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AVVision21 * *Autonomous Vehicle Vision
* Autonomous Vehicle Vision 2021: ICCV Workshop Summary
* Causal BERT: Improving object detection by searching for challenging groups
* CDAda: A Curriculum Domain Adaptation for Nighttime Semantic Segmentation
* CenterPoly: real-time instance segmentation using bounding polygons
* Computer Vision-Based Attention Generator using DQN, A
* Cross-modal Matching CNN for Autonomous Driving Sensor Data Monitoring
* DriPE: A Dataset for Human Pose Estimation in Real-World Driving Settings
* DVTracker: Real-Time Multi-Sensor Association and Tracking for Self-Driving Vehicles
* Efficient Uncertainty Estimation in Semantic Segmentation via Distillation
* Few-Shot Batch Incremental Road Object Detection via Detector Fusion
* Frustum-PointPillars: A Multi-Stage Approach for 3D Object Detection using RGB Camera and LiDAR
* Graph Convolutional Networks for 3D Object Detection on Radar Data
* It's All Around You: Range-Guided Cylindrical Network for 3D Object Detection
* Monocular 3D Localization of Vehicles in Road Scenes
* Multi-Stage Fusion for Multi-Class 3D Lidar Detection
* Multi-weather city: Adverse weather stacking for autonomous driving
* Occupancy Grid Mapping with Cognitive Plausibility for Autonomous Driving Applications
* On the Road to Large-Scale 3D Monocular Scene Reconstruction using Deep Implicit Functions
* RaidaR: A Rich Annotated Image Dataset of Rainy Street Scenes
* SA-Det3D: Self-Attention Based Context-Aware 3D Object Detection
* SCARF: A Semantic Constrained Attention Refinement Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Semantics-aware Multi-modal Domain Translation: From LiDAR Point Clouds to Panoramic Color Images
* Speak2Label: Using Domain Knowledge for Creating a Large Scale Driver Gaze Zone Estimation Dataset
* SS-SFDA: Self-Supervised Source-Free Domain Adaptation for Road Segmentation in Hazardous Environments
* Synthetic Data Generation using Imitation Training
* Visual Reasoning using Graph Convolutional Networks for Predicting Pedestrian Crossing Intention
* Weakly Supervised Approach for Joint Object and Lane Marking Detection
* YOLinO: Generic Single Shot Polyline Detection in Real Time
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