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Keshari, A.[Abhisek] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* RV-GAN: Recurrent GAN for Unconditional Video Generation
Includes: Keshari, A.[Abhisek] Keshari, A.[Arti]

Keshari, B. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Mathematical Symbol Recognition Using Support Vector Machines
* Streaming-Archival InkML Conversion

Keshari, J.[Juli] Co Author Listing * Finding significant keywords for document databases by two-phase Maximum Entropy Partitioning

Keshari, R. Co Author Listing * AUTO-G: Gesture Recognition in the Crowd for Autonomous Vehicle
* Face identification from low resolution near-infrared images
* Generalized Zero-Shot Learning via Over-Complete Distribution
* Learning Structure and Strength of CNN Filters for Small Sample Size Training
* Mobile periocular matching with pre-post cataract surgery
* MTCD: Cataract detection via near infrared eye images
* SegDenseNet: Iris Segmentation for Pre-and-Post Cataract Surgery
Includes: Keshari, R. Keshari, R.[Rohit]
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Keshari, S.[Sudhir] Co Author Listing * Dual watermarking based on Multiple parameter fractional Fourier transform and LSB technique

Kesharwani, A.[Abhimanyu] Co Author Listing * Microscopic images classification for cancer diagnosis

Keshav, S. Co Author Listing * Bikeshare Pool Sizing for Bike-and-Ride Multimodal Transit
* Robust Single-Image Tree Diameter Estimation with Mobile Phones
* Sizing Finite-Population Vehicle Pools
Includes: Keshav, S. Keshav, S.[Srinivasan]

Keshava, A.[Ashima] Co Author Listing * Talking Cars, Doubtful Users: A Population Study in Virtual Reality

Keshavamurthy, B.N.[Bettahally N.] Co Author Listing * survey on image data analysis through clustering techniques for real world applications, A

Keshavamurthy, S.[Shalini] Co Author Listing * Uncertainty Estimation for KLT Tracking

Keshavan, H.R. Co Author Listing * email: Keshavan, H.R.: kesh AT nrtc northrop com
* 3D CAD-Based Inspection I: Coarse Verification
* Optimal Multiple Threshold Scheme for Image Segmentation, An

Keshavarz Haddad, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * new probabilistic classifier based on decomposable models with application to internet traffic, A
Includes: Keshavarz Haddad, A.[Alireza] Keshavarz-Haddad, A.[Alireza]

Keshavarz Motamed, Z.[Zahra] Co Author Listing * Novel Weakly Supervised Segmentation Approach for Rapid Left Ventricle Annotation, A
* Segmentation of the Left Ventricle for the Cardiac Phases between End-Diastole and End-Systole
Includes: Keshavarz Motamed, Z.[Zahra] Keshavarz-Motamed, Z.[Zahra]

Keshavarz, A.[Arezou] Co Author Listing * Smart home care network using sensor fusion and distributed vision-based reasoning
* Using spectral Geodesic and spatial Euclidean weights of neighbourhood pixels for hyperspectral Endmember Extraction preprocessing
Includes: Keshavarz, A.[Arezou] Keshavarz, A.[Ahmad]

Keshavarz, B.[Behrang] Co Author Listing * Comparing the Effect of Airflow Direction on Simulator Sickness and User Comfort in a High-Fidelity Driving Simulator
* Exploring Behavioral Methods to Reduce Visually Induced Motion Sickness in Virtual Environments
* Investigating the Role of Vection, Presence, and Stress on Visually Induced Motion Sickness

Keshavarz, H. Co Author Listing * Developing a new approach for registering LWIR and MWIR images using local transformation function

Keshavarz, M.[Marzieh] Co Author Listing * Climate Change and Vulnerability: The Case of MENA Countries

Keshavarz, S.[Somayeh] Co Author Listing * E2I: Generative Inpainting From Edge to Image
* Evaluation of Image Inpainting for Classification and Retrieval
* Evaluation of Inpainting and Augmentation for Censored Image Queries
* Exploiting probabilistic relationships between action concepts for complex event classification
* Learning Natural Thresholds for Image Ranking
Includes: Keshavarz, S.[Somayeh] Keshavarz, S.

Keshavarzi, P.[Parviz] Co Author Listing * Cancelable face verification using optical encryption and authentication
* Enhancing level set brain tumor segmentation using fuzzy shape prior information and deep learning

Keshavarzian, M.[Maziyar] Co Author Listing * Image Registration Framework to Estimate 3D Myocardial Strains from Cine Cardiac MRI in Mice, An

Keshavarzian, R.[Razieh] Co Author Listing * LLP norm regularization based group sparse representation for image compressed sensing recovery

Keshet, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Pitch Estimation by Multiple Octave Decoders
* Speech Time-Scale Modification With GANs

Keshet, R.[Renato] Co Author Listing * email: Keshet, R.[Renato]: see also Renato Kresch
* Adjacency lattices and shape-tree semilattices
* Adjunctions in pyramids and curve evolution
* Adjunctions in Pyramids, Curve Evolution and Scale-Spaces
* Depth-Stretch: Enhancing Depth Perception Without Depth
* general framework for tree-based morphology and its applications to self-dual filtering, A
* Human upper body identification from images
* Inf-Semilattice Approach to Self-Dual Morphology
* Pattern Detection Using a Maximal Rejection Classifier
* Reduced complexity Retinex algorithm via the variational approach
* Rejection based classifier for face detection
* Shape-Tree Semilattice
* Vanishing points estimation by self-similarity
* Variational Framework for Retinex, A
Includes: Keshet, R.[Renato] Keshet, R.
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Keshk, A.[Arabi] Co Author Listing * Fast 3D Structure From Motion with Missing Points from Registration of Partial Reconstructions

Keshmiri, S.[Shawn] Co Author Listing * Adversarially Approximated Autoencoder for Image Generation and Manipulation

Keshner, E.[Emily] Co Author Listing * Efficient Marker Matching Using Pair-Wise Constraints in Physical Therapy

Keshri, S.[Saksham] Co Author Listing * Real-time Scheme of Video Stabilization for Mobile Surveillance Robot, A

Keshtkar, A. Co Author Listing * Electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) in the urinary bladder: the effect of inflammation and edema on identification of malignancy

Keshtkar, H.[Hamidreza] Co Author Listing * Forest Cover and Sustainable Development in the Lumbini Province, Nepal: Past, Present and Future
* Land Use/Land Cover Dynamics and Modeling of Urban Land Expansion by the Integration of Cellular Automata and Markov Chain
* Monitoring and Modeling of Spatiotemporal Urban Expansion and Land-Use/Land-Cover Change Using Integrated Markov Chain Cellular Automata Model
* Patterns of Historical and Future Urban Expansion in Nepal

Keshtkaran, E.[Ensiyeh] Co Author Listing * Estimating Blood Alcohol Level Through Facial Features for Driver Impairment Assessment

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