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Kuri Morales, A.[Angel] Co Author Listing * Application of Neural Networks for Image Reconstruction in Electrical Capacitance Tomography Applied to Oil Industry, An
* Experimental Validation of an Evolutionary Method to Identify a Mobile Robot's Position
* Improved Performance of Computer Networks by Embedded Pattern Detection
* MP-Polynomial Kernel for Training Support Vector Machines
* Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Pattern Recognition in Mixed Databases, A
* Pattern Discovery in Mixed Data Bases
Includes: Kuri Morales, A.[Angel] Kuri-Morales, Á.[Ángel] Kuri-Morales, A.[Angel]

Kuri, J. Co Author Listing * Secure Transmission in Cooperative Networks with Weak Eavesdroppers

Kuria, D.N. Co Author Listing * Use of UAS for Assessing Agricultural Systems in an Wetland in Tanzania in the Dry- and Wet-Season for Sustainable Agriculture and Providing Ground Truth For TERRA-SAR X Data, The

Kuriakose, M.K.[Maya K.] Co Author Listing * hierarchical algorithm with fast convergence spiral search pattern for block matching in motion estimation, A

Kurian, A. Co Author Listing * Fast And Flexible Method For Meta-map Building for ICP Based SLAM, A

Kurian, N.C.[Nikhil Cherian] Co Author Listing * Author's Reply to MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge
* MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge

Kurianski, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Hidden MRF detection of motion of objects with uniform brightness

Kuribayashi, K.[Kota] Co Author Listing * SEPHLA: Challenges and Opportunities Within Environment-Personal Health Archives

Kuribayashi, M.[Minoru] Co Author Listing * Aesthetic QR Code Based on Modified Systematic Encoding Function
* Bias-Based Binary Fingerprinting Code Under Erasure Channel
* Effects of Image Processing Operations on Adversarial Noise and Their Use in Detecting and Correcting Adversarial Images
* Fingerprinting Protocol for Images Based on Additive Homomorphic Property
* Image fingerprinting system based on collusion secure code and watermarking method
* Improved DM-QIM Watermarking Scheme for PDF Document
* Information Hiding and Its Criteria for Evaluation
* Robust and Secure Data Hiding for PDF Text Document
* Simple Countermeasure to Non-Linear Collusion Attacks Targeted for Spread-Spectrum Fingerprinting Scheme
* Watermarking Scheme Applicable for Fingerprinting Protocol, A
* Watermarking with Fixed Decoder for Aesthetic 2D Barcode
Includes: Kuribayashi, M.[Minoru] Kuribayashi, M.
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Kurihana, T.[Takuya] Co Author Listing * AICCA: AI-Driven Cloud Classification Atlas

Kurihara, J.[Junichi] Co Author Listing * Detection of Apple Valsa Canker Based on Hyperspectral Imaging
* Rice Yield Prediction in Different Growth Environments Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Hyperspectral Imaging

Kurihara, J.C.[Juni Chi] Co Author Listing * Early Detection of Basal Stem Rot Disease in Oil Palm Tree Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Hyperspectral Imaging
Includes: Kurihara, J.C.[Juni Chi] Kurihara, J.C.[Juni-Chi]

Kurihara, K.[Kosuke] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Fusion of RGB/NIR Signals Based on Face/Background Cross-Spectral Analysis for Heart Rate Estimation
* Boundary guided image translation for pose estimation from ultra-low resolution thermal sensor
* Encryption-then-Compression System for Lossless Image Compression Standards, An
* Non-Contact Heart Rate Estimation via Adaptive RGB/NIR Signal Fusion
* On the Security of Block Scrambling-Based EtC Systems against Extended Jigsaw Puzzle Solver Attacks
Includes: Kurihara, K.[Kosuke] Kurihara, K.[Kohei] Kurihara, K.[Kenta]

Kurihara, R.J.[Ryu Ji] Co Author Listing * TNNG: Total Nuclear Norms of Gradients for Hyperspectral Image Prior
Includes: Kurihara, R.J.[Ryu Ji] Kurihara, R.J.[Ryu-Ji]

Kurihara, S.[Shin] Co Author Listing * New Scheme of Distributed Video Coding Based on Compressive Sensing and Intra-Predictive Coding, A

Kurihara, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic Prostate Segmentation on MR Images Using Enhanced Holistically-Nested Networks
* Bilinear Interpolation for Facial Expression and Metamorphosis in Real-Time Animation
* Frame by Frame Pain Estimation Using Locally Spatial Attention Learning
* Method of displaying continuous tone picture using limited number of different colors or black-and-white levels, and display system therefor
* Motion blur free photometric stereo using correlation image sensor
* Quantitative Vascular Shape Analysis for 3D MR-Angiography Using Mathematical Morphology
Includes: Kurihara, T. Kurihara, T.[Toru] Kurihara, T.[Tsuneya]

Kurihara, Y.[Yousuke] Co Author Listing * Automatic Appropriate Segment Extraction from Shots Based on Learning from Example Videos
* Comparison of Himawari-8 AHI SST with Shipboard Skin SST Measurements in the Australian Region
* Estimation of Walking Exercise Intensity Using 3-D Acceleration Sensor
* Measurement of Angular Motion in Golf Swing by a Local Sensor at the Grip End of a Golf Club
* Nowcast/Forecast System for Japan's Coasts Using Daily Assimilation of Remote Sensing and In Situ Data, A
* Sleep-Stage Decision Algorithm by Using Heartbeat and Body-Movement Signals
Includes: Kurihara, Y.[Yousuke] Kurihara, Y.[Yukio] Kurihara, Y.

Kuriki, I. Co Author Listing * Considerations of Self-Motion in Motion Saliency
* Dissociation of equilibrium points for color-discrimination and color-appearance mechanisms in incomplete chromatic adaptation
* Limitations of Surface-Color and Apparent-Color Constancy
Includes: Kuriki, I. Kuriki, I.[Ichiro]

Kurillo, G.[Gregorij] Co Author Listing * Augmented Telemedicine Platform for Real-Time Remote Medical Consultation
* Berkeley MHAD: A comprehensive Multimodal Human Action Database
* Bio-inspired Dynamic 3D Discriminative Skeletal Features for Human Action Recognition
* Calculating Reachable Workspace Volume for Use in Quantitative Medicine
* Camera Networks for Healthcare, Teleimmersion, and Surveillance
* Capture considerations for multiview panoramic cameras
* Classification and Analysis of 3D Teleimmersive Activities
* Geometric and Color Calibration of Multiview Panoramic Cameras for Life-Size 3D Immersive Video
* High-Quality Visualization for Geographically Distributed 3-D Teleimmersive Applications
* Multi-camera tele-immersion system with real-time model driven data compression: A new model-based compression method for massive dynamic point data
* New Emergency Medicine Paradigm via Augmented Telemedicine
* On the Development of an Acoustic-Driven Method to Improve Driver's Comfort Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Projective Epipolar Rectification for a Linear Multi-imager Array
* Real-Time Tele-Monitoring of Patients with Chronic Heart-Failure Using a Smartphone: Lessons Learned
* Sequence of the most informative joints (SMIJ): A new representation for human skeletal action recognition
* Skeleton-Based Compression of 3-D Tele-Immersion Data
* Skeleton-Based Data Compression for Multi-camera Tele-Immersion System
* Teleimmersive 3D collaborative environment for cyberarchaeology
* Wide-area external multi-camera calibration using vision graphs and virtual calibration object
Includes: Kurillo, G.[Gregorij] Kurillo, G.
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Kurilova, V. Co Author Listing * Optic disc localization in fundus images
* Retinal blood vessels extraction using morphological operations
Includes: Kurilova, V. Kurilová, V.

Kurimo, E.[Eero] Co Author Listing * Effect of Motion Blur and Signal Noise on Image Quality in Low Light Imaging, The

Kurimo, M. Co Author Listing * Missing-Feature Reconstruction With a Bounded Nonlinear State-Space Model

Kurin, V. Co Author Listing * Towards a Principled Integration of Multi-camera Re-identification and Tracking Through Optimal Bayes Filters

Kurino, K. Co Author Listing * Segmentation Methods for Character Recognition: From Segmentation to Document Structure Analysis

Kurioka, S. Co Author Listing * Application of Knowledge Base for Image Analysis, An

Kuriqi, A.[Alban] Co Author Listing * Characterization of the 2014 Indus River Flood Using Hydraulic Simulations and Satellite Images
* Utilizing the Available Open-Source Remotely Sensed Data in Assessing the Wildfire Ignition and Spread Capacities of Vegetated Surfaces in Romania

Kurisu, K.[Kosei] Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation Using a Spatially Correlated Mixture Model with Gaussian Process Priors
* Spatially Correlated Mixture Model for Image Segmentation, A

Kurita, K.[Kunio] Co Author Listing * Method and system for determining shape in plane to be determined in atmosphere of scattering materials
* Video Based Measurement of Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability Spectrogram from Estimated Hemoglobin Information
Includes: Kurita, K.[Kunio] Kurita, K.

Kurita, N. Co Author Listing * Saliency Detection Based on Multiscale Extrema of Local Perceptual Color Differences

Kurita, S.H.[Shu Hei] Co Author Listing * ScanQA: 3D Question Answering for Spatial Scene Understanding
Includes: Kurita, S.H.[Shu Hei] Kurita, S.H.[Shu-Hei]

Kurita, T.[Taiichiro] Co Author Listing * 3D visual system using electronic holography: Towards ultra-realistic communication
* Action Recognition Using Three-Way Cross-Correlations Feature of Local Moton Attributes
* Adapting SVM Image Classifiers to Changes in Imaging Conditions Using Incremental SVM: An Application to Car Detection
* Appearance-Based Smile Intensity Estimation by Cascaded Support Vector Machines
* Author's reply to comments
* Automatic Detection of Good/Bad Colonies of iPS Cells Using Local Features
* Channel Planting for Deep Neural Networks using Knowledge Distillation
* Classification of Spectators' State in Video Sequences by Voting of Facial Expressions and Face Directions
* Complex Autoregressive Model for Shape Recognition
* Correlation Net: Spatiotemporal multimodal deep learning for action recognition
* Deep CNN with Graph Laplacian Regularization for Multi-label Image Annotation
* Deep Metric Learning for Multi-Label and Multi-Object Image Retrieval
* Degree-of-linear-polarization-based Color Constancy
* Development of electronic holography toward ultra-realistic communication
* Discriminative Subtree Selection for NBI Endoscopic Image Labeling
* Dynamic Attention Map by Ising Model for Human Face Detection
* efficient agglomerative clustering algorithm using a heap, An
* Efficient Face Detection from News Images by Adaptive Estimation of Prior Probabilities and Ising Search
* Efficient Search Method Based on Dynamic Attention Map by Ising Model, An
* Extraction of Combined Features from Global/Local Statistics of Visual Words Using Relevant Operations
* Face Matching through Information Theoretical Attention Points and Its Applications to Face Detection and Classification
* Face Recognition Method Using Higher Order Local Autocorrelation and Multivariate Analysis, A
* Face Tracking by Maximizing Classification Score of Face Detector Based on Rectangle Features
* Filter Pruning using Hierarchical Group Sparse Regularization for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Gesture Recognition Using HLAC Features of PARCOR Images and HMM Based Recognizer
* Graph Laplacian Regularization based on the Differences of Neighboring Pixels for Conditional Convolutions for Instance Segmentation
* Higher Order Local Autocorrelation Features of PARCOR Images for Gesture Recognition
* Holographic stereogram using camera array in dense arrangement
* Image Classification Using Probability Higher-Order Local Auto-Correlations
* Image representation for generic object recognition using higher-order local autocorrelation features on posterior probability images
* Image Understanding Via Representation of the Projected Motion Group
* Improvements of Local Descriptor in HOG/SIFT by BOF Approach
* Improvements to the Descriptor of SIFT by BOF Approaches
* Invariant distance measures for planar shapes based on complex autoregressive model
* kernel logic approach for face and non-face classification, A
* Locality preserving multi-nominal logistic regression
* Marker based simple non-overlapping camera calibration
* Marker-based non-overlapping camera calibration methods with additional support camera views
* Maximum Likelihood Thresholding Based on Population Mixture Models
* Mixture of counting CNNs
* Mixture of Subspaces Image Representation and Compact Coding for Large-Scale Image Retrieval
* Modification of Kernel-Based Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Face Detection, A
* Motion estimation and compensation technologies for standards conversion
* Multi-projection deep learning network for segmentation of 3D medical images
* Multiple Random Subset-Kernel Learning
* neural network classifier for occluded images, A
* Non-Neighboring Rectangular Feature selection using Particle Swarm Optimization
* Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis Based on Probability Estimation by Gaussian Mixture Model
* Nonlinear discriminant analysis using K nearest neighbor estimation
* Object Tracking by Maximizing Classification Score of Detector Based on Rectangle Features
* Pixel-Pair Features Selection for Vehicle Tracking
* Principal Component Analysis of Multi-view Images for Viewpoint-Independent Face Recognition
* q-SNE: Visualizing Data using q-Gaussian Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding
* RANSAC-SVM for large-scale datasets
* Recognition and detection of occluded faces by a neural network classifier with recursive data reconstruction
* Regularizer based on Euler characteristic for retinal blood vessel segmentation
* Reliability index of optical flow that considers error margin of matches and stabilizes camera movement estimation
* Robust pruning for efficient CNNs
* Sample Selection Approach with Number of False Predictions for Learning with Noisy Labels
* Scale Invariant Face Detection Method Using Higher-Order Local Autocorrelation Features Extracted from Log-Polar Image
* Self-training with unlabeled regions for NBI image recognition
* Simultaneous Acquisition of High Quality RGB Image and Polarization Information using a Sparse Polarization Sensor
* Sketch Retrieval Method for Full Color Image Database Query by Visual Example, A
* Sparse Discriminant Analysis Based on the Bayesian Posterior Probability Obtained by L1 Regression
* Texture Segmentation using Siamese Network and Hierarchical Region Merging
* Viewpoint independent face recognition by competition of the viewpoint dependent classifiers
* Visual complexity assessment of painting images
* Visual Tracking Algorithm Using Pixel-Pair Feature
* Weakly-Supervised Action Localization, and Action Recognition Using Global-Local Attention of 3D CNN
Includes: Kurita, T.[Taiichiro] Kurita, T.[Takio] Kurita, T. Kurita, T.[Teppei]
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Kurita, Y.[Yukinori] Co Author Listing * comparison of methods for non-rigid 3D shape retrieval, A
* SHREC'11 Track: Generic Shape Retrieval
* SHREC'11 Track: Shape Retrieval On Non-Rigid 3d Watertight Meshes
* Unpowered Sensorimotor-Enhancing Suit Reduces Muscle Activation and Improves Force Perception
Includes: Kurita, Y.[Yukinori] Kurita, Y.

Kuritcyn, P.[Petr] Co Author Listing * Multi-Prototype Few-shot Learning in Histopathology

Kuriyama, S.[Shigeru] Co Author Listing * Development and evaluation of a self-training system for tennis shots with motion feature assessment and visualization
* Estimation of Multiple Illuminant Colors Using Color Line Features
* Mimetic Code Using Successive Additive Color Mixture

Kuriyan, A. Co Author Listing * Retinal Vessel Detection in Wide-Field Fluorescein Angiography with Deep Neural Networks: A Novel Training Data Generation Approach

Kuriyan, A.E. Co Author Listing * Novel Deep Learning Pipeline for Retinal Vessel Detection In Fluorescein Angiography, A
* Weakly-Supervised Vessel Detection in Ultra-Widefield Fundus Photography via Iterative Multi-Modal Registration and Learning
Includes: Kuriyan, A.E. Kuriyan, A.E.[Ajay E.]

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