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du Boulay, B. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence V (Proceedings Of The Fifth International Conference On Artificial Intelligence-Methodology, Systems, Applications, Sofia, Bulgaria, September 21-24, 1992), North-Holland

du Buf, J.M.H. Co Author Listing * Abstract Processes In Texture Discrimination
* Detection Of Thin Structures In Images, The
* Geometric Image Primitives By Complex Moments In Gabor Space And The Application To Texture Segmentation
* N-Folded Symmetries By Complex Moments In Gabor Space And Their Application To Unsupervised Texture Segmentation
* Review Of Recent Texture Segmentation And Feature Extraction Techniques, A
* Texture Feature Performance For Image Segmentation

Du, D.Z. Co Author Listing * Computing In Euclidean Geometry, World Scientific
* Decomposition Theorem On Euclidean Steiner Minimal Trees, A
* Diameter And Radius In The Manhattan Metric
* Steiner Minimal Trees On Sets Of Four Points

Du, F. Co Author Listing * Four-Degree-Of-Freedom Robot Head For Active Vision, A
* Mimd Computing Platform For A Hierarchical Foveal Machine Vision System, An
* Self-Calibration Of The Intrinsic Parameters Of Cameras For Active Vision Systems

Du, J. Co Author Listing * Flexible Recognition Algorithms And Flexible Ocr System

Du, L. Co Author Listing * 3d Grouping By Viewpoint Consistency Ascent
* Quantitative Analysis Of The Viewpoint Consistency Contraint In Model-Based Vision
* Shape Using Volumetric Primitives

Du, M.W. Co Author Listing * Computing A Longest Common Subsequence For A Set Of Strings

Du, W.H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Subdivision Method For Surface-Fitting From Sampled Data, An

du~Buf, J.M.H. Co Author Listing * Symmetry Interpretation Of Complex Moments And The Local Power Spectrum

Dube, D. Co Author Listing * Incremental Rigidity Scheme For Structure From Motion: The Line-Based Formulation, The

Dube, S. Co Author Listing * Affine Automata And Related Techniques For Generation Of Complex Images

Dube, Y. Co Author Listing * New Approach To Robot Orientation By Orthogonal Lines, A

Dubeau, F. Co Author Listing * Phase-Based Disparity Estimation: A Spatial Approach

Dubertret, L. Co Author Listing * Automated Registration Of Dissimilar Images: Application To Medical Imagery

Dubes, R.C. Co Author Listing * Algorithms For Clustering Data, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs
* Can The Fractal Dimension Of Images Be Measured
* Comparison Of Tests For Randomness, A
* Efficacy Of Fractal Features In Segmenting Images Of Natural Textures
* Experiments In Fitting Discrete Markov Random Fields To Textures
* Extension Of The Cox-Lewis Method For Testing Multidimensional Data
* First Stage In Two-Stage Template Matching, The
* Mrf Model-Based Algorithms For Image Segmentation
* Performance Evaluation For Four Classes Of Textural Features
* Some Experiments In Two-Dimensional Grammatical Inference
* Spatial Point Processes And Clustering Tendency In Exploratory Data Analysis
* Test For Spatial Randomness Based On K-Nn Distances, A
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Dubey, A.C. Co Author Listing * Detection And Remediation Technologies For Mines And Minelike Targets (Orlando, Fl, April 9-12
* Detection And Remediation Technologies For Mines And Minelike Targets Ii Orlando, Fl, April 22-24
* Detection And Remediation Technologies For Mines And Minelike Targets Iii (Orlando, Fl, April 13-17
* Detection Of Mines And Minelike Targets Using Principal Components And Neural-Network
* Detection Techniques For Mines And Minelike Targets (Orlando, Fl, April 17-21

Dubin, S. Co Author Listing * Structured Light Using Pseudorandom Codes

Dublish, P. Co Author Listing * Some Comments On The Subtree Isomorphism Problem For Ordered Trees

Dubois, D. Co Author Listing * Combination And Propagation Of Uncertainty With Belief Functions--A Reexamination
* Fuzzy Sets For Intelligent Systems, Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo
* General Approach To Parameter Evaluation In Fuzzy Digital Pictures, A
* Statistical Approach To The Synthesis Of Fuzzy Regions In Digital Pictures, A

Dubois, E. Co Author Listing * Arithmetic Coding Of A Lossless Contour-Based Representation Of Label Images
* Bayesian Estimation Of Motion Vector Fields
* Comparison Of Stochastic And Deterministic Solution Methods In Bayesian Estimation Of 2-D Motion, A
* Comparison Of Stochastic And Deterministic Solution Methods In Bayesian Estimation Of 2d Motion
* Encoding And Progressive Transmission Of Still Pictures In Ntsc Composite Format Using Transform Domain Methods
* Estimation Of Nonlinear Transfer Curves For Conversion Of Color Images To A Known Color Space
* Multigrid Bayesian Estimation Of Image Motion Fields Using Stochastic Relaxation
* Noise Reduction In Image Sequences Using Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering
* Parametric Block Estimation Of Motion And Application To Temporal Interpolation Of Video Sequences
* Sampling And Reconstruction Of Time-Varying Imagery With Application In Video Systems, The
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Dubois, S.R. Co Author Listing * Autoregressive Model Approach To Two-Dimensional Shape Classification, An

Dubowsky, S. Co Author Listing * Robot Path Planning With Obstacles, Actuator, Gripper, And Payload Constraints

Dubuc, B. Co Author Listing * Curve-Like Sets, Normal Complexity, And Representation
* Indexing Visual Representations Through The Complexity Map

Dubuisson Jolly, M.P. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Framework For Segmentation Using 2d Active Contours And 3d Hybrid Models As Applied To Branching Cylindrical Structures, A
* Object Tracking Using Deformable Templates
* Vehicle Segmentation And Classification Using Deformable Templates
Includes: Dubuisson Jolly, M.P. Dubuisson-Jolly, M.P.

Dubuisson, B. Co Author Listing * 3-D Information Derivation From A Pair Of Binocular Images
* Guest Ed., Special Issue With Papers Presented At The France-United States Seminar [On Applications Of Automatic Testing And Inspection] Held In Washington, Dc, August 15-19, 1983
* Projective Duality And Recovery Of 3d Straight Lines From A Monocular Image Sequence
* Some Experiments On The Detection Of Three-Dimensional Motion Of Rigid Objects In Blocks World
* String Matching For Stereo Vision
* Study On The Forms Of Smoothing Filters For Step And Ramp Edge Detection, A

Dubuisson, M.P. Co Author Listing * 2d Matching Of 3d Moving Objects In Color Outdoor Scenes
* Contour Extraction Of Moving Objects In Complex Outdoor Scenes
* Efficacy Of Fractal Features In Segmenting Images Of Natural Textures
* Fusing Color And Edge Information For Object Matching
* Modified Hausdorff Distance For Object Matching, A
* Object Contour Extraction Using Color And Motion
* Vehicle Segmentation Using Deformable Templates
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Dubus, J.P. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Compressible Or Incompressible Deformable Motions For Density Images

Duc, B. Co Author Listing * Fusion Of Audio And Video Information
* Motion Estimation And Segmentation By Fuzzy Clustering
* Motion Estimation Using Invariance Under Group Transformations
* Motion Segmentation By Fuzzy Clustering With Automatic Determination Of The Number Of Motions

Duce, D.A. Co Author Listing * Advances In Computer Graphics Ii, Springer
* Eurographics '88 (Nice, France, September 12-16, 1988), North-Holland

Duchamp, T. Co Author Listing * Acquisition And Visualization Of Colored 3d Objects
* Mesh Optimization
* Multiresolution Analysis Of Arbitrary Meshes
* Piecewise Smooth Surface Reconstruction
* Surface Reconstruction From Unorganized Points

Duchossois, G. Co Author Listing * Advanced Optical Instrumentation For Remote Sensing Of The Earth'S Surface From Sapce (Paris, France, April 24-28

Duclos, P. Co Author Listing * Image Processing On A Simd/Spmd Architecture: Opsila

Ducottet, C. Co Author Listing * Localization Of Objects With Circular Symmetry In A Noisy Image Using Wavelet Transforms And Adapted Correlation
* Motion Characterization Of Unrigid Objects By Detecting And Tracking Feature Points

Ducrot Gambart, D. Co Author Listing * Region-Based Enhancement And Analysis Of Sar Images
Includes: Ducrot Gambart, D. Ducrot-Gambart, D.

Duda, R.O. Co Author Listing * Uniqueness Of The Gaussian Kernel For Scale-Space Filtering

Dudek Dyduch, E. Co Author Listing * Application Of Neural Networks In 3d Object Recognition System
Includes: Dudek Dyduch, E. Dudek-Dyduch, E.

Dudek, G. Co Author Listing * Enhanced 3d Representation Using A Hybrid Model
* Horoptor And Active Cyclotorsion, The
* Localizing A Robot With Minimum Travel
* On 3-D Surface Reconstruction Using Shape From Shadows
* Recognizing Planar Curves Using Curvature-Tuned Smoothing
* Robotic Exploration As Graph Construction
* Shape Representation And Recognition From Curvature
* Shape Representation And Recognition From Multiscale Curvature
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Dudek, G.L. Co Author Listing * Environment Representation Using Multiple Abstraction Levels

Dudgeon, D.E. Co Author Listing * Automatic Object Recognition From Range Imagery Using Appearance Models
* Experimental Target Recognition System For Laser Radar Imagery, An
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Automatic Target Recognition
* Model-Based Automatic Target Recognition System For The Ugv/Rsta Ladar
* Model-Based Automatic Target Recognition System For The Ugv/Rsta Ladar: Status At Demo C
* Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs
* Statistical Model-Based Algorithms For Image Analysis
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Duerinckx, A. Co Author Listing * Medical Images And Icons: Medpacs (Picture Archiving And Communication Systems), Medpics (Picture Interpretation Computers And System

Dufaut, M. Co Author Listing * Vehicle Detection At Night Using Image Processing And Pattern Recognition

Dufaux, F. Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Segmentation Based On Motion And Static Segmentation

Duff, M.J.B. Co Author Listing * Algorithm Design For Image Processing In The Context Of Cellular Logic
* Architectures And Algorithms For Digital Image Processing (Cannes, France, December 5-6
* Architectures Of Simd Cellular Logic Image Processing Arrays
* Cellular Logic Image Processing, Academic Press
* Clip7a Image Processor, The
* Complexity
* Enhancing The Two-Dimensional Mesh
* Evaluation Of Multicomputers For Image Processing (Tucson, Az, May 22-24, 1984), Academic Press, Orlando
* How Not To Benchmark Image Processors
* Image Processing System Architectures, Research Studies Press, Letchworth
* Intermediate-Level Image Processing (Gers, France, May 21-24, 1985), Academic Press, Orlando
* Modern Cellular Automata-Theory And Applications, Plenum Press
* Pyramids-Expected Performance
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Duff, T. Co Author Listing * Compositing 3-D Rendered Images
* Compositing Digital Images
* Interval Arithmetic And Recursive Subdivision For Implicit Functions And Constructive Solid Geometry

Duffie, N.A. Co Author Listing * On-Line Compensation Of Mobile Robot Docking Errors

Duffuaa, S.O. Co Author Listing * Linear Programming Approach For The Weighted Graph Matching Problem, A

Duffy, N.D. Co Author Listing * Facial Image Reconstruction And Manipulation From Measurements Obtained Using A Structured Lighting Technique

Dufour, P. Co Author Listing * Generation Of Convex Polygons With Individual Angular Constraints

Dufourd, J.F. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Specification Of A 3d-Modeler Based On Hypermaps
* Algebras And Formal Specifications In Geometric Modelling
* Geometric Construction By Assembling Solved Subfigures

Dufresne, T.E. Co Author Listing * Chord-Tangent Transformation For Object Recognition

Dugan, E.T. Co Author Listing * Note On A Fresh Look At The Hough Transform, A
* On The Uniqueness Of The Representation Of A Convex Polygon By Its Hough Transform
* Parallelogram Detection In A Digital Image With The Use Of The Hough Transform

Dugelay, S. Co Author Listing * Segmentation Of Multibeam Acoustic Imagery In The Exploration Of The Deep Sea-Bottom

Dugud, R. Co Author Listing * Joint Segmentation And Image Interpretation Using Hidden Markov Models

Duhamel, P. Co Author Listing * Fast Fourier Transforms: A Tutorial Review And A State Of The Art

Duin, R.P.W. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For Benchmarking An Simd Pyramid With The Abingdon Cross, An
* Considerations On A Vlsi Architecture For Cellular Logic Operations
* Delft Image Analysis Laboratory: A Multi-User Facility For Research, Development And Education Of Image Analysis Methods, The
* Fast Percentile Filtering
* Processor Arrays Compared To Pipelines For Cellular Image Operations
* Spirograph Theory: A Framework For Calculations On Digitized Straight Lines

Dujardin, E. Co Author Listing * Parallel Hough Transform On A Hierarchical Structure
* Parallel Hough Transform On Hyper-Pyramid Architecture: A Divide And Conquer Approach

Dulac, D. Co Author Listing * New Scheme For Massively Parallel Image Analysis, A

Dulimarta, H.S. Co Author Listing * Client/Server Control Architecture For Robot Navigation, A
* Mobile Robot Location In Indoor Environment

Duller, A.W.G. Co Author Listing * Associative Processor Array For Image Processing, An
* Heterogeneous Vision Architecture, A

Dumay, A.C.M. Co Author Listing * Object Delineation

Dumitras, A. Co Author Listing * Z-Shaped Nonlinear Transform For Image Segmentation And Classification In Intelligent Debris Analysis, A

Dumont, G. Co Author Listing * Dynamics And Unification Of Animation Control

Dumontier, C. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Implementations Of An Mrf-Based Motion Detection Algorithm

Duncan Seligmann, D. Co Author Listing * Cutaways And Ghosting: Satisfying Visibility Constraints In Dynamic 3d Illustrations

Duncan, D. Co Author Listing * System For Obstacle Detection During Rotocraft Low-Altitude Flight, A

Duncan, J. Co Author Listing * Applicability Of Green'S Theorem To Computation Of Rate Of Approach, The
* Medical Image Analysis

Duncan, J.H. Co Author Listing * 3-D Translational Motion And Structure From Binocular Image Flows
* Binocular Image Flows
* Binocular Image Flows
* Binocular Image Flows: Steps Toward Stereo-Motion Fusion
* On The Detection Of Motion And The Computation Of Optical Flow
* Recovering 3-D Translational Motion And Establishing Stereo Correspondence From Binocular Image Flows
* Recovering The Three-Dimensional Motion And Structure Of Multiple Moving Objects From Binocular Image Flows
* Temporal Edges: The Detection Of Motion And The Computation Of Optical Flow
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Duncan, J.S. Co Author Listing * Admissibility Of Constraint Functions In Relaxation Labelling
* Arrangement: A Spatial Relation Between Parts For Evaluating Similarity Of Tomographic Sections
* Arrangement: A Spatial Relation For Describing And Comparing Part Embeddings
* Boundary Finding With Parametrically Deformable Models
* Deformable Boundary Finding Influenced By Region Homogeneity
* Dense Nonrigid Motion Tracking From A Sequence Of Velocity Fields
* Edge Reinforcement Using Parameterized Relaxation Labeling
* Game-Theoretic Approach To Integration Of Modules, A
* Integrated Approach For Locating Neuroanatomical Structure From Mri, An
* Integration Of Semantic And Parametric Model Matching For Image Analysis, The
* Integration Of Vision Modules: A Game-Theoretic Framework
* Intelligent Detection Of Left Ventricular Boundaries In Gated Nuclear Medicine Image Sequences
* Low Level Information Fusion: Multisensor Scene Segmentation Using Learning Automata
* Mathematical Methods In Medical Imaging Iii (San Diego, Ca, July 25-26
* Measurement Of Non-Rigid Motion Using Contour Shape Descriptors
* Modular System For Image Analysis Using A Game-Theoretic Framework
* Multiscale Approach To Image Sequence Analysis, A
* On Multi-Feature Integration For Deformable Boundary Finding
* Parameterized Feasible Boundaries In Gradient Vector Fields
* Parametrically Deformable Contour Models
* Pointwise Tracking Of Left-Ventricular Motion In 3d
* Reinforcement Of Linear Structure Using Parametrized Relaxation Labeling
* Relaxation Labeling Using Continuous Label Sets
* Shape Determination From Incomplete And Noisy Multisensor Imagery
* Shape-Based Tracking Of Naturally Occurring Annuli In Image Sequences
* Volumetric Layer Segmentation Using Coupled Surface(S) Propagation
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Duncan, R. Co Author Listing * Survey Of Parallel Computer Architectures, A

Dunham, J.G. Co Author Listing * Optimum Uniform Piecewise Linear Approximation Of Planar Curves
* Shape Matching Using Polygon Approximation And Dynamic Alignment

Dunham, M.O. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For The Design Of Labeled-Transition Finite-State Vector Quantizers, An
* Finite-State Vector Quantization For Waveform Coding

Dunker, J. Co Author Listing * Senrob Vision-System And Its Philosophy, The
* Single View Recognition And Pose Estimation Of 3d Objects Using Sets Of Prototypical Views And Spatially Tolerant Contour Representations

Dunlavey, M.R. Co Author Listing * Efficient Polygon-Filling Algorithms For Raster Displays

Dunn, D. Co Author Listing * Optimal Gabor Filters For Texture Segmentation
* Texture Segmentation Using 2-D Gabor Elementary Functions

Dunn, D.F. Co Author Listing * Efficient Gabor Filter Design For Texture Segmentation

Dunn, S. Co Author Listing * Amplitude Varying Rate Statistical Approach For Texture Classification, The
* Motion From Three Weak Perspective Images Using Image Rotation

Dunn, S.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Mr-Pet Registration Algorithm
* Disiple: Digital Signal Processor Programming Language And Environment
* Efficient Registration And Recognition Algorithm Via Sieve Processes, An
* Hierarchical Local Symmetries
* Learning Shape Classes
* Local Estimation Of The Uniform Error Threshold
* Marked Grid Labeling
* Random Field Identification From A Sample: Experimental Results
* Shape-Based Object Recognition By Inductive Learning
* Texture Classification Using Noncausal Hidden Markov Models
* Texture Classification Using Noncausal Markov Models
* Texture Discrimination By Projective Invariants
* Writing Retargetable Parallel Programs For Low And High Level Vision Using A Global Address Space
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Dunnett, G.J. Co Author Listing * Image Chip For High Performance 3d Rendering, The

Dunsmuir, W.T.M. Co Author Listing * Computing Joint Distributions Of 2d Moving Median Filters With Applications To Detection Of Edges
* Edge Detection Using Generalized Root Signals Of 2-D Median Filtering

Dupoisot, H. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection Using Holladay'S Principle
* Image Enhancement Technique And Its Evaluation Through Bimodality Analysis, An

Dupont, S. Co Author Listing * Continuous Audio-Visual Speech Recognition

Dupuis, P. Co Author Listing * Direct Method For Reconstructing Shape From Shading
* Direct Method For Reconstructing Shape From Shading
* Global Algorithm For Shape From Shading, A
* Provably Convergent Algorithms For Shape From Shading
* Shape From Shading: Provably Convergent Algorithms And Uniqueness Results

Durand, B. Co Author Listing * Surjectivity Problem For 2d Cellular Automata, The

Durand, C.X. Co Author Listing * Bit Map Transformations In Computerized 2d Animation

Durbeck, R.C. Co Author Listing * Output Hardcopy Devices, Academic Press, Boston

Durbin, F. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Identification Of Buildings In Compressed Large Aerial Scenes
* Parallel Algorithm For A Very Fast 2d Velocity Field Estimation, A
* Robust Recognition Of Buildings In Compressed Large Aerial Scenes

Durgin, F.H. Co Author Listing * Visual Learning In The Perception Of Texture: Simple And Contingent Aftereffects Of Texture Density

Duric, Z. Co Author Listing * Active Egomotion Estimation: A Qualitative Approach
* Applicability Of Green'S Theorem To Computation Of Rate Of Approach, The
* Behavioral Visual Motion Analysis
* Egomotion Analysis Based On The Frenet-Serret Motion Model
* Egomotion Analysis Based On The Frenet-Serret Motion Model
* Estimating The Heading Direction Using Normal Flow
* Function From Motion
* Image Sequence Stabilization In Real Time
* Learning An Object'S Function By Observing The Object In Action
* Progress On Vision Through Learning: A Collaborative Effort Of George Mason University And [The] University Of Maryland
* Qualitative Description Of Camera Motion From Histograms Of Normal Flow
* Recognizing Functionality
* Understanding Object Motion
* Understanding Object Motion
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Durikovic, R. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Contour: A Texture Approach And Contour Operations

Duris, P. Co Author Listing * Tight Chip Area Lower Bounds For Discrete Fourier And Walsh-Hadamard Transformations

Durnaika, F. Co Author Listing * Hand-Eye Calibration

Durnell, L. Co Author Listing * Direction Of Regard Determination

Durou, J.D. Co Author Listing * On Convergence In The Methods Of Strat And Of Smith For Shape From Shading

Durrani, T.S. Co Author Listing * Goal Driven Parameter Evaluation For The Detection Of Objects In Sar Data

Durrant Whyte, H. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach To Optimal Sensor Placement, A
* Centralized And Decentralized Kalman Filter Techniques For Tracking, Navigation, And Control
* Decentralized Bayesian Algorithm For Identification Of Tracked Targets, A
* Evidential Approach To Map Building For Autonomous Vehicles, An
Includes: Durrant Whyte, H. Durrant-Whyte, H.

Durrant Whyte, H.F. Co Author Listing * Consistent Integration And Propagation Of Disparate Sensor Observations
* Directed Sonar Sensing For Mobile Robot Navigation, Kluwer
* Dynamic Map Building For An Autonomous Mobile Robot
* Fully Decentralized Multi-Sensor System For Tracking And Surveillance, A
* Inertial Navigation Systems For Mobile Robots
* Integration, Coordination And Control Of Multi-Sensor Robot Systems, Kluwer, Boston
* Mobile Robot Location By Tracking Geometric Beacons
* Sensor Models And Multi-Sensor Integration
* Sensor Models And Multisensor Integration
* Uncertain Geometry In Robotics
Includes: Durrant Whyte, H.F. Durrant-Whyte, H.F.
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Dusserre, L. Co Author Listing * Segmentation Of Echocardiographic Images

Duta, N. Co Author Listing * Learning The Human Face Concept From Black And White Images

Dutta Majumdar, D. Co Author Listing * 2d Shape Metric And Its Implementation In Biomedical Imaging, A

Dutta Majumder, D. Co Author Listing * Analytic Comparative Study Of A Class Of Discrete Linear Basis Transforms
* Application Of Differential Geometry To Recognize And Locate Partially Occluded Objects
* Application Of Hopfield Neural Networks And Canonical Perspectives To Recognize And Locate Partially Occluded 3-D Objects
* Application Of Least Square Estimation Technique For Image Restoration Using Signal-Noise Correlation Constraint
* Binary Contour Coding Using Bezier Approximation
* Correlation Between Two Fuzzy Membership Functions
* Differentiation/Enhancement Edge Detector And Its Properties, A
* Fractal Based Criteria To Evaluate The Performance Of Digital Image Magnification Techniques
* Fuzzy Divergence, Probability Measure Of Fuzzy Events And Image Thresholding
* Generalised Digital Contour Coding Scheme, A
* How To Discriminate Shapes Using The Shape Vector
* How To Quantify Shape Distance For 2-Dimensional Regions
* Image Sharpening Incorporating Human Visual Response
* Knowledge Representation For Vision: An Associative Network For Single Object Representation And Recognition
* Local Topolgical Parameters In A Tetrahedral Representation
* Matching Of Structural Shape Descriptions With Hopfield Net
* Modified Scheme For Segmenting The Noisy Image, A
* New Linear Feature Detection Technique Based On Second Order Neighbors, A
* New Method For 2-D Shape Dilation, A
* New Shape Preserving Parallel Thinning Algorithm For 3d Digital Images, A
* Note On The Use Of The Graylevel Co-Occurrence Matrix In Threshold Selection, A
* On A Decompusition Of 2-D Circular Convolution
* On Edge And Line Linking With Connectionist Models
* On Image Enhancement And Threshold Selection Using The Graylevel Co-Occurrence Matrix
* Parallel Algorithm For Detection Of Linear Structures In Satellite Images, A
* Parallel Greytone Thinning Algorithm, A
* Pattern Directed Information Analysis, Wiley
* Point Landmarks For Registration Of Ct And Mr Images
* Properties And Some Fast Algorithms Of The Haar Transform In Image Processing And Pattern Recognition
* Recognition And Positioning Of Partially Occluded 3-D Objects
* Region Symmetry Analysis Through Cantor Number Strings
* Representation Of Fuzzy Operators Using Ordinary Sets
* Single Scan Boundary Removal Thinning Algorithm For 2-D Binary Object, A
* Some Algorithms For Image Enhancement Incorporating Human Visual Response
* Some Modified Algorithms For Graylevel Thresholding
* Some Properties And Fast Algorithms Of Slant Transform In Image Processing
* Topology Preservation In 3d Digital Space
* Two-Tone Image Processing And Recognition, Wiley Eastern
* Unified Approach To Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing And Computer Vision In Fifth-Generation Computer Systems, A
Includes: Dutta Majumder, D. Dutta-Majumder, D.
39 for Dutta Majumder, D.

Dutta Majumder, D.K. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Mathematical Approach To Pattern Recognition, Wiley Eastern, New Delhi

Dutta Roy, S.C. Co Author Listing * Realization Of First-Order Two-Dimensional All-Pass Digital Filters

Dutta, K. Co Author Listing * Constraint-Based System For Interpretation Of Aerial Imagery, A
* Knowledge-Based System For Recognizing Man-Made Objects In Aerial Images, A

Dutta, R. Co Author Listing * Data Set For Quantitative Motion Analysis, A
* Data Set For Quantitative Motion Analysis, A
* Issues In Extracting Motion Parameters And Depth From Approximate Translational Motion
* Issues In Extracting Motion Parameters And Depth From Approximate Translational Motion
* Learning System For Consolidated Recognition And Motion Analysis, A
* Measuring Image Motion In Dynamic Images
* Parallel Dense Depth From Motion On An Image Understanding Architecture
* Parallel Dense Depth From Motion On The Image Understanding Architecture
* Robustness Of Correspondence-Based Structure From Motion
* Robustness Of Correspondence-Based Structure From Motion
* Robustness Of Structure From Binocular Known Motion
* Status And Current Research In The Image Understanding Architecture Program
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Dutta, S. Co Author Listing * Interactive Curve Drawing By Segmented Bezier Approximation With A Control Parameter

Duvdevani Bar, S. Co Author Listing * Similarity, Connectedness, And The Problem Of Representation In Vision
Includes: Duvdevani Bar, S. Duvdevani-Bar, S.

Duvernoy, J. Co Author Listing * Application Of The Hough Transform To Automatic Recognition Of Berber Characters, An
* Image Processing Iii (Paris, France, April 24-28

Duvieubourg, L. Co Author Listing * New Fast Algorithm Using An Adaptative Structuring Element Applied To A Counting Device, A

Duziak, J.J. Co Author Listing * Strange Phenomena In Convex And Discrete Geometry, Springer

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