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Diao, C. Co Author Listing * Multi-View Photometric Stereo: A Robust Solution and Benchmark Dataset for Spatially Varying Isotropic Materials
* To Achieve Real Immersion: the 3D Virtual and Physical Reconstruction of Cave 3 and Cave 12 of Yungang Grottoes

Diao, C.Y.[Chun Yuan] Co Author Listing * Innovative pheno-network model in estimating crop phenological stages with satellite time series
Includes: Diao, C.Y.[Chun Yuan] Diao, C.Y.[Chun-Yuan]

Diao, F.[Faqi] Co Author Listing * Secondary Fault Activity of the North Anatolian Fault near Avcilar, Southwest of Istanbul: Evidence from SAR Interferometry Observations

Diao, J.J.[Jiao Jiao] Co Author Listing * Substantially Greater Carbon Emissions Estimated Based on Annual Land-Use Transition Data
Includes: Diao, J.J.[Jiao Jiao] Diao, J.J.[Jiao-Jiao]

Diao, L.[Luhong] Co Author Listing * new edge detector based on Fresnel diffraction, A

Diao, L.H.[Lu Hong] Co Author Listing * Moment invariants under similarity transformation
* Necessary Condition of Affine Moment Invariants
Includes: Diao, L.H.[Lu Hong] Diao, L.H.[Lu-Hong]

Diao, M.[Mamadou] Co Author Listing * Multimedia Mining on Manycore Architectures: The Case for GPUs

Diao, N. Co Author Listing * On the Generation of Gapless and Seamless Daily Surface Reflectance Data

Diao, P. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Deep Learning Applied to Breast Density Segmentation and Mammographic Risk Scoring

Diao, P.L.[Pei Lun] Co Author Listing * Optimized rateless UEP codes for scalable video streaming
Includes: Diao, P.L.[Pei Lun] Diao, P.L.[Pei-Lun]

Diao, Q.[Qian] Co Author Listing * dynamic bayesian network approach to multi-cue based visual tracking, A
* Semantic Event Detection using Conditional Random Fields

Diao, R. Co Author Listing * Feature Selection Inspired Classifier Ensemble Reduction

Diao, W.H.[Wen Hui] Co Author Listing * Aircraft Reconstruction in High-Resolution SAR Images Using Deep Shape Prior
* FMSSD: Feature-Merged Single-Shot Detection for Multiscale Objects in Large-Scale Remote Sensing Imagery
* IoU-Adaptive Deformable R-CNN: Make Full Use of IoU for Multi-Class Object Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery
* LAM: Remote Sensing Image Captioning with Label-Attention Mechanism
* Towards Automated Ship Detection and Category Recognition from High-Resolution Aerial Images
* WSF-NET: Weakly Supervised Feature-Fusion Network for Binary Segmentation in Remote Sensing Image
Includes: Diao, W.H.[Wen Hui] Diao, W.H.[Wen-Hui]

Diao, Y.F.[Ying Fei] Co Author Listing * Comparison of node localization methods for sensor networks
Includes: Diao, Y.F.[Ying Fei] Diao, Y.F.[Ying-Fei]

Diao, Z. Co Author Listing * Data Augmentation via Latent Space Interpolation for Image Classification
* Hybrid Model for Short-Term Traffic Volume Prediction in Massive Transportation Systems, A

Diao, Z.H.[Zhi Hui] Co Author Listing * joint optimization framework of low-dimensional projection and collaborative representation for discriminative classification, A
Includes: Diao, Z.H.[Zhi Hui] Diao, Z.H.[Zhi-Hui]

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