ii: Image Operators
* Computational Gray-Scale Mathematical Morphology On Lattices (A Comparator-Based Image Algebra). Part 1: Architecture
* Digital Image Processing Methods, Dekker
* Digital Version Of The Matheron Representation Theorem For Increasing Tau-Mappings In Terms Of A Basis For The Kernel, A
* Dual Representation Of Gray-Scale Morphological Filters, The
* Enhancement And Restoration Of Digital Documents: Statistical Design Of Nonlinear Algorithms, Spie, Bellingham
* Euclidean Gray-Scale Granulometries: Representation And Umbra Inducement
* Fuzzy Mathematical Morphology
* Guest Eds., Special Issue: Nonlinear Image Processing
* Hausdorff-Metric Interpretation Of Convergence In The Matheron Topology For Binary Mathematical Morphology
* Hole-Spectrum Representation And Model-Based Optimal Morphological Restoration Of Binary Images Degraded By Subtractive Noise
* Image Algebra And Morphological Image Processing Ii (San Diego, Ca, July 23-24
* Image Algebra And Morphological Image Processing Iii (San Diego, Ca, July 20-22
* Image Algebra And Morphological Image Processing V (San Diego, Ca, July 25-26
* Image Algebra And Morphological Processing Iv (San Diego, Ca, July 12-13
* Introduction To Computer Systems For Imaging, Spie, Bellingham
* Introduction To Morphological Image Processing (Tt 9), Spie, Bellingham, An
* Introduction To Nonlinear Image Processing, Spie, Bellingham, An
* Introduction To Real-Time Imaging, Ieee Press
* Introduction To Real-Time Imaging, Spie, Bellingham
* Linear Granulometric Moments Of Noisy Binary Images
* Mathematical Methods For Artificial Intelligence And Autonomous Systems, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs
* Mathematical Modeling And Estimation Techniques In Computer Vision (San Diego, Ca, July 22-23
* Mathematical Morphology In Image Processing, Dekker
* Maximum-Likelihood Estimation For The Two-Dimensional Discrete Boolean Random Set And Function Models Using Multidimensional Linear Samples
* Mean-Absolute-Error Representation And Optimization Of Computational-Morphological Filters
* Minimal Representation Of I-Openings Via Pattern Bases
* Model-Based Characterization Of Statistically Optimal Design For Morphological Shape Recognition Algorithms Via The Hit-Or-Miss Transform
* Model-Based Morphology: The Opening Spectrum
* Morphological Pattern-Spectrum Classification Of Noisy Shapes: Exterior Granulometries
* Morphological Texture-Based Maximum-Likelihood Pixel Classification Based On Local Granulometric Moments
* Morphology On Umbra Matrices
* Neural, Morphological, And Stochastic Methods In Image And Signal Processing (San Diego, Ca, July 10-11
* Nonlinear Image Processing Ii (San Jose, Ca, February 28-March 1
* Nonlinear Image Processing Iii (San Jose, Ca, February 12-13
* Nonlinear Image Processing Iv (San Jose, Ca, February 1-3
* Nonlinear Image Processing Ix (San Jose, Ca, January 26-27
* Nonlinear Image Processing V (San Jose, Ca, February 7-9
* Nonlinear Image Processing Vi (San Jose, Ca, February 6-9
* Nonlinear Image Processing Vii (San Jose, Ca, January 29-30
* Nonlinear Image Processing Viii San Jose, Ca, February 10-11
* Optimal Binary Morphological Bandpass Filters Induced By Granulometric Spectral Representation
* Optimal Mean-Absolute-Error Filtering Of Gray-Scale Signals By The Morphological Hit-Or-Miss Transform
* Optimum Mean-Square N-Observation Digital Morphological Filters. I. Optimal Binary Filters. Ii. Optimal Gray-Scale Filters, Iu 55, 1992
* Random Processes For Image And Signal Processing, Spie, Bellingham
* Representation Of Linear Granulometric Moments For Deterministic And Random Binary Euclidean Images
* Robust Image Processing Language In The Context Of Image Algebra, A
* Robust Morphologically Continuous Fourier Descriptors-I: Projection-Generated Descriptions
* Robust Morphologically Continuous Fourier Descriptors-Ii: Continuity And Occlusion Analysis
* Statistical And Stochastic Methods For Image Processing (Denver, Co, August 4-5
* Statistical And Stochastic Methods In Image Processing Ii San Diego, Ca, July 31-August 1
* Statistics Of The Morphological Pattern-Spectrum Moments For A Random Grain Model
* Unification Of Nonlinear Filtering In The Context Of Binary Logical Calculus, Part I: Binary Filters
* Unification Of Nonlinear Filtering In The Context Of Binary Logical Calculus, Part Ii: Gray-Scale Filters
* Use Of First-Order Structuring-Element Libraries To Design Morphological Filters, The
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Dougherty, S. Co Author Listing * Roc Curve Evaluation Of Edge Detector Performance

Douglas, A. Co Author Listing * State-Of-The-Art Mapping (Orlando, Fl, April 13-15

Douglas, D.C. Co Author Listing * Network Architecture Of The Connection Machine Cm-5, The
* Report Of The Purdue Workshop On Grand Challenges In Computer Architecture For The Support Of High Performance Computing (W. Lafayette, In, December 12-13, 1991)

Douglass, R.J. Co Author Listing * Characterization Of Parallel Algorithms, Mit Press, Cambridge, The

Doulamis, A. Co Author Listing * Neural Network Based Scheme For Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation, A
* Video Content Representation Using Optimal Extraction Of Frames And Scenes

Doulamis, N. Co Author Listing * Neural Network Based Scheme For Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation, A
* Video Content Representation Using Optimal Extraction Of Frames And Scenes

Dounskaia, N.V. Co Author Listing * Artificial Potential Method For Control Of Constrained Robot Motion

Douville, B. Co Author Listing * Animated Conversation: Rule-Based Generation Of Facial Expression Gesture And Spoken Intonation For Multiple Conversational Agents

Dow, D.E. Co Author Listing * Multimouth Surfaces For Synthetic Actor Animation

Dowla, F.U. Co Author Listing * Relationship Between Maximum Likelihood And Autoregressive Modeling In Multidimensional Power Spectrum Estimation

Dowling, G.R. Co Author Listing * Topological Representation For Matching Coloured Surfaces

Dowman, I.J. Co Author Listing * Integrating Photogrammetric Techniques With Analysis And Machine Vision Ii (Orlando, Fl, April 19-21

Downey, P.J. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Bounds For Dual Bin-Packing

Downton, A.C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition And Transcription Of Pitman'S Handwritten Shorthand-An Approach To Shortforms
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Document Image Processing And Multimedia Environments
* On-Line Recognition Of Pitman'S Handwritten Shorthand-An Evaluation Of Potential
* On-Line Recognition Of Shortforms In Pitman'S Handwritten Shorthand
* Pre-Processing Of Envelope Images For Optical Character Recognition
* Progress In Handwriting Recognition Proceedings Of The Fifth International Workshop On Frontiers In Handwriting Recognition, Colchester, England, September 2-5, 1996, World Scientific
* Syntactic And Contextual Post-Processing Of Handwritten Addresses For Optical Character Recognition
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Doyen, L. Co Author Listing * Mutational Equations For Shapes And Vision-Based Control
* Mutational Equations Of The Morphological Dilation Tubes

Dozio, M. Co Author Listing * Variational Method For The Recovery Of Smooth Boundaries, A

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