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Kala, J.R.[Jules Raymond] Co Author Listing * Leaf Classification Using Convexity Measure of Polygons
* Leaf Classification Using Convexity Moments of Polygons

Kala, R. Co Author Listing * Computing journey start times with recurrent traffic conditions
* Evolving robotic path with genetically optimised fuzzy planner
* Planning Autonomous Vehicles in the Absence of Speed Lanes Using an Elastic Strip
Includes: Kala, R. Kala, R.[Rahul]

Kalaani, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Spatial Pyramid Attention for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Kalabokas, T.[Theofanis] Co Author Listing * Grapes Visual Segmentation for Harvesting Robots Using Local Texture Descriptors

Kalabokidis, K. Co Author Listing * Developing Seismic Intensity Maps From Twitter Data; the Case Study Of Lesvos, Greece 2017 Earthquake: Assessments, Improvements And Enrichments On the Methodology
* Emergence of Social Media for Natural Disasters Management: A Big Data Perspective, The
* Modelling Fire Behavior to Assess Community Exposure in Europe: Combining Open Data and Geospatial Analysis
* Neural-Network Time-Series Analysis of MODIS EVI for Post-Fire Vegetation Regrowth
Includes: Kalabokidis, K. Kalabokidis, K.[Kostas]

Kalacska, M.[Margaret] Co Author Listing * Airborne Hyperspectral Evaluation of Maximum Gross Photosynthesis, Gravimetric Water Content, and CO2 Uptake Efficiency of the Mer Bleue Ombrotrophic Peatland
* Characterizing and Mitigating Sensor Generated Spatial Correlations in Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging Data
* Constrained Energy Maximization and Self-Referencing Method for Invisible Ink Detection from Multispectral Historical Document Images
* Correlation Coefficient as a Simple Tool for the Localization of Errors in Spectroscopic Imaging Data, The
* Estimating Peatland Water Table Depth and Net Ecosystem Exchange: A Comparison between Satellite and Airborne Imagery
* Foliar Spectra and Traits of Bog Plants across Nitrogen Deposition Gradients
* Freshwater Fish Habitat Complexity Mapping Using Above and Underwater Structure-From-Motion Photogrammetry
* ICDAR 2015 contest on MultiSpectral Text Extraction (MS-TEx 2015)
* Influence of Color-to-Gray Conversion on the Performance of Document Image Binarization: Toward a Novel Optimization Problem
* Iterative Classifiers Combination Model for Change Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Land Cover, Land Use, and Climate Change Impacts on Endemic Cichlid Habitats in Northern Tanzania
* Review of Remote Sensing of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation for Non-Specialists, A
* Spectral Complexity of Hyperspectral Images: A New Approach for Mangrove Classification
* Spectral Reflectance of Polar Bear and Other Large Arctic Mammal Pelts; Potential Applications to Remote Sensing Surveys
* Videographic Analysis of Eriophorum Vaginatum Spatial Coverage in an Ombotrophic Bog
Includes: Kalacska, M.[Margaret] Kalacska, M.
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Kalafatic, Z. Co Author Listing * De-identifying people in videos using neural art
* Exploiting temporal and spatial constraints in traffic sign detection from a moving vehicle
* Generative modeling of spatio-temporal traffic sign trajectories
* Histogram-Based Description of Local Space-Time Appearance
* I Know That Person: Generative Full Body and Face De-identification of People in Images
* Infrared-Visual Image Registration Based on Corners and Hausdorff Distance
* system for tracking laboratory animals based on optical flow and active contours, A
* Towards Space-Time Semantics in Two Frames
Includes: Kalafatic, Z. Kalafatic, Z.[Zoran]
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Kalafatis, I.A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Geometrically Characterising Drawings of a Class of 3-D Objects, An

Kalafatlar, E.[Emre] Co Author Listing * 3D Articulated Shape Segmentation Using Motion Information

Kalaganis, F.[Fotis] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision System Supporting Blind People: The Supermarket Case, A

Kalai, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Omnivergent Stereo

Kalaiah, A.[Aravind] Co Author Listing * Unified Graphics Rendering Pipeline for Autostereoscopic Rendering, A

Kalaichelvi, V. Co Author Listing * Path planning of mobile manipulator for navigation and object clean-up

Kalaidzidis, Y. Co Author Listing * Prediction of Multiple 3D Tissue Structures Based on Single-Marker Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Kalaiselvam, A. Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of multiuser MIMO systems using non-iterative technique

Kalaiselvi, T.[Thiruvenkadam] Co Author Listing * Development of automatic glioma brain tumor detection system using deep convolutional neural networks
* Edge detection using Chebyshev's orthogonal polynomial and brain extraction from magnetic resonance images of human head
* Multimodal covid network: Multimodal bespoke convolutional neural network architectures for COVID-19 detection from chest X-ray's and computerized tomography scans
* rapid automatic brain tumor detection method for MRI images using modified minimum error thresholding technique, A
* Rapid brain tissue segmentation process by modified FCM algorithm with CUDA enabled GPU machine
* rapid knowledge-based partial supervision fuzzy c-means for brain tissue segmentation with CUDA-enabled GPU machine, A
Includes: Kalaiselvi, T.[Thiruvenkadam] Kalaiselvi, T. Kalaiselvi, T.[Thiruvenkatam]

Kalaitzakis, K. Co Author Listing * survey of video processing techniques for traffic applications, A

Kalaitzi, N.[Nikoleta] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Greenhouse Gases from Space

Kalaitzidis, A.[Argyris] Co Author Listing * Estimating Rice Agronomic Traits Using Drone-Collected Multispectral Imagery

Kalaitzidis, C.[Chariton] Co Author Listing * Mapping Arable Land and Permanent Agriculture Extent and Change in Southern Greece Using the European Union LUCAS Survey and a 35-Year Landsat Time Series Analysis

Kalaitzis, A. Co Author Listing * Multi-Image Super-Resolution for Remote Sensing using Deep Recurrent Networks

Kalaitzis, E. Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis of a Morphological Voronoi Tessellation Algorithm

Kalaitzis, F.[Freddie] Co Author Listing * Multi-spectral multi-image super-resolution of Sentinel-2 with radiometric consistency losses and its effect on building delineation
* On Transfer Learning for Building Damage Assessment from Satellite Imagery in Emergency Contexts

Kalaitzis, P. Co Author Listing * Efficiency And Effectiveness Approaches in Spatial Data Collection Of Vrisa After Lesvos Earthquake
* Fusion of TLS and UAV Photogrammetry Data for Post-earthquake 3d Modeling of A Cultural Heritage Church
* Interactive Web Mapping Applications for 2D and 3D Geo-Visualization of Persistent Scatterer Interferometry SAR Data
* Production, Validation and Morphometric Analysis of a Digital Terrain Model for Lake Trichonis Using Geospatial Technologies and Hydroacoustics
* Synergistic Exploitation of Geoinformation Methods for Post-earthquake 3d Mapping of Vrisa Traditional Settlement, Lesvos Island, Greece
Includes: Kalaitzis, P. Kalaitzis, P.[Panagiotis]

Kalaivani, A. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Bidirectional Insertion Sort Over Classical Insertion Sort, An
* Performance Analysis of Two-Stage Iterative Ensemble Method over Random Oversampling Methods on Multiclass Imbalanced Datasets

Kalaivani, S. Co Author Listing * Condensed anisotropic diffusion for speckle reducton and enhancement in ultrasonography
* diffusion-based compensation approach for intensity inhomogeneity correction in MRI, A

Kalaividya, P.A. Co Author Listing * Edge detection using Chebyshev's orthogonal polynomial and brain extraction from magnetic resonance images of human head

Kalaiyarasi, D. Co Author Listing * Edge Preserving SAR Image Despeckling
* Semantic modeling of natural scenes by local binary pattern

Kalajdjieski, J.[Jovan] Co Author Listing * Air Pollution Prediction with Multi-Modal Data and Deep Neural Networks

Kalajdziski, S.[Slobodan] Co Author Listing * Air Pollution Prediction with Multi-Modal Data and Deep Neural Networks

Kalakanti, A.K.[Arun Kumar] Co Author Listing * Computational Challenges and Approaches for Electric Vehicles
* Hybrid Cooperative Method With Lévy Flights for Electric Vehicle Charge Scheduling, A

Kalakech, M.[Mariam] Co Author Listing * Constraint scores for semi-supervised feature selection: A comparative study

Kalakonda, S.S.[Sai Shashank] Co Author Listing * DSAG: A Scalable Deep Framework for Action-Conditioned Multi-Actor Full Body Motion Synthesis

Kalakrishnan, M.[Mrinal] Co Author Listing * Sim-To-Real via Sim-To-Sim: Data-Efficient Robotic Grasping via Randomized-To-Canonical Adaptation Networks

Kalal, Z.[Zdenek] Co Author Listing * Face-TLD: Tracking-Learning-Detection applied to faces
* Forward-Backward Error: Automatic Detection of Tracking Failures
* Online learning of robust object detectors during unstable tracking
* P-N learning: Bootstrapping binary classifiers by structural constraints
* Tracking-Learning-Detection
* Weighted Sampling for Large-Scale Boosting

Kalali, E. Co Author Listing * FPGA implementations of HEVC Inverse DCT using high-level synthesis
* low energy HEVC sub-pixel interpolation hardware, A
* low energy intra prediction hardware for high efficiency video coding, A
Includes: Kalali, E. Kalali, E.[Ercan]

Kalamandeen, M.[Michelle] Co Author Listing * Reconstructing 34 Years of Fire History in the Wet, Subtropical Vegetation of Hong Kong Using Landsat

Kalamara, P.[Pari] Co Author Listing * Multidisciplinary Approach for the Mapping, Automatic Detection and Morphometric Analysis of Ancient Submerged Coastal Installations: The Case Study of the Ancient Aegina Harbour Complex, A

Kalamaras, I. Co Author Listing * Interactive Visual Analytics Platform for Smart Intelligent Transportation Systems Management, An
* Multi-Objective Optimization for Multimodal Visualization
* novel framework for retrieval and interactive visualization of multimodal data, A
Includes: Kalamaras, I. Kalamaras, I.[Ilias]

Kalamaras, N.[Nikolaos] Co Author Listing * Multifractal Detrended Cross-Correlation Analysis of Global Methane and Temperature

Kalamo, P. Co Author Listing * Predictive Median Threshold Filter with Robust Prediction Estimation, A

Kalampogia, A. Co Author Listing * H.264 and H.265 Video Bandwidth Prediction

Kalampokis, A.[Alkiviadis] Co Author Listing * ROSACE: A Proposed European Design for the Copernicus Ocean Colour System Vicarious Calibration Infrastructure

Kalantar Nayestanaki, N.[Nasser] Co Author Listing * efficient attribute-space connected filter on graphs to reconstruct paths in point-clouds, An
* Tracking Sub-atomic Particles Through the Attribute Space
Includes: Kalantar Nayestanaki, N.[Nasser] Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N.[Nasser]

Kalantar, B.[Bahareh] Co Author Listing * Aerial Imagery Paddy Seedlings Inspection Using Deep Learning
* Assessment of Convolutional Neural Network Architectures for Earthquake-Induced Building Damage Detection based on Pre- and Post-Event Orthophoto Images
* Automated Building Detection from Airborne LiDAR and Very High-Resolution Aerial Imagery with Deep Neural Network
* BDD-Net: An End-to-End Multiscale Residual CNN for Earthquake-Induced Building Damage Detection
* Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Mapping the Stand Characteristics of Temperate Forests Using Multi-Spectral Sentinel-2 Data
* Comprehensive Review of Geospatial Technology Applications in Earthquake Preparedness, Emergency Management, and Damage Assessment, A
* Deep Neural Network Utilizing Remote Sensing Datasets for Flood Hazard Susceptibility Mapping in Brisbane, Australia
* Forest Fire Susceptibility Prediction Based on Machine Learning Models with Resampling Algorithms on Remote Sensing Data
* Land Cover Classification from fused DSM and UAV Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Landslide Susceptibility Mapping: Machine and Ensemble Learning Based on Remote Sensing Big Data
* Landslide Susceptibility Modeling: An Integrated Novel Method Based on Machine Learning Feature Transformation
* Mapping Heterogeneous Urban Landscapes from the Fusion of Digital Surface Model and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Images Using Adaptive Multiscale Image Segmentation and Classification
* Multiple Moving Object Detection From UAV Videos Using Trajectories of Matched Regional Adjacency Graphs
* Single image dehazing using second-generation wavelet transforms and the mean vector L2-norm
* UAV and Lidar Image Registration: a Surf-based Approach for Ground Control Points Selection
* Unboxing the Black Box of Attention Mechanisms in Remote Sensing Big Data Using XAI
* Zab River (IRAQ) Sinuosity and Meandering Analysis Based on the Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Kalantar, B.[Bahareh] Kalantar, B.
17 for Kalantar, B.

Kalantari, D.[Davood] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Classifiers and the Majority Voting Rule for the Detection of Plum Fruits in Garden Conditions

Kalantari, L.[Leila] Co Author Listing * Tree Species Abundance Predictions in a Tropical Agricultural Landscape with a Supervised Classification Model and Imbalanced Data

Kalantari, M. Co Author Listing * 3rd BIM/GIS Integration Workshop and 15th 3dgeoinfo Conference 2020: Preface
* Assessing Performance of Three BIM-Based Views of Buildings for Communication and Management of Vertically Stratified Legal Interests
* Developing and Testing a 3D Cadastral Data Model a Case Study in Australia
* Face recognition using patch manifold learning across plastic surgery from a single training exemplar per enrolled person
* Five Points Pose Problem: A New and Accurate Solution Adapted to Any Geometric Configuration, The
* GIS-Based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping and Variable Importance Analysis Using Artificial Intelligent Training-Based Methods, A
* Infrastructure-Independent Indoor Localization and Navigation
* Integrating Legal and Physical Dimensions of Urban Environments
* Multi-dimensional Analytics Platform to Support Planning and Design For Liveable and Sustainable Urban Environment, A
* Multi-Element Approach to Location Inference of Twitter: A Case for Emergency Response, A
* New Solution to the Relative Orientation Problem Using Only 3 Points and the Vertical Direction, A
* Proposal for a User-Oriented Spatial Metadata Profile, A
* Spatial Modeling of COVID-19 Prevalence Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System
* Synchronising Spatial Metadata Records and Interfaces to Improve the Usability of Metadata Systems
* Three-Dimensional Rule-Based City Modelling to Support Urban Redevelopment Process
Includes: Kalantari, M. Kalantari, M.[Mohsen] Kalantari, M.[Mohammad] Kalantari, M.[Mahzad] Kalantari, M.[Maryam]
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Kalantari, N.K.[Nima Khademi] Co Author Listing * Deep Slow Motion Video Reconstruction With Hybrid Imaging System
* Frame Interpolation for Dynamic Scenes with Implicit Flow Encoding
* Improving patch-based synthesis by learning patch masks
* Logarithmic Quantization Index Modulation for Perceptually Better Data Hiding, A
* Robust Image Watermarking in the Ridgelet Domain Using Universally Optimum Decoder, A
* Robust Radiometric Calibration for Dynamic Scenes in the Wild
Includes: Kalantari, N.K.[Nima Khademi] Kalantari, N.K.

Kalantari, Z.[Zahra] Co Author Listing * Automated Python Language-Based Tool for Creating Absence Samples in Groundwater Potential Mapping, An
* Investigating the Ability to Identify New Constructions in Urban Areas Using Images from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Google Earth, and Sentinel-2
* Multi-Hazard Exposure Mapping Using Machine Learning Techniques: A Case Study from Iran
* Spatio-Temporal Assessment of Global Gridded Evapotranspiration Datasets across Iran
* Use of Landsat 8 and UAV Images to Assess Changes in Temperature and Evapotranspiration by Economic Trees following Foliar Spraying with Light-Reflecting Compounds

Kalantaria, M.[Mahzad] Co Author Listing * Robust and Automatic Vanishing Points Detection with Their Uncertainties from a Single Uncalibrated Image, by Planes Extraction on the Unit Sphere

Kalantary, F.[Farzin] Co Author Listing * Application of UAV Photogrammetry in Displacement Measurement of the Soil Nail Walls Using Local Features and CPDA Method

Kalantarzadeh, M. Co Author Listing * Novel dataset for fine-grained abnormal behavior understanding in crowd

Kalantidis, Y.[Yannis] Co Author Listing * Approximate Gaussian Mixtures for Large Scale Vocabularies
* Concept Generalization in Visual Representation Learning
* Cross-Dimensional Weighting for Aggregated Deep Convolutional Features
* DMC-Net: Generating Discriminative Motion Cues for Fast Compressed Video Action Recognition
* Drop an Octave: Reducing Spatial Redundancy in Convolutional Neural Networks With Octave Convolution
* Focal Visual-Text Attention for Memex Question Answering
* Focal Visual-Text Attention for Visual Question Answering
* Granularity-Aware Adaptation for Image Retrieval Over Multiple Tasks
* Graph-Based Global Reasoning Networks
* Grounded Video Description
* Image clustering through community detection on hybrid image similarity graphs
* Learning to Generate Grounded Visual Captions Without Localization Supervision
* Less Is More: Learning Highlight Detection From Video Duration
* Leveraging MoCap Data for Human Mesh Recovery
* Locally Optimized Product Quantization for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
* LOH and Behold: Web-Scale Visual Search, Recommendation and Clustering Using Locally Optimized Hashing
* Multi-fiber Networks for Video Recognition
* Probabilistic Embeddings for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Scalable triangulation-based logo recognition
* Towards large-scale geometry indexing by feature selection
* Visual congruent ads for image search
* Visual Genome: Connecting Language and Vision Using Crowdsourced Dense Image Annotations
* Web-Scale Image Clustering Revisited
Includes: Kalantidis, Y.[Yannis] Kalantidis, Y.
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Kalantri, K. Co Author Listing * On The Generalization Ability Of Neural Network Classifiers
* probabilistic model for evaluation of neural network classifiers, A

Kalapahar, A. Co Author Listing * Gleason Grading of Histology Prostate Images Through Semantic Segmentation via Residual U-Net

Kalapatapu, P.[Prafulla] Co Author Listing * Ancient Sandbox Technique: An Experimental Study Using Piezoelectric Sensors
* Finite Element Analysis of Ancient Thousand Pillar Temple in Southern India
* Survey on Current Heritage Structural Health Monitoring Practices Around the Globe, A

Kalapos, A.[Andras] Co Author Listing * Self-supervised Pretraining for 2d Medical Image Segmentation
Includes: Kalapos, A.[Andras] Kalapos, A.[András]

Kalapuge, V.[Vindhya] Co Author Listing * Overview of Lightning Trend and Recent Lightning Variability over Sri Lanka

Kalarickal, G.J. Co Author Listing * Neural Model of Visual Stereomatching: Slant, Transparency and Clouds

Kalarot, R.[Ratheesh] Co Author Listing * Comparison of FPGA and GPU implementations of real-time stereo vision
* Component Attention Guided Face Super-Resolution Network: CAGFace
* Current work in the ENPEDA project
* Face Image Retrieval with Attribute Manipulation
* Latent to Latent: A Learned Mapper for Identity Preserving Editing of Multiple Face Attributes in StyleGAN-generated Images
* Performance analysis of multi-resolution symmetric dynamic programming stereo on GPU
* Real-time correlogram tracking for airborne traffic surveillance
Includes: Kalarot, R.[Ratheesh] Kalarot, R.
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Kalas, M.[Milan] Co Author Listing * Assimilation of MODIS Snow Cover Area Data in a Distributed Hydrological Model Using the Particle Filter
* Increasing Timeliness of Satellite-Based Flood Mapping Using Early Warning Systems in the Copernicus Emergency Management Service

Kalash, M. Co Author Listing * Relative Saliency and Ranking: Models, Metrics, Data and Benchmarks
* Revisiting Salient Object Detection: Simultaneous Detection, Ranking, and Subitizing of Multiple Salient Objects

Kalashnikov, D.[Dmitry] Co Author Listing * Sim-To-Real via Sim-To-Sim: Data-Efficient Robotic Grasping via Randomized-To-Canonical Adaptation Networks

Kalashnikov, D.V.[Dmitri V.] Co Author Listing * Context-assisted face clustering framework with human-in-the-loop
* Context-based person identification framework for smart video surveillance
* Query-Driven Approach to Face Clustering and Tagging

Kalashnikov, M.[Maksim] Co Author Listing * MDMMT: Multidomain Multimodal Transformer for Video Retrieval

Kalashnikova, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Attributing Accelerated Summertime Warming in the Southeast United States to Recent Reductions in Aerosol Burden: Indications from Vertically-Resolved Observations
* Spatiotemporal Characteristics of the Association between AOD and PM over the California Central Valley
* Temporal and Spatial Autocorrelation as Determinants of Regional AOD-PM2.5 Model Performance in the Middle East

Kalashnikova, O.V.[Olga V.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Atmospheric and Meteorological Factors Regulating Red Sea Phytoplankton Growth, An
* Characterization of Subgrid-Scale Variability in Particulate Matter with Respect to Satellite Aerosol Observations
* How Long should the MISR Record Be when Evaluating Aerosol Optical Depth Climatology in Climate Models?
* Synergistic Use of Remote Sensing and Modeling for Estimating Net Primary Productivity in the Red Sea With VGPM, Eppley-VGPM, and CbPM Models Intercomparison
* Synergistic Use of Remote Sensing and Modeling to Assess an Anomalously High Chlorophyll-a Event during Summer 2015 in the South Central Red Sea
* Using Multi-Angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer Aerosol Mixture Properties for Air Quality Assessment in Mongolia
Includes: Kalashnikova, O.V.[Olga V.] Kalashnikova, O.V.

Kalata, P. Co Author Listing * Sensor Fusion for Mobile Robot Navigation

Kalatha, E.[Eirini] Co Author Listing * Linked Open Data as Universal Markers for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications in Cultural Heritage

Kalathil, D.[Dileep] Co Author Listing * Estimating Phase Duration for SPaT Messages

Kalatzis, F.[Fanis] Co Author Listing * generalized methodology for the gridding of microarray images with rectangular or hexagonal grid, A

Kalatzis, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Assessing Estrogen Receptors' Status by Texture Analysis of Breast Tissue Specimens and Pattern Recognition Methods
* Automatic Microarray Image Gridding Technique Based on Continuous Wavelet Transform, An
* Biomarker Selection System, Employing an Iterative Peak Selection Method, for Identifying Biomarkers Related to Prostate Cancer
* Design and implementation of a multi-PNN structure for discriminating one-month abstinent heroin addicts from healthy controls using the P600 component of ERP signals
* Development of a Cascade Processing Method for Microarray Spot Segmentation
* Development of the probabilistic neural network-cubic least squares mapping (PNN-LSM3) classifier to assess carotid plaque's risk
Includes: Kalatzis, I.[Ioannis] Kalatzis, I.

Kalatzis, N. Co Author Listing * Gender Recognition Based on Social Networks for Multimedia Production

Kalavathi, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of cerebral hemispheres in MR human head scans

Kalawsky, R.S.[Roy S.] Co Author Listing * Communication and Interaction With Semiautonomous Ground Vehicles by Force Control Steering

Kalay, Y.E.[Yehuda E.] Co Author Listing * Determining the Spatial Containment of a Point in General Polyhedra

Kalayci, M.[Mehmet] Co Author Listing * Can laboratory parameters be an alternative to CT and RT-PCR in the diagnosis of COVID-19? A machine learning approach

Kalayci, S.[Sacide] Co Author Listing * Automatic analysis of facial attractiveness from video

Kalayci, T.[Tuna] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor Geomagnetic Prospection: A Case Study from Neolithic Thessaly, Greece
* Multispectral Contrast of Archaeological Features: A Quantitative Evaluation

Kalayeh, H.M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Relaxation Labeling
* Feature Selection When Limited Numbers of Training Samples are Available
* Predicting the Required Number of Training Samples
* Stochastic Model Utilizing Spectral and Spatial Characteristics
* Utilizing Multitemporal Data by a Stochastic Model

Kalayeh, M.M. Co Author Listing * Human Semantic Parsing for Person Re-identification
* Improving Facial Attribute Prediction Using Semantic Segmentation
* NMF-KNN: Image Annotation Using Weighted Multi-view Non-negative Matrix Factorization
* Numerical Surrogates for Human Observers in Myocardial Motion Evaluation From SPECT Images
* On Symbiosis of Attribute Prediction and Semantic Segmentation
* Recognition of Complex Events: Exploiting Temporal Dynamics between Underlying Concepts
* Training Faster by Separating Modes of Variation in Batch-Normalized Models
Includes: Kalayeh, M.M. Kalayeh, M.M.[Mahdi M.]
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Kalayjian, N.R.[Nicholas R.] Co Author Listing * Moving imager camera for track and range capture

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