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Kita, A.[Afroditi] Co Author Listing * Mapping Underwater Aquatic Vegetation Using Foundation Models With Air- and Space-Borne Images: The Case of Polyphytos Lake

Kita, K.[Kohei] Co Author Listing * Binarization of Color Character Strings in Scene Images Using K-Means Clustering and Support Vector Machines
* Binarization of Color Characters in Scene Images Using k-means Clustering and Support Vector Machines
* method to Improve metric index VP-tree for multimedia databases, A
* Unsupervised muscle region extraction by fuzzy decision based saliency feature integration on thigh MRI for 3D modeling
Includes: Kita, K.[Kohei] Kita, K.[Kenji] Kita, K.[Kahori]

Kita, N. Co Author Listing * 3D Simultaneous Localisation and Map-Building Using Active Vision for a Robot Moving on Undulating Terrain
* Archiving technology for plant inspection images captured by mobile active cameras 4D visible memory
* deformable model driven method for handling clothes, A
* Evaluation of the Viewpoint Shift for a Fisheye Lens Based on Stereo Geometry
* Integration of Machine Learning and Open Access Geospatial Data for Land Cover Mapping
* model-driven method of estimating the state of clothes for manipulating it, A
* Multi-class anisotropic blue noise sampling for discrete element pattern generation
* Object Locating Based On Concentric Circular Description
* Quick 3d-2d Registration Method for a Wide-range of Applications, A
* Sequential Localisation and Map-Building in Computer Vision and Robotics
* Sequential Localization and Map-Building for Real-Time Computer Vision and Robotics
* Strategy for Folding Clothing on the Basis of Deformable Models
* Virtual flattening of clothing item held in the air
* Visual Attention Control for Nuclear Power Plant Inspection
Includes: Kita, N. Kita, N.[Naoki] Kita, N.[Nobuyuki]
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Kita, S.[Sumio] Co Author Listing * Image rotating device
* Role of Spontaneous Gestures in Spatial Problem Solving, The
* Texture and Objects: Interruption of Same-Object Effect in Human Vision
Includes: Kita, S.[Sumio] Kita, S.[Sotaro] Kita, S.[Shinichi]

Kita, Y.[Yasuyo] Co Author Listing * email: Kita, Y.[Yasuyo]: ykita AT etl go jp
* Archiving technology for plant inspection images captured by mobile active cameras 4D visible memory
* Background Modeling by Combining Joint Intensity Histogram with Time-sequential Data
* Change detection using joint intensity histogram
* Correspondence between Different View Breast X Rays Using Curved Epipolar Lines
* Correspondence Between two Different Views of X-Ray Mammograms Using Simulation of Breast Deformation
* deformable model driven method for handling clothes, A
* Elastic-Model Driven Analysis of Several Views of a Deformable Cylindrical Object
* Extraction of Accurate Stomach Contour from X-Ray Image of Barium-Filled Stomachs and Its Application to Detect Potential Abnormalities
* Extraction of accurate stomach contour from X-ray images of barium filled stomachs
* Extraction of Stomach Contours from Double Contrast Radiographs Using Predicted Shapes Derived from Barium-Filled Stomach Radiographs
* Force-Based Registration Method Using Attribute Values
* Guest Editorial: Machine Vision Applications
* Lossless Coding of HDR Color Images in a Floating Point Format Using Block-Adaptive Inter-Color Prediction
* Lossless Video Coding Based on Probability Model Optimization With Improved Adaptive Prediction
* Model-Driven Contour Extraction for Physically Deformed Objects: Application to Analysis of Stomach X-Ray Images
* model-driven method of estimating the state of clothes for manipulating it, A
* Motion tracking of cattle with a constrained deformable model
* Quick 3d-2d Registration Method for a Wide-range of Applications, A
* Registration Method for Rigid Objects Without Point Matching, A
* Strategy for Folding Clothing on the Basis of Deformable Models
* study of change detection from satellite images using joint intensity histogram, A
* Three-dimensional reconstruction of microcalcification clusters from two mammographic views
* Virtual flattening of clothing item held in the air
Includes: Kita, Y.[Yasuyo] Kita, Y.
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Kitada, K. Co Author Listing * Land-Use and Land-Cover Mapping Using a Gradable Classification Method
* Spectral Correction for the Effect of Crown Shape at the Single-Tree Level: An Approach Using a Lidar-Derived Digital Surface Model for Broad-Leaved Canopy

Kitadai, A. Co Author Listing * Character Shape Restoration of Binarized Historical Documents by Smoothing via Geodesic Morphology
* learning algorithm for structured character pattern representation used in on-line recognition of handwritten Japanese characters, A
* On-line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition System Free from Line Direction and Character Orientation Constraints, An
* Pen-Coordinate Information Modeling by SCPR-based HMM for On-line Japanese Handwriting Recognition
* Prototype learning for structured pattern representation applied to on-line recognition of handwritten Japanese characters
* Recent Results of Online Japanese Handwriting Recognition and Its Applications
* Support system for archeologists to read scripts on mokkans
* Techniques to Enhance Images for Mokkan Interpretation
Includes: Kitadai, A. Kitadai, A.[Akihito]
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Kitade, T. Co Author Listing * MPEG-1 Audio Real-Time Encoding System

Kitagaki, H. Co Author Listing * Automated Segmentation of Human Brain MR Images Aided by Fuzzy Information Granulation and Fuzzy Inference

Kitagami, T. Co Author Listing * Flooded Area Extraction of Rice Paddy Field in Indonesia Using Sentinel-1 Sar Data

Kitagawa, H. Co Author Listing * Shape Measurement of Curved Objects Using Multiple Slit-Ray Projections

Kitagawa, M.[Midori] Co Author Listing * Geometry Explorer: Facilitating Geometry Education with Virtual Reality
* High accuracy local stereo matching using DoG scale map
* Image processing method for system employing pattern matching
* Memory Saving Feature Descriptor Using Scale and Rotation Invariant Patches around the Feature Ppoints
* Multi-Stage Pathological Image Classification Using Semantic Segmentation
* VIGOR: Virtual Interaction with Gravitational Waves to Observe Relativity
Includes: Kitagawa, M.[Midori] Kitagawa, M. Kitagawa, M.[Masahiko] Kitagawa, M.[Masamichi]

Kitagawa, R. Co Author Listing * Banknote portrait detection using convolutional neural network

Kitagawa, T.[Tomohiro] Co Author Listing * Local Estimation of High Velocity Optical Flow with Correlation Image Sensor

Kitagawa, Y. Co Author Listing * Mobile Motion-tracking System for Rescue Work at Destroyed Buildings
* Tracking Iris Contour with a 3D Eye-Model for Gaze Estimation
Includes: Kitagawa, Y. Kitagawa, Y.[Yosuke]

Kitago, M. Co Author Listing * Acceleration of CSRBF-based image reconstruction by wavelet domain preconditioning

Kitaguchi, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for correction based upon detecting a camera shaking

Kitahara, D. Co Author Listing * Low-Dose CT Reconstruction with Multiclass Orthogonal Dictionaries

Kitahara, F.[Fumiaki] Co Author Listing * Stand Volume Estimation Using the k-NN Technique Combined with Forest Inventory Data, Satellite Image Data and Additional Feature Variables

Kitahara, I.[Itaru] Co Author Listing * 3D Free-viewpoint video capturing interface by using bimanual operation
* Automatic player's view generation of real soccer scenes based on trajectory tracking
* Background Modeling Method with Simple Operations for 3D Video, A
* Calibration method for sparse multi-view cameras by bridging with a mobile camera
* Cinematized Reality: Cinematographic 3D Video System for Daily Life Using Multiple Outer/Inner Cameras
* comparison between two 3D free-viewpoint generation methods: Player-billboard and 3D reconstruction, A
* Detecting walkable plane areas by using RGB-D camera and accelerometer for visually impaired people
* Displaying Motion Parallax by Occlusion Detectable Stereo
* Dynamically Visual Learning for People Identification with Sparsely Distributed Cameras
* Immersive Free-Viewpoint Video System Using Multiple Outer/Inner Cameras, An
* Lifted road map view on windshield display
* Live 3D Video in Soccer Stadium
* Mixed-reality snapshot system using environmental depth sensors
* Mobile Camera Localization Method Using Aerial-View Images, A
* MR Simulation for Re-wallpapering a Room in a Free-Hand Movie
* Multimedia Data Visualization Based on Ad Hoc Communication Networks and Its Application to Disaster Management, A
* Neural Density-Distance Fields
* Perceptually Correct 3D Model for Live 3D TV, A
* Read-the-game skill evaluation by analyzing head orientation in immersive VR
* Real-Time 3D Modeling System Using Multiple Stereo Cameras for Free-Viewpoint Video Generation, A
* Robust Foreground Extraction Technique Using Gaussian Family Model and Multiple Thresholds
* Robust trajectory estimation of soccer players by using two cameras
* Smooth switching method for asynchronous multiple viewpoint videos using frame interpolation
* Smooth video hopping for surveillance cameras
* Smoothly switching method of asynchronous multi-view videos using frame interpolation
* Stealth vision for protecting privacy
* Trajectory Estimation Method for Badminton Shuttlecock Utilizing Motion Blur, A
* Vehicle Localization in a Completed City-Scale 3D Scene Using Aerial Images and an On-Board Stereo Camera
* ViSE: Visual Search Engine Using Multiple Networked Cameras
* Vitual Camera Control System for Cinematographic 3D Video Rendering
Includes: Kitahara, I.[Itaru] Kitahara, I.
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Kitahara, M.[Masaki] Co Author Listing * Aerial Image Segmentation via Noise Dispelling and Content Distilling
* Building Change Detection by Using Past Map Information and Optical Aerial Images
* Low-Latency 4K HEVC Multi-Channel Encoding System with Content-Aware Bitrate Control for Live Streaming, A
* Multiview Video Coding Using View Interpolation and Color Correction
* Progressive Coding of Surface Light Fields for Efficient Image Based Rendering
* View Scalable Multiview Video Coding Using 3-D Warping With Depth Map
Includes: Kitahara, M.[Masaki] Kitahara, M.

Kitahara, R.[Reiji] Co Author Listing * Fast and robust map-matching algorithm based on a global measure and dynamic programming for sparse probe data

Kitahashi, T. Co Author Listing * Application of Knowledge Base for Image Analysis, An
* Assembly Planning Based On Assembly Illustration Understanding
* Collaborative multimedia analysis for detecting semantical events from broadcasted sports video
* Computer Vision Based on a Hypothesization and Verification Scheme by Parallel Relaxation
* Determination of Vanishing Point in Outdoor Scene
* Extracting Actors, Actions and Events from Sports Video: A Fundamental Approach to Story Tracking
* Extraction of Vanishing Point and Its Application to Scene Analysis Based on Image Sequence
* Generating of sketch map drawing from vectorized image
* Generation of Sketch Map Image and Its Instructions to Support the Understanding of Geographical Information
* Media Information Processing in Documents: Generation of Manuals of Mechanical Parts Assembling
* New Method of 3-D Motion Analysis Using a Concept of Projective Geometry, A
* Recognition of social dancing from auditory and visual information
* Representing and Recognizing Simple Hand-Tools Based on Their Functions
* Shape Recovery and Error Correction Based on Hypothetical Constraints by Parallel Network for Energy Minimization
* Understanding Assembly Illustrations in An Assembly Manual Without Any Model of Mechanical Parts
Includes: Kitahashi, T. Kitahashi, T.[Tadahiro]
15 for Kitahashi, T.

Kitaichi, M. Co Author Listing * Study on a Radiation Management System Visualizing Health Risks from Ionizing Particles by CG Technology, A

Kitajima, H. Co Author Listing * Accurate IFS-Based Image Enlargement Method using Line Process, An
* accurate noise detector for image restoration, An
* ARMA order selection method with fuzzy reasoning, An
* Efficient contour shape description by using fractal interpolation functions
* Extension of the Collage Theorem
* Extraction of Circles from Arcs Represented by Extended Digital Lines, The
* Fractal Interpolation for Natural Images
* Genetic-Algorithm based Quantization Method for Fractal Image Coding, A
* Image Restoration Method Using IFS, An
* New Fast and Robust Circle Extraction Algorithm, A
* Reconstruction Method of Missing Texture Using Error Reduction Algorithm
* soccer field tracking method with wire frame model from tv images, A
Includes: Kitajima, H. Kitajima, H.[Hideo]
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Kitajima, H.D. Co Author Listing * New Method for Registration-Based Medical Image Interpolation, A

Kitajima, N.[Natsumi] Co Author Listing * Potential of a SAR Small-Satellite Constellation for Rapid Monitoring of Flood Extent

Kitajima, S.[Shogo] Co Author Listing * Shoulder-Surfing Resistant Authentication Using Pass Pattern of Pattern Lock

Kitajima, T. Co Author Listing * Efficient improvement method for separation of reflection components based on an energy function
* Estimating the Positions and Postures of Non-Rigid Objects Lacking Sufficient Features based on the Stick and Ellipse Model
Includes: Kitajima, T. Kitajima, T.[Toshihiro]

Kitajima, Y.[York] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Stereo Datasets with Subpixel-Accurate Ground Truth
* Increasing Safety for Assisted Motion During Caregiving
* Indirect Evaluation of Nurse's Transfer Skill Through the Measurement of Patient
Includes: Kitajima, Y.[York] Kitajima, Y.[Yasuko]

Kitakado, R.[Ryuji] Co Author Listing * Pattern masking method and an apparatus therefor

Kitambo, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Mapping Water Levels across a Region of the Cuvette Centrale Peatland Complex

Kitamoto, A.[Asanobu] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of a Collapsed Historical Site from Sparse Set of Photographs and Photogrammetric Map
* Digital Bleaching and Content Extraction for the Digital Archive of Rare Books
* Fractional component analysis (FCA) for mixed signals
* Image Classification using Probabilistic Models that Reflect the Internal Structure of Mixels
* stochastic model of mixels and image classification, A
Includes: Kitamoto, A.[Asanobu] Kitamoto, A. Kitamoto, A.[Asanbou]

Kitamura, A.[Akinobu] Co Author Listing * Optical vehicle detection system

Kitamura, D. Co Author Listing * Bilevel Optimization Using Stationary Point of Lower-Level Objective Function for Discriminative Basis Learning in Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

Kitamura, H. Co Author Listing * Internet Video-on-Demand System Architecture-Mins
* Semi-supervised Segmentation of Salt Bodies in Seismic Images Using an Ensemble of Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Kitamura, H. Kitamura, H.[Hirotoshi]

Kitamura, I.[Itaru] Co Author Listing * Improving Capability of Locating Tampered Pixels of Statistical Fragile Watermarking

Kitamura, K. Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling of Architecture by Edge-Matching and Integrating the Point Clouds of Laser Scanner and Those of Digital Camera
* Automated Extraction of Break Lines in TLS Data of Real Environment
* Automated Feature Based Tls Data Registration For 3d Building Modeling
* Automatic Detection of Unconscious Reactions to Illuminance Changes in Illumination
* Biplane analysis of atheromatous coronary arteries
* Digital Human Simulation for Fall Risk Evaluation When Sitting on Stepladders
* Real-time holography using the high-resolution LCTV-SLM
Includes: Kitamura, K. Kitamura, K.[Kensuke] Kitamura, K.[Koji]
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Kitamura, M. Co Author Listing * Computer simulation of reconstructed image for computer-generated holograms
* Contrast Mapping and Evaluation for Electronic X-Ray Images on CRT Display Monitor
* Digital Cinema and Super-High-Definition Content Distribution on Optical High-Speed Networks

Kitamura, T.[Tadashi] Co Author Listing * Location Normalization of HMM-Based Lip Reading: Experiments for the M2VTS Database
* Normalized Training for HMM-based Visual Speech Recognition
* Object recognition system and abnormality detection system using image processing
* Refining OpenPose with a new sports dataset for robust 2D pose estimation
* Traffic flow measuring method and apparatus
Includes: Kitamura, T.[Tadashi] Kitamura, T.[Tadaaki] Kitamura, T.[Takumi]

Kitamura, Y.[Yoshifumi] Co Author Listing * Camera movement for chasing a subject with unknown behavior based on real-time viewpoint goodness evaluation
* Data-Dependent Higher-Order Clique Selection for Artery-Vein Segmentation by Energy Minimization
* Efficient collision detection among objects in arbitrary motion using multiple shape representations
* Expert System for Industrial Machine Vision, An
* Fuzzy Medical Image Processing for Segmenting the Lateral Ventricles from MR Images
* Generating Images with Interactive Manipulation and Its Model Capture
* High-speed recognition of tabulated data
* Interactive Manipulation Through Augmented Virtuality Using Processed Video Contents
* Parallel Algorithm for Octree Generation from Polyhedral Shape Representation, A
* Picture image forming apparatus
* Psoas Major Muscle Segmentation Using Higher-Order Shape Prior
* Real-Time Algorithm for Accurate Collision Detection for Deformable Polyhedral Objects, A
* Synthesizing Diverse Lung Nodules Wherever Massively: 3D Multi-Conditional GAN-Based CT Image Augmentation for Object Detection
* Trinocular Vision: New Approach for Correspondence Problem
Includes: Kitamura, Y.[Yoshifumi] Kitamura, Y.[Yoshiro] Kitamura, Y. Kitamura, Y.[Yoshihiro]
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Kitamura, Y.T. Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Analysis of Hemodynamic Response Delay in Event-Related fMRI Using Wavelet Transform
* Transcranial Ultrasonography System for Visualizing Skull and Brain Surface Aided by Fuzzy Expert System

Kitani, K.[Kris] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kitani, K.[Kris]:
* 3D Ego-Pose Estimation via Imitation Learning
* ADA: Adversarial Data Augmentation for Object Detection
* AgentFormer: Agent-Aware Transformers for Socio-Temporal Multi-Agent Forecasting
* Crack Detection and Refinement Via Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Cross-Domain Adaptive Teacher for Object Detection
* DanceTrack: Multi-Object Tracking in Uniform Appearance and Diverse Motion
* Ego-Pose Estimation and Forecasting As Real-Time PD Control
* Ego4D: Around the World in 3,000 Hours of Egocentric Video
* Estimating 3D Camera Pose from 2D Pedestrian Trajectories
* GLAMR: Global Occlusion-Aware Human Mesh Recovery with Dynamic Cameras
* Improving Lesion Segmentation for Diabetic Retinopathy Using Adversarial Learning
* Incremental Class Discovery for Semantic Segmentation With RGBD Sensing
* Learning scene-specific pedestrian detectors without real data
* Modality-Agnostic Learning for Radar-Lidar Fusion in Vehicle Detection
* Monocular 3D Object Detection with Pseudo-LiDAR Point Cloud
* Multi-Echo LiDAR for 3D Object Detection
* Occluded Human Mesh Recovery
* PRECOG: PREdiction Conditioned on Goals in Visual Multi-Agent Settings
* Rethinking Transformer-based Set Prediction for Object Detection
* SimPoE: Simulated Character Control for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Visio-Temporal Attention for Multi-Camera Multi-Target Association
* Whose Track Is It Anyway? Improving Robustness to Tracking Errors with Affinity-based Trajectory Prediction
* Wide-Baseline Multi-Camera Calibration using Person Re-Identification
Includes: Kitani, K.[Kris] Kitani, K.
25 for Kitani, K.

Kitani, K.M.[Kris M.] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Motion Estimation via Motion Compression and Refinement
* Action-Reaction: Forecasting the Dynamics of Human Interaction
* Activity Forecasting
* Attentionnas: Spatiotemporal Attention Cell Search for Video Classification
* Beacon-Guided Structure from Motion for Smartphone-Based Navigation
* Coupling eye-motion and ego-motion features for first-person activity recognition
* Cutting through the clutter: Task-relevant features for image matching
* Deep Radio-Visual Localization
* Deep Supervised Hashing with Triplet Labels
* Deleted Interpolation Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Grammar Network for Recognizing Human Activity
* Detecting Interesting Events Using Unsupervised Density Ratio Estimation
* Discovering Primitive Action Categories by Leveraging Relevant Visual Context
* DLOW: Diversifying Latent Flows for Diverse Human Motion Prediction
* Domain Adaptive Hand Keypoint and Pixel Localization in the Wild
* Domain Randomization for Scene-Specific Car Detection and Pose Estimation
* Efficient Non-line-of-sight Imaging from Transient Sinograms
* Ego-surfing first person videos
* Ego-Surfing: Person Localization in First-Person Videos Using Ego-Motion Signatures
* Ego-Vision System for Hand Grasp Analysis, An
* Face Alignment Refinement
* Fast unsupervised ego-action learning for first-person sports videos
* First-Person Activity Forecasting from Video with Online Inverse Reinforcement Learning
* First-Person Activity Forecasting with Online Inverse Reinforcement Learning
* Forecasting Interactive Dynamics of Pedestrians with Fictitious Play
* Generative Hybrid Representations for Activity Forecasting With No-Regret Learning
* GNN3DMOT: Graph Neural Network for 3D Multi-Object Tracking With 2D-3D Multi-Feature Learning
* Going Deeper into First-Person Activity Recognition
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Wearable and Ego-Vision Systems for Augmented Experience
* How do we use our hands? Discovering a diverse set of common grasps
* Hybrid macro-micro visual analysis for city-scale state estimation
* Introduction to the 3rd Workshop on Egocentric (First-Person) Vision, An
* Learning Action Maps of Large Environments via First-Person Vision
* Learning Shape Representations for Person Re-Identification under Clothing Change
* Long-Term Activity Forecasting Using First-Person Vision
* Massive City-Scale Surface Condition Analysis Using Ground and Aerial Imagery
* Model Recommendation with Virtual Probes for Egocentric Hand Detection
* Multi-pose multi-target tracking for activity understanding
* Neural Batch Sampling with Reinforcement Learning for Semi-Supervised Anomaly Detection
* No-Reference Image Quality Assessment via Transformers, Relative Ranking, and Self-Consistency
* Optical Non-Line-of-Sight Physics-Based 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Pixel-Level Hand Detection in Ego-centric Videos
* Predicting wide receiver trajectories in American football
* Privacy-Preserving Visual Learning Using Doubly Permuted Homomorphic Encryption
* r2p2: A ReparameteRized Pushforward Policy for Diverse, Precise Generative Path Forecasting
* Recognizing hand-object interactions in wearable camera videos
* Recognizing Micro-Actions and Reactions from Paired Egocentric Videos
* Recognizing Multiple Objects via Regression Incorporating the Co-occurrence of Categories
* Recognizing Visual Signatures of Spontaneous Head Gestures
* Recovering the Basic Structure of Human Activities from a Video-Based Symbol String
* RePOSE: Fast 6D Object Pose Refinement via Deep Texture Rendering
* Rotational Rectification Network: Enabling Pedestrian Detection for Mobile Vision
* S2Net: Stochastic Sequential Pointcloud Forecasting
* Sequential Voting with Relational Box Fields for Active Object Detection
* SmartPartNet: Part-Informed Person Detection for Body-Worn Smartphones
* StereOBJ-1M: Large-scale Stereo Image Dataset for 6D Object Pose Estimation
* Synthesizing a Scene-Specific Pedestrian Detector and Pose Estimator for Static Video Surveillance
* Using individuality to track individuals: Clustering individual trajectories in crowds using local appearance and frequency trait
* Visual Motif Discovery via First-Person Vision
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Kitani, K.M.[Kris M.] Kitani, K.M.
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Kitano, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic graph extraction from color images
* Overview of RoboCup-98
* Vision, Strategy, and Localization Using the Sony Legged Robots at RoboCup-98
Includes: Kitano, H. Kitano, H.[Hiroaki]

Kitano, T. Co Author Listing * Analysis control middleware for large-scale video surveillance

Kitano, Y. Co Author Listing * Estimation of object functions using deformable part model
* fast and precise system for taking high-density human head measurements with surrounding range finders, A
* Robust Learning Framework Using PSM and Ameliorated SVMs for Emotional Recognition, A
Includes: Kitano, Y. Kitano, Y.[Yosuke]

Kitanovski, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Current trends in deep learning for Earth Observation: An open-source benchmark arena for image classification

Kitanovski, V. Co Author Listing * Adaptive lifting integer wavelet transform for lossless image compression
* Augmented reality mirror for virtual facial alterations
* Real-time TV commercial monitoring based on robust visual hashing
Includes: Kitanovski, V. Kitanovski, V.[Vlado]

Kitao, T.[Toshihiro] Co Author Listing * Optimal spectral sensitivity functions for a single-camera one-shot multispectral imaging system

Kitaoka, N. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Real-World Driver's Frustration
* Modeling of Physical Characteristics of Speech under Stress

Kitaoka, S.[Shinya] Co Author Listing * Camera movement for chasing a subject with unknown behavior based on real-time viewpoint goodness evaluation
* Experimental CSG Environment for Modelling Solid
Includes: Kitaoka, S.[Shinya] Kitaoka, S.

Kitaoka, Y.[Yoshiyuki] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Stereo Image Pairs from Single Camera Views for a Roatating Spherical Object covered with Moving Texture

Kitaori, S.[Shoji] Co Author Listing * Channel coding scheme for in HDTV digital VCR

Kitasaka, T.[Takayuki] Co Author Listing * Automated Ulcer Detection Method from CT Images for Computer Aided Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease
* Endoscope 3-D motion tracking using an aggressive particle filtering for boosting electromagnetic guidance endoscopy
* Externally Navigated Bronchoscopy Using 2-D Motion Sensors: Dynamic Phantom Validation
* Extraction of Lung Region From 3D Chest X-ray CT Images by Using Shape Model Information of Lung
* method for automated extraction of aorta and pulmonary artery in the mediastimun using medial line models from 3D chest X-ray CT images without contrast materials, A
* Modified Hybrid Bronchoscope Tracking Based on Sequential Monte Carlo Sampler: Dynamic Phantom Validation
* Recognition of lung lobes and its application to the bronchial structure analysis
* Spine posture estimation method from human images using 3D spine model: computation of the rough approximation of the physical forces working on vertebral bodies
* Structure Specific Atlas Generation and Its Application to Pancreas Segmentation from Contrasted Abdominal CT Volumes
* study of symbol segmentation method for handwritten mathematical formula recognition using mathematical structure information, A
* Synchronized Display of Virtual Colonoscopic Views in Supine and Prone CT Images
* Tracking Accuracy Evaluation of Electromagnetic Sensor-Based Colonoscope Tracking Method
* Trimix: A General Framework for Medical Image Segmentation from Limited Supervision
Includes: Kitasaka, T.[Takayuki] Kitasaka, T.
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Kitawaki, S. Co Author Listing * Image analysis of crosswalk

Kitayama, K.[Kanehiro] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the stand ages of tropical secondary forests after shifting cultivation based on the combination of WorldView-2 and time-series Landsat images
* Mapping the Spatial Distribution of Fern Thickets and Vine-Laden Forests in the Landscape of Bornean Logged-Over Tropical Secondary Rainforests

Kitayama, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * On a Technique for Evaluating Performance of Wipers Based on Forward Visibility

Kitazaki, S.[Satoshi] Co Author Listing * How Does Explanation-Based Knowledge Influence Driver Take-Over in Conditional Driving Automation?

Kitazato, N.[Naohisa] Co Author Listing * Motion detecting circuit for video image

Kitazawa, H.[Hitoshi] Co Author Listing * Exclusive Block Matching for Moving Object Extraction and Tracking
* Extraction and Tracking Moving Objects in Detail Considering Visual Feature Constraint and Structure Constraint
* FPGA Implementation of Exclusive Block Matching for Robust Moving Object Extraction and Tracking
* Generation of an Optimum Patrol Course for Mobile Surveillance Camera
* Hexagonal image representation for 3-D photorealistic reconstruction
* multistage dataflow implementation of a Deep Convolutional Neural Network based on FPGA for high-speed object recognition, A
* New Method for Moving Object Extraction and Tracking Based on the Exclusive Block Matching, A
* Robust Moving Object Extraction and Tracking Method Based on Matching Position Constraints
* Sunshine-Change-Tolerant Moving Object Masking for Realizing both Privacy Protection and Video Surveillance
* Template Matching Method Based on Visual Feature Constraint and Structure Constraint
Includes: Kitazawa, H.[Hitoshi] Kitazawa, H.
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Kitazawa, Y.[Yusuke] Co Author Listing * Estimating illuminant color based on luminance balance of surfaces

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