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Le Baccon, P. Co Author Listing * Nonrigid Registration of 3-D Multichannel Microscopy Images of Cell Nuclei

Le Bars, J.M. Co Author Listing * Literature review of fingerprint quality assessment and its evaluation

Le Barz, C.[Cedric] Co Author Listing * Absolute geo-localization thanks to Hidden Markov Model and exemplar-based metric learning
* Exemplar based metric learning for robust visual localization

Le Bas, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * Benthic Habitat Map of the Southern Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean Sea) from Object-Based Image Analysis of Multi-Source Acoustic Backscatter Data
* Limitations of Predicting Substrate Classes on a Sedimentary Complex but Morphologically Simple Seabed
* Quantifying the Intra-Habitat Variation of Seagrass Beds with Unoccupied Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Le Bastard, C. Co Author Listing * Advanced Signal Processing Methods for Ground-Penetrating Radar: Applications to civil engineering
* Generalization of PILE Method to the EM Scattering From Stratified Subsurface With Rough Interlayers: Application to the Detection of Debondings Within Pavement Structure
* Modeling of EM Wave Coherent Scattering From a Rough Multilayered Medium With the Scalar Kirchhoff Approximation for GPR Applications
* Thin-Pavement Thickness Estimation Using GPR With High-Resolution and Superresolution Methods
* Time Delay and Interface Roughness Estimation Using Modified ESPRIT With Interpolated Spatial Smoothing Technique
* Time-Delay Estimation by a Modified Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Method for Rough Pavement
* Time-Delay Estimation Using Ground-Penetrating Radar With a Support Vector Regression-Based Linear Prediction Method
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Le Besnerais, G. Co Author Listing * B-Spline Image Model for Energy Minimization-Based Optical Flow Estimation
* Continuous Super-Resolution for Recovery of 1-D Image Features: Algorithm and Performance Modeling
* Dense height map estimation from oblique aerial image sequences
* Dense Optical Flow by Iterative Local Window registration
* Design of a Chromatic 3D Camera with an End-to-End Performance Model Approach
* Disparity estimation for high resolution stereoscopic reconstruction using the GNC approach
* Fourier Interpretation of Super-Resolution Techniques, A
* Height Estimation using Aerial Side Looking Image Sequences
* Improved Observation Model for Super-Resolution Under Affine Motion, An
* Massively parallel Lucas Kanade optical flow for real-time video processing applications
* On the choice of the goodness-to-fit term for multibaseline stereo-vision
* Point object detection using a NL-means type filter
* Prediction-Correction Approach for Real-Time Optical Flow Computation Using Stereo, A
* Single image local blur identification
* Statistical performance modeling for superresolution: A discrete data-continuous reconstruction framework
* Theoretical performance model for single image depth from defocus
* Transfer Function Estimation for Spaceborne Telescopes
Includes: Le Besnerais, G. Le Besnerais, G.[Guy]
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Le Bihan, E.[Eustache] Co Author Listing * Do VSR Models Generalize Beyond LRS3?

Le Bihan, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Autonomous agents for edge detection and continuity perception on otolith images
* Continuity Perception Using a Multiagent System. an Application to Growth Ring Detection on Fish Otoliths
* Growth Ring Detection on Fish Otoliths by a Graph Construction
* immune oriented multi-agent system for biological image processing, An
* Locally Deformable B-Bubble Model: An Application to Growth Ring Detection on Fish Otoliths, The
* Multiagent System for Edge Detection and Continuity Perception on Fish Otolith Images, A
Includes: Le Bihan, J.[Jean] Le Bihan, J.

Le Bihan, N. Co Author Listing * Multicomponent Signal Processing for Rayleigh Wave Ellipticity Estimation : Application to Seismic Hazard Assessment
* On some global topological aspects of manifold learning
* Quaternion principal component analysis of color images
* Quaternions in Signal and Image Processing: A comprehensive and objective overview
Includes: Le Bihan, N. Le Bihan, N.[Nicolas]

Le Bivic, R.[Rejanne] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Accuracy of High Resolution Digital Surface Models Computed by PhotoScan® and MicMac® in Sub-Optimal Survey Conditions
* Potential and Limitation of SPOT-5 Ortho-Image Correlation to Investigate the Cinematics of Landslides: The Example of 'Mare à Poule d'Eau' (Réunion, France)
Includes: Le Bivic, R.[Rejanne] Le Bivic, R.[Réjanne]

Le Blanc, A. Co Author Listing * Fractal Analysis of Bone Images

Le Blanc, A.R.[A. Robert] Co Author Listing * New Set of Fast Algorithms for Mathematical Morphology: I. Idempotent Geodesic Transforms, A
* New Set of Fast Algorithms for Mathematical Morphology: II. Identification of Topographic Features on Grayscale Images, A

Le Blanc, D.J. Co Author Listing * Accelerated Evaluation of Automated Vehicles in Car-Following Maneuvers
* Accelerated Evaluation of Automated Vehicles Safety in Lane-Change Scenarios Based on Importance Sampling Techniques
* Accelerated Evaluation of Automated Vehicles Using Piecewise Mixture Models
* Gap Acceptance During Lane Changes by Large-Truck Drivers: An Image-Based Analysis

Le Blanc, E. Co Author Listing * Towards Automating the Selection of Ground Control Points in Radarsat Images Using a Topographic Database and Vector-Based Data Matching

Le Blanc, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Correlation Coefficient as a Simple Tool for the Localization of Errors in Spectroscopic Imaging Data, The
* Spectral Reflectance of Polar Bear and Other Large Arctic Mammal Pelts; Potential Applications to Remote Sensing Surveys

Le Blanc, J.P. Co Author Listing * Online Adaptive Blind Deconvolution Based on Third-Order Moments

Le Blanc, J.W.[Joel W.] Co Author Listing * Joint camera blur and pose estimation from aliased data
* Testing that a Local Optimum of the Likelihood is Globally Optimum Using Reparameterized Embeddings
* Theoretical performance assessment and empirical analysis of super-resolution under unknown affine sensor motion

Le Blanc, K. Co Author Listing * Multirobot Object Localization: A Fuzzy Fusion Approach

Le Blanc, S.[Sean] Co Author Listing * Modelling and animation of impact and damage with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Le Blanc, T. Co Author Listing * Rochester Checkers Player: Multimodal Parallel Programming for Animate Vision, The

Le Blond, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Generalized N-way iterative scanline fill algorithm for real-time applications

Le Bodic, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * GEM++: A Tool for Solving Substitution-Tolerant Subgraph Isomorphism
* integer linear program for substitution-tolerant subgraph isomorphism and its use for symbol spotting in technical drawings, An
* Symbol Detection Using Region Adjacency Graphs and Integer Linear Programming

Le Bonhomme, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * 3D Compression Benchmarking with
* A benchmark platform for 3D compression algorithms
* On-Line and Open Platform for 3D Object Retrieval

Le Borgne, H.[Herve] Co Author Listing * Aggregating Image and Text Quantized Correlated Components
* Bag-of-multimedia-words for image classification
* From Classical to Generalized Zero-Shot Learning: A Simple Adaptation Process
* Generalized Pseudo-Labeling in Consistency Regularization for Semi-Supervised Learning
* GPU deformable part model for object recognition
* Harnessing noisy Web images for deep representation
* Large-Scale Image Mining with Flickr Groups
* Learning Midlevel Image Features for Natural Scene and Texture Classification
* Learning More Universal Representations for Transfer-Learning
* Learning to Segment Dynamic Objects using SLAM Outliers
* Locality-constrained and spatially regularized coding for scene categorization
* MuCaLe-Net: Multi Categorical-Level Networks to Generate More Discriminating Features
* Multi-attribute balanced sampling for disentangled GAN controls
* Multimodal feature generation framework for semantic image classification
* Nonparametric Estimation of Fisher Vectors to Aggregate Image Descriptors
* Representation of images for classification with independent features
* SemanticVox: a multilingual video search engine
* Vision-language integration using constrained local semantic features
* Webly Supervised Semantic Embeddings for Large Scale Zero-shot Learning
Includes: Le Borgne, H.[Herve] Le Borgne, H.[Hervé] Le Borgne, H.
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Le Bouquin Jeannes, R. Co Author Listing * Extracting Information on Flow Direction in Multivariate Time Series

Le Bourgeois, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Application of graph coloring in physical layout segmentation
* Assisted Video Sequences Indexing: Motion Analysis Based on Interest Points
* Automatic Metadata Retrieval from Ancient Manuscripts
* Bayesian networks classifiers applied to documents
* Chromatic / Achromatic Separation in Noisy Document Images
* Computer assistance for Digital Libraries: Contributions to Middle-ages and Authors' Manuscripts exploitation and enrichment
* Content Based Image Retrieval Using Gradient Color Fields
* Contribution to the Discrimination of the Medieval Manuscript Texts: Application in the Palaeography
* Coupled Mean Shift-Anisotropic Diffusion Approach for Document Image Segmentation and Restoration, A
* DEBORA: Digital AccEss to BOoks of the RenAissance
* Denoising Textual Images Using Local/Non-local Smoothing Filters: A Comparative Study
* DIAL 2004 Working Group Report on Acquisition Quality Control
* Document images analysis solutions for digital libraries
* Document Images Restoration by a New Tensor Based Diffusion Process: Application to the Recognition of Old Printed Documents
* Document understanding using probabilistic relaxation: Application on tables of contents of periodicals
* Evolutive OCR System Based on Continuous Learning, An
* fast and efficient method for extracting text paragraphs and graphics from unconstrained documents, A
* Frequencies decomposition and partial similarities retrieval for ancient handwriting documents compression
* Generalized Eigen Cooccurrence: Application to Palaeography
* Graph b-Coloring for Automatic Recognition of Documents
* Image Analysis for Palaeography Inspection
* Improvement of postal mail sorting system
* Logical labeling using Bayesian networks
* Logical structure analysis by typographic characteristics extraction
* Mean-Shift segmentation and PDE-based nonlinear diffusion: Toward a common variational framework for foreground/background document image segmentation
* Networking digital document images
* new PDE-based approach for singularity-preserving regularization: application to degraded characters restoration, A
* New Protocol Design for Wordspotting Assistance System: Case Study of the Collaborative Library Model - ARMARIUS
* New Pyramidal Approach for the Address Block Location Based on Hierarchical Graph Coloring, A
* OCR Accuracy Improvement through a PDE-Based Approach
* Omnilingual Segmentation-Free Word Spotting for Ancient Manuscripts Indexation
* Pretopological approach for supervised learning
* Pretopology-Based Supervised Pattern Classifier, A
* Restoring Ink Bleed-Through Degraded Document Images Using a Recursive Unsupervised Classification Technique
* Robust Multifont OCR System from Gray Level Images
* Serialized k-Means for Adaptative Color Image Segmentation
* Serialized unsupervised classifier for adaptative color image segmentation: application to digitized ancient manuscripts
* Skeletonization by Gradient Diffusion and Regularization
* Skeletonization by Gradient Regularization and Diffusion
* Text search for medieval manuscript images
* Towards a Description for Video Indexation
* Towards an omnilingual word retrieval system for ancient manuscripts
Includes: Le Bourgeois, F.[Frank] Le Bourgeois, F. Le Bourgeois, F.[Franck]
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Le Boursicault, V.[Vinciane] Co Author Listing * Orthogonal Set of Indicators for the Assessment of Flexible Pavement Stiffness from Deflection Monitoring: Theoretical Formalism and Numerical Study
Includes: Le Boursicault, V.[Vinciane] Le-Boursicault, V.[Vinciane]

Le Bras, R.[Ronan] Co Author Listing * Fusing Pre-Trained Language Models with Multimodal Prompts through Reinforcement Learning

Le Brese, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * improved ASIFT algorithm for matching repeated patterns, An

Le Breton, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * 2D Phase-Based RFID Localization for On-Site Landslide Monitoring

Le Brigant, A.[Alice] Co Author Listing * Discrete Framework to Find the Optimal Matching Between Manifold-Valued Curves, A

Le Bris, A. Co Author Listing * AI4GEO: A Data Intelligence Platform for 3d Geospatial Mapping
* Classification of Roof Materials for Rainwater Pollution Modelization
* Classification of Time Series of Sentinel-2 Images for Large Scale Mapping In Cameroon
* Current Challenges In Operational Very High Resolution Land-cover Mapping
* Efficient Representation of 3d Buildings: Application to The Evaluation of City Models, An
* Extraction of Landcover Themes out of Aerial Orthoimages in Mountainous Areas Using External Information
* Extraction of Optimal Spectral Bands Using Hierarchical Band Merging Out of Hyperspectral Data
* Extraction Of Vineyards Out Of Aerial Ortho-image Using Texture Information
* Forest Stand Segmentation Using Airborne Lidar Data And Very High Resolution Multispectral Imagery
* Matching terrestrial images captured by a nomad system to images of a reference database for pose estimation purpose
* Partial Linear NMF-Based Unmixing Methods for Detection and Area Estimation of Photovoltaic Panels in Urban Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data
* Semantic segmentation of forest stands of pure species combining airborne lidar data and very high resolution multispectral imagery
* Two-step Decision Fusion Strategy: Application to Hyperspectral And Multispectral Images for Urban Classification, A
* Use of Automated Change Detection and VGI Sources for Identifying and Validating Urban Land Use Change
Includes: Le Bris, A. Le Bris, A.[Arnaud]
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