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Bagha, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * IoT-based Plant Health Analysis using Optical Sensors in Precision Agriculture

Baghaie, A.[Ahmadreza] Co Author Listing * Curvature-Based Registration for Slice Interpolation of Medical Images
* Dense Correspondence and Optical Flow Estimation Using Gabor, Schmid and Steerable Descriptors
* Fast Mesh-Based Medical Image Registration
* OCR as a Service: An Experimental Evaluation of Google Docs OCR, Tesseract, ABBYY FineReader, and Transym

Baghairavary, L. Co Author Listing * Image-Coding by Multistep, Adaptive Flux Interpolation

Baghani, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Multi-Frequency 3D Shear Wave Absolute Vibro-Elastography (S-WAVE) System for the Prostate
* Travelling Wave Expansion: A Model Fitting Approach to the Inverse Problem of Elasticity Reconstruction
Includes: Baghani, A.[Ali] Baghani, A.

Baghbaderani, R.K. Co Author Listing * Incorporating Spectral Unmixing in Satellite Imagery Semantic Segmentation
* Physically Constrained Transfer Learning Through Shared Abundance Space for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Representative-Discriminative Learning for Open-Set Land Cover Classification of Satellite Imagery
* Unsupervised Pansharpening Based on Self-Attention Mechanism
Includes: Baghbaderani, R.K. Baghbaderani, R.K.[Razieh Kaviani]

Baghbani, A.[Asiye] Co Author Listing * Graph Neural Networks for Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Survey

Baghdadi, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy generalized fast marching method for 3D segmentation of brain structures

Baghdadi, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Analysis of GEDI Elevation Data Accuracy for Inland Waterbodies Altimetry
* Analysis of L-Band SAR Data for Soil Moisture Estimations over Agricultural Areas in the Tropics
* Analysis of Maize Sowing Periods and Cycle Phases Using Sentinel 1&2 Data Synergy
* Analysis of Sentinel-1 Radiometric Stability and Quality for Land Surface Applications
* Analysis of Surface Roughness Heterogeneity and Scattering Behavior for Radar Measurements
* Assessment of the GEDI Lasers' Capabilities in Detecting Canopy Tops and Their Penetration in a Densely Vegetated, Tropical Area, An
* Automatic Detection of Inland Water Bodies along Altimetry Tracks for Estimating Surface Water Storage Variations in the Congo Basin
* Calibration of the Water Cloud Model at C-Band for Winter Crop Fields and Grasslands
* Canopy Height Estimation in French Guiana with LiDAR ICESat/GLAS Data Using Principal Component Analysis and Random Forest Regressions
* Cereal Crops Soil Parameters Retrieval Using L-Band ALOS-2 and C-Band Sentinel-1 Sensors
* Comparative Analysis of GEDI's Elevation Accuracy from the First and Second Data Product Releases over Inland Waterbodies
* Comparative Analysis of the Sensitivity of SAR Data in C and L Bands for the Detection of Irrigation Events
* Comparison of GEDI LiDAR Data Capability for Forest Canopy Height Estimation over Broadleaf and Needleleaf Forests
* Complementarity between Textural and Radiometric Indices From Airborne and Spaceborne Multi VHSR Data: Disentangling the Complexity of Heterogeneous Landscape Matrix
* Correcting GEDI Water Level Estimates for Inland Waterbodies Using Machine Learning
* Deep Recurrent Neural Network for Agricultural Classification using multitemporal SAR Sentinel-1 for Camargue, France
* Desert Roughness Retrieval Using CYGNSS GNSS-R Data
* Detection of Frozen Soil Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data
* Detection of Irrigated and Rainfed Crops in Temperate Areas Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series
* Editorial for the Special Issue Soil Moisture Retrieval using Radar Remote Sensing Sensors
* Estimation of Rice Height and Biomass Using Multitemporal SAR Sentinel-1 for Camargue, Southern France
* Evaluation of SMOS, SMAP, ASCAT and Sentinel-1 Soil Moisture Products at Sites in Southwestern France
* Evaluation of the Performances of Radar and Lidar Altimetry Missions for Water Level Retrievals in Mountainous Environment: The Case of the Swiss Lakes
* First Vegetation Optical Depth Mapping from Sentinel-1 C-band SAR Data over Crop Fields
* Global Monitoring of the Vegetation Dynamics from the Vegetation Optical Depth (VOD): A Review
* Hybrid Methodology Using Sentinel-1/Sentinel-2 for Soil Moisture Estimation
* Impact of Acquisition Date on the Prediction Performance of Topsoil Organic Carbon from Sentinel-2 for Croplands, The
* Improving Heterogeneous Forest Height Maps by Integrating GEDI-Based Forest Height Information in a Multi-Sensor Mapping Process
* Improving the assessment of ICESat water altimetry accuracy accounting for autocorrelation
* Influence of GEDI Acquisition and Processing Parameters on Canopy Height Estimates over Tropical Forests
* Integration of L-Band Derived Soil Roughness into a Bare Soil Moisture Retrieval Approach from C-Band SAR Data
* Interest of Integrating Spaceborne LiDAR Data to Improve the Estimation of Biomass in High Biomass Forested Areas
* Irrigated Grassland Monitoring Using a Time Series of TerraSAR-X and COSMO-SkyMed X-Band SAR Data
* Irrigation Events Detection over Intensively Irrigated Grassland Plots Using Sentinel-1 Data
* Irrigation Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Time Series at Field Scale
* L-Band UAVSAR Tomographic Imaging in Dense Forests: Gabon Forests
* Mapping Irrigated Areas Using Sentinel-1 Time Series in Catalonia, Spain
* Mapping Paddy Rice Using Sentinel-1 SAR Time Series in Camargue, France
* Monitoring and Characterizing Heterogeneous Mediterranean Landscapes with Continuous Textural Indices Based on VHSR Imagery
* Monitoring Tropical Forest Structure Using SAR Tomography at L- and P-Band
* Near Real-Time Freeze Detection over Agricultural Plots Using Sentinel-1 Data
* Near Real-Time Irrigation Detection at Plot Scale Using Sentinel-1 Data
* New Empirical Model for Radar Scattering from Bare Soil Surfaces, A
* Numerical Backscattering Analysis for Rough Surfaces Including a Cloddy Structure
* Operational Framework for Mapping Irrigated Areas at Plot Scale Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data, An
* Penetration Analysis of SAR Signals in the C and L Bands for Wheat, Maize, and Grasslands
* Plot-Scale Irrigation Dates and Amount Detection Using Surface Soil Moisture Derived from Sentinel-1 SAR Data in the Optirrig Crop Model
* Potential Applications of GNSS-R Observations over Agricultural Areas: Results from the GLORI Airborne Campaign
* Potential for the Detection of Irrigation Events on Maize Plots Using Sentinel-1 Soil Moisture Products
* Potential of X-Band TerraSAR-X and COSMO-SkyMed SAR Data for the Assessment of Physical Soil Parameters
* potential use of high resolution X-band SAR moisture products for the calibration of a water balance model over bare agricultural soils (Tunisia), The
* Quality Assessment of Acquired GEDI Waveforms: Case Study over France, Tunisia and French Guiana
* Regional Scale Rain-Forest Height Mapping Using Regression-Kriging of Spaceborne and Airborne LiDAR Data: Application on French Guiana
* Relationship between profile length and roughness variables for natural surfaces
* Remote Sensing Data for Digital Soil Mapping in French Research: A Review
* Retrieval of Both Soil Moisture and Texture Using TerraSAR-X Images
* Retrieval of High-Resolution Vegetation Optical Depth from Sentinel-1 Data over a Grassland Region in the Heihe River Basin
* Semi-Empirical Calibration of the Integral Equation Model for Co-Polarized L-Band Backscattering
* Sentinel-1 Data for Winter Wheat Phenology Monitoring and Mapping
* Soil Moisture and Irrigation Mapping in A Semi-Arid Region, Based on the Synergetic Use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data
* Soil Moisture Monitoring at Kilometer Scale: Assimilation of Sentinel-1 Products in ISBA
* Soil Moisture Retrieval in Bare Agricultural Areas Using Sentinel-1 Images
* Soil Moisture Retrieval Using Multistatic L-Band SAR and Effective Roughness Modeling
* Soil Texture Estimation Using Radar and Optical Data from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2
* Subsurface imaging in south-central Egypt using low-frequency radar: Bir Safsaf revisited
* Synergic Use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Images for Operational Soil Moisture Mapping at High Spatial Resolution over Agricultural Areas
* Terrain Slope Effect on Forest Height and Wood Volume Estimation from GEDI Data
* Tropical Forest Top Height by GEDI: From Sparse Coverage to Continuous Data
* Using Sentinel-2 Images for Soil Organic Carbon Content Mapping in Croplands of Southwestern France. The Usefulness of Sentinel-1/2 Derived Moisture Maps and Mismatches between Sentinel Images and Sampling Dates
Includes: Baghdadi, N.[Nicolas] Baghdadi, N.
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Baghdasaryan, L.[Liana] Co Author Listing * Deep density estimation based on multi-spectral remote sensing data for in-field crop yield forecasting

Baghel, R.[Rohan] Co Author Listing * Domain Adversarial Learning Towards Underwater Image Enhancement

Baghel, T.[Triambak] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Performance of the Satellite-Based Precipitation Products (SPP) in the Data-Sparse Himalayan Terrain

Baghel, V.S.[Vivek Singh] Co Author Listing * non-invertible transformation based technique to protect a fingerprint template, A
* Robust biometric authentication system with a secure user template
* Toe Prints: An Application Study for Biometric Verification in Adults

Bagher Ebadian, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Roles of Various Brain Structures on Non-Invasive Lateralization of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Includes: Bagher Ebadian, H.[Hassan] Bagher-Ebadian, H.[Hassan]

Bagherbandi, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Global Moho Model from Combining Gravimetric and Seismic Data by Using Spectral Combination Methods, A
* Localized Subsidence Zones in Gävle City Detected by Sentinel-1 PSI and Leveling Data
* Satellite Monitoring of Mass Changes and Ground Subsidence in Sudan's Oil Fields Using GRACE and Sentinel-1 Data

Bagheri Khaligh, A. Co Author Listing * Digital Video Stabilization Using Radon Transform
Includes: Bagheri Khaligh, A. Bagheri-Khaligh, A.

Bagheri Zadeh, P. Co Author Listing * Statistical, DCT and vector quantisation-based video codec

Bagheri, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * Persian Language Model based on BiLSTM Model on COVID-19 Corpus
* Principal Components Analysis and Neural Network Implementation of Photometric Stereo
Includes: Bagheri, A.[Alireza] Bagheri, A.

Bagheri, F.[Fatemeh] Co Author Listing * FHT: An Unconstraint Farsi Handwritten Text Database
* Skin lesion segmentation based on mask RCNN, Multi Atrous Full-CNN, and a geodesic method

Bagheri, H.[Hossein] Co Author Listing * Assessment of using an Intelligent Algorithm for the Interpolation of Elevation in the DTM Generation, The
* Enhancing Crop Classification Accuracy through Synthetic SAR-Optical Data Generation Using Deep Learning
* framework for SAR-optical stereogrammetry over urban areas, A
* Fusion of Multi-Sensor-Derived Heights and OSM-Derived Building Footprints for Urban 3D Reconstruction
* Fusion of TanDEM-X and Cartosat-1 elevation data supported by neural network-predicted weight maps
* Ortho Image and DTM Generation with Intelligent Methods
* Uncertainty Assessment And Weight Map Generation for Efficient Fusion of TANDEM-X and Cartosat-1 DEMS
Includes: Bagheri, H.[Hossein] Bagheri, H.
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Bagheri, M. Co Author Listing * ChestX-Ray8: Hospital-Scale Chest X-Ray Database and Benchmarks on Weakly-Supervised Classification and Localization of Common Thorax Diseases
* Deep Lesion Graphs in the Wild: Relationship Learning and Organization of Significant Radiology Image Findings in a Diverse Large-Scale Lesion Database
* Holistic and Comprehensive Annotation of Clinically Significant Findings on Diverse CT Images: Learning From Radiology Reports and Label Ontology
* Land-Use Suitability Assessment Using Delphi and Analytical Hierarchy Process (D-AHP) Hybrid Model for Coastal City Management: Kuala Terengganu, Peninsular Malaysia
* Spatio-Temporal Convolutional LSTMs for Tumor Growth Prediction by Learning 4D Longitudinal Patient Data
* Unsupervised Joint Mining of Deep Features and Image Labels for Large-Scale Radiology Image Categorization and Scene Recognition
Includes: Bagheri, M. Bagheri, M.[Mohammadhadi] Bagheri, M.[Milad]

Bagheri, M.A. Co Author Listing * ChaLearn Looking at People and Faces of the World: Face Analysis Workshop and Challenge 2016
* Framework of Multi-classifier Fusion for Human Action Recognition, A
* Generic Subclass Ensemble: A Novel Approach to Ensemble Classification
* genetic-based subspace analysis method for improving Error-Correcting Output Coding, A
* Keep it accurate and diverse: Enhancing action recognition performance by ensemble learning
* Locality regularized group sparse coding for action recognition
* subspace approach to error correcting output codes, A
* Support vector machines with time series distance kernels for action classification
Includes: Bagheri, M.A. Bagheri, M.A.[Mohammad Ali]
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Bagheri, N.[Nasour] Co Author Listing * Modification and hardware implementation of cortex-like object recognition model

Bagheri, S.[Saghar] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Model-Based / Data-Driven Graph Transform for Image Coding
* Temporal Mapping of Surveillance Video
* Temporal mapping of surveillance video for indexing and summarization
* Three-dimensional resolvability in an integral imaging system
Includes: Bagheri, S.[Saghar] Bagheri, S.[Saeid] Bagheri, S.[Saeed]

Bagheri, Z.M. Co Author Listing * Biologically Inspired Facilitation Mechanism Enhances the Detection and Pursuit of Targets of Varying Contrast, A

Bagherinakhjavanlo, B.[Bashir] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of the Hippocampus for Detection of Alzheimer's Disease

Bagherinezhad, H. Co Author Listing * LCNN: Lookup-Based Convolutional Neural Network
* Newtonian Image Understanding: Unfolding the Dynamics of Objects in Static Images
* Who Let the Dogs Out? Modeling Dog Behavior from Visual Data

Bagherinia, H.[Homayoun] Co Author Listing * Color Barcode Decoding in the Presence of Specular Reflection
* High Information Rate and Efficient Color Barcode Decoding
* novel approach for color barcode decoding using smart phones, A
* Robust real-time detection of multi-color markers on a cell phone
* theory of color barcodes, A
* Ultra-Widefield OCT Angiography
Includes: Bagherinia, H.[Homayoun] Bagherinia, H.

Bagherjeiran, A.[Abraham] Co Author Listing * Estimating Missing Features to Improve Multimedia Retrieval

Baghermanesh, S.S.[Shadi Sadat] Co Author Listing * Urban Flood Detection Using TerraSAR-X and SAR Simulated Reflectivity Maps

Bagherzadch, N. Co Author Listing * Camera calibration of long image sequences with the presence of occlusions

Bagherzadeh, N. Co Author Listing * Finding Circular Shapes in an Image on a Pyramid Architecture
* Parallel Algorithm for Pulsed Laser Infrared Tomography, A
* Pyramid Simulation of Image-Processing Applications

Baghi, A. Co Author Listing * SAR image segmentation using region growing and spectral cluster

Baghini, M.S. Co Author Listing * Comments on An Analog 2-D DCT Processor

Baghli, I.[Ismahan] Co Author Listing * Microscopic image segmentation based on pixel classification and dimensionality reduction

Baghshah, M.S.[Mahdieh Soleymani] Co Author Listing * Efficient Kernel Learning from Constraints and Unlabeled Data
* MDL-CW: A Multimodal Deep Learning Framework with CrossWeights
* MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge
* Multi-Modal Distance Metric Learning: A Bayesian Non-parametric Approach
* Non-linear metric learning using pairwise similarity and dissimilarity constraints and the geometrical structure of data
* probabilistic multi-label classifier with missing and noisy labels handling capability, A
* Scalable semi-supervised clustering by spectral kernel learning
Includes: Baghshah, M.S.[Mahdieh Soleymani] Baghshah, M.S.[M. Soleymani]
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Baghsiahi, H.[Hadi] Co Author Listing * Correspondence rejection by trilateration for 3D point cloud registration
* Light engine and optics for HELIUM3D auto-stereoscopic laser scanning display

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