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Dyer, A. Co Author Listing * Configural processing enables discrimination and categorization of face-like stimuli in honeybees

Dyer, A.G.[Adrian G.] Co Author Listing * Saliency Preservation in Low-Resolution Grayscale Images
* Spatial Monitoring and Insect Behavioural Analysis Using Computer Vision for Precision Pollination
* Towards Computer Vision and Deep Learning Facilitated Pollination Monitoring for Agriculture

Dyer, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Pose-Robust 3D Facial Landmark Estimation from a Single 2D Image
* study on automatic age estimation using a large database, A

Dyer, C.R.[Charles R.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Dyer, C.R.[Charles R.]: dyer AT cs wisc edu
* 2-D Object Recognition Using Hierarchical Boundary Segments
* 3-D Multiview Object Representations for Model-Based Object Recognition
* Abundant Inverse Regression Using Sufficient Reduction and Its Applications
* Affine Calibration from Moving Objects
* Affine Invariant Detection of Periodic Motion
* Analog Relaxation Processor, An
* Analysis of Node Linking in Overlapped Pyramids, An
* Asp: A Continuous Viewer-Centered Representation for 3D Object Recognition, The
* Aspect Graphs: an Introduction and Survey of Recent Results
* Blob Extraction by Relaxation
* Building Global Object Models by Purposive Viewpoint Control
* Comparative Study of Texture Measures for Terrain Classification, A
* Complete Scene Structure from Four Point Correspondences
* Computing Spatiotemporal Relations for Dynamic Perceptual Organization
* Computing Spatiotemporal Surface Flow
* Computing the Euler Number of an Image from its Quadtree
* Constrained Viewpoint from Occluding Contour
* Cyclic Motion Analysis Using Periodic Trace
* Cyclic Motion Detection Using Spatiotemporal Surfaces and Curves
* Detecting Irregularities in Cyclic Motion
* Direct computation of differential invariants of image contours from shading
* Dynamic Shading, Motion Parallax and Qualitative Shape
* Efficient Schemes for Monte Carlo Markov Chain Algorithms in Global Illumination
* Experiments in Terrain Classification on Landsat Imagery by Texture Analysis
* Experiments on Picture Representation Using Regular Decomposition
* Fourier Texture Features: Suppression of Aperture Effects
* Gauge Inspection Using Hough Transforms
* Global Surface Reconstruction by Purposive Control of Observer Motion
* Half-integrality based algorithms for cosegmentation of images
* Head pose estimation: Classification or regression?
* Image-Based Human Age Estimation by Manifold Learning and Locally Adjusted Robust Regression
* Image-Based Scene Rendering and Manipulation Research at the University of Wisconsin
* Image-Based Visualization from Widely-Separated Views
* Interpolating View and Scene Motion by Dynamic Morphing
* Interpolating View and Scene Motion by Dynamic View Morphing
* Is gender recognition affected by age?
* Learning From Examples in the Small Sample Case: Face Expression Recognition
* Linear Combination Representation for Outlier Detection in Motion Tracking
* Local Constraint Integration in a Connectionist Model of Stereo Vision
* Locally Adjusted Robust Regression for Human Age Estimation
* Long-Range Spatiotemporal Motion Understanding Using Spatiotemporal Flow Curves
* Medial-Axis Based Shape Smoothing
* Metric Self Calibration from Screw-Transform Manifolds
* Model-Based Industrial Part Recognition: Systems and Algorithms
* Model-Based Recognition in Robot Vision
* Model-based Shape from Contour and Point Patterns
* Modeling the Rim Appearance
* Multiscale Image Understanding
* Object Exploration by Purposive, Dynamic Viewpoint Adjustment
* Observer Motion Estimation and Control from Optical Flow
* Occluding Contour Detection Using Affine Invariants and Purposive Viewpoint Control
* Occlusion-Based Representation of Shape for Viewpoint Recovery, An
* Parallel Image Processing by Memory-Augmented Cellular Automata
* Patch-based Image Correlation with Rapid Filtering
* Perception-Based 2D Shape Modeling by Curvature Shaping
* Photorealistic Scene Reconstruction by Voxel Coloring
* Physically-Valid View Synthesis by Image Interpolation
* Probabilistic Fusion Approach to human age prediction, A
* Propagation Algorithms for Framing Rectangle Construction
* Provable Strategies for Vision-Guided Exploration in Three Dimensions
* Recognition and Recovery of the Three-Dimensional Orientation of Planar Point Patterns
* Recovering Shape by Purposive Viewpoint Adjustment
* Region Representation: Boundary Codes from Quadtrees
* Scale Space Aspect Graph, The
* Shape Recovery from Stationary Surface Contours by Controlled Observer Motion
* Shape Smoothing Using Medial Axis Properties
* Simultaneous feature selection and classifier training via linear programming: a case study for face expression recognition
* Space Efficiency of Quadtrees, The
* Special Section on Computer Architectures
* Stratified Self Calibration from Screw-Transform Manifolds
* Texture Classification Using Gray Level Co-Occurrence Based on Edge Maxima
* Texture Primitive Extraction Using an Edge-Based Approach
* Thinning Algorithms for Gray-Scale Pictures
* Three-Dimensional Shape Representation
* Toward Global Surface Reconstruction by Purposive Viewpoint Adjustment
* Toward Image-Based Scene Representation Using View Morphing
* Towards Real-Time Voxel Coloring
* Triangle Cellular Automata
* Trinocular General Support Algorithm: A Three-Camera Stereo Algorithm for Overcoming Binocular Matching Errors, The
* Two-Dimensional Object Recognition Using Multiresolution Models
* View Invariant Analysis of Cyclic Motion
* View Morphing
* View Morphing: Uniquely Predicting Scene Appearance from Basis Images
* Viewpoint from Occluding Contour
* Visibility, Occlusion, and the Aspect Graph
* Vision-Guided Exploration: A Step toward General Motion Planning in Three Dimensions
* Volumetric scene reconstruction from multiple views
* Why Aspect Graphs Are Not (Yet) Practical for Computer Vision
Includes: Dyer, C.R.[Charles R.] Dyer, C.R.
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Dyer, E.L.[Eva L.] Co Author Listing * LatentDR: Improving Model Generalization Through Sample-Aware Latent Degradation and Restoration
* Multi-Scale Modeling of Neural Structure in X-Ray Imagery

Dyer, F.[Fiona] Co Author Listing * Role of Environmental Water and Reedbed Condition on the Response of Phragmites australis Reedbeds to Flooding, The
* Speeding up scientific imaging workflows: Design of automated image annotation tool
Includes: Dyer, F.[Fiona] Dyer, F.

Dyer, J. Co Author Listing * User Experience of Hurricane Visualization in an Immersive 3D Environment

Dyer, J.L.[Jamie L.] Co Author Listing * Identification and Analysis of Microscale Hydrologic Flood Impacts Using Unmanned Aerial Systems

Dyer, J.M.[James M.] Co Author Listing * GIS-Based Water Balance Approach Using a LiDAR-Derived DEM Captures Fine-Scale Vegetation Patterns, A

Dyer, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Multiple Parallel Block Coding in JPEG2000
* Design and Analysis of System on a Chip Encoder for JPEG2000
* Improved throughput arithmetic coder for jpeg2000
* Realizing Low-Cost High-Throughput General-Purpose Block Encoder for JPEG2000
Includes: Dyer, M.[Michael] Dyer, M.

Dyer, N.[Noel] Co Author Listing * Increasing Efficiency of Nautical Chart Production and Accessibility to Marine Environment Data through an Open-Science Compilation Workflow

Dyer, R. Co Author Listing * Improving Land-cover Classification Using Recognition Threshold Neural Networks
* Integrating serious games into the engineering curriculum - a game-based learning approach to power systems analysis
Includes: Dyer, R. Dyer, R.[Ronald]

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