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Abu Aisheh, Z.[Zeina] Co Author Listing * Anytime and Distributed Approaches for Graph Matching
* Anytime graph matching
* Efficient k-nearest neighbors search in graph space
* Exact Graph Edit Distance Computation Using a Binary Linear Program
* Fast Nearest Neighbors Search in Graph Space Based on a Branch-and-Bound Strategy
* Graph Database Repository and Performance Evaluation Metrics for Graph Edit Distance, A
* Graph edit distance contest: Results and future challenges
* New binary linear programming formulation to compute the graph edit distance
Includes: Abu Aisheh, Z.[Zeina] Abu-Aisheh, Z.[Zeina]
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Abu Ali, N.[Najah] Co Author Listing * Robust Data-Driven Framework for Driver Behavior Profiling Using Supervised Machine Learning
* Robust Environment-Aware Driver Profiling Framework Using Ensemble Supervised Learning, A
Includes: Abu Ali, N.[Najah] Abu-Ali, N.[Najah]

Abu Alqumsan, M. Co Author Listing * Mobile Visual Location Recognition
Includes: Abu Alqumsan, M. Abu-Alqumsan, M.

Abu Anbar, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Multisensor Satellite Data and Field Studies for Unravelling the Structural Evolution and Gold Metallogeny of the Gerf Ophiolitic Nappe, Eastern Desert, Egypt

Abu Bakar, M.A. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Aerodynamic Roughness and Zero Plane Displacement Using Medium Density of Airborne Lidar Data

Abu Bakar, S.A.R. Co Author Listing * Accurate real-time object tracking with linear prediction method
* Advances in human action recognition: an updated survey
* Enhanced Rotational Feature Points Matching using Orientation Correction
* Human emotion recognition from videos using spatio-temporal and audio features
* License plate localization based on edge-geometrical features using morphological approach
Includes: Abu Bakar, S.A.R. Abu-Bakar, S.A.R. Abu-Bakar, S.A.R.[Syed A.R.] Abu-Bakar, S.A.R.[Syed A. Rahman] Abu-Bakar, S.A.R.[Syed A.R]

Abu Baker, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of cells from microscopic imagery using ellipse detection
Includes: Abu Baker, A. Abu-Baker, A.

Abu Dayya, A.[Adnan] Co Author Listing * Joint energy-distortion aware algorithms for cooperative video streaming over LTE networks
Includes: Abu Dayya, A.[Adnan] Abu-Dayya, A.[Adnan]

Abu El Ghar, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Accurate Lungs Segmentation on CT Chest Images by Adaptive Appearance-Guided Shape Modeling
Includes: Abu El Ghar, M.[Mohamed] Abu El-Ghar, M.[Mohamed]

Abu El Haija, S.[Sami] Co Author Listing * Detecting Events and Key Actors in Multi-person Videos
* End-to-End Learning of Compressible Features
* Large-Scale Content-Only Video Recommendation
* YouTube-8M: A Large-Scale Video Classification Benchmark
Includes: Abu El Haija, S.[Sami] Abu-El-Haija, S.[Sami] Abu-El-Haija, S.

Abu Elyazeed, M.F.[Mohamed F.] Co Author Listing * Efficient high-speed framework for sparse representation-based iris recognition
* Fast matching pursuit for sparse representation-based face recognition
Includes: Abu Elyazeed, M.F.[Mohamed F.] Abu-Elyazeed, M.F.[Mohamed F.]

Abu Farha, Y.[Yazan] Co Author Listing * Temporal Action Segmentation from Timestamp Supervision
* Uncertainty-Aware Anticipation of Activities
Includes: Abu Farha, Y.[Yazan] Abu Farha, Y.

Abu Gharbieh, R.[Rafeef] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Contextual Energy Parameterization for Automated Image Segmentation
* Adaptive Regularization for Image Segmentation Using Local Image Curvature Cues
* Characterizing fMRI Activations within Regions of Interest (ROIs) Using 3D Moment Invariants
* Flame Front Matching and Tracking in PLIF Images Using Geodesic Paths and Level Sets
* Image segmentation using an efficient rotationally invariant 3D region-based hidden Markov model
* Level Set Curve Matching and Particle Image Velocimetry for Resolving Chemistry and Turbulence Interactions in Propagating Flames
* Novel Rotationally Invariant Region-Based Hidden Markov Model for Efficient 3-D Image Segmentation, A
* Spatial Characterization of fMRI Activation Maps Using Invariant 3-D Moment Descriptors
* Spotlight: Automated Confidence-Based User Guidance for Increasing Efficiency in Interactive 3D Image Segmentation
Includes: Abu Gharbieh, R.[Rafeef] Abu-Gharbieh, R.[Rafeef] Abu-Gharbieh, R.
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Abu Haiba, I.S.I. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy State Machines to Recognize Totally Unconstructed Handwritten Strokes
* Processing of Binary Images of Handwritten Text Documents
* Straight-Line Approximation and 1D Representation of Off-Line Handwritten Text

Abu Hussein, S.[Shady] Co Author Listing * Image Restoration by Deep Projected GSURE
* Unsupervised Domain Generalization by Learning a Bridge Across Domains
Includes: Abu Hussein, S.[Shady] Abu-Hussein, S.[Shady]

Abu Jamous, B. Co Author Listing * Linking Brain Responses to Naturalistic Music Through Analysis of Ongoing EEG and Stimulus Features
Includes: Abu Jamous, B. Abu-Jamous, B.

Abu Khalaf, J.[Jumana] Co Author Listing * Indoor Semantic Scene Understanding Using 2D-3D Fusion
* Multi-species Seagrass Detection Using Semi-supervised Learning
* Overlapping Cell Nuclei Segmentation in Digital Histology Images using Intensity-based Contours
* Seagrass Detection from Underwater Digital Images using Faster R-CNN with NASNet
Includes: Abu Khalaf, J.[Jumana] Abu-Khalaf, J.[Jumana]

Abu Lebdeh, G.[Ghassan] Co Author Listing * Projected state-wide traffic forecast parameters using artificial neural networks
Includes: Abu Lebdeh, G.[Ghassan] Abu-Lebdeh, G.[Ghassan]

Abu Mostafa, Y.[Yaser] Co Author Listing * Pruning Training Sets for Learning of Object Categories
Includes: Abu Mostafa, Y.[Yaser] Abu-Mostafa, Y.[Yaser]

Abu Mostafa, Y.S. Co Author Listing * Capacity of a Multilevel Threshold Functions, The
* Image Normalization by Complex Moments
* Recognitive Aspects of Moment Invariants
Includes: Abu Mostafa, Y.S. Abu-Mostafa, Y.S.

Abu Naser, A. Co Author Listing * Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test Based Algorithms for Object Recognition in Photon-Limited Images
* Impulse Restoration-Based Template-Matching Using the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm
* Ml and bayesian impulse restoration based object recognition in photon limited noise
* Object Recognition Based on Impulse Restoration with Use of the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm
Includes: Abu Naser, A. Abu-Naser, A.

Abu Qasmieh, I.[Isam] Co Author Listing * Unrestricted LR detection for biomedical applications using coarse-to-fine hierarchical approach
Includes: Abu Qasmieh, I.[Isam] Abu-Qasmieh, I.[Isam]

Abu Rezq, A.N. Co Author Listing * Combined Classifiers for Invariant Face Recognition
Includes: Abu Rezq, A.N. Abu-Rezq, A.N.

Abu Seman, D.A.L. Co Author Listing * Proposal to Implement Integrated GIS System in Disseminating Spatial Information for Malaysia Development Approval (stakeholders And Applicants) - a Concept Paper, A

Abu, A. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Fuzzy-Based Local Information Algorithm for Sonar Image Segmentation

Abu, P.A.R.[Patricia Angela R.] Co Author Listing * Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks for the Detection of Microscopic Fusarium Oxysporum
* Patch-Based Convolutional Neural Networks for TCGA-BRCA Breast Cancer Classification

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