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Strecha, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling and Registration Under Wide Baseline Conditions
* BRIEF: Binary Robust Independent Elementary Features
* BRIEF: Computing a Local Binary Descriptor Very Fast
* Combined Depth and Outlier Estimation in Multi-View Stereo
* Dense matching of multiple wide-baseline views
* Developing Species Specific Vegetation Maps Using Multi-spectral Hyperspatial Imagery From Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* Dynamic and scalable large scale image reconstruction
* Efficient large-scale multi-view stereo for ultra high-resolution image sets
* Generative Model for True Orthorectificatio, A
* LDAHash: Improved Matching with Smaller Descriptors
* Making Background Subtraction Robust to Sudden Illumination Changes
* Mean Field EM-algorithm for Coherent Occlusion Handling in MAP-Estimation Prob, A
* Motion-Stereo Integration for Depth Estimation
* Multi-View Stereo and LIDAR for Outdoor Scene Modelling
* On benchmarking camera calibration and multi-view stereo for high resolution imagery
* Optical flow based super-resolution: A probabilistic approach
* PDE-based multi-view depth estimation
* Pose estimation of landscape images using DEM and orthophotos
* Probabilistic Approach to Large Displacement Optical Flow and Occlusion Detection, A
* Probabilistic Approach to Optical Flow based Super-Resolution, A
* Reconstruction of Subjective Surfaces from Occlusion Cues
* Robust Estimation in the Presence of Spatially Coherent Outliers
* Training for Task Specific Keypoint Detection
* Wide-baseline stereo from multiple views: A probabilistic account
Includes: Strecha, C.[Christoph] Strecha, C.
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Streck, T.[Thilo] Co Author Listing * Combining Crop Modeling with Remote Sensing Data Using a Particle Filtering Technique to Produce Real-Time Forecasts of Winter Wheat Yields under Uncertain Boundary Conditions

Strecke, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Accurate Depth and Normal Maps from Occlusion-Aware Focal Stack Symmetry
* DiffSDFSim: Differentiable Rigid-Body Dynamics With Implicit Shapes
* EM-Fusion: Dynamic Object-Level SLAM With Probabilistic Data Association
* Light Field Intrinsics with a Deep Encoder-Decoder Network
* Shadow and Specularity Priors for Intrinsic Light Field Decomposition
* Sublabel-Accurate Convex Relaxation with Total Generalized Variation Regularization
* Taxonomy and Evaluation of Dense Light Field Depth Estimation Algorithms, A
* Where Does It End?: Reasoning About Hidden Surfaces by Object Intersection Constraints
Includes: Strecke, M.[Michael] Strecke, M.
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Streckel, B.[Birger] Co Author Listing * Lens Model Selection for Visual Tracking
* Supporting Structure from Motion with a 3D-Range-Camera

Strecker, H. Co Author Listing * Automated X-Ray Inspection of Aluminum Castings
* Local Feature Method for the Detection of Flaws in Automated X-Ray Inspection of Castings, A

Strecker, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Automated Ground Truth Data Generation for Newspaper Document Images
* Tailoring text for automatic layouting of newspaper pages

Streda, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Local Climate Zones, Land Surface Temperature and Air Temperature Interactions: Case Study of Hradec Králové, the Czech Republic
* Road Map to Classify the Potential Risk of Wind Erosion, The
Includes: Streda, T.[Tomas] Streda, T.[Tomáš]

Stredova, H.[Hana] Co Author Listing * Local Climate Zones, Land Surface Temperature and Air Temperature Interactions: Case Study of Hradec Králové, the Czech Republic
* Road Map to Classify the Potential Risk of Wind Erosion, The
Includes: Stredova, H.[Hana] Stredová, H.[Hana]

Streekstra, G.J. Co Author Listing * 4D Statistical Model of Wrist Bone Motion Patterns, A
* Constrained Registration of the Wrist Joint
* Evaluation of a Quantitative Method for Carpal Motion Analysis Using Clinical 3-D and 4-D CT Protocols
* Scale Dependency of Image Derivatives for Feature Measurement in Curvilinear Structures
* Scale Dependent Differential Geometry for the Measurement of Center Line and Diameter in 3D Curvilinear Structures
* statistical shape model without using landmarks, A
* Tracing of Curvilinear Structures in 3D Images with Single Scale Diameter Measurement
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Street, W.N.[W. Nick] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Segmentation and Classification Using On-line Shape Learning
* Incremental feature weight learning and its application to a shape-based query system
* Model-based detection, segmentation, and classification for image analysis using on-line shape learning
* Speeding up correlation search for binary data

Streeter, L.[Lee] Co Author Listing * email: Streeter, L.[Lee]: lee streeter AT waikato ac nz
* Adaptation of Bidirectional Kalman Filter to Multi-Frequency Time-of-Flight Range Imaging
* Comparison of Hadamard imaging and compressed sensing for low resolution hyperspectral imaging
* Computer vision and image processing at the University of Waikato
* Design of a pseudo-holographic distributed time-of-flight sonar range-imaging system
* Frequency Based Radial Velocity Estimation in Time-of-Flight Range Imaging
* Ground Plane Segmentation of Time-of-Flight Images for Asparagus Harvesting
* Mobility Aids Detection Using Convolution Neural Network (CNN)
* Simple Stereo Matching Algorithm for Localising Keypoints in a Restricted Search Space
* Stochastic calculus analysis of optical time-of-flight range imaging and estimation of radial motion
* strategy for the correction of effects of jitter in AMCW lidar images, A
* Towards generalised time-of-flight range imaging at the edge of moving objects
Includes: Streeter, L.[Lee] Streeter, L.
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Streeter, L.V.[Lee V.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the SoftKinetic DepthSense for Range Imaging

Streeter, S.S.[Samuel S.] Co Author Listing * Modeling and Synthesis of Breast Cancer Optical Property Signatures With Generative Models

Streffer, C. Co Author Listing * Automated detection of fluorescent cells and measurement of their DNA-content

Streher, A.S.[Annia S.] Co Author Listing * Regional Mapping and Spatial Distribution Analysis of Canopy Palms in an Amazon Forest Using Deep Learning and VHR Images

Strehl, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Detecting Moving Objects in Airborne Forward Looking Infra-Red Sequences
* MODEEP: A motion-based object detection and pose estimation method for airborne FLIR sequences

Strehlow, K.[Karen] Co Author Listing * Unoccupied Aircraft Systems (UASs) Reveal the Morphological Changes at Stromboli Volcano (Italy) before, between, and after the 3 July and 28 August 2019 Paroxysmal Eruptions

Streib, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Multiple Cameras for Environmental Pathlets
* Extracting Pathlets from Weak Tracking Data
* Summarizing high-level scene behavior
* Using Ripley's K-function to improve graph-based clustering techniques

Streibl, N. Co Author Listing * Digital Optics

Streich, R. Co Author Listing * Accurate Imaging of Multicomponent GPR Data Based on Exact Radiation Patterns

Streicher Abel, B.[Bernd] Co Author Listing * Industrial Image Processing: Visual Quality Control in Manufacturing
Includes: Streicher Abel, B.[Bernd] Streicher-Abel, B.[Bernd]

Streicher, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Bag of Features Approach for 3D Shape Retrieval, A

Streicher, M.C. Co Author Listing * HoloLens Augmented Reality System Provides Valid Measures of Gait Performance in Healthy Adults, The

Streicher, O.[Or] Co Author Listing * Graph Laplacian for Semi-supervised Learning

Streichert, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * Fusing vision and odometry for accurate indoor robot localization

Streijl, R.C. Co Author Listing * Perceptual Quality Measurement: Towards a More Efficient Process for Validating Objective Models

Streilein, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * email: Streilein, A.[Andre]: andre AT p igp ethz ch
* Eurosdr: The Pan-European Network For Mapping Agencies And Academia
* Knowledge-Based Building Detection Based on Laser Scanner Data and Topographic Map Information
* State-of-the-art Of 3d National Mapping In 2016
* Towards Automation In Architectural Photogrammetry: CAD-Based 3D-Feature Extraction
Includes: Streilein, A.[Andre] Streilein, A. Streilein, A.[André]

Streinzer, M. Co Author Listing * Reverse Engineering Animal Vision with Virtual Reality and Genetics

Streit, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive low-rate wireless videophone schemes
* Quadtree-Based Reconfigurable Cordless Videophone Systems

Streit, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Visual Analytics: Seeking the Unknown

Streit, R.L.[Roy L.] Co Author Listing * Low Computational Complexity JPDA Filter With Superposition, A
* Multiple Target Tracking With Unresolved Measurements
Includes: Streit, R.L.[Roy L.] Streit, R.L.

Streit, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * Managing, Modeling, and Visualizing High-dimensional Spatio-temporal Data in an Integrated System

Strek, Z.[Zanna] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning of Usable Area of Gable-Roof Residential Buildings Based on Topographic Data
* Method of Delimiting the Spatial Structure of Villages for the Purposes of Land Consolidation and Exchange

Strekalovskiy, E.[Evgeny] Co Author Listing * approach to vectorial total variation based on geometric measure theory, An
* Convex Optimization for Scene Understanding
* Convex Relaxation of Vectorial Problems with Coupled Regularization
* convex representation for the vectorial Mumford-Shah functional, A
* Generalized ordering constraints for multilabel optimization
* Low Rank Priors for Color Image Regularization
* Natural Vectorial Total Variation Which Arises from Geometric Measure Theory, The
* Nonmetric Priors for Continuous Multilabel Optimization
* Primal-Dual Hybrid Gradient Method for Semiconvex Splittings, The
* Proportion Priors for Image Sequence Segmentation
* Real-Time Minimization of the Piecewise Smooth Mumford-Shah Functional
* Tight Convex Relaxations for Vector-Valued Labeling
* Tight convex relaxations for vector-valued labeling problems
* Total Cyclic Variation and Generalizations
* Total variation for cyclic structures: Convex relaxation and efficient minimization
* Total Variation Regularization for Functions with Values in a Manifold
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Strela, V. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Wiener Denoising Using a Gaussian Scale Mixture Model in the Wavelet Domain
* Application of Multiwavelet Filterbanks to Image Processing, The
* Image Denoising Using a Local Gaussian Scale Mixture Model in the Wavelet Domain
* Image Denoising using Gaussian Scale Mixtures in the Wavelet Domain
* Image denoising using scale mixtures of gaussians in the wavelet domain

Streletskiy, D.A.[Dmitry A.] Co Author Listing * Land Cover Change in the Lower Yenisei River Using Dense Stacking of Landsat Imagery in Google Earth Engine

Streli, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * AvatarPoser: Articulated Full-Body Pose Tracking from Sparse Motion Sensing

Strelkov, V.V. Co Author Listing * new similarity measure for histogram comparison and its application in time series analysis, A

Streller, D. Co Author Listing * Object tracking and classification using a multiple hypothesis approach

Strelnikova, D.[Dariia] Co Author Listing * Drone-Based Optical Measurements of Heterogeneous Surface Velocity Fields around Fish Passages at Hydropower Dams
* Evaluation of Image Velocimetry Techniques under Low Flow Conditions and High Seeding Densities Using Unmanned Aerial Systems, An

Strelow, D.[Dennis] Co Author Listing * General and nested Wiberg minimization
* General and Nested Wiberg Minimization: L2 and Maximum Likelihood
* General, Nested, and Constrained Wiberg Minimization
* power of comparative reasoning, The

Strelow, D.W.[Dennis W.] Co Author Listing * Motion Estimation from Image and Inertial Measurements
* Optimal motion estimation from visual and inertial measurements
* Precise Omnidirectional Camera Calibration
* Shape and Motion Engine for Parameterized Models, A
Includes: Strelow, D.W.[Dennis W.] Strelow, D.W.

Streltsov, A.V. Co Author Listing * Microwave image reconstruction from 3-D fields coupled to 2-D parameter estimation

Streltzova, A.S.[Anastasia S.] Co Author Listing * Use of Machine Learning Methods to Detect Defects in Images of Metal Structures, The

Strelzoff, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Explainable Deep Learning Framework for Resilient Intrusion Detection in IoT-Enabled Transportation Networks, An

Stremme, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of OMI NO2 Vertical Columns Using MAX-DOAS Observations over Mexico City

Strengert, M.[Magnus] Co Author Listing * Concurrent CT Reconstruction and Visual Analysis Using Hybrid Multi-resolution Raycasting in a Cluster Environment
* GPU-Based Edge-Directed Image Interpolation

Strenk, L.M.[Lawrence M.] Co Author Listing * Scheimpflug and high-resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the anterior segment: a comparative study

Strenk, S.A.[Susan A.] Co Author Listing * Scheimpflug and high-resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the anterior segment: a comparative study

Strens, M. Co Author Listing * Constraint Directed Learning for Unsupervised Image Sequence Segmentation
* Representation of Uncertainty in Spatial Target Tracking
Includes: Strens, M. Strens, M.[Malcolm]

Strens, M.J.A.[Malcolm J. A.] Co Author Listing * Tracking in cluttered images

Strentzsch, G.[Gunnar] Co Author Listing * Digital Map Table VR: Bringing an Interactive System to Virtual Reality

Strenzel, G.M.R.[Gil Marcelo Reuss] Co Author Listing * Coral Reef Mapping with Remote Sensing and Machine Learning: A Nurture and Nature Analysis in Marine Protected Areas

Streppel, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Interaction in Virtual Environments: How to Control the Environment by Using VR-Glasses in the Most Immersive Way

Strese, M.[Matti] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Surface Material Classification Using Haptic and Visual Information

Stretcu, O.[Otilia] Co Author Listing * Multiple Frames Matching for Object Discovery in Video

Stretton, E.[Erin] Co Author Listing * Tumor growth parameters estimation and source localization from a unique time point: Application to low-grade gliomas

Stretton, J. Co Author Listing * Accurate Localization of Optic Radiation During Neurosurgery in an Interventional MRI Suite

Stretz, C.R.[Carina R.] Co Author Listing * Comparing Road-Kill Datasets from Hunters and Citizen Scientists in a Landscape Context

Strever, A.[Albert] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Vegetation Indices for Leaf Area Index Estimation in Vertical Shoot Positioned Vine Canopies with and without Grenbiule Hail-Protection Netting
* Modelling Water Stress in a Shiraz Vineyard Using Hyperspectral Imaging and Machine Learning

Strey, R.[Rob] Co Author Listing * Mapping Crop Types in Southeast India with Smartphone Crowdsourcing and Deep Learning
* Mapping Sugarcane in Central India with Smartphone Crowdsourcing

Strezoski, G.[Gjorgji] Co Author Listing * Many Task Learning With Task Routing
* MATTE: Multi-task multi-scale attention
* Omnieyes: Analysis and Synthesis of Artistically Painted Eyes

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