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Basu, A.[Anup] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Basu, A.[Anup]: anup AT cs ualberta ca
* 2-point algorithm for 3D reconstruction of horizontal lines from a single omni-directional image, A
* 3d Estimation Using Panoramic Stereo
* Active Calibration of Cameras: Theory and Implementation
* Active Calibration: Alternative Strategy and Analysis
* Active Camera Calibration Using Pan, Tilt And Roll
* adaptive active contour model driven by weighted local and global image fitting constraints for image segmentation, An
* Adaptive Resolution Optimization and Tracklet Reliability Assessment for Efficient Multi-Object Tracking
* Aging speech recognition with speaker adaptation techniques: Study on medium vocabulary continuous Bengali speech
* Algorithms and Hardware for Efficient Image Smoothing
* Alternative Models for Fish-Eye Lenses
* Analysis of Cylindrical Stereo Imaging
* Analysis of Depth Estimation Error for Cylindrical Stereo Imaging
* Analysis of Error in Depth Perception with Vergence and Spatially Varying Sensing
* Application of triphone clustering in acoustic modeling for continuous speech recognition in Bengali
* Automatic Estimation of 3D Transformations using Skeletons for Object Alignment
* Automatic Medical Image Analysis and Potential Impact in India
* Balanced Incomplete Designs for 3D Perceptual Quality Estimation
* Choice of low resolution sample sets for efficient super-resolution signal reconstruction
* color intensity invariant low-level feature optimization framework for image quality assessment, A
* Color-based mouth shape tracking for synthesizing realistic facial expressions
* Combining Information In Low-Level Vision
* comparison of non-orthogonal and orthogonal fractal decoding, A
* Confidence Measure for Temporal Registration of Recurrent Non-uniform Samples
* Contour Orientation and Motion
* Contrast Enhancement from Multiple Panoramic Images
* Deep Variation Transformation Network for Foreground Detection
* Depth space partitioning for omni-stereo object tracking
* Distance-based positive and unlabeled learning for ranking
* Distributed retrieval of wavelet images using bandwidth monitoring
* Dynamic Deep Pixel Distribution Learning for Background Subtraction
* Edge-guided CNN for Denoising Images from Portable Ultrasound Devices
* Efficient omni-image unwarping using geometric symmetry
* Efficient Set Estimator in High Dimensions: Consistency and Applications to Fast Data Visualization, An
* Efficient video sequences alignment using unbiased bidirectional dynamic time warping
* Enhancement of low visibility aerial images using histogram truncation and an explicit Retinex representation for balancing contrast and color consistency
* Enhancing Videoconferencing Using Spatially Varying Sensing
* Entropy-difference based stereo error detection
* Evolution and usability of ubiquitous immersive 3D interfaces
* Eye Tracking and Animation for MPEG-4 Coding
* Face model adaptation with active tracking
* Feature extraction and calibration for stereo reconstruction using non-SVP optics in a panoramic stereo-vision sensor
* Foveated online 3D visualization
* From 2D Surface Patches to 3D Reconstructed Models: Theory and Applications
* Fully automatic brain tumor segmentation using a normalized Gaussian Bayesian Classifier and 3D Fluid Vector Flow
* Gaussian and Laplacian of Gaussian weighting functions for robust feature based tracking
* Generalized Random Walks for Fusion of Multi-Exposure Images
* Generating Realistic Facial Expressions with Wrinkles for Model-Based Coding
* Graph Matching Based on Stochastic Perturbation
* Highlighting objects of interest in an image by integrating saliency and depth
* HOLBP: Remote Sensing Image Registration Based on Histogram of Oriented Local Binary Pattern Descriptor
* Hough transform for feature detection in panoramic images
* Human Activity Recognition Based on Silhouette Directionality
* Image Based Temporal Registration of MRI Data for Medical Visualization
* Image dehazing with uneven illumination prior by dense residual channel attention network
* Immersive 3DUI on one dollar a day
* Improving Boundary Detection Using Variable Resolution Masks
* Improving Image and Video Transmission Quality Over ATM with Foveal Prioritization and Priority Dithering
* Inspecting the Geographical Representativeness of Images from Text-to-Image Models
* Integrating 3D point clouds with multi-viewpoint video
* Investigation and modeling of the structure of texting language
* Iterative Estimation of 3D Transformations for Object Alignment
* Learning Temporal Distribution and Spatial Correlation Toward Universal Moving Object Segmentation
* Level Sets Guided by SoDEF-Fitting Energy for River Channel Detection in SAR Images
* Line Segment Extraction in Panoramic Images
* Measurement of Retinal Vessel Widths from Fundus Images Based on 2-D Modeling
* Modeling Ecologically Specialized Biological Visual Systems
* Motion Detection Using Background Constraints
* Motion Detection Using Background Constraints
* Motion Tracking with an Active Camera
* MPEG4 Face Modeling Using Fiducial Points
* Multi-Camera Calibration Using a Globe
* Multi-label Text Classification Approach for Sentence Level News Emotion Analysis
* Multi-Scale Deep Pixel Distribution Learning for Concrete Crack Detection
* Multi-step implicit Adams predictor-corrector network for fire detection
* Multimodal Remote Sensing Image Registration Methods and Advancements: A Survey
* Multisensor Technique for Gesture Recognition Through Intelligent Skeletal Pose Analysis, A
* new decoding algorithm based on range block mean and contrast scaling, A
* note on A fully parallel 3D thinning algorithm and its applications, A
* On the implementation of a information hiding design based on saliency map
* Optic Nerve Head Segmentation
* Optimal Aspect Ratio for 3D TV
* Optimal Aspect Ratio under Vergence for 3D TV
* Optimal Discretization for Stereo Reconstruction
* Optimal Non-Uniform Discretization for Stereo Reconstruction
* Optimal pixel aspect ratio for enhanced 3D TV visualization
* Optimal pixel aspect ratio for stereoscopic 3D displays under practical viewing conditions
* Optimization of Symmetric Transfer Error for Sub-frame Video Synchronization
* OWA filters: A robust filtering method and its application to color images
* Panoramic Stereo
* Panoramic stereo reconstruction using non-SVP optics
* Partial update of active textures for efficient expression synthesis in model-based coding
* Perceptual Factors in Graphics: From JND to PAM
* Perceptual quality metric for qualitative 3D scene evaluation
* Perceptually Driven Model for Transmission of Arbitrary 3D Models over Unreliable Networks, A
* Perceptually Guided Fast Compression of 3-D Motion Capture Data
* Perceptually Optimized 3-D Transmission Over Wireless Networks
* Portable Personality Recognizer Based on Affective State Classification Using Spectral Fusion of Features, A
* Prioritized Region of Interest Coding in JPEG2000
* QoE-Based Multi-Exposure Fusion in Hierarchical Multivariate Gaussian CRF
* QoS Based Video Delivery with Foveation
* QoS based video delivery with foveation and bandwidth monitoring
* RAST: Restorable Arbitrary Style Transfer via Multi-restoration
* Real-Time Panoramic Stereo Imaging System and Its Applications, A
* Real-Time Runway Detection for Infrared Aerial Image Using Synthetic Vision and an ROI Based Level Set Method
* Reliability and judging fatigue reduction in 3D perceptual quality estimation
* RMLVQA: A Margin Loss Approach For Visual Question Answering with Language Biases
* Robot Navigation Using Panoramic Landmark Tracking
* Robot Navigation Using Panoramic Tracking
* Robust and Scalable Transmission of Arbitrary 3D Models over Wireless Networks
* Robust KLT tracking with Gaussian and laplacian of Gaussian weighting functions
* Robust wireless transmission of regions of interest in jpeg2000
* Robust, Correspondenceless, Translation-Determining Algorithm, A
* Scalable edge enhancement with automatic optimization for digital radiographic images
* Shape and 3-D Motion from Contour without Point to Point Correspondences: General Principles
* Shape Tracking and Registration for 4D Visualization of MRI and Structure
* Simplified Active Calibration
* Stereo matching using random walks
* Super high resolution 3D imaging and efficient visualization
* Synthesis-based scalable image enhancement for digital radiograph
* Synthesizing realistic facial animations using energy minimization for model-based coding
* Temporal Alignment of Time Varying MRI Datasets for High Resolution Medical Visualization
* Texture, Contour, Shape, and Motion
* Total variation constrained graph regularized NMF for medical image registration
* Total Variation Constrained Graph-Regularized Convex Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Data Representation
* Universal Background Subtraction Based on Arithmetic Distribution Neural Network
* Valence Normalized Spatial Median for skeletonization and matching
* Variable-Resolution Character Thinning
* Videoconferencing using spatially varying sensing with multiple and moving foveae
Includes: Basu, A.[Anup] Basu, A. Basu, A.[Anupam] Basu, A.[Amitabh] Basu, A.[Aryabrata] Basu, A.[Abhipsa] Basu, A.[Abhishek]
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Basu, A.K.[Anupam K.] Co Author Listing * New Shape Representation Scheme and Its Application to Shape Discrimination Using a Neural Network, A

Basu, B. Co Author Listing * Multivariate Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Using Time-Series Analysis
* Real-Time Traffic Flow Forecasting Using Spectral Analysis

Basu, D.[Debraj] Co Author Listing * CoralStyleCLIP: Co-optimized Region and Layer Selection for Image Editing
* Feature Selection and Fuzzy Rule Mining for Epileptic Patients from Clinical EEG Data
* Sempart: Self-supervised Multi-resolution Partitioning of Image Semantics
* Spatially Informative Optic Flow Model of Bee Colony With Saccadic Flight Strategy for Global Optimization, A
Includes: Basu, D.[Debraj] Basu, D.[Debasis] Basu, D.

Basu, D.K.[Dipak Kumar] Co Author Listing * CMATERdb1: A database of unconstrained handwritten Bangla and Bangla-English mixed script document image
* Face Recognition Using Posterior Distance Model Based Radial Basis Function Neural Networks
* hierarchical approach to recognition of handwritten Bangla characters, A
* Knowledge-based ECG interpretation: a critical review
* Minutiae based thermal face recognition using blood perfusion data
* nonparametric method for intensity inhomogeneity correction in MRI brain images by fusion of Gaussian surfaces, A
* novel framework for automatic sorting of postal documents with multi-script address blocks, A
* Recognition of Numeric Postal Codes from Multi-script Postal Address Blocks
* Self-adaptive RBF Neural Networks for Face Recognition
* spatial fuzzy C-means algorithm with application to MRI image segmentation, A
* Text line extraction from multi-skewed handwritten documents
Includes: Basu, D.K.[Dipak Kumar] Basu, D.K.
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Basu, J.P. Co Author Listing * Effect of intraclass correlation among training samples on the misclassification probabilities of bayes procedure

Basu, M.[Mitra] Co Author Listing * Application of projection pursuit learning to boundary detection and deblurring in images
* Complexity Measures of Supervised Classification Problems
* Gaussian Derivative Model For Edge Enhancement
* Gaussian Derivative Operator for Authentic Edge Detection and Accurate Edge Localization
* Gaussian-based edge-detection methods: A Survey
* Guest Editor's Introduction to Special Issue on Grammatical Inference
* hybrid learning system for image deblurring, A
* Image Enhancement Using A Human Visual System Model
* Measuring the Complexity of Classification Problems
* Multi-scale modeling of textures
Includes: Basu, M.[Mitra] Basu, M.
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Basu, N.G.[Nilanjana G.] Co Author Listing * On Density Extrema for Digital Discs

Basu, R.[Rumia] Co Author Listing * Temporal Stability of Grassland Soil Moisture Utilising Sentinel-2 Satellites and Sparse Ground-Based Sensor Networks

Basu, S.[Sumit] Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling of Human Lip Motions
* benchmark image database of isolated Bangla handwritten compound characters, A
* Cascade Image Transform for Speaker Independent Automatic Speech Reading, A
* CMATERdb1: A database of unconstrained handwritten Bangla and Bangla-English mixed script document image
* DeepGlobe 2018: A Challenge to Parse the Earth through Satellite Images
* EnOI Assimilation of Satellite Data in an Indian Ocean Circulation Model, An
* Error analysis and performance optimization of fast hierarchical backprojection algorithms
* FastSME: Faster and Smoother Manifold Extraction from 3D Stack
* Feasibility of Tomography with Unknown View Angles
* Handheld Device-Based Character Recognition System for Camera Captured Images
* Handwritten Bangla character recognition using a soft computing paradigm embedded in two pass approach
* hierarchical approach to recognition of handwritten Bangla characters, A
* Image Filtering Using Hyperstable Adaptive Algorithms
* Image Segmentation By Semantic Method
* Image Segmentation By Syntactic Method
* Impact of Assimilating SARAL/AltiKa SWH in SWAN Model During Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclone Phailin
* Implicit Evolution of Open Ended Curves
* Improved Road Connectivity by Joint Learning of Orientation and Segmentation
* Interactive content-based retrieval of video
* Knowledge representation for vision: an associative network for single object representation and recognition
* Linear Optimal Transportation Framework for Quantifying and Visualizing Variations in Sets of Images, A
* Memory constrained face recognition
* MetaCLUE: Towards Comprehensive Visual Metaphors Research
* Modeling semantic concepts to support query by keywords in video
* Motion Regularization for Model-Based Head Tracking
* Multi-lingual scene text detection and language identification
* multi-modal system for the retrieval of semantic video events, A
* Multi-scale Opening: A New Morphological Operator
* Multi-sensor multi-resolution image fusion for improved vegetation and urban area classification
* Multidimensional causal, stable, perfect reconstruction filter banks
* Multidimensional Filter Banks and Wavelets: Research Developments and Applications - Preface
* Neurite Tracing With Object Process
* novel framework for automatic sorting of postal documents with multi-script address blocks, A
* O(N^2/log2 N) Filtered Backprojection Reconstruction Algorithm for Tomography
* O(N^3/log N) backprojection algorithm for the 3-D radon transform
* Object segmentation by traversing a pose-shape manifold
* On the relationship between augmented transition network and attributed grammar
* PDP-RF: Protein Domain Boundary Prediction Using Random Forest Classifier
* Performance Evaluation of Students Using Multimodal Learning Systems
* Prediction of Thyroid Cancer Genes Using an Ensemble of Post Translational Modification, Semantic and Structural Similarity Based Clustering Results
* Quasi-Clique Mining Algorithm for Analysis of the Human Protein-Protein Interaction Network, A
* Real Time Tracking and Modeling of Faces: An EKF-based Analysis by Synthesis Approach
* Recognition of Numeric Postal Codes from Multi-script Postal Address Blocks
* Reconstructing neuronal morphology from microscopy stacks using fast marching
* Semiautomated Probabilistic Framework for Tree-Cover Delineation From 1-m NAIP Imagery Using a High-Performance Computing Architecture, A
* Special issue on deep learning for video text analysis
* Speech driven lip synthesis using viseme based hidden markov models
* statistical modeling approach to content based video retrieval, A
* Statistical-Topological Feature Combination for Recognition of Isolated Hand Gestures from Kinect Based Depth Images, A
* Suppression of non-text components in handwritten document images
* Surpassing the Human Accuracy: Detecting Gallbladder Cancer from USG Images with Curriculum Learning
* Symmetry constrained shape evolution in shape manifolds for shape based retrieval
* Text line extraction from multi-skewed handwritten documents
* Text Line Segmentation for Unconstrained Handwritten Document Images Using Neighborhood Connected Component Analysis
* Three-Dimensional Model of Human Lip Motion, A
* Three-Dimensional Model of Human Lip Motions Trained from Video, A
* Uniqueness of Tomography with Unknown View Angles
* Utility Driven Post Disaster Emergency Resource Allocation System Using DTN, A
* Videopedia: Lecture Video Recommendation for Educational Blogs Using Topic Modeling
* Wavelet-based solution to anisotropic diffusion equation for edge detection
Includes: Basu, S.[Sumit] Basu, S.[Subhadip] Basu, S.[Sankar] Basu, S. Basu, S.[Saurav] Basu, S.[Saikat] Basu, S.[Sugato] Basu, S.[Sreetama] Basu, S.[Subhasree] Basu, S.[Soumen]
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Basu, S.K. Co Author Listing * Multichannel permutation filters

Basu, T.[Tanmay] Co Author Listing * Semantic Relation between Words with the Web as Information Source

Basu, T.K. Co Author Listing * Cepstral Domain Teager Energy for Identifying Perceptually Similar Languages
* Cross-Lingual Vocal Emotion Recognition in Five Native Languages of Assam Using Eigenvalue Decomposition
Includes: Basu, T.K. Basu, T.K.[Tapan Kumar]

Basuhail, A.[Abdullah] Co Author Listing * Resilient Countermeasures Against Cyber-Attacks on Self-Driving Car Architecture

Basukala, A.K.[Amit Kumar] Co Author Listing * In Memorium: Gunter Menz

Basukala, D.[Dibash] Co Author Listing * Brain image segmentation using a combination of expectation-maximization algorithm and watershed transform
* Segmentation of Substantia Nigra Using Weighted Thresholding Method
Includes: Basukala, D.[Dibash] Basukala, D.

Basumallick, N.[Nandini] Co Author Listing * Discrete cosine harmonic wavelet transform and its application to signal compression and subband spectral estimation using modified group delay
* Improved bispectrum estimation based on modified group delay
* Improved phase estimation based on complete bispectrum and modified group delay

Basumatary, H. Co Author Listing * State of the Art in Bionic Hands

Basuray, A.[Arijit] Co Author Listing * new threshold function for de-noising partial discharge signal based on wavelet transform, A

Basurto Lozada, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * Dynamics of soil surface temperature with unmanned aerial systems
Includes: Basurto Lozada, D.[Daniela] Basurto-Lozada, D.[Daniela]

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