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Thurai, M.[Merhala] Co Author Listing * Measurements of Rainfall Rate, Drop Size Distribution, and Variability at Middle and Higher Latitudes: Application to the Combined DPR-GMI Algorithm
* Retrieval of Drop Size Distribution Parameters Using a Dual-Polarimetric Radar, The
* Retrieving Rain Drop Size Distribution Moments from GPM Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar

Thurairajah, B.[Brentha] Co Author Listing * Sensitivity of Polar Mesospheric Clouds to Mesospheric Temperature and Water Vapor, The

Thuraisingham, B.[Bhavani] Co Author Listing * DAGIS: A Geospatial Semantic Web Services Discovery and Selection Framework

Thurau, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Action recognition by learning discriminative key poses
* Adapting Information Theoretic Clustering to Binary Images
* Age Recognition in the Wild
* Bayesian Imitation of Human Behavior in Interactive Computer Games
* Behavior Histograms for Action Recognition and Human Detection
* Classification of Team Behaviors in Sports Video Games
* Face Detection Using GPU-Based Convolutional Neural Networks
* Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Predicting Aesthetic Image Labels, The
* Learning Human-Like Opponent Behavior for Interactive Computer Games
* Making Archetypal Analysis Practical
* n-Grams of Action Primitives for Recognizing Human Behavior
* Nearest Archetype Hull Methods for Large-Scale Data Classification
* Pose primitive based human action recognition in videos or still images
* Reverse Indexing for Reading Graffiti Tags
* Snippet Statistics of Font Recognition, The
* Something Something Video Database for Learning and Evaluating Visual Common Sense, The
* Synthesizing Movements for Computer Game Characters
* Temporal key poses for human action recognition
Includes: Thurau, C.[Christian] Thurau, C.
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Thureau, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Brain Tumor Recurrence Location Based on Kullback-Leibler Divergence and Nonlinear Correlation Learning
Includes: Thureau, S.[Sebastien] Thureau, S.[Sébastien]

Thuresson, J.[Johan] Co Author Listing * Appearance Based Qualitative Image Description for Object Class Recognition
* Finding Object Categories in Cluttered Images Using Minimal Shape Prototypes

Thuret, G. Co Author Listing * Fundus Image Mosaicking for Information Augmentation in Computer-Assisted Slit-Lamp Imaging

Thurfjell, L. Co Author Listing * 3D Brain Atlas Used for Planning of Stereotactic Neurosurgery, A
* 3D Deformable Surface Model to Segment the Brain in MR Images, A
* Boundary Approach for Fast Neighborhood Operations on 3-Dimensional Binary Data, A
* Classification of Functional Patterns in SPECT Brain Scans Based on Partial Least Squares Analysis
* Fusion of Multimodality Brain Images
* New Three-Dimensional Connected Components Labeling Algorithm with Simultaneous Object Feature Extraction Capability, A
* Segmentation of the Brain in MRI Using Grey Level Morphology and Propagation of Information
* Surface Construction Especially Suited for Visualisation of Thin Structures
Includes: Thurfjell, L. Thurfjell, L.[Lennart]
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Thurimella, R. Co Author Listing * On Computing Connected Components of Line Segments

Thurkow, D.[Detlef] Co Author Listing * 3D-Landscape Visualisation to support upkeeping and maintenance of the UNESCO cultural world heritage of the Garden Kingdom
* Coupling of phenological information and synthetically generated time-series for crop types as indicator for vegetation coverage information
* development of an integrated technical-methodical approach to visualise hydrological processes in an exemplary post-mining area in Central Germany, The
* Digital In Situ Data Collection in Earth Observation, Monitoring and Agriculture: Progress towards Digital Agriculture
Includes: Thurkow, D.[Detlef] Thürkow, D.[Detlef] (Maybe also Thuerkow, D.)Thurkow, D.

Thurkow, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Advanced Detection of Invasive Neophytes in Agricultural Landscapes: A Multisensory and Multiscale Remote Sensing Approach
Includes: Thurkow, F.[Florian] Thürkow, F.[Florian] (Maybe also Thuerkow, F.)

Thurley, M.J.[Matthew J.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive mathematical morphology: A survey of the field
* Adaptive Morphological Filtering of Incomplete Data
* Adaptive morphology using tensor-based elliptical structuring elements
* Automated Image Segmentation and Analysis of Rock Piles in an Open-Pit Mine
* Automated measurement of sintering degree in optical microscopy through image analysis of particle joins
* Identification and sizing of the entirely visible rocks from a 3D surface data segmentation of laboratory rock piles
* Identifying, visualizing, and comparing regions in irregularly spaced 3D surface data
* Image Reconstruction by Prioritized Incremental Normalized Convolution
* Mathematical Morphology on Irregularly Sampled Signals
* new approach to mathematical morphology on one dimensional sampled signals, A
* Sub-Millimeter Crack Detection in Casted Steel Using Color Photometric Stereo
* Visibility Classification of Rocks in Piles
Includes: Thurley, M.J.[Matthew J.] Thurley, M.J.
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Thurman, S.T.[Samuel T.] Co Author Listing * Amplitude metrics for field retrieval with hard-edged and uniformly illuminated apertures
* Noise histogram regularization for iterative image reconstruction algorithms
* Phase retrieval with signal bias
* Phase-error correction in digital holography using single-shot data

Thurmer, G.[Grit] Co Author Listing * Closed curves in n-dimensional discrete space
Includes: Thurmer, G.[Grit] Thürmer, G.[Grit] (Maybe also Thuermer, G.)

Thurnell, D.[Derek] Co Author Listing * BIM Adoption in the Cambodian Construction Industry: Key Drivers and Barriers

Thurner, A.K.[Ann Kristin] Co Author Listing * Deep Method: Towards Computational Modeling of the Social Emotion Shame Driven by Theory, Introspection, and Social Signals, The
Includes: Thurner, A.K.[Ann Kristin] Thurner, A.K.[Ann-Kristin]

Thurner, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Plant Physiological Status from Hyperspectral Signatures Using Machine Learning Methods

Thurnher, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Continental Impact of European Forest Conservation Policy and Management on Productivity Stability, The
* Creating a Regional MODIS Satellite-Driven Net Primary Production Dataset for European Forests

Thurnhofer Hemsi, K.[Karl] Co Author Listing * Adaptive estimation of optimal color transformations for deep convolutional network based homography estimation
* Ellipse fitting by spatial averaging of random ensembles
* fast robust geometric fitting method for parabolic curves, A
* Performance of Deep Learning and Traditional Techniques in Single Image Super-resolution of Noisy Images
* Robust Fitting of Ellipsoids by Separating Interior and Exterior Points During Optimization
* Super-Resolution of 3D MRI Corrupted by Heavy Noise With the Median Filter Transform
Includes: Thurnhofer Hemsi, K.[Karl] Thurnhofer-Hemsi, K.[Karl] Thurnhofer-Hemsi, K.

Thurnhofer, S. Co Author Listing * Edge-Enhanced Image Zooming
* General Framework for Quadratic Volterra Filters for Edge Enhancement, A

Thuro, K.[Kurosch] Co Author Listing * Assessment of number and distribution of persistent scatterers prior to radar acquisition using open access land cover and topographical data

Thurow, K. Co Author Listing * Stochastic Framework for Robust Fuzzy Filtering and Analysis of Signals: Part I, A
* Stochastic Framework for Robust Fuzzy Filtering and Analysis of Signals: Part II, A
* Stochastic Fuzzy Modeling for Ear Imaging Based Child Identification

Thurrowgood, S. Co Author Listing * Optical System for Guidance of Terrain Following in UAVs, An

Thurston, M. Co Author Listing * Edge and Curve Detection for Visual Scene Analysis
* Edge and Curve Detection: Further Experiments

Thurston, W. Co Author Listing * Separators for Sphere-Packings and Nearest-Neighbor Graphs

Thurston, W.P. Co Author Listing * Contour Tracing by Piecewise Linear Approximations

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