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Lepere, G. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Improvement of Laser Terrestrial Mobile Mapping Systems Configurations
Includes: Lepere, G. Lepère, G.

Lepetit, O. Co Author Listing * Fusion of IR and visible light modalities for face recognition
* Recursive Wavelet Transform for 2D Signals
* Robust GrayScale Distribution Estimation for Contactless Palmprint Recognition

Lepetit, V. Co Author Listing * 3-D Head Tracking via Invariant Keypoint Learning
* 3D Pose Estimation and 3D Model Retrieval for Objects in the Wild
* 3D pose refinement from reflections
* Accurate Non-Iterative O(n) Solution to the PnP Problem
* Appearance-based keypoint clustering
* Approximated Relative Pose Solvers for Efficient Camera Motion Estimation
* Are sparse representations really relevant for image classification?
* BB8: A Scalable, Accurate, Robust to Partial Occlusion Method for Predicting the 3D Poses of Challenging Objects without Using Depth
* Boosting Binary Keypoint Descriptors
* Bridging the Gap between Detection and Tracking for 3D Monocular Video-Based Motion Capture
* BRIEF: Binary Robust Independent Elementary Features
* BRIEF: Computing a Local Binary Descriptor Very Fast
* Capturing 3D stretchable surfaces from single images in closed form
* Closed-Form Solution to Non-rigid 3D Surface Registration
* Combining Geometric and Appearance Priors for Robust Homography Estimation
* Compact signatures for high-speed interest point description and matching
* DAISY: An Efficient Dense Descriptor Applied to Wide-Baseline Stereo
* DeepPrior++: Improving Fast and Accurate 3D Hand Pose Estimation
* Deformable Surface Tracking Ambiguities
* Detecting Flying Objects Using a Single Moving Camera
* Direct Prediction of 3D Body Poses from Motion Compensated Sequences
* Domain Transfer for 3D Pose Estimation from Color Images Without Manual Annotations
* Dominant orientation templates for real-time detection of texture-less objects
* Editorial for ACCV'16 award papers
* Efficient Discriminative Projections for Compact Binary Descriptors
* Efficient Minimal Solution for Multi-camera Motion, An
* Efficiently Creating 3D Training Data for Fine Hand Pose Estimation
* EP n P: An Accurate O(n) Solution to the P n P Problem
* Fast Keypoint Recognition in Ten Lines of Code
* Fast Keypoint Recognition Using Random Ferns
* fast local descriptor for dense matching, A
* Fast Non-Rigid Surface Detection, Registration and Realistic Augmentation
* Fast Ray features for learning irregular shapes
* Feature Mapping for Learning Fast and Accurate 3D Pose Inference from Synthetic Images
* Flying objects detection from a single moving camera
* From Canonical Poses to 3D Motion Capture Using a Single Camera
* Fusing online and offline information for stable 3D tracking in real-time
* General constraints for batch Multiple-Target Tracking applied to large-scale videomicroscopy
* Geometry-Aware Network for Non-rigid Shape Prediction from a Single View
* Going Further with Point Pair Features
* Gradient Response Maps for Real-Time Detection of Textureless Objects
* HANDS18: Methods, Techniques and Applications for Hand Observation
* HandSeg: An Automatically Labeled Dataset for Hand Segmentation from Depth Images
* Hashmod: A Hashing Method for Scalable 3D Object Detection
* Human body pose detection using Bayesian spatio-temporal templates
* Instant Outdoor Localization and SLAM Initialization from 2.5D Maps
* Introduction to the CVIU special issue on 'Parts and Attributes: Mid-level representation for object recognition, scene classification and object detection'
* Keypoint Recognition Using Randomized Trees
* Keypoint Signatures for Fast Learning and Recognition
* Leaf Segmentation under Loosely Controlled Conditions
* Learning descriptors for object recognition and 3D pose estimation
* Learning Image Descriptors with Boosting
* Learning Latent Representations of 3D Human Pose with Deep Neural Networks
* Learning Real-Time Perspective Patch Rectification
* Learning Separable Filters
* Learning Separable Filters
* Learning to Align Semantic Segmentation and 2.5D Maps for Geolocalization
* Learning to Assign Orientations to Feature Points
* Learning to Find Good Correspondences
* LIFT: Learned Invariant Feature Transform
* Linear and Quadratic Subsets for Template-Based Tracking
* Making Deep Heatmaps Robust to Partial Occlusions for 3D Object Pose Estimation
* Markov-based Silhouette Extraction for Three-Dimensional Body Tracking in Presence of Cluttered Background
* Model Based Training, Detection and Pose Estimation of Texture-Less 3D Objects in Heavily Cluttered Scenes
* Monocular Model-Based 3D Tracking of Rigid Objects: A Survey
* Multimodal templates for real-time detection of texture-less objects in heavily cluttered scenes
* Multiscale Centerline Detection
* Multiscale Centerline Detection by Learning a Scale-Space Distance Transform
* Novel Representation of Parts for Accurate 3D Object Detection and Tracking in Monocular Images, A
* On Pre-trained Image Features and Synthetic Images for Deep Learning
* On rendering synthetic images for training an object detector
* On the relevance of sparsity for image classification
* Online learning of patch perspective rectification for efficient object detection
* Pareto-optimal dictionaries for signatures
* Point matching as a classification problem for fast and robust object pose estimation
* Pose estimation for category specific multiview object localization
* Pose Priors for Simultaneously Solving Alignment and Correspondence
* Pose-specific non-linear mappings in feature space towards multiview facial expression recognition
* Projection onto the Manifold of Elongated Structures for Accurate Extraction
* Randomized Trees for Real-Time Keypoint Recognition
* Real-time landing place assessment in man-made environments
* Real-time learning of accurate patch rectification
* Real-Time Non-Rigid Surface Detection
* Revisiting the PnP Problem with a GPS
* Robust 3D Object Tracking from Monocular Images Using Stable Parts
* Robust 3D Tracking with Descriptor Fields
* Robust data association for online applications
* Simultaneous Recognition and Homography Extraction of Local Patches with a Simple Linear Classifier
* Stable Real-Time 3D Tracking Using Online and Offline Information
* Stable real-time interaction between virtual humans and real scenes
* Structured Prediction of 3D Human Pose with Deep Neural Networks
* Summary of the 4th International Workshop on Recovering 6D Object Pose, A
* Technical Demonstration on Model Based Training, Detection and Pose Estimation of Texture-Less 3D Objects in Heavily Cluttered Scenes
* Thick boundaries in binary space and their influence on nearest-neighbor search
* TILDE: A Temporally Invariant Learned DEtector
* Training a Feedback Loop for Hand Pose Estimation
* Video-Based In Situ Tagging on Mobile Phones
* Visual Golf Club Tracking for Enhanced Swing Analysis
Includes: Lepetit, V. Lepetit, V.[Vincent]
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Lepez, T.[Trees] Co Author Listing * Cell Nuclei Detection Using Globally Optimal Active Contours with Shape Prior

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