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Sham, C.W.[Chiu Wing] Co Author Listing * fast parallel batch image encryption algorithm using intrinsic properties of chaos, A
Includes: Sham, C.W.[Chiu Wing] Sham, C.W.[Chiu-Wing]

Shama, A.[Age] Co Author Listing * Factor Analysis Backpropagation Neural Network Model for Vegetation Net Primary Productivity Time Series Estimation in Western Sichuan, A
* Ground Deformation Pattern Analysis and Evolution Prediction of Shanghai Pudong International Airport Based on PSI Long Time Series Observations
* Innovative Approach for Effective Removal of Thin Clouds in Optical Images Using Convolutional Matting Model, An
* Subsidence Monitoring and Mechanism Analysis of Anju Airport in Suining Based on InSAR and Numerical Simulation
* Wildfire Risk Assessment in Liangshan Prefecture, China Based on An Integration Machine Learning Algorithm

Shama, F. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Feedback Loop
* Maintaining Natural Image Statistics with the Contextual Loss
Includes: Shama, F. Shama, F.[Firas]

Shamaei, K. Co Author Listing * I Hear, Therefore I Know Where I Am: Compensating for GNSS Limitations with Cellular Signals

Shamai, G.[Gil] Co Author Listing * Classical Scaling Revisited
* Efficient Inter-Geodesic Distance Computation and Fast Classical Scaling
* Geodesic Distance Descriptors
* High Quality Facial Surface and Texture Synthesis via Generative Adversarial Networks

Shamai, S.[Shlomo] Co Author Listing * Guaranteed Dynamic Scheduling of Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Traffic via Conformal Prediction
* Joint Decompression and Decoding for Cloud Radio Access Networks
Includes: Shamai, S.[Shlomo] Shamai, S.

Shamaiah, M. Co Author Listing * Graphical Models and Inference on Graphs in Genomics: Challenges of high-throughput data analysis

Shamaie, A.[Atid] Co Author Listing * Bayesian fusion of Hidden Markov Models for understanding bimanual movements
* Dynamic Model for Real-Time Tracking of Hands in Bimanual Movements, A
* Hand tracking in bimanual movements

Shamambo, D.C.[Daniel Chiyeka] Co Author Listing * Interpretation of ASCAT Radar Scatterometer Observations Over Land: A Case Study Over Southwestern France

Shaman, H.N. Co Author Listing * Experimental Characterization of Multi-Polarization Radar Backscatter Response of Vehicles at J-Band

Shamatava, I. Co Author Listing * Accounting for the Effects of Widespread Discrete Clutter in Subsurface EMI Remote Sensing of Metallic Objects
* Camp Butner Live-Site UXO Classification Using Hierarchical Clustering and Gaussian Mixture Modeling
* Fast data-derived fundamental spheroidal excitation models with application to UXO discrimination
* Orthonormalized Volume Magnetic Source Model for Discrimination of Unexploded Ordnance, The

Shames, I. Co Author Listing * Fault Detection and Mitigation in Kirchhoff Networks
* Logistic Regression Approach to Field Estimation Using Binary Measurements, A
* Promoting Truthful Behavior in Participatory-Sensing Mechanisms
Includes: Shames, I. Shames, I.[Iman]

Shamey, R. Co Author Listing * Performance of select color-difference formulas in the blue region

Shamgin, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * Interactive try-on platform for eyeglasses

Shami, M.B. Co Author Listing * People Counting in Dense Crowd Images Using Sparse Head Detections

Shami, S. Co Author Listing * Investigating Water Storage Changes in Iran Using Grace and Chirps Data In The Google Earth Engine System

Shamieh, F. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Cross-Layer Signaling Exchange for Real-Time and On-Demand Multimedia Streams

Shamili, A.S.[Ashkan Sharifi] Co Author Listing * Malware Detection on Mobile Devices Using Distributed Machine Learning

Shamilian, J.H. Co Author Listing * Retargetable Table Reader, A

Shamim Hossain, M. Co Author Listing * Green Video Transmission in the Mobile Cloud Networks

Shamim, A.[Ahsan] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric binary tree coding for contour images
* Object-based video coding by global-to-local motion segmentation
Includes: Shamim, A.[Ahsan] Shamim, A.

Shamiminoori, L. Co Author Listing * Image asymmetry measurement for the study of endangered Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard

Shamir, A. Co Author Listing * BiggerSelfie: Selfie Video Expansion With Hand-Held Camera
* Combining color and depth for enhanced image segmentation and retargeting
* Consistent mesh partitioning and skeletonisation using the shape diameter function
* Contextual Part Analogies in 3D Objects
* Data Driven Evaluation of Crowds
* Deep Online Video Stabilization With Multi-Grid Warping Transformation Learning
* Deep Portrait Image Completion and Extrapolation
* Deep Symmetric Network for Underexposed Image Enhancement with Recurrent Attentional Learning
* Extracting 3D Objects from Photographs Using 3-Sweep
* formulation of boundary mesh segmentation, A
* Hyper-Lapse From Multiple Spatially-Overlapping Videos
* InAugment: Improving Classifiers via Internal Augmentation
* Learn How to Choose: Independent Detectors Versus Composite Visual Phrases
* Learned Queries for Efficient Local Attention
* Mode-detection via median-shift
* Motion fields to predict play evolution in dynamic sport scenes
* Motion-Aware Gradient Domain Video Composition
* Part Analogies in Sets of Objects
* User-Guided Deep Human Image Matting Using Arbitrary Trimaps
Includes: Shamir, A. Shamir, A.[Ariel]
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Shamir, E.[Eylon] Co Author Listing * MODIS Inundation Estimate Assimilation into Soil Moisture Accounting Hydrologic Model: A Case Study in Southeast Asia

Shamir, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Color Structured Light
* Adaptive Pattern Recognition Correlators
* Blind Recovery of Transparent and Semireflected Scenes
* Detecting Motion through Dynamic Refraction
* Generalized approach to projections onto convex constraint sets
* Multi-valued Images and Their Separation
* Polarization and statistical analysis of scenes containing a semireflector
* Polarization-based Decorrelation of Transparent Layers: The Inclination Angle of an Invisible Surface
* Range Imaging with Adaptive Color Structured Light
* Separation of Transparent Layers by Polarization Analysis
* Signal processing under uncertain conditions by parallel projections onto fuzzy sets
Includes: Shamir, J.[Joseph] Shamir, J.
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Shamir, L.[Lior] Co Author Listing * Computer analysis of similarities between albums in popular music
* Computing in Astronomy: Applications and Examples
* eGAN: Unsupervised Approach to Class Imbalance Using Transfer Learning
* Evaluation of Face Datasets as Tools for Assessing the Performance of Face Recognition Methods
* Improving class separability using extended pixel planes: A comparative study
* Leveraging Pattern Recognition Consistency Estimation for Crowdsourcing Data Analysis
* Wnd-charm: Multi-purpose image classification using compound image transforms
Includes: Shamir, L.[Lior] Shamir, L.
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Shamir, O.[Omer] Co Author Listing * Laboratory Measurements of Subsurface Spatial Moisture Content by Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) Diffraction and Reflection Imaging of Agricultural Soils
* Mapping Spatial Moisture Content Of Unsaturated Agricultural Soils With Ground-penetrating Radar
* Probabilistic Label Trees for Efficient Large Scale Image Classification
Includes: Shamir, O.[Omer] Shamir, O.[Ohad]

Shamir, R.R. Co Author Listing * Fiducial Optimization for Minimal Target Registration Error in Image-Guided Neurosurgery

Shamis, A. Co Author Listing * Using Combination of Structural, Feature and Raster Classifiers for Recognition of Hand-Printed Characters

Shamma, D.A.[David A.] Co Author Listing * Image retrieval using scene graphs
* Legal and Ethical Challenges in Multimedia Research
* LOH and Behold: Web-Scale Visual Search, Recommendation and Clustering Using Locally Optimized Hashing
* Rethinking Summarization and Storytelling for Modern Social Multimedia
* Social Multimedia and Storytelling
* Visual congruent ads for image search
* Visual Genome: Connecting Language and Vision Using Crowdsourced Dense Image Annotations
* Watching and talking: media content as social nexus
* Where Is the User in Multimedia Retrieval?
Includes: Shamma, D.A.[David A.] Shamma, D.A.
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Shamma, J.S. Co Author Listing * Distributed Optimization for Robot Networks: From Real-Time Convex Optimization to Game-Theoretic Self-Organization
* Vehicle Classification and Speed Estimation Using Combined Passive Infrared/Ultrasonic Sensors

Shammaa, M.H.[M. Haitham] Co Author Listing * Registration of CAD mesh models with CT volumetric model of assembly of machine parts

Shammas, E.[Elie] Co Author Listing * Ground segmentation and free space estimation in off-road terrain
* Identifying Good Training Data for Self-Supervised Free Space Estimation

Shammes, R.[Raed] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised deep learning for text line segmentation

Shammi, S.A.[Sadia Alam] Co Author Listing * Modeling the Impact of Climate Changes on Crop Yield: Irrigated vs. Non-Irrigated Zones in Mississippi

Shamnar, A. Co Author Listing * VLSI implementation of sliding window DFT

Shamonin, D.P. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Bi-Gaussian Filter for Adjacent Curvilinear Structures Detection With Application to Vasculature Images

Shamoon, T. Co Author Listing * Secure spread spectrum watermarking for images, audio and video
* Secure Spread Spectrum Watermarking for Multimedia

Shamoto, Y.[Yuji] Co Author Listing * Classification of Near-Duplicate Video Segments Based on Their Appearance Patterns

Shamoun Baranes, J.[Judy] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Spatial Distribution of Bird Movements Estimated from a Weather Radar Network
* Stacked space-time densities: A geovisualisation approach to explore dynamics of space use over time
Includes: Shamoun Baranes, J.[Judy] Shamoun-Baranes, J.[Judy]

Shams Baboli, A. Co Author Listing * Zernike moment based method for classification of Alzheimer's disease from structural MRI, A
Includes: Shams Baboli, A. Shams-Baboli, A.

Shams, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * Automated Extraction of Lane Markings from Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds Based on Fuzzy Inference
* Automated Street Tree Inventory Using Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds Based on Hough Transform and Active Contours
* Classification of Mobile Terrestrial Lidar Point Cloud in Urban Area Using Local Descriptors
* Utility Poles Extraction From Mobile Lidar Data in Urban Area Based On Density Information
Includes: Shams, A.[Alireza] Shams, A.

Shams, G.[Ghada] Co Author Listing * Face and Palmprint Recognition Using Hierarchical Multiscale Adaptive LBP with Directional Statistical Features

Shams, H. Co Author Listing * Multimodal weighted dictionary learning

Shams, J.[Jacob] Co Author Listing * Protecting Autonomous Cars from Phantom Attacks

Shams, M.[Maryam] Co Author Listing * Document image binarization using a discriminative structural classifier

Shams, N. Co Author Listing * Low Cost FPGA-Based Highly Accurate Face Recognition System using Combined Wavelets with Subspace Methods

Shams, R. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Rigid Registration Quality Measures in Ultrasound-Guided Radiotherapy
* Estimation of acoustic impedance from multiple ultrasound images with application to spatial compounding
* Evaluation of MRI to Ultrasound Registration Methods for Brain Shift Correction: The CuRIOUS2018 Challenge
* Gradient Intensity-Based Registration of Multi-Modal Images of the Brain
* Gradient Intensity: A New Mutual Information-Based Registration Method
* Minimax search algorithms with and without aspiration windows
* Survey of Medical Image Registration on Multicore and the GPU, A
Includes: Shams, R. Shams, R.[Ramtin]
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Shams, S. Co Author Listing * Efficient implementation of neural networks on the DREAM machine

Shams, S.B.[S. Bahramvash] Co Author Listing * Using Aerosol Reflectance for Dust Detection

Shams, S.M. Co Author Listing * Hybrid LDA+gCCA Model for fMRI Data Classification and Visualization, A

Shams, T.[Tooba] Co Author Listing * Detection of asian hornet's nest on drone acquired FLIR and color images using deep learning methods

Shamsabadi, A.S.[A. Shahin] Co Author Listing * ColorFool: Semantic Adversarial Colorization
* Exploiting Vulnerabilities of Deep Neural Networks for Privacy Protection
* On the Reversibility of Adversarial Attacks
* Semantically Adversarial Learnable Filters
Includes: Shamsabadi, A.S.[A. Shahin] Shamsabadi, A.S. Shamsabadi, A.S.[Ali Shahin]

Shamsabadi, S.C.[S. Cheraghi] Co Author Listing * Spaceborne GNSS-R Retrieving on Global Soil Moisture Approached By Support Vector Machine Learning

Shamsafar, F.[Faranak] Co Author Listing * Fusing the information in visible light and near-infrared images for iris recognition
* MobileStereoNet: Towards Lightweight Deep Networks for Stereo Matching
* Object Detection and Autoencoder-Based 6d Pose Estimation for Highly Cluttered Bin Picking
* Separable Convolutions for Optimizing 3D Stereo Networks

Shamseldin, T.[Tamer] Co Author Listing * Bias Impact Analysis and Calibration of Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR System With Several Spinning Multibeam Laser Scanners

Shamshad, F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Ptych: Leveraging Image Adaptive Generative Priors for Subsampled Fourier Ptychography
* Untrained Neural Network Priors for Inverse Imaging Problems: A Survey
Includes: Shamshad, F. Shamshad, F.[Fahad]

Shamshad, S.[Salman] Co Author Listing * Provably Secure Mobile User Authentication Scheme for Big Data Collection in IoT-Enabled Maritime Intelligent Transportation System, A
* Secure and Lightweight Drones-Access Protocol for Smart City Surveillance, A

Shamshirband, S.[Shahaboddin] Co Author Listing * Predicting turbulent flow friction coefficient using ANFIS technique
* Spatial Analysis of Seasonal Precipitation over Iran: Co-Variation with Climate Indices

Shamshirdar, F. Co Author Listing * Robust UAV Visual Teach and Repeat Using Only Sparse Semantic Object Features

Shamshiri, R.[Roghayeh] Co Author Listing * Efficient Ground Surface Displacement Monitoring Using Sentinel-1 Data: Integrating Distributed Scatterers (DS) Identified Using Two-Sample t-Test with Persistent Scatterers (PS)
* INSAR and Finite Element Analysis of Ground Deformation at Lake Urmia Causeway (LUC), Northwest Iran
Includes: Shamshiri, R.[Roghayeh] Shamshiri, R.

Shamshiri, R.R.[Redmond R.] Co Author Listing * Crop Monitoring Using Sentinel-2 and UAV Multispectral Imagery: A Comparison Case Study in Northeastern Germany
* UAV Oblique Imagery with an Adaptive Micro-Terrain Model for Estimation of Leaf Area Index and Height of Maize Canopy from 3D Point Clouds

Shamsi, M.[Mousa] Co Author Listing * Automatic Facial Skin Segmentation Based on EM Algorithm under Varying Illumination
* Efficient Algorithm for Small Gene Prediction in DNA Sequences, An

Shamsi, S.N. Co Author Listing * Group Affect Prediction Using Multimodal Distributions

Shamsian, A.[Aviv] Co Author Listing * COMPOSER: Compositional Reasoning of Group Activity in Videos with Keypoint-Only Modality
* Learning Object Permanence from Video

Shamsipour, G. Co Author Listing * Cloud-based Geospatial Platform In Support of Sustainable Development Goals 2030: How to Be Prepared for Earthquake Disasters?

Shamsoddini, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Extracting hurricane eye morphology from spaceborne SAR images using morphological analysis
* Radar Backscatter And Optical Textural Indices Fusion For Pine Plantation Structure Mapping
Includes: Shamsoddini, A.[Ali] Shamsoddini, A.

Shamsollahi, M.B.[Mohammad Bagher] Co Author Listing * EEG/PPG effective connectivity fusion for analyzing deception in interview
* Efficient Jacobi-Like Deflationary ICA Algorithm: Application to EEG Denoising, An
* Fetal ECG extraction using pi-Tucker decomposition
* Higher order spectral regression discriminant analysis (HOSRDA): A tensor feature reduction method for ERP detection
* Nonsubsampled higher-density discrete wavelet transform: Filter design and application in image contrast enhancement
* Simultaneous Graph Learning and Blind Separation of Graph Signal Sources
* Tractable Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Latent Structure Influence Models With Applications to EEG and ECoG Processing
Includes: Shamsollahi, M.B.[Mohammad Bagher] Shamsollahi, M.B.[Mohammad B.] Shamsollahi, M.B.
7 for Shamsollahi, M.B.

Shamsolmoali, P.[Pourya] Co Author Listing * Advanced deep learning for image super-resolution
* Advances in domain adaptation for computer vision
* Convolutional Neural Network in Network (CNNiN): Hyperspectral Image Classification and Dimensionality Reduction
* Extended deep neural network for facial emotion recognition
* Hybrid deep neural networks for face emotion recognition
* Image super resolution by dilated dense progressive network
* Kernelized support vector machine with deep learning: An efficient approach for extreme multiclass dataset
* Road Segmentation for Remote Sensing Images Using Adversarial Spatial Pyramid Networks
* Salient Skin Lesion Segmentation via Dilated Scale-Wise Feature Fusion Network
* Single image resolution enhancement by efficient dilated densely connected residual network
* Synthetic guided domain adaptive and edge aware network for crowd counting
* TransVLAD: Multi-Scale Attention-Based Global Descriptors for Visual Geo-Localization
* VTAE: Variational Transformer Autoencoder With Manifolds Learning
* Weak-supervised Visual Geo-localization via Attention-based Knowledge Distillation
14 for Shamsolmoali, P.

Shamsuarov, A. Co Author Listing * 3DCapture: 3D Reconstruction for a Smartphone

Shamsuddin, A.F.[Abdul Fathaah] Co Author Listing * From synthetic to natural: Single natural image dehazing deep networks using synthetic dataset domain randomization

Shamsuddin, M.R.[Mohammed Razif] Co Author Listing * Baseline Image Classification Approach Using Local Minima Selection

Shamsuddin, N.B.[Norsila Binti] Co Author Listing * Students Perception towards the Implementation of Computer Graphics Technology in Class via Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) Model

Shamsuddin, S.M.[Siti Mariyam] Co Author Listing * hybrid differential evolution algorithm for parameter tuning of evolving spiking neural network, A
* United Zernike Invariants for Character Images

Shamsudduha, M. Co Author Listing * Seasonal and Decadal Groundwater Changes in African Sedimentary Aquifers Estimated Using GRACE Products and LSMs

Shamsudeen, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Using Satellite Image Fusion to Evaluate the Impact of Land Use Changes on Ecosystem Services and Their Economic Values

Shamsudin, K.B. Co Author Listing * Spatial Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis in Integrated Planning for Public Transport and Land Use Development Study in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Shamsudin, S.S.[Syariful Syafiq] Co Author Listing * Obstacle detection technique to solve poor texture appearance of the obstacle by categorising image's region using cues from expansion of feature points for small UAV

Shamsuzzoha, M.[Md] Co Author Listing * Shoreline Change Assessment in the Coastal Region of Bangladesh Delta Using Tasseled Cap Transformation from Satellite Remote Sensing Dataset

Shamul, N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Change Detection in Sparse Repeat CT Scanning
* Radon Space Dose Optimization in Repeat CT Scanning
* Sparse 3D Radon Space Rigid Registration of CT Scans: Method and Validation Study

Shamwell, E.J.[E. Jared] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Deep Visual-Inertial Odometry with Online Error Correction for RGB-D Imagery

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