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Sparacino, F. Co Author Listing * Browsing 3-D spaces with 3-D vision: Body-driven navigation through the internet city
* Crustal Strain and Stress Fields in Egypt from Geodetic and Seismological Data
* Geodetic Deformation versus Seismic Crustal Moment-Rates: Insights from the Ibero-Maghrebian Region
* Perceptive Spaces for Performance and Entertainment: Untethered Interaction Using Computer Vision and Audition
Includes: Sparacino, F. Sparacino, F.[Federica]

Sparacino, G. Co Author Listing * Population Approach Improves Parameter Estimation of Kinetic Models From Dynamic PET Data

Sparacino, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Assessing High-Order Interdependencies Through Static O-Information Measures Computed on Resting State fMRI Intrinsic Component Networks

Sparavigna, A. Co Author Listing * Parallel Algorithm of Texture Analysis for Liquid Crystal Investigation, A

Sparchholz, C. Co Author Listing * Approaches for 3D Visualization of High Resolution Multi-Sensor Data

Sparenberg, H.[Heiko] Co Author Listing * Adaptive RAID: Introduction of optimized storage techniques for scalable media
* GPU-friendly EBCOT variant with single-pass scan order and raw bit plane coding
* Movies tags extraction using deep learning
Includes: Sparenberg, H.[Heiko] Sparenberg, H.

Spargo, K. Co Author Listing * Pose Estimation of Artificial Knee Implants in Fluoroscopy Images Using a Template Matching Technique

Sparkman, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Physics-Informed Neural Network for Quantifying the Microstructural Properties of Polycrystalline Nickel Using Ultrasound Data: A promising approach for solving inverse problems, A

Sparkman, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Designing Inclusive Virtual Reality Experiences
* Developing and Training Multi-gestural Prosthetic Arms
* Xavier Electromyographic Wheelchair Control and Virtual Training

Sparko, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Use of an Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) for Taxiing in Low-Visibility Environments

Sparks, A.M.[Aaron M.] Co Author Listing * Conventional Cruise and Felled-Tree Validation of Individual Tree Diameter, Height and Volume Derived from Airborne Laser Scanning Data of a Loblolly Pine (P. taeda) Stand in Eastern Texas, A
* Cross-Comparison of Individual Tree Detection Methods Using Low and High Pulse Density Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* Mapping Arable Land and Permanent Agriculture Extent and Change in Southern Greece Using the European Union LUCAS Survey and a 35-Year Landsat Time Series Analysis
* Object-Based Classification of Forest Disturbance Types in the Conterminous United States
* Spectral Indices Accurately Quantify Changes in Seedling Physiology Following Fire: Towards Mechanistic Assessments of Post-Fire Carbon Cycling

Sparks, E.[Ed] Co Author Listing * Detecting Social Groups in Crowded Surveillance Videos Using Visual Attention

Sparks, E.P. Co Author Listing * Contextual anomaly detection in crowded surveillance scenes
* Integration of stereo and motion
* Outdoor Vehicle Navigation Using Passive 3D Vision

Sparks, R.[Rachel] Co Author Listing * Statistical shape model for manifold regularization: Gleason grading of prostate histology

Sparling, J.[John] Co Author Listing * email: Sparling, J.[John]: sparling AT ensco com

Sparling, L.C.[Lynn C.] Co Author Listing * Method to Determine the Spatial Resolution Required to Observe Air Quality From Space, A

Sparling, M.D.[Matthew D.] Co Author Listing * Model-Based Learning Using a Mixture of Mixtures of Gaussian and Uniform Distributions

Sparr, G.[Gunnar] Co Author Listing * Algebraic-Analytic Method for Reconstruction from Image Correspondences, An
* Common Framework for Kinetic Depth, Reconstruction and Motion for Deformable Objects, A
* Depth Computations from Polyhedral Images
* Discontinuity Preserving Visual Reconstruction by Means of Potential Theory
* Euclidean and Affine Structure/Motion for Uncalibrated Cameras from Affine Shape and Subsidiary Information
* Euclidean Reconstruction and Calibration from Known Placements of Uncalibrated and Uncorrelated Cameras
* iterative factorization method for projective structure and motion from image sequences, An
* Model Based Cardiac Motion Tracking Using Velocity Encoded Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Nonlinear diffusion filtering of images obtained by planar laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy
* Projective Area-Invariants as an Extension of the Cross-Ratio
* Reconstruction from Calibrated Cameras: A New Proof of the Kruppa-Demazure Theorem
* Recursive Structure and Motion from Image Sequences Using Shape and Depth Spaces
* Shape and mutual cross-ratios with applications to exterior, interior and relative orientation
* Simultanious Reconstruction of Scene Structure and Camera Locations from Uncalibrated Image Sequences
* Spline-Based Cardiac Motion Tracking Using Velocity-Encoded Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Includes: Sparr, G.[Gunnar] Sparr, G.
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Sparr, T. Co Author Listing * ISAR: Radar Imaging of Targets with Complicated Motion

Sparr, T.M.[Ted M.] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Chunking for Out-of-Core Volume Visualization Applications

Sparrow, B.[Ben] Co Author Listing * Use-Specific Considerations for Optimising Data Quality Trade-Offs in Citizen Science: Recommendations from a Targeted Literature Review to Improve the Usability and Utility for the Calibration and Validation of Remotely Sensed Products

Sparrow, E.M. Co Author Listing * Polarization, Direction Distribution, and Off-Specular Peak Phenomena in Light Reflected from Roughened Surfaces
* Theory for Off-Specular Reflection from Roughened Surfacesw
* Wound status evaluation using color image processing

Sparvoli, R. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The
* Haiti Earthquake (Mw 7.2): Magnetospheric-Ionospheric-Lithospheric Coupling during and after the Main Shock on 14 August 2021
Includes: Sparvoli, R. Sparvoli, R.[Roberta]

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