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Asan, A. Co Author Listing * Optimum Encoding Approaches on Video Resolution Changes: A Comparative Study

Asandulesei, A.[Andrei] Co Author Listing * Inside a Cucuteni Settlement: Remote Sensing Techniques for Documenting an Unexplored Eneolithic Site from Northeastern Romania
* Pars pro toto: Remote Sensing Data for the Reconstruction of a Rounded Chalcolithic Site from NE Romania: The Case of Ripiceni-Holm Settlement (Cucuteni Culture)
* Raking over the Ashes: The Analysis of the LBA Ashmounds from NE Romania

Asanjan, A.A.[Ata Akbari] Co Author Listing * Bias Correction of Satellite-Based Precipitation Estimations Using Quantile Mapping Approach in Different Climate Regions of Iran
* Evaluation of PERSIANN-CDR Constructed Using GPCP V2.2 and V2.3 and A Comparison with TRMM 3B42 V7 and CPC Unified Gauge-Based Analysis in Global Scale
* Probabilistic Wildfire Segmentation Using Supervised Deep Generative Model from Satellite Imagery
* Spatiotemporal Variations of Precipitation over Iran Using the High-Resolution and Nearly Four Decades Satellite-Based PERSIANN-CDR Dataset
* What You See Is What You Breathe? Estimating Air Pollution Spatial Variation Using Street-Level Imagery

Asano, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * Active Contour Model Based on Mathematical Morphology
* Application of Size Distribution Analysis to Wrinkle Evaluation of Textile Materials
* Convergence Properties of Recursive Rank-Order Filter and Neural Network
* Dewarping of document image by global optimization
* Extraction of trabecular structures of mandible excluding tooth roots on dental panoramic radiographs using mathematical morphology
* Image segmentation by histogram thresholding using hierarchical cluster analysis
* Modification of Spatial Distribution in Primitive and Point Configuration Texture Model
* Morphological Texture Analysis Using Optimization of Structuring Elements
* Multiresolution Pattern Spectrum and Its Application to Optimization of Nonlinear Filter
* Nearest Neighbor Median Filter: Some Deterministic Properties and Implementations, The
* Primitive and Point Configuration Texture Model and Primitive Estimation Using Mathematical Morphology
* RONDO: Rank-Order Based Nonlinear Differential Operator
* Statistical quantification of the effects of viewing distance on texture perception
* Texture analysis using morphological pattern spectrum and optimization of structuring elements
* Texture Modelling by Optimal Gray Scale Structuring Elements Using Morphological Pattern Spectrum
* Visual complexity assessment of painting images
Includes: Asano, A.[Akira] Asano, A.
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Asano, C.M.[Chie Muraki] Co Author Listing * Application of Size Distribution Analysis to Wrinkle Evaluation of Textile Materials
* Extraction of trabecular structures of mandible excluding tooth roots on dental panoramic radiographs using mathematical morphology
* Statistical quantification of the effects of viewing distance on texture perception
* Visual complexity assessment of painting images

Asano, E. Co Author Listing * Color Drop-Out Binarization Method for Document Images with Color Shift
* Deep Relational Reasoning for the Prediction of Language Impairment and Postoperative Seizure Outcome Using Preoperative DWI Connectome Data of Children With Focal Epilepsy
* Objective Detection of Eloquent Axonal Pathways to Minimize Postoperative Deficits in Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Using Diffusion Tractography and Convolutional Neural Networks

Asano, H. Co Author Listing * Accumulated Aggregation Shifting Based on Feature Enhancement for Defect Detection on 3D Textured Low-Contrast Surfaces
* Accumulated and aggregated shifting of intensity for defect detection on micro 3D textured surfaces
* Robust defect detection in 2D images printed on 3D micro-textured surfaces by multiple paired pixel consistency in orientation codes
Includes: Asano, H. Asano, H.[Hirokazu]

Asano, M. Co Author Listing * Form Identification Based On Cell Structure

Asano, N. Co Author Listing * automatic lung cancer detection from X-ray images obtained through yearly serial mass survey, An
* Device for focus detection or distance detection
Includes: Asano, N. Asano, N.[Noriyuki]

Asano, S.[Satoru] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition by Bidirectional View Synthesis
* Vibrotactile Stimulation to Increase and Decrease Texture Roughness
Includes: Asano, S.[Satoru] Asano, S.

Asano, T.[Toshio] Co Author Listing * Color uniformity evaluation of electronic displays based on visual sensitivity
* Combinatorial and Geometric Problems Related to Digital Halftoning
* Combined Radial Basis Function Model for Fingerprint Distortion, A
* Constant-Working-Space Algorithms for Image Processing
* Development of an Automated Method for the Detection of Chronic Lacunar Infarct Regions in Brain MR Images
* Digital halftoning algorithm based on random space-filling curve
* Fingerprint Matching Using Minutia Polygons
* Image Segmentation Schema for Low-Level Computer Vision
* Linear Boundary and Corner Detection Using Limited Number of Sensor Rows
* Linear Time Algorithm for Binary Fingerprint Image Denoising Using Distance Transform, A
* Minimum-Length Polygons in Approximation Sausages
* Near-linear Time Algorithm for Binarization of Fingerprint Images Using Distance Transform, A
* New Framework for Connected Components Labeling of Binary Images, A
* Partitioning a Polygonal Region into Trapezoids
* Partitioning a Polygonal Region into Trapezoids
* Small Work Space Algorithms for Some Basic Problems on Binary Images
Includes: Asano, T.[Toshio] Asano, T.[Tetsuo] Asano, T.[Takahiko] Asano, T. Asano, T.[Takao]
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Asano, W.[Wataru] Co Author Listing * highly parallelized H.265/HEVC real-time UHD software encoder, A

Asano, Y.[Yuta] Co Author Listing * 4D Hyperspectral Photoacoustic Data Restoration with Reliability Analysis
* City-Scale Distance Sensing via Bispectral Light Extinction in Bad Weather
* Coded Illumination and Imaging for Fluorescence Based Classification
* Depth Sensing by Near-Infrared Light Absorption in Water
* Estimation of Wetness and Color from a Single Multispectral Image
* Geo-Graph-Indistinguishability: Location Privacy on Road Networks with Differential Privacy
* Geological Mapping By Combining Spectral Unmixing And Cluster Analysis For Hyperspectral Data
* High-fidelity Event-Radiance Recovery via Transient Event Frequency
* Improved Correction Method For Water-refracted Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data Acquired In The Mountain Channel
* Method and system for determining shape in plane to be determined in atmosphere of scattering materials
* Multi-view 3D Reconstruction of a Texture-less Smooth Surface of Unknown Generic Reflectance
* Multiple Color Matches to Estimate Human Color Vision Sensitivities
* Reliability-Aware Restoration Framework for 4D Spectral Photoacoustic Data
* Shape from Water: Bispectral Light Absorption for Depth Recovery
* Underwater Scene Recovery Using Wavelength-Dependent Refraction of Light
* Variable Ring Light Imaging: Capturing Transient Subsurface Scattering with an Ordinary Camera
* Visibility enhancement of fluorescent substance under ambient illumination using flash photography
* Wetness and Color from a Single Multispectral Image
Includes: Asano, Y.[Yuta] Asano, Y.[Yasuhito] Asano, Y. Asano, Y.[Yuichiro]
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Asano, Y.M.[Yuki M.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Neural PDE-Solvers using Quantization Aware Training
* Less Than Few: Self-shot Video Instance Segmentation
* On Compositions of Transformations in Contrastive Self-Supervised Learning
* Self-Guided Diffusion Models
* Self-Ordering Point Clouds
* Self-Supervised Learning of Object Parts for Semantic Segmentation
* Self-supervised object detection from audio-visual correspondence
* Space-Time Crop & Attend: Improving Cross-modal Video Representation Learning
* VTC: Improving Video-Text Retrieval with User Comments
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Asanomi, T.[Takanori] Co Author Listing * MixBag: Bag-Level Data Augmentation for Learning from Label Proportions
* Multi-Frame Attention with Feature-Level Warping for Drone Crowd Tracking

Asante, K.O. Co Author Listing * Developing a Flood Monitoring System From Remotely Sensed Data for the Limpopo Basin

Asanuma, J. Co Author Listing * Improved SMAP Dual-Channel Algorithm for the Retrieval of Soil Moisture

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