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Torsello, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Torsello, A.[Andrea]: torsello AT dsi unive it
* 3D Shape Analysis Through a Quantum Lens: The Average Mixing Kernel Signature
* Abnormal behavior detection using dominant sets
* Accurate and Robust Artificial Marker Based on Cyclic Codes, An
* Adaptive Hierarchical Approach to the Extraction of High Resolution Medial Surfaces, An
* Adopting an unconstrained ray model in light-field cameras for 3D shape reconstruction
* Approximate Axial Symmetries from Continuous Time Quantum Walks
* Average Mixing Kernel Signature, The
* Average Mixing Matrix Signature, The
* Beyond partitions: Allowing overlapping groups in pairwise clustering
* Camera Calibration from Coplanar Circles
* Can a Fully Unconstrained Imaging Model Be Applied Effectively to Central Cameras?
* Classifying Me Softly: A Novel Graph Neural Network Based on Features Soft-Alignment
* Coarse-to-fine skeleton extraction for high resolution 3D meshes
* Computing approximate tree edit distance using relaxation labeling
* Continuous-Based Approach for Partial Clique Enumeration, A
* Continuous-time relaxation labeling processes
* Correcting Curvature-Density Effects in the Hamilton-Jacobi Skeleton
* Curvature correction of the Hamilton-Jacobi skeleton
* Curvature Dependent Skeletonization
* Cylinders extraction in non-oriented point clouds as a clustering problem
* Deep Demosaicing for Polarimetric Filter Array Cameras
* Dense multi-view homography estimation and plane segmentation
* Design and Evaluation of a Viewer-Dependent Stereoscopic Display
* Discovering Shape Categories by Clustering Shock Trees
* Discovering Shape Classes using Tree Edit-Distance and Pairwise Clustering
* Dynamic Optimal Path Selection for 3D Triangulation with Multiple Cameras
* Edge Centrality via the Holevo Quantity
* Editorial for the Special Issue on Graph-based representations in pattern recognition
* Efficiently Computing Weighted Tree Edit Distance Using Relaxation Labeling
* Elastic Net Constraints for Shape Matching
* Fast 3D surface reconstruction by unambiguous compound phase coding
* Fast and accurate surface alignment through an isometry-enforcing game
* Four metrics for efficiently comparing attributed trees
* game-theoretic approach to deformable shape matching, A
* game-theoretic approach to fine surface registration without initial motion estimation, A
* game-theoretic approach to partial clique enumeration, A
* Game-Theoretic Approach to Robust Selection of Multi-view Point Correspondence, A
* game-theoretical approach for joint matching of multiple feature throughout unordered images, A
* Graph Clustering with Tree-Unions
* Graph embedding using tree edit-union
* graph-based technique for semi-supervised segmentation of 3D surfaces, A
* Grouping with Asymmetric Affinities: A Game-Theoretic Perspective
* Hierarchical Pairwise Segmentation Using Dominant Sets and Anisotropic Diffusion Kernels
* High-Coverage 3D Scanning through Online Structured Light Calibration
* hypergraph-based approach to affine parameters estimation, A
* Image-Space Marker Detection and Recognition Using Projective Invariants
* importance sampling approach to learning structural representations of shape, An
* Imposing Semi-Local Geometric Constraints for Accurate Correspondences Selection in Structure from Motion: A Game-Theoretic Perspective
* Information Theoretic Prototype Selection for Unattributed Graphs
* Integrating Boundary Information in Pairwise Segmentation
* Learning Mixtures of Weighted Tree-Unions by Minimizing Description Length
* Learning Shape Categories by Clustering Shock Trees
* Learning Shape-Classes Using a Mixture of Tree-Unions
* Loosely Distinctive Features for Robust Surface Alignment
* Manifold Learning and the Quantum Jensen-Shannon Divergence Kernel
* Matching and Embedding through Edit-Union of Trees
* Matching as a non-cooperative game
* Matching Deformable Objects in Clutter
* Matching Relational Structures using the Edge-Association Graph
* Measuring Vertex Centrality Using the Holevo Quantity
* Multiview registration via graph diffusion of dual quaternions
* Node Centrality for Continuous-Time Quantum Walks
* Non-cooperative Game for 3D Object Recognition in Cluttered Scenes, A
* Non-rigid dense bijective maps
* Novel Graph Kernel Based on the Wasserstein Distance and Spectral Signatures, A
* One-Shot HDR Imaging via Stereo PFA Cameras
* Pairwise similarities for scene segmentation combining color and depth data
* Parameter-Free Lens Distortion Calibration of Central Cameras
* Physics-Driven CNN Model for Real-Time Sea Waves 3D Reconstruction, A
* Pi-Tag: a fast image-space marker design based on projective invariants
* Polynomial-Time Metric for Attributed Trees, A
* Polynomial-Time Metrics for Attributed Trees
* Probabilistic Framework for Graph Clustering, A
* quantum Jensen-Shannon graph kernel for unattributed graphs, A
* Quantum thermodynamics of time evolving networks
* Robust Camera Calibration using Inaccurate Targets
* Robust Figure Extraction on Textured Background: A Game-Theoretic Approach
* Robust Game-Theoretic Inlier Selection for Bundle Adjustment
* Robust joint selection of camera orientations and feature projections over multiple views
* Robust Multi-camera 3D Ellipse Fitting for Contactless Measurements, A
* RUNE-Tag: A high accuracy fiducial marker with strong occlusion resilience
* Saliency-Driven Variational Retargeting for Historical Maps
* Sampling Relevant Points for Surface Registration
* Scale Independent Selection Process for 3D Object Recognition in Cluttered Scenes, A
* Semi-supervised Segmentation of 3D Surfaces Using a Weighted Graph Representation
* Shape-space from tree-union
* Similarity-based pattern recognition
* simple and effective relevance-based point sampling for 3D shapes, A
* Skeletal Measure of 2D Shape Similarity, A
* Spatio-temporal Segmentation Using Dominant Sets
* Special issue on Graph-Based Representations in Computer Vision
* Spectral Dichromatic Parameter Recovery from Two Views via Total Variation Hyper-priors
* Stable and fast techniques for unambiguous compound phase coding
* stable graph-based representation for object recognition through high-order matching, A
* statistical model of Riemannian metric variation for deformable shape analysis, A
* Supervised learning of a generative model for edge-weighted graphs
* Synchronization Over the Birkhoff Polytope for Multi-graph Matching
* Thermodynamic Characterization of Temporal Networks
* Thermodynamics of Time Evolving Networks
* Towards Exemplar-Free Continual Learning in Vision Transformers: an Account of Attention, Functional and Weight Regularization
* Transitive State Alignment for the Quantum Jensen-Shannon Kernel
* Unfolding Kernel embeddings of graphs: Enhancing class separation through manifold learning
* Using Dominant Sets for Object Tracking with Freely Moving Camera
* Using multiple sensors for reliable markerless identification through supervised learning
Includes: Torsello, A.[Andrea] Torsello, A.
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Torsello, M.A. Co Author Listing * model-free approach for posture classification, A

Torsney Weir, T. Co Author Listing * Fast Volume Reconstruction From Motion Corrupted Stacks of 2D Slices
Includes: Torsney Weir, T. Torsney-Weir, T.

Torsri, K.[Kritanai] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Semantic Segmentation for Land Use and Land Cover Types Using Landsat 8 Imagery

Torstensson, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Prime Rigid Graphs and Multidimensional Scaling with Missing Data

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