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Mai, C.[Chunna] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Seven Inversion Models for Estimating Plant and Woody Area Indices of Leaf-on and Leaf-off Forest Canopy Using Explicit 3D Forest Scenes
* MFFA-SARNET: Deep Transferred Multi-Level Feature Fusion Attention Network with Dual Optimized Loss for Small-Sample SAR ATR
Includes: Mai, C.[Chunna] Mai, C.[Chaoyun]

Mai, C.L. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Ionospheric Perturbation Induced by 2004 Sumatra Tsunami Using a Computerized Tomography Technique

Mai, C.T.[Chien Tang] Co Author Listing * Spatial Air Index Based on Largest Empty Rectangles for Non-Flat Wireless Broadcast in Pervasive Computing
Includes: Mai, C.T.[Chien Tang] Mai, C.T.[Chien-Tang]

Mai, D.[Dominic] Co Author Listing * Accurate Detection in Volumetric Images Using Elastic Registration Based Validation
* Cloud-Based Evaluation of Anatomical Structure Segmentation and Landmark Detection Algorithms: VISCERAL Anatomy Benchmarks
* Discriminative Detection and Alignment in Volumetric Data
* Improving Detection of Deformable Objects in Volumetric Data
* Robust Identification of Locally Planar Objects Represented by 2D Point Clouds under Affine Distortions
Includes: Mai, D.[Dominic] Mai, D.

Mai, F. Co Author Listing * 3D Curves Reconstruction from Multiple Images
* 3D Model Reconstruction from Turntable Sequence with Multiple-View Triangulation
* Affine-invariant shape matching and recognition under partial occlusion
* Augmented Lagrangian Approach for Projective Reconstruction from Multiple Views
* Behind the Scenes: What Moving Targets Reveal about Static Scene Geometry
* Camera Calibration Using Circle and Right Angles
* Hierarchical Approach for Fast and Robust Ellipse Extraction, A
* Projective reconstruction of ellipses from multiple images
* Robust Detection and Tracking of Multiple Moving Objects with 3D Features by an Uncalibrated Monocular Camera
* subspace approach for matching 2D shapes under affine distortions, A
* Three-dimensional curve reconstruction from multiple images
Includes: Mai, F. Mai, F.[Fei]
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Mai, G.C.[Guang Can] Co Author Listing * Binary feature fusion for discriminative and secure multi-biometric cryptosystems
* Learning discriminability-preserving histogram representation from unordered features for multibiometric feature-fused-template protection
* On the Reconstruction of Face Images from Deep Face Templates
Includes: Mai, G.C.[Guang Can] Mai, G.C.[Guang-Can]

Mai, H.T.[Hai Thanh] Co Author Listing * STHist-C: A highly accurate cluster-based histogram for two and three dimensional geographic data points

Mai, J. Co Author Listing * Erasing Integrated Learning: A Simple Yet Effective Approach for Weakly Supervised Object Localization

Mai, J.M.[Jia Ming] Co Author Listing * Fast Single Image Haze Removal Algorithm Using Color Attenuation Prior, A
* Single Image Dehazing Using Color Attenuation Prior
Includes: Mai, J.M.[Jia Ming] Mai, J.M.[Jia-Ming]

Mai, K.W.[Kevin W.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and process for detecting scene breaks in a sequence of video frames
* feature-based algorithm for detecting and classifying production effects, A

Mai, L. Co Author Listing * Active Speakers in Context
* APES: Audiovisual Person Search in Untrimmed Video
* Comparing Salient Object Detection Results without Ground Truth
* Composition-Preserving Deep Photo Aesthetics Assessment
* Context-Aware Group Captioning via Self-Attention and Contrastive Features
* Cost-effective Method for Improving and Re-purposing Large, Pre-trained GANs by Fine-tuning Their Class-embeddings, A
* Deep Interactive Thin Object Selection
* Interactive Boundary Prediction for Object Selection
* Internal Learning Approach to Video Inpainting, An
* Kernel fusion for better image deblurring
* MultiSeg: Semantically Meaningful, Scale-Diverse Segmentations From Minimal User Input
* Revisiting Adaptive Convolutions for Video Frame Interpolation
* Saliency Aggregation: A Data-Driven Approach
* Spatial-Semantic Image Search by Visual Feature Synthesis
* Strike (With) a Pose: Neural Networks Are Easily Fooled by Strange Poses of Familiar Objects
* Structure-Guided Ranking Loss for Single Image Depth Prediction
* Video Frame Interpolation via Adaptive Convolution
* Video Frame Interpolation via Adaptive Separable Convolution
* Visual Quality Assessment for Projected Content
Includes: Mai, L. Mai, L.[Long]
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Mai, M. Co Author Listing * Application of AMSR-E and AMSR2 Low-Frequency Channel Brightness Temperature Data for Hurricane Wind Retrievals

Mai, S.[Sijie] Co Author Listing * Attentive matching network for few-shot learning
* Locally Confined Modality Fusion Network With a Global Perspective for Multimodal Human Affective Computing
* Unimodal Reinforced Transformer With Time Squeeze Fusion for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis, A
Includes: Mai, S.[Sijie] Mai, S.

Mai, S.J.[Si Jie] Co Author Listing * Learning to Balance the Learning Rates Between Various Modalities via Adaptive Tracking Factor
Includes: Mai, S.J.[Si Jie] Mai, S.J.[Si-Jie]

Mai, T.[Trung] Co Author Listing * Combination of domain knowledge and deep learning for sentiment analysis of short and informal messages on social media
* Generalized Knowledge-Based System for the Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Numerals, A
Includes: Mai, T.[Trung] Mai, T.

Mai, T.A. Co Author Listing * Computer Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Numerals

Mai, T.D.[Tien Dung] Co Author Listing * Efficient Large Scale Image Classification via Prediction Score Decomposition
* Efficient large-scale multi-class image classification by learning balanced trees
* Learning Balanced Trees for Large Scale Image Classification
* Using node relationships for hierarchical classification
Includes: Mai, T.D.[Tien Dung] Mai, T.D.[Tien-Dung]

Mai, T.K.[Tan Khoa] Co Author Listing * Optical flow refinement using iterative propagation under colour, proximity and flow reliability constraints

Mai, V.[Volker] Co Author Listing * Feature selection for unsupervised learning through local learning

Mai, Y.Q.[Yu Qing] Co Author Listing * Delay-constrained transmission of fine scalable coded content over P2P networks
Includes: Mai, Y.Q.[Yu Qing] Mai, Y.Q.[Yu-Qing]

Mai, Y.X.[Yu Xiang] Co Author Listing * Glaucoma screening pipeline based on clinical measurements and hidden features
Includes: Mai, Y.X.[Yu Xiang] Mai, Y.X.[Yu-Xiang]

Mai, Z.[Zhuohao] Co Author Listing * Face hallucination from low quality images using definition-scalable inference
* Optimizing a Tone Curve for Backward-Compatible High Dynamic Range Image and Video Compression
* Supervised Contrastive Replay: Revisiting the Nearest Class Mean Classifier in Online Class-Incremental Continual Learning
Includes: Mai, Z.[Zhuohao] Mai, Z. Mai, Z.[Zheda]

Mai, Z.C.[Zi Cong] Co Author Listing * Effect of brightness on the quality of visual 3D perception
* Visually Favorable Tone-Mapping With High Compression Performance in Bit-Depth Scalable Video Coding
* Visually-favorable tone-mapping with high compression performance
Includes: Mai, Z.C.[Zi Cong] Mai, Z.C.[Zi-Cong]

Mai, Z.H.[Zhen Hua] Co Author Listing * Colon Visualization Using Cylindrical Parameterization
* Diffusion Tensor Images Upsampling: A Registration-Based Approach
* Face quality analysis of single-image super-resolution based on SIFT
Includes: Mai, Z.H.[Zhen Hua] Mai, Z.H.[Zhen-Hua] Mai, Z.H.[Zhuo-Hao]

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