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Kaza, S. Co Author Listing * Topological Analysis of Criminal Activity Networks: Enhancing Transportation Security

Kazadi, S. Co Author Listing * Identification of Shapes Using A Nonlinear Dynamic System

Kazadzis, S.[Stelios] Co Author Listing * Earth-Observation-Based Estimation and Forecasting of Particulate Matter Impact on Solar Energy in Egypt
* Solar Energy Estimations in India Using Remote Sensing Technologies and Validation with Sun Photometers in Urban Areas

Kazai, G.[Gabriella] Co Author Listing * ICDAR 2009 Book Structure Extraction Competition
* ICDAR 2011 Book Structure Extraction Competition
* ICDAR 2013 Competition on Book Structure Extraction
* Setting up a competition framework for the evaluation of structure extraction from OCR-ed books

Kazak, J.K.[Jan K.] Co Author Listing * Use of Common Knowledge in Fuzzy Logic Approach for Vineyard Site Selection, The

Kazak, N.[Nihan] Co Author Listing * Some variants of spiral LBP in texture recognition

Kazakevich, E. Co Author Listing * Stereoscopic imaging by alternately blocking light

Kazakevich, Y.E.[Yuri E.] Co Author Listing * Stereoscopic autofocusing based on comparing the left and right eye images

Kazakeviciute, A. Co Author Listing * Multispectral Photoacoustic Imaging Artifact Removal and Denoising Using Time Series Model-Based Spectral Noise Estimation

Kazakopoulos, P.[Pavlos] Co Author Listing * Is Spatial Resolution Critical in Urbanization Velocity Analysis? Investigations in the Pearl River Delta

Kazakos, D. Co Author Listing * New Results on Robust Quantization
* On an optimal linear pattern classification procedure
Includes: Kazakos, D. Kazakos, D.[Dimitri]

Kazakos, E. Co Author Listing * EPIC-Fusion: Audio-Visual Temporal Binding for Egocentric Action Recognition
* Inferring Human Activities Using Robust Privileged Probabilistic Learning
* On the Fusion of RGB and Depth Information for Hand Pose Estimation
* Scaling Egocentric Vision: The Epic Kitchens Dataset
Includes: Kazakos, E. Kazakos, E.[Evangelos]

Kazakov, E. Co Author Listing * Sea Ice Drift Tracking From Sequential SAR Images Using Accelerated-KAZE Features

Kazakov, M. Co Author Listing * DeepMark: One-Shot Clothing Detection

Kazana, E. Co Author Listing * Topcon's PI-3000 in the Inventory of Data Relating to Sculptural and Portable Artifacts

Kazanis, S. Co Author Listing * Developing A Virtual Museum for the Ancient Wine Trade in Eastern Mediterranean

Kazanov, M. Co Author Listing * Modification of watershed transformation for images, containing small objects
* new color image segmentation algorithm based on watershed transformation, A

Kazanov, M.D.[Marat D.] Co Author Listing * ANA HEp-2 cells image classification using number, size, shape and localization of targeted cell regions
* Classification of ANA HEp-2 slide images using morphological features of stained patterns
* Evaluation and Comparison of Current Fetal Ultrasound Image Segmentation Methods for Biometric Measurements: A Grand Challenge
Includes: Kazanov, M.D.[Marat D.] Kazanov, M.D.

Kazanskiy, N. Co Author Listing * Comparative evaluation of deblurring techniques for Fresnel lens computational imaging
* Deep Learning-Based Imaging using Single-Lens and Multi-Aperture Diffractive Optical Systems
* Evaluating imaging quality of the offner hyperspectrometer

Kazansky, A.B.[Alexander B.] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of the Dynamics of Drosophila Genes Expression from Sets of Images Sharing a Common Pattern

Kazantsev, D. Co Author Listing * Iterative CT Reconstruction Algorithm for Fast Fluid Flow Imaging, An

Kazantsev, I. Co Author Listing * New Formula of the Radon Transform Inversion, A

Kazantsev, I.G. Co Author Listing * Fourier-Based Reconstruction for Fully 3-D PET: Optimization of Interpolation Parameters
* Iterative tomographic image reconstruction using Fourier-based forward and back-projectors
* On the accuracy of line-, strip- and fan-based algebraic reconstruction from few projections
* Radon transform-based analysis of bidirectional structural textures, The
* Statistical detection of defects in radiographic images in nondestructive testing
* Tomographic artefacts suppression via backprojection operator optimization
* weighted backprojection techniques of image reconstruction, The
Includes: Kazantsev, I.G. Kazantsev, I.G.[Ivan G.]
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Kazantsev, V.S. Co Author Listing * Solving of optimization and identification problems by the committee methods

Kazantzaki, E. Co Author Listing * Automated facial video-based recognition of depression and anxiety symptom severity: cross-corpus validation
* Wize Mirror: A smart, multisensory cardio-metabolic risk monitoring system
Includes: Kazantzaki, E. Kazantzaki, E.[Eleni]

Kazantzidis, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Uncertainty Specification of All Sky Imager Derived Irradiance Nowcasts

Kazantzidis, I. Co Author Listing * Profile Hidden Markov Models for Foreground Object Modelling
* Vide-omics: A genomics-inspired paradigm for video analysis
Includes: Kazantzidis, I. Kazantzidis, I.[Ioannis]

Kazanzides, P. Co Author Listing * Image-Directed Robotic System For Precise Orthopedic-Surgery, An
* Intraoperative Image-based Multiview 2D/3D Registration for Image-Guided Orthopaedic Surgery: Incorporation of Fiducial-Based C-Arm Tracking and GPU-Acceleration

Kazarin, S.N. Co Author Listing * Stereoscopic Navigation System, A

Kazasidis, O.[Orestis] Co Author Listing * Aberration balancing using an image-sharpness metric

Kazaura, K. Co Author Listing * High-speed image detector appliance in free space optical communication

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