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Su, B.Q. Co Author Listing * Computational Geometry-Curve And Surface Modeling, Academic Press

Su, C. Co Author Listing * Physically Based Simulation Of Water Currents And Waves

Su, C.J. Co Author Listing * Automated Machinability Checking For Cad/Cam

Su, C.L. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition By Feature Orientation And Feature Geometry Matching

Su, J.Y. Co Author Listing * Vlsi Design Of Digital Cellular Neural Networks For Image Processing

Su, T.H. Co Author Listing * Computing The Constrained Relative Neighborhood Graphs And Constrained Gabriel Graphs In Euclidean Plane
* Computing The K-Relative Neighborhood Graphs In Euclidean Plane

Su, T.S. Co Author Listing * On Constructing The Relative Neighborhood Graphs In Euclidean K-Dimensional Spaces

Su, Y.L. Co Author Listing * On Stationarizability For Nonstationary 2-D Random Fields Using Discrete Wavelet Transforms

Suarez Araujo, C.P. Co Author Listing * Novel Neural Network Models For Computing Homothetic Invariances: An Image Algebra Notation
* Segmentation And Recognition In Visual Chromatic Spaces
Includes: Suarez Araujo, C.P. Suarez-Araujo, C.P.

Suarez de Lezo, J. Co Author Listing * Artery Detection And Tracking In Coronary Angiography

Suarez, H. Co Author Listing * Computing Optical Flow In Resistive Networks And In The Primate Visual System

Subbarao, M. Co Author Listing * Accurate Recovery Of Three-Dimensional Shape From Image Focus
* Bounds On Time-To-Collision And Rotational Component From First-Order Derivatives Of Image Flow
* Bounds On Translational And Angular Velocity Components From First Order Derivatives Of Image Flow
* Closed Form Solutions To Image Flow Equations For Planar Surfaces In Motion
* Closed-Form Solutions To Image Flow Equations
* Closed-Form Solutions To Image Flow Equations For 3d Structure And Motion
* Depth From Defocus And Rapid Autofocusing: A Practical Approach
* Depth From Defocus By Changing Camera Aperture: A Spatial Domain Approach
* Depth From Defocus: A Spatial Domain Approach
* Depth Recovery From Blurred Edges
* Direct Recovery Of Depth-Map I: Differential Methods
* Focused Image Recovery From Two Defocused Images Recorded With Different Camera Settings
* Image-Sensing Model And Computer Simulation For Ccd Camera System
* Interpretation Of Image Flow: A Spatio-Temporal Approach
* Interpretation Of Image Flow: Rigid Curved Surfaces In Motion
* Interpretation Of Image Motion Fields: A Spatio-Temporal Approach
* Interpretation Of Visual Motion: A Computational Study, Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo
* N
* New Class Of Edge-Preserving Smoothing Filters, A
* On The Uniqueness Of Image Flow Solutions For Planar Surfaces In Motion
* Parallel Depth Recovery By Changing Camera Parameters
* Solution And Uniqueness Of Image Flow Equations For Rigid Curved Surfaces In Motion
* Texture Classification By Local Rank Correlation
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Subirana Vilanova, J.B. Co Author Listing * Curved Inertia Frames And The Skeleton Sketch: Finding Salient Frames Of Reference
* On Contour Texture
* Perceptual Grouping On Texture Images Using Non-Cartesian Networks
* Perceptual Organization Without Edges
* Ridge-Detection For The Perceptual Organization Without Edges
* Skeleton Sketch: Finding Salient Frames Of Reference, The
* Sparse Groups: A Polynomial Middle-Level Approach For Object Recognition
Includes: Subirana Vilanova, J.B. Subirana-Vilanova, J.B.
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Subotic, N.S. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Detection Of Coherent Radar Targets

Subrahmanian, V.S. Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous Multimedia Reasoning
* Querying Video Libraries

Subrahmanyam, P.A. Co Author Listing * Boolean Operations On N-Dimensional Objects

Subrahmonia, J. Co Author Listing * Bounded And Unbounded Implicit Polynomial Curves And Surfaces, Mahalanobis Distances, And Geometric Invariants, For Robust Object Recognition
* Describing Complicated Objects By Implicit Polynomials
* General Model-Based 3d Surface Estimation, Recognition And Segmentation From Multiple Images
* Integrated Object Recognition System Based On High Degree Implicit Polynomials, Algebraic Invariants, And Bayesian Methods, An
* Model-Based Segmentation And Estimation Of 3d Surfaces From Two Or More Intensity Images Using Markov Random Fields
* Part-Based Bayesian Recognition Using Implicit Polynomial Invariants
* Practical Reliable Bayesian Recognition Of 2d And 3d Objects Using Implicit Polynomials And Algebraic Invariants
* Recognizing Mice, Vegetables, And Hand Printed Characters Based On Implicit Polynomials, Invariants And Bayesian Methods
* Robust Object Recognition Based On Implicit Algebraic Curves And Surfaces
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Subramanian, K.G. Co Author Listing * Basic Puzzle Grammars And Isosceles Right Triangles
* Basic Puzzle Languages
* Encryption-Decryption Techniques For Pictures
* Learning Of Patterns And Picture Languages
* Learning Of Recognizable Picture Languages
* Note On An Extension Of Matrix Grammars Generating Two-Dimensional Languages, A
* On Array Grammars And Languages
* Puzzle Grammars And Context-Free Array Grammars
* Siromoney Array Grammars And Applications
* Stochastic Puzzle Grammars
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Subramanian, K.R. Co Author Listing * Converting Discrete Images To Partitioning Trees

Subramanian, S. Co Author Listing * Abductive Formalism For Two-Dimensional Object Recognition
* Abductive Reasoning Based Image Interpretation System, An
* High Speed Systolic Architecture For Labeling Connected Components In An Image, A
* Recognition Of Occluded Objects With Heuristic Search
* Recognition Of Partial Planar Shapes In Limited Memory Environments

Subsol, G. Co Author Listing * Non Rigid Registration For Building 3d Anatomical Atlases

Sucar, L.E. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Reasoning In High-Level Vision

Suchenwirth, R. Co Author Listing * Optical Recognition Of Chinese Characters, Vieweg

Sudarsana Rao, P. Co Author Listing * Template Quadtrees For Representing Region And Line Data Present In Binary Images

Sudborough, I.H. Co Author Listing * Complexity And Decidability For Chain Code Picture Languages
* Embedding Grids Into Hypercubes
* Membership And Equivalence Problems For Picture Languages, The
* On Reversal-Bounded Picture Languages

Sudderth, E. Co Author Listing * N

Sudhakar, R. Co Author Listing * Cascaded Scheme For Eye Tracking And Head Movement Compensation, A
* Corner Detection By A Cost Minimization Approach
* Motion Estimation From A Sequence Of Stereo Images: A Direct Method
* On Improving Eye Feature Extraction Using Deformable Templates
* Real-Time Eye Feature Tracking From A Video Image Sequence Using Kalman Filter
* Simultaneous Rotation And Translation Fitting Of Two 3-D Point Sets

Sudhakara Reddy, M. Co Author Listing * Realization Of First-Order Two-Dimensional All-Pass Digital Filters

Sudhir, G. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Integration Of Stereopsis And Optic Flow Computation, A
* Finding Point Correspondences In Motion Sequences Preserving Affine Structure
* Interactive Target Recognition Using A Database-Retrieval Oriented Approach
* Video Annotation By Motion Interpretation Using Optical Flow Streams

Suehiro, T. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Manipulation System With Skill-Based Execution, A
* Recognizing Assembly Tasks Using Face-Contact Relations
* Toward An Assembly Plan From Observation-Part I: Task Recognition With Polyhedral Objects
* Towards An Assembly Plan From Observation: Task Recognition With Polyhedral Objects

Suen, C.Y. Co Author Listing * Alternate Smoothing And Stripping Algorithm For Thinning Digital Binary Patterns, An
* Analysis And Design Of A Decision Tree Based On Entropy Reduction And Its Application To Large Character Set Recognition
* Automatic Comparison Of Skeletons By Shape Matching Methods
* Automatic Document Processing: A Survey
* Automatic Evaluation Of Skeleton Shapes
* Character Recognition By Computer And Applications
* Comparative Study Of Nonlinear Shape Models For Digital Image Processing And Pattern Recognition, A
* Comparison Of Methods Of Extracting Curvature Features, A
* Computer Recognition And Human Production Of Handwriting (Papers From The Third International Symposium On Handwriting And Computer Applications, Montreal, Quebec, 1987), World Scientific
* Computer Recognition Of Totally Unconstrained Handwritten Zip Codes
* Computer Transformation Of Digital Images And Patterns, World Scientific
* Computer Vision And Shape Recognition (Vision Interface 88, Edmonton, Alberta, June 6-10, 1988), World Scientific
* Discrimination Of Planar Shapes Using Shape Matrices
* Edge Classification And Extraction Of Shape Features
* Evaluation Of Parallel Thinning Algorithms For Character Recognition, An
* Fast Parallel Algorithm For Thinning Digital Patterns, A
* Frontiers In Handwriting Recognition (Proceedings Of An International Workshop, Montreal, Canada, April 2-3, 1990), Concordia University
* Guest Eds., Special Issue-Thinning Methodologies For Pattern Recognition
* Harmonic Models Of Shape Transformations In Digital Images And Patterns
* Harmonic Models Of Shape Transformations In Digital Images And Patterns
* Historical Review Of Ocr Research And Development
* Image Transformation Approach To Nonlinear Shape Restoration
* Knowledge-Based Thinning Algorithm, A
* Large Tree Classifier With Heuristic Search And Global Training
* Linear Time Algorithms For An Image Labelling Machine
* Matching Of Complex Pattern[S] By Energy Minimization
* Methodologies For Evaluating Thinning Algorithms For Character Recognition
* Multi-Layer Projections For The Classification Of Similar Chinese Characters
* New Algorithms For Fixed And Elastic Geometric Transformation Models
* Nonlinear Shape Restoration By Transformation Models
* Nonlinear Transformations Of Digitized Patterns
* On-Line Handwriting Recognition-A Survey
* Optimal $O(N)$ Algorithm For Identifying Line Segments From A Sequence Of Chain Codes, An
* Optimal Algorithm For Detecting Straight Lines In Chain Codes, An
* Optimal Local Weighted Averaging Methods In Contour Smoothing
* Optimal Matrix Transform For The Extraction Of Algebraic Features From Images
* Parallel Image Transformation And Its Vlsi Implementation
* Reconstruction Of Two Dimensional Patterns By Fourier Descriptors
* Reconstruction Of Two-Dimensional Patterns From Fourier Descriptors
* Recursive Thresholding Technique For Image Segmentation, A
* Rpct Algorithm And Its Vlsi Implementation
* Sequential Method Of Extracting Contour Chains From An Image, A
* Shape Transformation Models And Their Applications In Pattern Recognition
* Splitting-Integrating Method For Normalizing Images By Inverse Transformation
* Splitting-Shooting Methods For Nonlinear Transformations Of Digitized Patterns
* State Of The Art In On-Line Handwriting Recognition, The
* Structural Classification And Relaxation Matching Of Totally Unconstrained Handwritten Zip-Code Numbers
* Systematic Evaluation Of Skeletonization Algorithms, A
* Thinning Algorithm Based On The Force Between Charged Particles, A
* Thinning Methodologies For Pattern Recognition, World Scientific
* Thinning Methodologies-A Comprehensive Survey
* Vlsi Architectures For Image Transformation
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Suen, P. Co Author Listing * New Spatial Interaction Model For Color Texture, A

Suen, P.H. Co Author Listing * Analyzing The Bidirectional Texture Function

Suen, S.Y. Co Author Listing * Veinerization: A New Shape Description For Flexible Skeletonization

Suenaga, Y. Co Author Listing * Accurate And Robust Face Identification Scheme, An
* Automatic Creation Of 3d Facial Models
* Drawing Human Hair Using The Wisp Model
* Guest Ed., Special Section On Frontiers In Machine Vision Applications (Papers From Mva '92, Iapr Workshop On Machine Vision Applications, Tokyo, Japan, December 7-9, 1992)
* High-Resolution Hough Transform Using Variable Filter, A
* Pixel-Selected Ray Tracing
* Trigonal Prism-Based Method For Hair Image Generation, A
* ``Finger-Pointer'': Pointing Interface By Image Processing
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Suesse, H. Co Author Listing * Invariant Fitting Of Planar Objects By Primitives
* Invariant Fitting Of Planar Objects By Primitives

Suetens, P. Co Author Listing * Computational Strategies For Object Recognition
* Iconic Representation Of Visual Data And Models
* Industrial Pattern Recognition
* Knowledge-Based Improvement Of Automatic Image Interpretation For Restricted Scenes: Two Case Studies
* Knowledge-Based System For The Delineation Of Blood Vessels On Subtraction Angiograms, A
* Medical Image Processing (Cannes, France, December 2-3
* Registration Of 3d Multi-Modality Medical Images Using Surfaces And Point Landmarks
* Road Extraction From Multi-Temporal Satellite Images By An Evidential Reasoning Approach
* Using Expert Systems For Image Understanding
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Suezaki, S. Co Author Listing * Model Based Approach In Extracting And Generating Human Motion, A

Suffern, K.G. Co Author Listing * Interval Methods In Computer Graphics
* Perspective Views Of Polar Coordinate Functions

Suffin, S. Co Author Listing * Microcomputer-Based System For Cell Image Analysis, A

Sufi, N. Co Author Listing * Approach To Defect Detection In Materials Characterized By Complex Textures, An

Sugai, M. Co Author Listing * Vlsi Processor For Image Processing

Suganathan, P.N. Co Author Listing * Optimal Encoding Of Graph Homomorphism Energy Using Fuzzy Informaiton Aggregation Operators

Sugano, M. Co Author Listing * Fast Scene Change Detection On Mpeg Coding Parameter Domain, A

Suganthan, P.N. Co Author Listing * Optimal Mapping Of Graphhomomorphism Onto Self Organising Hopfield Network
* Pattern Recognition By Graph Matching Using The Potts Mft Neural Networks
* Pattern Recognition By Homomorphic Graph Matching Usin Hopfield Neural Networks
* Self-Organizing Hopfield Network For Attributed Relational Graph Matching

Suganuma, Y. Co Author Listing * Learning Structures Of Visual Patterns From Single Instances

Sugata, K. Co Author Listing * Complexity Of Some Decision Problems About Two-Dimensional Array Grammars, The
* Context-Sensitivity Of Two-Dimensional Regular Array Grammars
* On Two-Dimensional Pattern-Matching Languages And Their Decision Problems
* Two-Dimensional Three-Way Array Grammars And Their Acceptors

Sugie, H. Co Author Listing * Reconstructing Shape From Shading Images Under Point Light Source Illumination

Sugie, N. Co Author Listing * Determining A Polyhedral Shape Using Interreflections
* Recovery Of Rigid Structure From Orthographically Projected Optical Flow

Sugihara, K. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Approach To Shape-From-Image Problems, An
* Approximation Of Generalized Voronoi Diagrams By Ordinary Voronoi Diagrams
* Interpretation Of An Axonometric Projection Of A Polyhedron
* Machine Interpretation Of Line Drawings, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Necessary And Sufficient Condition For A Picture To Represent A Polyhedral Scene, A
* Nlogn Algorithm For Determining The Congruity Of Polyhedra, An
* On Finite-Precision Representations Of Geometric Objects
* Realizability Of Polyhedrons From Line Drawings
* Recovery Of Rigid Structure From Orthographically Projected Optical Flow
* Robust Description Of Time-Varying Scenes For Computer Animation, A
* Some Location Properties For Robot Navigation Using A Single Camera
* Spatial Tessellations: Concepts And Applications Of Voronoi Diagrams, Wiley
* Three-Dimensional Realization Of Anomalous Pictures|An Application Of Picture Interpretation Theory To Toy Design
* Topology-Oriented Divide-And-Conquer Algorithm For Voronoi Diagrams
* Use Of Vertex-Type Knowledge For Range Data Analysis
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Sugimoto, A. Co Author Listing * Geometric Invariant Of Noncoplanar Lines In A Single View
* Object Recognition By Combining Paraperspective Images

Sugimoto, K. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Skewed-Symmetrical Shape
* Integration And Interpretation Of Incomplete Stereo Scene Data
* Scene Interpretation Based On Boundary Representations Of Stereo Images

Sugimoto, T. Co Author Listing * Rits Eye: A Software-Based System For Realtime Face Detection And Tracking Using Pan-Tilt-Zoom Controllable Camera

Sugiyama, T. Co Author Listing * Edge Feature Analysis By A Vectorized Feature Extractor And In Multiple Edges

Sugiyama, Y. Co Author Listing * Classification Of Tv Sports News By Dct Features Using Multiple Subspace Method

Suh, S.H. Co Author Listing * Variational Dynamic Programming Approach To Robot Path Planning With A Distance-Safety Criterion, A

Suk, M. Co Author Listing * Curvilinear Feature Extraction Using Minimum Spanning Trees
* Edge Extraction Technique For Noisy Images, An
* Efficient Polygonal Decomposition Of Segmented Images
* New Measures Of Similarity Between Two Contours Based On Optimal Bivariate Transforms
* Object-Detection Algorithm Based On The Region-Adjacency Graph, An
* On Machine Recognition Of Hand-Printed Chinese Characters By Feature Relaxation
* Polynomial Time Algorithm For Subpattern Matching, A
* Pose Verification As An Optimal Assignment Problem
* Qualitative Features And The Generalized Hough Transform
* Recognition And Localization Of Objects With Curved Surfaces
* Region Adjacency And Its Application To Object Detection
* Sensitivity Analysis For Matching And Pose Computation Using Dihedral Junctions
* Systolic Implementation Of A Geometry Processor
* Three-Dimensional Object Recognition On The Connection Machine
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Suk, T. Co Author Listing * Degraded Image Analysis: An Invariant Approach
* Features For Recognition Of Projectively Deformed Point Sets, The
* Image Features Invariant With Respect To Blur
* Pattern Recognition By Affine Moment Invariants
* Recognition Of Blurred Images By The Method Of Moments
* Vertex-Based Features For Recognition Of Projectively Deformed Polygons

Sukanya, P. Co Author Listing * Image Classification Using The Surface-Shape Operator And Multiscale Features
* New Operator For Describing Topographical Image Structure, A
* New Operator For Image Structure Analysis, A
* Surface-Shape Operator Based Shading-Tolerant Method For Multiscale Image Analysis, The

Sukhaswami, M.B. Co Author Listing * Restoration Of Geometrically Aberrated Images Using A Self-Organising Neural Network

Sukthankar, R. Co Author Listing * Multiple Adaptive Agents For Tactical Driving

Sulka, J.L. Co Author Listing * Advanced Distributed Region Of Interest Tool, The

Sull, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Video Parsing Using Shot Boundary Detection And Camera Operation Analysis
* Estimation And Segmentation Of Displacement Field Using Multiple Features
* Estimation Of Motion And Structure Of Planar Surfaces From A Sequence Of Monocular Images
* Integrated 3-D Analysis And Analysis-Guided Synthesis Of Flight Image Sequences
* Integrated 3d Analysis Of Flight Image Sequences
* Integrated 3d Recovery And Visualization Of Flight Image Sequences
* Integrated Matching And Segmentation Of Multiple Features In Two Views
* Model-Based Obstacle Detection From Image Sequences
* Runway Obstacle Detection By Controlled Spatiotemporal Image Flow Disparity
* Segmentation, Matching And Estimation Of Structure And Motion Of Textured Piecewise Planar Surfaces
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Sullins, J. Co Author Listing * Connectionist Model Of Extrapersonal Space, A

Sullins, J.R. Co Author Listing * Distributed Learning Of Texture Classification

Sullivan, B.J. Co Author Listing * On The Use Of Singular Value Decomposition And Decimation In Discrete-Time Band-Limited Signal Extrapolation

Sullivan, G.D. Co Author Listing * 3d Grouping By Viewpoint Consistency Ascent
* 3d Structure And Motion Estimation From 2d Image Sequences
* Analogy Between Model-Based Vision And Diagnostic Expert Systems, An
* Automatic Construction Of A View-Independent Relational Model For 3-D Object Recognition, The
* Closed-Form Algorithms For Object Pose And Scale Recovery In Constrained Scenes
* Consistent Labelling Of Image Features Using An Assumption-Based Truth Maintenance System
* Efficient Image Gradient-Based Object Localisation And Recognition
* Experiments On The Use Of The Atms To Label Features For Object Recognition
* Filter For Visual Tracking Based On A Stochastic Model For Driver Behaviour, A
* Model Based Perspective Inversion
* Model-Based Localisation And Recognition Of Road Vehicles
* Model-Based Vehicle Detection And Classification Using Orthographic Approximations
* Model-Independent Recovery Of Object Orientations
* Performance Assessment Of Model-Based Tracking
* Pose Determination And Recognition Of Vehicles In Traffic Scenes
* Pose Refinement Of Active Models Using Forces In 3d
* Quantitative Analysis Of The Viewpoint Consistency Contraint In Model-Based Vision
* Recognizing Objects On The Ground-Plane
* Relational Model Construction And 3d Object Recognition From Single 2d Monochromatic Image
* Roll Angle Consistency Constraint
* Structure From Motion Using The Ground Plane Constraint
* Use Of Multiple Difference-Of-Gaussian Filters To Verify Geometric Models
* Using Automatically Constructed View-Independent Relational Model In 3d Object Recognition
* ``Model'': A Poplog Package To Support Model-Based Vision
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Sullivan, J. Co Author Listing * Design Of Minimum Visual Modulation Halftone Patterns

Sullivan, J.R. Co Author Listing * Image Modeling (San Jose, Ca, February 3-4
* Image Processing Algorithms And Techniques Iii (San Jose, Ca, February 10-13

Sullivan, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Model Construction And Pose Estimation From Photographs Using Triangular Splines
* Automatic Model Construction, Pose Estimation, And Object Recognition From Photographs Using Triangular Splines
* On Using Geometric Distance Fits To Estimate 3d Object Shape: Form And Deformation From Range, Ct, And Video Images
* Parameterized Families Of Polynomials For Banded Algebraic Curve And Surface Fitting
* Parameterizing And Fitting Bounded Algebraic Curves And Surfaces
* Using Geometric Distance Fits For 3-D Object Modeling And Recognition

Sumanaweera, T. Co Author Listing * Generic Models For Robot Navigation

Sumanaweera, T.S. Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation Using Geometric And Physical Constraints

Sumi, Y. Co Author Listing * Recognition Of 3d Free-Form Objects Using Segment-Based Stereo Vision
* Stereo Correspondence Using Segment Connectivity

Sumida, N. Co Author Listing * Object Arrangement Estimation Using Color Edge Profile

Sumino, S. Co Author Listing * Minimax Geometric Fitting Of Two Corresponding Sets Of Points

Summer, G. Co Author Listing * Discrimination Of Facial Regions Based On Dynamic Grids Of Point Representations

Summers, J. Co Author Listing * Computing Range With An Active Camera System
* New Development In Camera Calibration: Calibrating A Pair Of Mobile Cameras, A

Sun, A. Co Author Listing * Electrooptical Orientation Sensor For Robotics, An

Sun, C. Co Author Listing * 3d Symmetry Detection Using The Extended Gaussian Image
* Symmetry Detection Using Gradient Information

Sun, C.T. Co Author Listing * Neuro-Fuzzy And Soft Computing--A Computational Approach To Learning And Machine Intelligence, Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River
* Neuro-Fuzzy And Soft Computing|A Computational Approach To Learning And Machine Intelligence, Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River

Sun, G. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Interpretation Of Forest Radar Images

Sun, H. Co Author Listing * Image Sequence Coding Using Vector Quantization

Sun, J. Co Author Listing * Implementation Of Set Operation For Regularized Geometric Object, The
* Reconstruction Of A Symmetrical Object From Its Perspective Image

Sun, K. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Path Planning In Sensor-Based Terrain Acquisition
* Path Planning Among Unknown Obstacles: The Case Of A Three-Dimensional Cartesian Arm
* Unified Methodology For Motion Planning With Uncertainty For 2d And 3d Two-Link Robot Arm Manipulators, A

Sun, L. Co Author Listing * Gemstonefire: Adaptive Dispersive Ray Tracing Of Polyhedrons

Sun, M. Co Author Listing * Symmetric Wavelet Edge Detector Of The Minimum Length

Sun, Q. Co Author Listing * Robust Approach To Face And Eye(S) Detection From Images With Cluttered Background, A

Sun, T. Co Author Listing * Detail-Preserving Median Based Filters In Image Processing

Sun, X. Co Author Listing * Comparison Of Weighted Ls Methods With Ls Methods In 3-D Motion Estimation From Stereo Image Sequences, A
* New Smoothing Filter For Directional Detection And Enhancement, A

Sun, Y. Co Author Listing * Motion Estimation Via Cluster Matching
* Reconstruction Of 3-D Binary Tree-Like Structures From Three Mutually Orthogonal Projections
* Shape Normalization Through Visible Region Center And Unvisible Region Center
* Simple Feedforward Neural Network Architecture For Three-Dimensional Motion And Structure Estimation, A
* Tracking And Detection Of Moving Point Targets In Noise Image Sequences By Local Maximum Likelihood

Sun, Y.N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Evaluation Of Segregation Streaks In Material Samples
* Line Extraction Method For Automated Sem Inspection Of Vlsi Resist, A
* Multiscale Corner Detection By Using Wavelet Transform
* New Model-Based Approach For Industrial Visual Inspection, A
* Occluded Objects Recognition Using Multiscale Features And Hopfield Neural Network
* Polygonal Approximation Using A Competitive Hopfield Neural Network
* Wavelet Based Corner Detection
* Wavelet Transformation For Gray-Level Corner Detection
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Sun, Z. Co Author Listing * Image Registration Using A 3-D Scene Representation

Sundar Raj, P.A. Co Author Listing * On Bit Reduction Of Chain Coded Line Drawings

Sundar, S. Co Author Listing * Optimal Obstacle Avoidance Based On The Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equation

Sundaram, H. Co Author Listing * Are Textureless Scenes Recoverable?
* Semantic Visual Templates: Linking Visual Features To Semantics

Sundararajan, D. Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithm For Two-Dimensional Median Filtering, A

Sundareswaran, V. Co Author Listing * Active Camera Self-Orientation Using Dynamic Image Parameters
* Egomotion From Global Flow Field Data
* Exploiting Image Motion For Active Vision In A Visual Servoing Framework
* Fast Method To Estimate Sensor Translation, A
* Motion Parameter Estimation From Global Flow Field Data

Sunday, D.M. Co Author Listing * Very Fast Substring Search Algorithm, A

Sundblad, Y. Co Author Listing * New Approach To Text And Image Processing, A

Sune, J.L. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Depth-From-Motion Combining Iterative Prediction Scheme And Regularization Framework

Sung, A.H. Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Image Compression By A Natural Clustering Neural Network

Sung, K.K. Co Author Listing * Example-Based Learning For View-Based Human Face Detection
* Example-Based Learning For View-Based Human Face Detection
* Perceptual Organization Without Edges
* Ridge-Detection For The Perceptual Organization Without Edges

Sunwoo, M.H. Co Author Listing * Flexibly Coupled Multiprocessors For Image Processing
* Parallel Algorithm For Region Labeling, A
* Sliding Memory Plane Array Processor For Low Level Vision, A
* Vista For A General Purpose Computer Vision System
* [Flexibly] (Flexibility) Coupled Hypercube Multiprocessor For High Level Vision, A

Suomela, R. Co Author Listing * Curvature Scale Space For Robust Image Corner Detection
* Robust Image Corner Detection Through Curvature Scale Space

Suorsa, R. Co Author Listing * Passive Range Estimation For Rotorcraft Low-Altitude Flight

Suorsa, R.E. Co Author Listing * Parallel Implementation Of A Multisensor Feature-Based Range-Estimation Method, A
* Parallel Implementation Of A Multisensor Feature-Based Range-Estimation Method, A

Super, B.J. Co Author Listing * Localized Measurement Of Image Fractal Dimension Using Gabor Filters
* Patch-Based Stereo In A General Binocular Viewing Geometry
* Planar Surface Orientation From Texture Spatial Frequencies
* Shape From Texture Using Local Spectral Moments
* Shape-From Texture By Wavelet-Based Measurement Of Local Spectral Moments

Supowit, K.J. Co Author Listing * Decomposing A Set Of Points Into Chains, With Applications To Permutation And Circle Graphs
* On The Complexity Of Some Common Geometric Location Problems

Suri, S. Co Author Listing * All-Geodesic-Furthest Neighbors Problem For Simple Polygons, The
* Applications Of A Semi-Dynamic Convex Hull Algorithm
* Computing Euclidean Maximum Spanning Trees
* Computing The Link Center Of A Simple Polygon
* Computing The Link Center Of A Simple Polygon
* Fast Algorithms For Computing The Largest Empty Rectangle
* Finding Minimal Convex Nested Polygons
* Linear Time Algorithm For Minimum Link Paths Inside A Simple Polygon, A
* On Geometric Matching
* Worst-Case Optimal Algorithms For Constructing Visibility Polygons With Holes
10 for Suri, S.

Surla, D. Co Author Listing * Application Of V-Transform For Determining A Near-Optimal Path In The Presence Of Polyhedral Obstacles, The

Surya, G. Co Author Listing * Depth From Defocus By Changing Camera Aperture: A Spatial Domain Approach
* Depth From Defocus: A Spatial Domain Approach
* Focused Image Recovery From Two Defocused Images Recorded With Different Camera Settings

Sussa Azuela, J.H. Co Author Listing * On The Computation Of The Euler Number Of A Binary Object
Includes: Sussa Azuela, J.H. Sussa-Azuela, J.H.

Susse, H. Co Author Listing * Method Of Normalization To Determine Invariants, The

Sussman, A. Co Author Listing * High Performance Computing For Land Cover Dynamics

Sussner, P. Co Author Listing * Decomposition Of Gray-Scale Morphological Templates Using The Rank Method

Sutanto, H. Co Author Listing * Framework For Robot Motion Planning With Sensor Constraints, A

Suter, B.W. Co Author Listing * Parallel Algorithm For The Discrete Radon Transform, A

Suter, D. Co Author Listing * Image Coordinate Transformation Based On Div-Curl Vector Splines
* Mixed Finite Element Based Neural Networks In Visual Reconstruction
* Motion Estimation And Vector Splines
* Optic Flow Calculation Using Robust Statistics
* Robust Optic Flow Computation
* Robust Optic Flow Estimation Using Least Median Of Squares
* Robust Range Segmentation
* Visual Tracking And Motion Determination Using The Imm Algorithm
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Suter, J.J. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., (Special Issue On) Advanced Sensors, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Technical Digest 16(

Sutherland, A. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Facial-Feature Tracking Based On Matching Techniques And Its Applications

Sutherland, I.E. Co Author Listing * Characterization Of Ten Rasterization Techniques, A

Sutherland, K.T. Co Author Listing * Landmark Selection For Accurate Navigation
* Localizing In Unstructured Environments: Dealing With The Errors
* Ordering Landmarks In A View
* Sensitivity Of Feature Configuration In Viewpoint Determination

Sutner, K. Co Author Listing * Motion Planning Among Time Dependent Obstacles
* On The Computational Complexity Of Finite Cellular Automata
* Two Algorithms For A Reachability Problem In One-Dimensional Space

Sutter, A. Co Author Listing * Spatial Frequency Channels And Perceptual Grouping In Texture Segregation

Suttner, C.B. Co Author Listing * Parallel Processing For Artificial Intelligence 3, North-Holland

Sutton, M. Co Author Listing * Function From Visual Analysis And Physical Interaction: A Methodology For Recognition Of Generic Classes Of Objects
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* Improved Digital Image Processing Techniques To Investigate Plastic Zone Formation In Steel

Sue, J. Co Author Listing * Depth-From-Motion Estimation Based On A Multiscale Analysis Of Motion Constraint Equation Validity

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Suzuki, H. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Rotation And Parallel Translation Using Hough And Fourier Transforms
* Geometric Constraints And Reasoning For Geometrical Cad Systems
* Knowledge-Guided Automatic Thresholding For 3-Dimensional Display Of Head Mri Images

Suzuki, I. Co Author Listing * 3d Reconstruction Of Spatio-Temporal Series Of Optical Pictures
* Proximity Problems For Points On A Rectilinear Plane With Rectangular Obstacles
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Suzuki, K. Co Author Listing * Fast Polygonal Approximation Method For Real-Time Shape Recognition, A
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Suzuki, M. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Character Recognition System With High Accuracy And High Speed By Integrating Image-Type And Logical-Type Information Processings, An
* Unsupervised Learning Of Hand-Printed Characters With Linguistic Information, An

Suzuki, S. Co Author Listing * 3d Parts Decomposition From Sparse Range Data Using Information Criterion
* Analysis And Synthesis Of Six Primary Facial Expressions Using Range Images
* Automatic Input Method For Large-Scale Maps
* Automatic Shape Model Acquisition Using Multiscale Segment Matching
* Binary Picture Thinning By An Iterative Parallel Two-Subcycle Operation
* Discrimination Of Symbols, Lines, And Characters In Flow Chart Recognition
* Extracting Nonrigid Moving Objects By Temporal Edges
* Feature Extraction Of Temporal Texture Based On Spatiotemporal Motion Trajectory
* Graph-Based Thinning For Binary Images
* Graph-Based Vectorization Method For Line Patterns
* Image Velocity Estimation From Trajectory Surface In Spatiotemporal Space
* Learning Visual Models From Shape Contours Using Multiscale Convex/Concave Structure Matching
* Maris: Map Recognition Input System
* Multi-Scale Structure From Multi-Views By [82(G) Filtered 3d Voting
* New Fusion Operations For Digitized Binary Images And Their Applications
* Robust Vectorization Using Graph-Based Thinning And Reliability-Based Line Approximation
* Sequential Thinning Of Binary Pictures Using Distance Transformation
* Topological Structural Analysis Of Digitized Binary Images By Border Following
18 for Suzuki, S.

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* Segmentation Of Natural Images Using An Isotropic Diffusion And Linking Of Boundary Edges

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