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Jafar, I.F. Co Author Listing * Efficient Improvements on the BDND Filtering Algorithm for the Removal of High-Density Impulse Noise
* SARDH: A novel sharpening-aware reversible data hiding algorithm
Includes: Jafar, I.F. Jafar, I.F.[Iyad F.]

Jafari Khouzani, K. Co Author Listing * Automated Segmentation and Classification of High Throughput Yeast Assay Spots
* MRI Upsampling Using Feature-Based Nonlocal Means Approach
* Radon Transform Orientation Estimation for Rotation Invariant Texture Analysis
* Rotation-Invariant Multiresolution Texture Analysis Using Radon and Wavelet Transforms
Includes: Jafari Khouzani, K. Jafari-Khouzani, K.

Jafari Tabrizi, A.[Atae] Co Author Listing * Method for the Evaluation and Classification of the Orange Peel Effect on Painted Injection Moulded Part Surfaces, A
Includes: Jafari Tabrizi, A.[Atae] Jafari-Tabrizi, A.[Atae]

Jafari, A. Co Author Listing * Direct Sensor-Oriented Calibration of the Projector in Coded Structured Light System
* two-stage speech activity detection system considering fractal aspects of prosody, A
Includes: Jafari, A. Jafari, A.[Ayyoob]

Jafari, A.H. Co Author Listing * Study of Sensor Positions for Broadband Beamforming

Jafari, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Flocking Control of Multiple Unmanned Ground Vehicles by Using a UAV
* Data-Driven Approach for Driving Safety Risk Prediction Using Driver Behavior and Roadway Information Data, A
* Survey on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Control Using Brain-Computer Interface, A
Includes: Jafari, M.[Mohammad] Jafari, M.

Jafari, M.A.[Mohsen A.] Co Author Listing * Signature analysis and defect detection in layered manufacturing of ceramic sensors and actuators

Jafari, M.G. Co Author Listing * New natural gradient algorithm for cyclostationary sources

Jafari, M.H. Co Author Listing * Skin lesion segmentation in clinical images using deep learning

Jafari, O. Co Author Listing * Efficient Bitmap-based Indexing and Retrieval of Similarity Search Image Queries
* Efficient Bitmap-based Indexing and Retrieval of Similarity Search Image Queries
Includes: Jafari, O. Jafari, O.[Omid]

Jafari, O.H. Co Author Listing * Bounding Boxes, Segmentations and Object Coordinates: How Important is Recognition for 3D Scene Flow Estimation in Autonomous Driving Scenarios?
* Deep Object Co-segmentation
* iPose: Instance-Aware 6D Pose Estimation of Partly Occluded Objects
Includes: Jafari, O.H. Jafari, O.H.[Omid Hosseini]

Jafari, P. Co Author Listing * Use of Ubiquitous Technologies in Military Logistic System In Iran

Jafari, R.[Roozbeh] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition from Depth Sequences Using Depth Motion Maps-Based Local Binary Patterns
* Distributed segmentation and classification of human actions using a wearable motion sensor network
* Enabling Effective Programming and Flexible Management of Efficient Body Sensor Network Applications
* Improving Human Action Recognition Using Fusion of Depth Camera and Inertial Sensors
* Inertial Measurement Unit-Based Wearable Computers for Assisted Living Applications: A signal processing perspective
* Leaf Area Index Variations in Ecoregions of Ardabil Province, Iran
* Retinal Vessel Segmentation from a Hyperspectral Camera Images
* Survey on Smart Homes for Aging in Place: Toward Solutions to the Specific Needs of the Elderly, A
* UTD-MHAD: A multimodal dataset for human action recognition utilizing a depth camera and a wearable inertial sensor
Includes: Jafari, R.[Roozbeh] Jafari, R. Jafari, R.[Reza]
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Jafarian, N.[Nassim] Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of newborns' skull and fontanel from CT data using model-based variational level set

Jafarian, Y. Co Author Listing * MONET: Multiview Semi-Supervised Keypoint Detection via Epipolar Divergence

Jafarkhani, H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive image coding based on the discrete wavelet transform
* Adaptive Image-Coding Using Spectral Classification
* Channel-Matched Hierarchical Table-Lookup Vector Quantization for Transmission of Video over Wireless Channels
* Comparison of Different Methods of Classification in Subband Coding of Images
* Design of Channel-Optimized Vector Quantizers in the Presence of Channel Mismatch
* Fast Reconstruction of Subband-Decomposed Progressively Transmitted Signals
* Full reference video quality estimation for videos with different spatial resolutions
* Full-Reference Quality Estimation for Images With Different Spatial Resolutions
* Full-Reference Video Quality Estimation for Videos With Different Spatial Resolutions
* Image Communication over Noisy Channels with Feedback
* Image quality estimation for different spatial resolutions
* Low Complexity Progressive Bitstream Transmission System for Hybrid Channels with Correlated Loss, A
* Multiple Description Coding for Video Using Motion Compensated Prediction
* Multiple description trellis coded quantization
* Multiple Description Video Using Rate-distortion Splitting
* Multiple-Description Video Coding Using Motion-Compensated Temporal Prediction
* Performance of H.264 with isolated bit error: Packet decode or discard?
* Power Optimization of Wireless Media Systems With Space-Time Block Codes
* Progressive Bitstream Transmission over Tandem Channels
* quasi-orthogonal space-time block code, A
* scalable wavelet image coding scheme using multi-stage pruned tree-structured vector quantization, A
Includes: Jafarkhani, H. Jafarkhani, H.[Hamid]
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Jafarnia Jahromi, A. Co Author Listing * Overview of Spatial Processing Approaches for GNSS Structural Interference Detection and Mitigation
Includes: Jafarnia Jahromi, A. Jafarnia-Jahromi, A.

Jafarov, E.[Elchin] Co Author Listing * Remotely Sensed Active Layer Thickness (ReSALT) at Barrow, Alaska Using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar

Jafarpour, S.[Sina] Co Author Listing * Automatic musical genre classification using sparsity-eager support vector machines
* Detection of forgery in paintings using supervised learning
* Digital Paparazzi: Spotting Celebrities in Professional Photo Libraries

Jafary, P. Co Author Listing * Annual Monitoring of Dust Storm in Iran and Adjacent Areas Using Modis Images (1396 and 1397 Hijri Shamsi)

Jafarzadeh, H. Co Author Listing * Assessing and Comparing The Performance of Endmember Extraction Methods In Multiple Change Detection Using Hyperspectral Data

Jafarzadeh, M.[Mohsen] Co Author Listing * Automatic Open-World Reliability Assessment

Jafarzadehpur, E.[Ebrahim] Co Author Listing * image processing approach for rigid gas-permeable lens base-curve identification, An

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