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Budd, A.R.[Anthony R.] Co Author Listing * Spatial Data-Driven Approach for Mineral Prospectivity Mapping, A

Budd, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Global Non-rigid Alignment of Surface Sequences
* Global temporal registration of multiple non-rigid surface sequences
* Hierarchical Shape Matching for Temporally Consistent 3D Video
* Towards Optimal Non-rigid Surface Tracking
Includes: Budd, C.[Chris] Budd, C.

Budd, J.M.[Jeremy M.] Co Author Listing * Joint Reconstruction-Segmentation on Graphs

Buddappagari, S.[Sreehari] Co Author Listing * Radar Scheme With Raised Reflector for NLOS Vehicle Detection

Budde, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * High Pitch Helical CT Reconstruction

Budde, L.E. Co Author Listing * Identification of Misclassified Pixels in Semantic Segmentation With Uncertainty Evaluation

Budde, M.E.[Michael E.] Co Author Listing * Normalized Difference Vegetation Index as an Estimator for Abundance and Quality of Avian Herbivore Forage in Arctic Alaska

Budde, R.P.J. Co Author Listing * Automated Quantification of Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valve Leaflet Angles in CT Images

Buddeberg, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * Interactive shearing for terrain visualization: an expert study

Buddemeier, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * Tour the world: Building a web-scale landmark recognition engine

Buddemeier, U.F.[Ulrich F.] Co Author Listing * Method and system for customizing facial feature tracking using precise landmark finding on a neutral face image
* Method and system for generating facial animation values based on a combination of visual and audio information
* Method for generating an animated three-dimensional video head
* Method for mapping facial animation values to head mesh positions

Budden, D.M.[David M.] Co Author Listing * Addressing the non-functional requirements of computer vision systems: a case study

Buddenbaum, H.[Henning] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Suitability of Future Multi- and Hyperspectral Satellite Systems for Mapping the Spatial Distribution of Norway Spruce Timber Volume
* Detection of New Zealand Kauri Trees with AISA Aerial Hyperspectral Data for Use in Multispectral Monitoring
* Digital Mapping of Soil Properties Using Multivariate Statistical Analysis and ASTER Data in an Arid Region
* Early Detection of Myrtle Rust on Pohutukawa Using Indices Derived from Hyperspectral and Thermal Imagery
* Empirical Assessment of Angular Dependency for RedEdge-M in Sloped Terrain Viticulture, An
* EnMAP Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy Mission for Earth Observation, The
* Field Imaging Spectroscopy of Beech Seedlings under Dryness Stress
* Modeling and Mapping of Soil Salinity with Reflectance Spectroscopy and Landsat Data Using Two Quantitative Methods (PLSR and MARS)
* Monitoring of Canopy Stress Symptoms in New Zealand Kauri Trees Analysed with AISA Hyperspectral Data
* Potential of EnMAP and Sentinel-2 Data for Detecting Drought Stress Phenomena in Deciduous Forest Communities, The
* PROSPECT Inversions of Leaf Laboratory Imaging Spectroscopy: A Comparison of Spectral Range and Inversion Technique Influences
* review of the combination of spectral and geometric modelling for the application in forest remote sensing, A
* Stress Detection in New Zealand Kauri Canopies with WorldView-2 Satellite and LiDAR Data
* use of imaging and non-imaging Spectroscopy for the determination of stress phenomena of beech trees, The
* Using hyperspectral plant traits linked to photosynthetic efficiency to assess N and P partition
* Using Landsat and Sentinel-2 Data for the Generation of Continuously Updated Forest Type Information Layers in a Cross-Border Region
* VNIR/SWIR Laboratory Imaging Spectroscopy for Wall-to-Wall Mapping of Elemental Concentrations in Soil Cores
Includes: Buddenbaum, H.[Henning] Buddenbaum, H.
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Buddhachan, V.[Varunyou] Co Author Listing * Machine Vision for Excess Gluing Inspection in Spindle Motor Assembly

Buddharaju, B.R.[Balarama Raju] Co Author Listing * Importance is in your attention: Agent importance prediction for autonomous driving

Buddharaju, P.[Pradeep] Co Author Listing * Activity Awareness: from Predefined Events to New Pattern Discovery
* Automatic Thermal Monitoring System (ATHEMOS) for Deception Detection
* Biofeedback Arrests Sympathetic and Behavioral Effects in Distracted Driving
* Comparative Analysis of Thermal and Visual Modalities for Automated Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Face Recognition in the Thermal Infrared Spectrum
* Mobile Exergames: Burn Calories While Playing Games on a Smartphone
* Pattern Discovery for Video Surveillance
* Physiological face recognition is coming of age
* Physiology-based face recognition
* Physiology-Based Face Recognition in the Thermal Infrared Spectrum
* Pose-Invariant Physiological Face Recognition in the Thermal Infrared Spectrum
Includes: Buddharaju, P.[Pradeep] Buddharaju, P.
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Buddhavarapu, V.G.[Vijaya Gajanan] Co Author Listing * experimental study on classification of thyroid histopathology images using transfer learning, An

Buddhiraju, K.M. Co Author Listing * CNN-Based Super-Resolution of Hyperspectral Images
* Dense Stereo Matching Based on Multiobjective Fitness Function: A Genetic Algorithm Optimization Approach for Stereo Correspondence
* Improving the Classification of Land Use Objects Using Dense Connectivity of Convolutional Neural Networks
* Novel Graph-Matching-Based Approach for Domain Adaptation in Classification of Remote Sensing Image Pair, A
* Perspective Based Model for Constructing Diverse Ensemble Members in Multi-classifier Systems for Multi-spectral Image Classification
Includes: Buddhiraju, K.M. Buddhiraju, K.M.[Krishna Mohan]

Buddle, L.[Lachlan] Co Author Listing * Beating cilia identification in fluorescence microscope images for accurate CBF measurement

Buddrus, F. Co Author Listing * Surfing an ODBMS (Maintaining WWW Documents with O2)

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