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9110 * Achieving Generalized Object Recognition Through Reasoning About Association of Function to Structure
* Advances in Interactive Digital Multimedia Systems
* Apparatus and method for tracking a target
* Blur identification using the bispectrum
* BONSAI: 3D Object Recognition Using Constrained Search
* Colour Image Quantization for High Resolution Graphics Display
* Context-Based Vision: Recognizing Objects Using Information from Both 2-D and 3-D Imagery
* Continuous Media I/O Server and Its Synchronization Mechanism, A
* Decomposition and Parallel Architecture for the Geometric Transformation of Digital Images
* Distance measuring device
* Editors Introduction: Multimedia Information Systems: The Unfolding of a Reality
* Estimating Spectral Reflectance Using Highlights
* Fluctuation stabilization image pickup device
* Hierarchical variable block size address-vector quantization using inter-block correlation
* Highly Efficient Coding Schemes for Contour Lines Based on Chain Code Representations
* Image blur display device
* Image stabilization
* Integrated Approach to 3-D Motion Analysis and Object Recognition, An
* Invariant Descriptors for 3-D Object Recognition and Pose
* Method and apparatus for handwritten character recognition
* Method and apparatus for monitoring the surface profile of a moving workpiece
* Method of segmenting characters in lines which may be skewed, for allowing improved optical character recognition
* Multimedia Conferencing in the Etherphone Environment
* Optimal Sensing Strategy for Recognition and Localization of 3-D Natural Quadric Objects, An
* Phase Singularities in Scale-Space
* Pixel interpolator with edge sharpening
* Prototype image constraints for settheoretic image restoration
* Recognition by Linear Combinations of Models
* Relative Orientation Revisited
* Space and Time Bounds on Indexing 3-D Models from 2-D Images
* Spatio-Temporal Composition of Distributed Multimedia Objects for Value-Added Networks
* Structure-from-Motion under Orthographic Projection
* system and method for superimposing images, A
* Tesseral Amalgamators And Hierarchical Tessellations
* Three-Dimensional Mathematical Morphology
* Ultrasonic obstacle detector
* Vertical and Horizontal Disparities from Phase
* Wavelets and Signal Processing
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