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Khoshabeh, R. Co Author Listing * Augmented Lagrangian Method for Total Variation Video Restoration, An

Khoshboresh Masouleh, M. Co Author Listing * Robust Building Footprint Extraction From Big Multi-sensor Data Using Deep Competition Network

Khoshdeli, M. Co Author Listing * Multilayer Encoder-Decoder Network for 3D Nuclear Segmentation in Spheroid Models of Human Mammary Epithelial Cell Lines

Khoshelham, K. Co Author Listing * 3D Modelling of Interior Spaces: Learning the Language of Indoor Architecture
* Accuracy Analysis Of Kinect Depth Data
* Automatic Extraction of Railroad Centerlines from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* BIM-PoseNet: Indoor camera localisation using a 3D indoor model and deep learning from synthetic images
* BIM-Tracker: A model-based visual tracking approach for indoor localisation using a 3D building model
* Building Change Detection Through Comparison of a Lidar Scan With A Building Information Model
* Classification of Mobile Lidar Data Using Vox-net and Auxiliary Training Samples
* Closed-form solutions for estimating a rigid motion from plane correspondences extracted from point clouds
* Direct 6-DoF Pose Estimation from Point-Plane Correspondences
* Door recognition in cluttered building interiors using imagery and lidar data
* Editorial of theme issue 3D Modeling of Indoor Environments
* Effect of slope on treetop detection using a LiDAR Canopy Height Model
* Efficient And Accurate Indoor Localization Using Landmark Graphs
* Efficient and Accurate Registration of Point Clouds with Plane to Plane Correspondences
* Evaluation of a LIDAR Land-Based Mobile Mapping System for Monitoring Sandy Coasts
* Evaluation Of Wavelet And Non-local Mean Denoising Of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data For Small-scale Joint Roughness Estimation
* Extending Generalized Hough Transform to Detect 3D Objects in Laser Range Data
* Generating Synthetic 3d Point Segments for Improved Classification Of Mobile Lidar Point Clouds
* Geometric comparison and quality evaluation of 3D models of indoor environments
* Global Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Clouds Using Plane-to-Plane Correspondences
* Identifying Witness Accounts from Social Media Using Imagery
* Individual Tree Extraction from Urban Mobile Laser Scanning Point Clouds Using Deep Pointwise Direction Embedding
* Indoor Lidar Relocalization Based on Deep Learning Using A 3d Model
* Indoor Localization Improved by Spatial Context: A Survey
* Indoor Mapping Eyewear: Geometric Evaluation of Spatial Mapping Capability of Hololens
* Indoor Navigation by Using Segmentation of Range Images Obtained by Laser Scanners
* Indoor Navigation From Point Clouds: 3d Modelling And Obstacle Detection
* Infrastructure-Independent Indoor Localization and Navigation
* ISPRS Benchmark on Indoor Modelling - Preliminary Results, The
* MS-RRFSegNet: Multiscale Regional Relation Feature Segmentation Network for Semantic Segmentation of Urban Scene Point Clouds
* multiclass TrAdaBoost transfer learning algorithm for the classification of mobile lidar data, A
* Obstacle-Aware Indoor Pathfinding Using Point Clouds
* Performance evaluation of automated approaches to building detection in multi-source aerial data
* Potential and Limitations of Terrestrial Laser Scanning For Discontinuity Roughness Estimation
* Preface - Isprs Workshop Indoor 3d 2019
* Procedural Reconstruction of 3D Indoor Models from Lidar Data Using Reversible Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo
* Region Refinement and Parametric Reconstruction of Building Roofs by Integration of Image and Height Data
* Registering point clouds of polyhedral buildings to 2D maps
* Role of Tie Points in Integrated Sensor Orientation for Photogrammetric Map Compilation
* Seamless Vehicle Positioning by Lidar-GNSS Integration: Standalone and Multi-Epoch Scenarios
* Sparsity-Based Regularization Approach for Deconvolution of Full-Waveform Airborne Lidar Data, A
* Split-and-Merge Technique for Automated Reconstruction of Roof Planes, A
* Synthetic-real image domain adaptation for indoor camera pose regression using a 3D model
* Unsupervised scene adaptation for semantic segmentation of urban mobile laser scanning point clouds
* Weighted Closed-form Solution for RGB-D Data Registration, A
Includes: Khoshelham, K. Khoshelham, K.[Kourosh]
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Khoshgoftaar, T.M.[Taghi M.] Co Author Listing * Arbitrarily-Shaped Window Based Stereo Matching using the Go-Light Optimization Algorithm
* Progressive Edge-Based Stereo Correspondence Method, A
* Rule-Based Multiple Object Tracking for Traffic Surveillance Using Collaborative Background Extraction
* RUSBoost: Improving classification performance when training data is skewed
* Unsupervised Multiscale Color Image Segmentation Based on MDL Principle
Includes: Khoshgoftaar, T.M.[Taghi M.] Khoshgoftaar, T.M.

Khoshgoftarr, T.M.[Taghi M.] Co Author Listing * VoB predictors: Voting on bagging classifications

Khoshgozaran, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Blind evaluation of location based queries using space transformation to preserve location privacy

Khoshhal, K.[Kamrad] Co Author Listing * Trajectory-based human action segmentation

Khoshimjonov, E.[Elbek] Co Author Listing * LaPred: Lane-Aware Prediction of Multi-Modal Future Trajectories of Dynamic Agents

Khoshnam, M.[Mahta] Co Author Listing * Human Machine Interfaces in Upper-Limb Prosthesis Control: A Survey of Techniques for Preprocessing and Processing of Biosignals

Khoshnood, S.[Sajad] Co Author Listing * Unsustainable Anthropogenic Activities: A Paired Watershed Approach of Lake Urmia (Iran) and Lake Van (Turkey)

Khoshnoodmotlagh, S.[Sajad] Co Author Listing * Transboundary Basins Need More Attention: Anthropogenic Impacts on Land Cover Changes in Aras River Basin, Monitoring and Prediction

Khoshnoud, S. Co Author Listing * Investigation of Potential Dust Sources Using Sentinel-1 and Neural Network: a Case Study From Bandar-e Emam-omidiye

Khoshrou, S.[Samaneh] Co Author Listing * Active Learning from Video Streams in a Multi-camera Scenario
* Spatio-Temporal Fusion for Learning of Regions of Interests Over Multiple Video Streams
* SVM-Based Selection of Colour Space Experts for Face Authentication

Khosla, A.[Aditya] Co Author Listing * 3D ShapeNets: A deep representation for volumetric shapes
* Automated knee osteoarthritis severity classification using three-stage preprocessing method and VGG16 architecture
* Combining randomization and discrimination for fine-grained image categorization
* Eye Tracking for Everyone
* Following Gaze in Video
* FPM: Fine Pose Parts-Based Model with 3D CAD Models
* Guest Editorial: Scene Understanding
* HOGgles: Visualizing Object Detection Features
* Human action recognition by learning bases of action attributes and parts
* ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge
* Large-Scale Video Summarization Using Web-Image Priors
* Learning Deep Features for Discriminative Localization
* Looking Beyond the Visible Scene
* Modifying the Memorability of Face Photographs
* Network Dissection: Quantifying Interpretability of Deep Visual Representations
* Places: A 10 Million Image Database for Scene Recognition
* Understanding and Predicting Image Memorability at a Large Scale
* Undoing the Damage of Dataset Bias
* Visualizing Object Detection Features
* What Makes an Object Memorable?
Includes: Khosla, A.[Aditya] Khosla, A.[Ashima] Khosla, A.
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Khosla, D.[Deepak] Co Author Listing * 3D Perception for Autonomous Robot Exploration
* Efficient Algorithms for Indoor MAV Flight Using Vision and Sonar Sensors
* Fast Image Dehazing Methods for Real-Time Video Processing
* Low-Power Neuromorphic System for Real-Time Visual Activity Recognition, A
* Neuromorphic Approach to Object Detection and Recognition in Airborne Videos with Stabilization, A
* Optimal Multiclass Classifier Threshold Estimation with Particle Swarm Optimization for Visual Object Recognition
* Performance Evaluation of Neuromorphic-Vision Object Recognition Algorithms
* Spiking Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Energy-Efficient Object Recognition
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Khosla, P.K. Co Author Listing * 6-Degree-of-Freedom Hand Eye Visual Tracking with Uncertain Parameters
* Adaptive Control Techniques for Dynamic Visual Repositioning of Hand-Eye Robotic Systems
* Agent-based Moving Object Correspondence using Differential Discriminative Diagnosis
* Cancelable biometric filters for face recognition
* Computing the Physical Parameters of Rigid-Body Motion from Video
* Corefaces-robust shift invariant PCA based correlation filter for illumination tolerant face recognition
* Eigenphases vs. eigenfaces
* Force and Vision Resolvability for Assimilating Disparate Sensory Feedback
* Including Sensor Bias in Shape from Motion Calibration and Multisensor Fusion
* Motion Detection and Segmentation Using Image Mosaics
* On the use of snakes for 3-D robotic visual tracking
* Resolvability Ellipsoid for Visual Servoing, The
* Use of Active Deformable Models in Model-Based Robotic Visual Servoing, The
* Vision Resolvability for Visually Servoed Manipulation
* Visual Servoing in the Task-Function Framework: A Contour Following Task
* Visual Tracking of a Moving Target by a Camera Mounted on a Robot: A Combination of Control and Vision
Includes: Khosla, P.K. Khosla, P.K.[Pradeep K.]
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Khosla, R.[Rajiv] Co Author Listing * Active Optical Sensing of Spring Maize for In-Season Diagnosis of Nitrogen Status Based on Nitrogen Nutrition Index
* Assessing Nitrogen Variability at Early Stages of Maize Using Mobile Fluorescence Sensing
* Determining comprehension and quality of TV programs using eye-gaze tracking
* Use of Fluorescence Sensing to Detect Nitrogen and Potassium Variability in Maize
* Using NDVI to Differentiate Wheat Genotypes Productivity Under Dryland and Irrigated Conditions
Includes: Khosla, R.[Rajiv] Khosla, R.[Raj]

Khosravan, N.[Naji] Co Author Listing * Gaze2Segment: A Pilot Study for Integrating Eye-Tracking Technology into Medical Image Segmentation
* LASER: LAtent SpacE Rendering for 2D Visual Localization
* Zillow Indoor Dataset: Annotated Floor Plans With 360 Panoramas and 3D Room Layouts

Khosravani, S.[Shima] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral image classification using Non-negative Tensor Factorization and 3D Convolutional Neural Networks

Khosravanian, A.[Asieh] Co Author Listing * Enhancing level set brain tumor segmentation using fuzzy shape prior information and deep learning

Khosravi, A.[Abbas] Co Author Listing * Automated Deep CNN-LSTM Architecture Design for Solar Irradiance Forecasting
* Classification of Voltage Sags Based on MPCA Models
* Control Methods for Internet-Based Teleoperation Systems: A Review
* novel aggregate gene selection method for microarray data classification, A
* Prediction Intervals to Account for Uncertainties in Travel Time Prediction
Includes: Khosravi, A.[Abbas] Khosravi, A.

Khosravi, H. Co Author Listing * Assessment and Mapping of Iran Desertification Intensity Using Arcgis Environment
* Assessment, Monitoring and Early Warning System for Desertification Based On Water Criterion (case Tudy: Kashan, Iran)
* blackboard approach towards integrated Farsi OCR system, A
* Farsi font recognition based on Sobel-Roberts features
* Introducing a very large dataset of handwritten Farsi digits and a study on their varieties
* Single image super-resolution based on sparse representation using dictionaries trained with input image patches
Includes: Khosravi, H. Khosravi, H.[Hossein]

Khosravi, I.[Iman] Co Author Listing * Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment for Urban Areas Using an ANN and Hybrid SWOT-QSPM Model

Khosravi, J.[Javanshir] Co Author Listing * Novel Iterative Rigid Image Registration Algorithm Based on the Newton Method, A

Khosravi, K.[Khabat] Co Author Listing * Flood Detection and Susceptibility Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Remote Sensing Data and a Machine Learning Approach: Hybrid Intelligence of Bagging Ensemble Based on K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier
* Flood Spatial Modeling in Northern Iran Using Remote Sensing and GIS: A Comparison between Evidential Belief Functions and Its Ensemble with a Multivariate Logistic Regression Model
* Shallow Landslide Prediction Using a Novel Hybrid Functional Machine Learning Algorithm

Khosravi, M. Co Author Listing * Large Array Null Steering Using Compressed Sensing
* Low complexity matching criteria for image/video applications
* Mediated Morphological Filters
* System and method for matching image information to object model information
* System and method for multi-resolution background adaptation
* System and method for tracking movement of objects in a scene
* System and method for tracking movement of objects in a scene using correspondence graphs
* Template Matching Based on a Grayscale Hit-Or-Miss Transform
Includes: Khosravi, M. Khosravi, M.[Mehdi]
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Khosravi, M.H. Co Author Listing * Blind Quality Metric for Contrast-Distorted Images Based on Eigendecomposition of Color Histograms
* Human eye sclera detection and tracking using a modified time-adaptive self-organizing map
* Image quality assessment using a novel region smoothness measure
Includes: Khosravi, M.H. Khosravi, M.H.[Mohammad Hossein]

Khosravi, M.R.[Mohammad R.] Co Author Listing * Autonomous UAV-Assisted Distance-Aware Crowd Sensing Platform Using Deep ShuffleNet Transfer Learning, An
* Edge-Centric Secure Service Provisioning in IoT-Enabled Maritime Transportation Systems
* Efficient Flow Processing in 5G-Envisioned SDN-Based Internet of Vehicles Using GPUs
* Energy-efficient workload allocation in fog-cloud based services of intelligent transportation systems using a learning classifier system
* Enhancing the Performance of Flow Classification in SDN-Based Intelligent Vehicular Networks
* Interpretable Synthetic Reduced Nearest Neighbor: An Expectation Maximization Approach
* Intrusion Detection for Maritime Transportation Systems With Batch Federated Aggregation
* Optimal Distribution of Workloads in Cloud-Fog Architecture in Intelligent Vehicular Networks
Includes: Khosravi, M.R.[Mohammad R.] Khosravi, M.R.
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Khosravi, V.[Vahid] Co Author Listing * Satellite Imagery for Monitoring and Mapping Soil Chromium Pollution in a Mine Waste Dump

Khosravian, A.[Amir] Co Author Listing * Multi-domain autonomous driving dataset: Towards enhancing the generalization of the convolutional neural networks in new environments

Khosravianghadikolaei, K.[Kobra] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Latent-Heat-Nudging Schemes and Radar forward Operator Settings for a Convective Summer Period over Germany Using the ICON-KENDA System

Khosravifard, M. Co Author Listing * Including the Size of Regions in Image Segmentation by Region-Based Graph

Khosravipour, A.[Anahita] Co Author Listing * Effect of slope on treetop detection using a LiDAR Canopy Height Model

Khosravirad, M. Co Author Listing * Predicting Sugarcane Yields in Khuzestan Using a Large Time-series Of Remote Sensing Imagery Region

Khosravy, M. Co Author Listing * Perceptual Adaptation of Image Based on Chevreul: Mach Bands Visual Phenomenon
* theoretical discussion on the foundation of Stone's blind source separation, A
Includes: Khosravy, M. Khosravy, M.[Mahdi]

Khosrowabadi, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * EEG-based Emotion Recognition Using Self-Organizing Map for Boundary Detection

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