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Bear, D.M.[Daniel M.] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Segmentation in Real-World Images via Spelke Object Inference

Bear, H.L.[Helen L.] Co Author Listing * Resolution limits on visual speech recognition
* Which Phoneme-to-Viseme Maps Best Improve Visual-Only Computer Lip-Reading?

Bear, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * 3D High Resolution Imaging of Human Heart for Visualization of the Cardiac Structure
* Interpolating Low Amplitude ECG Signals Combined with Filtering According to International Standards Improves Inverse Reconstruction of Cardiac Electrical Activity

Bear, M.F.[Mark F.] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Coarse and Fine Scale Features Using Multi-scale Diffusion and Mumford-Shah

Beard, K.[Kate] Co Author Listing * Capturing and Modeling Geographic Object Change: A SpatioTemporal Gazetteer Framework
* Exploring the Capability of Some GIS Surface Interpolators for DEM Gap Fill
* Unifying Framework for Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Event Sequence Similarity and Its Applications, A

Beard, M. Co Author Listing * Multitarget Filtering With Unknown Clutter Density Using a Bootstrap GMCPHD Filter

Beard, P. Co Author Listing * Enhancing Compressed Sensing 4D Photoacoustic Tomography by Simultaneous Motion Estimation
* Model-Based Learning for Accelerated, Limited-View 3-D Photoacoustic Tomography

Beard, R.W. Co Author Listing * Decentralized Cooperative Aerial Surveillance Using Fixed-Wing Miniature UAVs

Beard, T.D. Co Author Listing * liquid crystal light valve, an optical-to-optical interface device, The

Beardsley, J.[Jack] Co Author Listing * GNSS/INS-Equipped Buoys for Altimetry Validation: Lessons Learnt and New Directions from the Bass Strait Validation Facility
* Ongoing Development of the Bass Strait GNSS/INS Buoy System for Altimetry Validation in Preparation for SWOT

Beardsley, P. Co Author Listing * Editable Parametric Dense Foliage from 3D Capture
* Extending the Performance of Human Classifiers Using a Viewpoint Specific Approach
* Handheld Projector Supported by Computer Vision, A
* Handheld Projectors for Mixing Physical and Digital Textures
* Interactive video segmentation supported by multiple modalities, with an application to depth maps
* Self Correcting Projector, A
* Sensor Fusion for Depth Estimation, including TOF and Thermal Sensors
* Underwater 3D capture using a low-cost commercial depth camera
Includes: Beardsley, P. Beardsley, P.[Paul]
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Beardsley, P.A. Co Author Listing * email: Beardsley, P.A.: pab AT merl com
* 3D Model Acquisition from Extended Image Sequences
* Active Visual Navigation Using Non-Metric Structure
* Affine and Projective Structure from Motion
* Camera Calibration Using Multiple Images
* Camera Calibration Using Vanishing Points
* Euclidean Structure from Uncalibrated Images
* Hand-held 3D vision system
* Metric Calibration of a Stereo Rig
* Navigation Using Affine Structure from Motion
* Novel Approach to Motion Segmentation, A
* Prediction of stereo disparity using optical flow
* Qualitative Approach to Classifying Gaze Direction, A
* Qualitative Approach to Classifying Head and Eye Pose, A
* Range recovery using virtual multi-camera stereo
* Robust Vision
* Self-Alignment of a Binocular Robot
* Sequential Updating of Projective and Affine Structure from Motion
* System for classifying an individual's gaze direction
Includes: Beardsley, P.A. Beardsley, P.A.[Paul A.] Beardsley, P.A.[Paul Anthony]
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Beare, M. Co Author Listing * Quality Management of Reference Geo-Information

Beare, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Biologically inspired local motion detector architecture
* Evaluation of Biologically Inspired Motion Detection Systems as a Basis for Local Motion Processing Systems
* Locally Constrained Watershed Transform, A
* Measuring the distance of vegetation from powerlines using stereo vision
* Mosaicing of Microscope Images with Global Geometric and Radiometric Corrections
* On Computing Greyscale Morphology with Large Exact Spheres in Arbitrary Dimensions via 1-D Distance Transforms
* Parallel Algorithms via Scaled Paraboloid Structuring Functions for Spatially-Variant and Label-Set Dilations and Erosions
* Segmentation of Carotid Arteries in CTA Images
* Ultrasound Imaging System for Control of an Automated Carcass Splitting Machine, An
Includes: Beare, R.[Richard] Beare, R.
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Bearman, A.[Amy] Co Author Listing * Connecting What to Say With Where to Look by Modeling Human Attention Traces
* What's the Point: Semantic Segmentation with Point Supervision

Bearzot, F.[Francesca] Co Author Listing * Flow Velocity Variations and Surface Change of the Destabilised Plator Rock Glacier (Central Italian Alps) from Aerial Surveys

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