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Zhuo, B.[Biting] Co Author Listing * Partial-NOMA Based Physical Layer Security: Forwarding Design and Secrecy Analysis

Zhuo, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * Improved Automatic Ship Detection Method in SAR Images, An
* Partial Unbalanced Feature Transport for Cross-Modality Cardiac Image Segmentation
Includes: Zhuo, C.[Chen] Zhuo, C.[Cheng]

Zhuo, G.C.[Guan Chen] Co Author Listing * Identifying Potential Landslides on Giant Niexia Slope (China) Based on Integrated Multi-Remote Sensing Technologies
Includes: Zhuo, G.C.[Guan Chen] Zhuo, G.C.[Guan-Chen]

Zhuo, H.[Huilong] Co Author Listing * Augmenting Heteronanostructure Visualization with Haptic Feedback
* Blood-contaminated endoscopic image restoration based on residual VQ-VAE with cascaded structure
Includes: Zhuo, H.[Huilong] Zhuo, H.[Hui]

Zhuo, H.J.[Hai Jie] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real-World Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
Includes: Zhuo, H.J.[Hai Jie] Zhuo, H.J.[Hai-Jie]

Zhuo, H.L.[Hui Long] Co Author Listing * User-Assisted Inverse Procedural Facade Modeling and Compressed Image Rendering
Includes: Zhuo, H.L.[Hui Long] Zhuo, H.L.[Hui-Long]

Zhuo, H.S.[Hua Shuo] Co Author Listing * geometrically resilient robust image watermarking scheme using deformable multi-scale transform, A
Includes: Zhuo, H.S.[Hua Shuo] Zhuo, H.S.[Hua-Shuo]

Zhuo, J. Co Author Listing * Deep Growing Learning
* Gradually Vanishing Bridge for Adversarial Domain Adaptation
* Incompressible Deformation Estimation Algorithm (IDEA) From Tagged MR Images
* K-Best Transformation Synchronization
* Learning Linguistic Association Towards Efficient Text-Video Retrieval
* Revisiting Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Models: A Smoothness Perspective
* Towards Discriminability and Diversity: Batch Nuclear-Norm Maximization Under Label Insufficient Situations
* Uncertainty Modeling for Robust Domain Adaptation Under Noisy Environments
Includes: Zhuo, J. Zhuo, J.[Junbao]
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Zhuo, J.B.[Jun Bao] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Open Domain Recognition by Semantic Discrepancy Minimization
Includes: Zhuo, J.B.[Jun Bao] Zhuo, J.B.[Jun-Bao]

Zhuo, J.C.[Jia Cheng] Co Author Listing * Bottom-Up Object Detection by Grouping Extreme and Center Points
Includes: Zhuo, J.C.[Jia Cheng] Zhuo, J.C.[Jia-Cheng]

Zhuo, K.Q.[Ke Qiang] Co Author Listing * Retinal fundus image registration framework using Bayesian integration and asymmetric Gaussian mixture model
Includes: Zhuo, K.Q.[Ke Qiang] Zhuo, K.Q.[Ke-Qiang]

Zhuo, K.Q.A.[Ke Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * adaptive framework for saliency detection, An
Includes: Zhuo, K.Q.A.[Ke Qi Ang] Zhuo, K.Q.A.[Ke-Qi-Ang]

Zhuo, L. Co Author Listing * 3D Hand Pose Estimation with Disentangled Cross-Modal Latent Space
* Automatic Endmember Extraction Using Pixel Purity Index for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Binarized Neural Architecture Search for Efficient Object Recognition
* Blind Image Quality Assessment with Channel Attention Based Deep Residual Network and Extended LargeVis Dimensionality Reduction
* Cascade Transformer Decoder Based Occluded Pedestrian Detection With Dynamic Deformable Convolution and Gaussian Projection Channel Attention Mechanism
* Channel-Adaptive Error Protection for Streaming Stored MPEG-4 FGS Over Error-Prone Environments
* CISP09
* Cogradient Descent for Bilinear Optimization
* Complexity Allocation and Control Algorithm for H.264 Inter Coding Based on Mobile Devices
* Creating descriptive visual words for tag ranking of compressed social image
* Crowd activity recognition in live video streaming via 3D-ResNet and region graph convolution network
* Data Fusion for Estimating High-Resolution Urban Heatwave Air Temperature
* Data-Mining Based Video Shot Classification Method, A
* DCP-NAS: Discrepant Child-Parent Neural Architecture Search for 1-bit CNNs
* Deep-network based method for joint image deblocking and super-resolution
* Deeply supervised vestibule segmentation network for CT images with global context-aware pyramid feature extraction
* Deformable Gabor Feature Networks for Biomedical Image Classification
* Detecting Absence of Bone Wall in Jugular Bulb by Image Transformation Surrogate Tasks
* discriminative self-attention cycle GAN for face super-resolution and recognition, A
* EAOD-Net: Effective anomaly object detection networks for X-ray images
* Efficient Hyperspectral Image Retrieval Method: Deep Spectral-Spatial Feature Extraction with DCGAN and Dimensionality Reduction Using t-SNE-Based NM Hashing, An
* efficient method of content-targeted online video advertising, An
* Endmember Initialization Scheme for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Its Application in Hyperspectral Unmixing, An
* Estimation of Economic Spillover Effects under the Hierarchical Structure of Urban Agglomeration Based on Time-Series Night-Time Lights: A Case Study of the Pearl River Delta, China
* Extreme Weather Recognition Using a Novel Fine-Tuning Strategy and Optimized GoogLeNet
* Fast Three-Dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition of Hyperspectral Images for Class-Oriented Multitask Learning
* Fast-Vid2Vid: Spatial-Temporal Compression for Video-to-Video Synthesis
* Harvesting Web Images for Realistic Facial Expression Recognition
* Identifying Building Functions from the Spatiotemporal Population Density and the Interactions of People among Buildings
* improved temporal mixture analysis unmixing method for estimating impervious surface area based on MODIS and DMSP-OLS data, An
* Inferring Mixed Use of Buildings with Multisource Data Based on Tensor Decomposition
* Kernelized Multiview Subspace Analysis By Self-Weighted Learning
* Layered-based exposure fusion algorithm
* Learning realistic facial expressions from web images
* Meta-Learning Paradigm and CosAttn for Streamer Action Recognition in Live Video
* Multi-level prediction Siamese network for real-time UAV visual tracking
* Multilevel fusion of multimodal deep features for porn streamer recognition in live video
* MultiRPN-DIDNet: Multiple RPNs and Distance-IoU Discriminative Network for Real-Time UAV Target Tracking
* Novel Building Type Classification Scheme Based on Integrated LiDAR and High-Resolution Images, A
* Object Tracking in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Videos via Multifeature Discrimination and Instance-Aware Attention Network
* Pedestrian Detection Based on Imbalance Prior for Surveillance Video
* Personalized Recommendation of Social Images by Constructing a User Interest Tree With Deep Features and Tag Trees
* Personalized Social Image Recommendation Method Based on User-Image-Tag Model
* Porn Streamer Recognition in Live Video Streaming via Attention-Gated Multimodal Deep Features
* Pornographic image region detection based on visual attention model in compressed domain
* Prohibited Object Detection in X-ray Images with Dynamic Deformable Convolution and Adaptive IoU
* Real-time moving object segmentation and tracking for H.264/AVC surveillance videos
* Research on pornographic images recognition method based on visual words in a compressed domain
* Residual Dense Network Based on Channel-Spatial Attention for the Scene Classification of a High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image
* Road Recognition From Remote Sensing Imagery Using Incremental Learning
* Semi-Supervised Single-Image Dehazing Network via Disentangled Meta-Knowledge
* Small Object Detection in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images Using Feature Fusion and Scaling-Based Single Shot Detector With Spatial Context Analysis
* Structure Transfer Machine: Theory and Applications, The
* Structure-prior deep neural network for lane detection
* Study of Top-Down Visual Attention Model Based on Similarity Distance, A
* Supervised Color Correction Based on QPSO-BP Neural Network Algorithm
* Tag tree creation of social image for personalized recommendation
* Towards Stable Human Pose Estimation via Cross-View Fusion and Foot Stabilization
* USID-Net: Unsupervised Single Image Dehazing Network via Disentangled Representations
* Vehicle classification for large-scale traffic surveillance videos using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Video Background Music Generation: Dataset, Method and Evaluation
* Video-Based Person Re-identification by Deep Feature Guided Pooling
* Visual sensitivity-based low-bit-rate image compression algorithm
Includes: Zhuo, L. Zhuo, L.[Li] Zhuo, L.[Li'an] Zhuo, L.[Lu] Zhuo, L.[Long] Zhuo, L.[Lin] Zhuo, L.[Le]
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Zhuo, L.H.[Lin Hai] Co Author Listing * Knowledge driven weights estimation for large-scale few-shot image recognition
Includes: Zhuo, L.H.[Lin Hai] Zhuo, L.H.[Lin-Hai]

Zhuo, L.Y.[Li Yuan] Co Author Listing * novel optimization framework for salient object detection, A
Includes: Zhuo, L.Y.[Li Yuan] Zhuo, L.Y.[Li-Yuan]

Zhuo, M.[Ming] Co Author Listing * High-Utility Differentially Private Mechanism for Space Information Networks, A

Zhuo, P.J.[Pei Jin] Co Author Listing * AIM 2019 Challenge on Constrained Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
Includes: Zhuo, P.J.[Pei Jin] Zhuo, P.J.[Pei-Jin]

Zhuo, Q.[Qing] Co Author Listing * Background Subtraction using Incremental Subspace Learning
* Discriminatory Sparse Coding And Its Application To Face Recognition
* Off-line Chinese signature verification based on support vector machines
* Sparse image coding with clustering property and its application to face recognition

Zhuo, R. Co Author Listing * Ability to Recognize Microexpression and Detect Deception in the Elderly, The

Zhuo, R.M.[Rong Ming] Co Author Listing * Spatial-Temporal Depth-Wise Residual Network for Crop Sub-Pixel Mapping from MODIS Images, A
Includes: Zhuo, R.M.[Rong Ming] Zhuo, R.M.[Rong-Ming]

Zhuo, S. Co Author Listing * AllFocus: Patch-Based Video Out-of-Focus Blur Reconstruction
* Land Cover Classification Using A Feature Pyramid Networks Architecture From Satellite Imagery, The
* RIDNet: Recursive Information Distillation Network for Color Image Denoising

Zhuo, S.J.[Shao Jian] Co Author Listing * Automatic Quantitative Assessment of the Small Bowel Motility with Cine-MRI Sequence Analysis
* Correcting over-exposure in photographs
* Cross-Field Joint Image Restoration via Scale Map
* Defocus map estimation from a single image
* Enhancing low light images using near infrared flash images
* High Resolution Photography with an RGB-Infrared Camera
* Near-infrared guided color image dehazing
* On the Recovery of Depth from a Single Defocused Image
* Robust flash deblurring
Includes: Zhuo, S.J.[Shao Jian] Zhuo, S.J.[Shao-Jian] Zhuo, S.J.[Shao-Jie]
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Zhuo, S.K.[Sheng Kai] Co Author Listing * STA3D: Spatiotemporally attentive 3D network for video saliency prediction
Includes: Zhuo, S.K.[Sheng Kai] Zhuo, S.K.[Sheng-Kai]

Zhuo, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * Ensemble Tracking Based on Diverse Collaborative Framework With Multi-Cue Dynamic Fusion
* Entropy guided attention network for weakly-supervised action localization
* Going deeper with two-stream ConvNets for action recognition in video surveillance
* Local Topographic Shape Patterns for Texture Description
* Multitemporal Scale and Spatial-Temporal Transformer Network for Temporal Action Localization, A
* Understanding Atomic Hand-Object Interaction With Human Intention
* Unsupervised Abstract Reasoning for Raven's Problem Matrices
* Unsupervised Online Video Object Segmentation With Motion Property Understanding
* Video Action Recognition Based on Deeper Convolution Networks with Pair-Wise Frame Motion Concatenation
Includes: Zhuo, T.[Tao] Zhuo, T.
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Zhuo, W.[Wen] Co Author Listing * Assimilating Soil Moisture Retrieved from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data into WOFOST Model to Improve Winter Wheat Yield Estimation
* Building Scene Models by Completing and Hallucinating Depth and Semantics
* Classification of Tidal Flat Wetland Vegetation Combining Phenological Features with Google Earth Engine, A
* Estimating the Forest Carbon Storage of Chongming Eco-Island, China, Using Multisource Remotely Sensed Data
* Few-Shot Object Detection With Attention-RPN and Multi-Relation Detector
* Graph-Based Visual Analytic Tools for Parallel Coordinates
* Image classification using HTM cortical learning algorithms
* Improved Approach of Winter Wheat Yield Estimation by Jointly Assimilating Remotely Sensed Leaf Area Index and Soil Moisture into the WOFOST Model, An
* Indoor Scene Parsing with Instance Segmentation, Semantic Labeling and Support Relationship Inference
* Indoor scene structure analysis for single image depth estimation
* Intelligent control based on case-based reasoning for outlet tobacco moisture percentage of loosening resurgence machine
* Learning Inner-Group Relations on Point Clouds
* Mining Latent Classes for Few-shot Segmentation
* Prediction of Winter Wheat Maturity Dates through Assimilating Remotely Sensed Leaf Area Index into Crop Growth Model
* RDCRMG: A Raster Dataset Clean & Reconstitution Multi-Grid Architecture for Remote Sensing Monitoring of Vegetation Dryness
* Revealing the Driving Mechanisms of Land Surface Temperature Spatial Heterogeneity and Its Sensitive Regions in China Based on GeoDetector
* Semi-Supervised Representation Learning for Segmentation on Medical Volumes and Sequences
* ST++: Make Self-trainingWork Better for Semi-supervised Semantic Segmentation
* UAV Mapping of the Chlorophyll Content in a Tidal Flat Wetland Using a Combination of Spectral and Frequency Indices
* Using Long-Term Earth Observation Data to Reveal the Factors Contributing to the Early 2020 Desert Locust Upsurge and the Resulting Vegetation Loss
Includes: Zhuo, W.[Wen] Zhuo, W. Zhuo, W.[Wei] Zhuo, W.[Wang]
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Zhuo, W.H.[Wen Hao] Co Author Listing * Slope-Unit Scale Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Based on the Random Forest Model in Deep Valley Areas
Includes: Zhuo, W.H.[Wen Hao] Zhuo, W.H.[Wen-Hao]

Zhuo, W.P.[Wei Peng] Co Author Listing * Run, Don't Walk: Chasing Higher FLOPS for Faster Neural Networks
* TVConv: Efficient Translation Variant Convolution for Layout-aware Visual Processing
Includes: Zhuo, W.P.[Wei Peng] Zhuo, W.P.[Wei-Peng]

Zhuo, W.Q.[Wen Qi] Co Author Listing * Contrastive Knowledge Transfer for Deepfake Detection with Limited Data
* Radiative Effects and Costing Assessment of Arctic Sea Ice Albedo Changes
* Validation of the Analytical Model of Oceanic Lidar Returns: Comparisons with Monte Carlo Simulations and Experimental Results
Includes: Zhuo, W.Q.[Wen Qi] Zhuo, W.Q.[Wen-Qi] Zhuo, W.Q.[Wen-Qin]

Zhuo, X. Co Author Listing * DeepLIMa: Deep Learning Based Lesion Identification in Mammograms
* Fusion of Multi-View and Multi-Scale Aerial Imagery for Real-Time Situation Awareness Applications
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Video Super-Resolution
* Online Cost Efficient Customer Recognition System for Retail Analytics
Includes: Zhuo, X. Zhuo, X.[Xu]

Zhuo, X.Y.[Xiang Yu] Co Author Listing * Automatic Annotation of Airborne Images by Label Propagation Based on a Bayesian-CRF Model
* Automatic UAV Image Geo-Registration by Matching UAV Images to Georeferenced Image Data
* Optimization of OpenStreetMap Building Footprints Based on Semantic Information of Oblique UAV Images
Includes: Zhuo, X.Y.[Xiang Yu] Zhuo, X.Y.[Xiang-Yu]

Zhuo, Y.[Yang] Co Author Listing * Deep hybrid manifold for image set classification
* Illumination-invariant non-local means based video denoising
* MAVA: Multi-Level Adaptive Visual-Textual Alignment by Cross-Media Bi-Attention Mechanism
* Natural Gas Induced Vegetation Stress Identification and Discrimination from Hyperspectral Imaging for Pipeline Leakage Detection
* Potential Mechanism of the Satellite Thermal Infrared Seismic Anomaly Based on Change in Temperature Caused by Stress Variation: Theoretical, Experimental and Field Investigations, A
Includes: Zhuo, Y.[Yang] Zhuo, Y.[Yue] Zhuo, Y. Zhuo, Y.[Ying] Zhuo, Y.[Yanqun]

Zhuo, Y.F.[Yue Fei] Co Author Listing * LADM-Based Model for Natural Resource Administration in China
Includes: Zhuo, Y.F.[Yue Fei] Zhuo, Y.F.[Yue-Fei]

Zhuo, Y.K.[Yun Kan] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Visual-Textual Knowledge Distillation for Life-Long Correlation Learning
Includes: Zhuo, Y.K.[Yun Kan] Zhuo, Y.K.[Yun-Kan]

Zhuo, Y.W.[Yu Wei] Co Author Listing * PatchMask: A Data Augmentation Strategy with Gaussian Noise in Hyperspectral Images
* Remote Sensing Pansharpening by Full-Depth Feature Fusion
Includes: Zhuo, Y.W.[Yu Wei] Zhuo, Y.W.[Yu-Wei]

Zhuo, Y.X.[Yao Xin] Co Author Listing * Weakly Supervised Deep Image Hashing Through Tag Embeddings
Includes: Zhuo, Y.X.[Yao Xin] Zhuo, Y.X.[Yao-Xin]

Zhuo, Z.[Zheng] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Image Retrieval with Gabor-CA-ResNet and Split-Based Deep Feature Transform Network

Zhuo, Z.J.[Zhao Jun] Co Author Listing * Suaeda salsa spectral index for Suaeda salsa mapping and fractional cover estimation in intertidal wetlands
Includes: Zhuo, Z.J.[Zhao Jun] Zhuo, Z.J.[Zhao-Jun]

Zhuo, Z.L.[Zhong Liu] Co Author Listing * Improving data field hierarchical clustering using Barnes-Hut algorithm
Includes: Zhuo, Z.L.[Zhong Liu] Zhuo, Z.L.[Zhong-Liu]

Zhuo, Z.Q.[Zhi Qing] Co Author Listing * Digital Mapping of Soil Organic Carbon with Machine Learning in Dryland of Northeast and North Plain China
* Fine Resolution Mapping of Soil Organic Carbon in Croplands with Feature Selection and Machine Learning in Northeast Plain China
* Prioritizing Abandoned Mine Lands Rehabilitation: Combining Landscape Connectivity and Pattern Indices with Scenario Analysis Using Land-Use Modeling
Includes: Zhuo, Z.Q.[Zhi Qing] Zhuo, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qing]

Zhuo, Z.Y.[Zhen Yu] Co Author Listing * Instantaneous Frequency Estimation Based on Modified Kalman Filter for Cone-Shaped Target
* Noise Robust Micro-Range Estimation Method for Precession Cone-Shaped Targets, A
Includes: Zhuo, Z.Y.[Zhen Yu] Zhuo, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu]

Zhuoxin, S.[Sun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive filter for speckle reduction with feature preservation in medical ultrasound images

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