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Briola, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * Ontology-Driven Processing and Management of Digital Rock Art Objects in IndianaMAS

Briole, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Coseismic Displacements from Moderate-Size Earthquakes Mapped by Sentinel-1 Differential Interferometry: The Case of February 2017 Gulpinar Earthquake Sequence (Biga Peninsula, Turkey)
* Multitemporal Method for Correction of Tropospheric Effects in Differential SAR Interferometry: Application to the Gulf of Corinth Earthquake, A
* Tropospheric Correction of Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferograms Using a High-Resolution Weather Model Validated by GNSS Measurements
* Use of GNSS Tropospheric Delay Measurements for the Parameterization and Validation of WRF High-Resolution Re-Analysis over the Western Gulf of Corinth, Greece: The PaTrop Experiment
Includes: Briole, P.[Pierre] Briole, P.

Brion, E.[Eliott] Co Author Listing * Contour Propagation in CT Scans with Convolutional Neural Networks

Briones, J. Co Author Listing * Urban Heritage Monitoring, Using Image Processing Techniques and Data Collection With Terrestrial Laser Scanner (tls), Case Study Cuenca - Ecuador

Briones, J.C. Co Author Listing * Strategies for the Management of Built Heritage Linked to Maintenance And Monitoring. Case Study of the San Roque Neighborhood, Cuenca, Ecuador

Briot, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Efficient CNN Design Techniques for Semantic Segmentation

Briot, M.[Maurice] Co Author Listing * 3-D Modelling and Robot Localization from Visual and Range Data in Natural Scenes
* 3D laser micro-sensor integrating control and data processing in an FPGA-based calculator, A
* Approach to Spatial Pattern Recognition of Solid Objects, An
* smart sensor based visual landmarks detection for indoor robot navigation, A
Includes: Briot, M.[Maurice] Briot, M.

Briot, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Complete Singularity Analysis for the Perspective-Four-Point Problem
Includes: Briot, S.[Sebastien] Briot, S.[Sébastien]

Briottet, X. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Performance of the TES Algorithm Over Urban Areas
* Criteria Comparison for Classifying Peatland Vegetation Types Using In Situ Hyperspectral Measurements
* Detection of individual trees in urban alignment from airborne data and contextual information: A marked point process approach
* Extraction of Optimal Spectral Bands Using Hierarchical Band Merging Out of Hyperspectral Data
* Fusion of Hyperspectral and Panchromatic Data By Spectral Unmixing In The Reflective Domain
* ICARE-VEG: A 3D physics-based atmospheric correction method for tree shadows in urban areas
* Impact of contextual information integration on pixel fusion
* Impact of Modeling Abstractions When Estimating Leaf Mass per Area and Equivalent Water Thickness over Sparse Forests Using a Hybrid Method
* Impact of Tree Crown Transmittance on Surface Reflectance Retrieval in the Shade for High Spatial Resolution Imaging Spectroscopy: A Simulation Analysis Based on Tree Modeling Scenarios
* Improvement of Soil Moisture Retrieval from Hyperspectral VNIR-SWIR Data Using Clay Content Information: From Laboratory to Field Experiments
* Inertia-Constrained Pixel-by-Pixel Nonnegative Matrix Factorisation: A Hyperspectral Unmixing Method Dealing with Intra-Class Variability
* Joint Use of PROSAIL and DART for Fast LUT Building: Application to Gap Fraction and Leaf Biochemistry Estimations over Sparse Oak Stands
* Linear-Quadratic Mixing Model for Reflectances in Urban Environments
* Mapping Benthic Habitats by Extending Non-Negative Matrix Factorization to Address the Water Column and Seabed Adjacency Effects
* Monitoring LAI, Chlorophylls, and Carotenoids Content of a Woodland Savanna Using Hyperspectral Imagery and 3D Radiative Transfer Modeling
* Montmorillonite Estimation in Clay-Quartz-Calcite Samples from Laboratory SWIR Imaging Spectroscopy: A Comparative Study of Spectral Preprocessings and Unmixing Methods
* Multi-Resolution Study of Thermal Unmixing Techniques over Madrid Urban Area: Case Study of TRISHNA Mission
* Night Thermal Unmixing for the Study of Microscale Surface Urban Heat Islands with TRISHNA-Like Data
* North Africa and Saudi Arabia Day/Night Sandstorm Survey (NASCube)
* Partial Linear NMF-Based Unmixing Methods for Detection and Area Estimation of Photovoltaic Panels in Urban Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data
* Phenological Dynamics Characterization of Alignment Trees with Sentinel-2 Imagery: A Vegetation Indices Time Series Reconstruction Methodology Adapted to Urban Areas
* physics-based unmixing method for thermal hyperspectral images, A
* Physics-Based Unmixing Method to Estimate Subpixel Temperatures on Mixed Pixels, A
* Reconstruction of Sky Illumination Domes From Ground-based Panoramas
* Revisiting Pseudo Invariant Calibration Sites (PICS) Over Sand Deserts for Vicarious Calibration of Optical Imagers at 20 km and 100 km Scales
* Shadow detection in very high spatial resolution aerial images: A comparative study
* Spectral Unmixing for Thermal Infrared Multi-Spectral Airborne Imagery over Urban Environments: Day and Night Synergy
* sub km resolution global database of surface reflectance and emissivity based on 10-years of MODIS data, A
* Using a Panchromatic Image to Improve Hyperspectral Unmixing
Includes: Briottet, X. Briottet, X.[Xavier]
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