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Boro, M.[Meenakshi] Co Author Listing * automatic feature extraction and fusion model: Application to electromyogram (EMG) signal classification, An

Borocco, A.[Albane] Co Author Listing * Morphological Characterization of Graphene Plans Stacking

Boroczky, L. Co Author Listing * Iterative Motion-Based Segmentation for Object-Based Video Coding
* Joint Rate Control with Look-Ahead for Multi-Program Video Coding
* New Methods to Improve the Accuracy of the Pel-Recursive Wiener-Based Motion Estimation Algorithm
* Pel-Recursive Motion Field Estimation from Image Sequences
* Sharpness Enhancement for MPEG-2 Encoded/transcoded Video Sources
* Speckle noise filtering in SAR images using wavelets
Includes: Boroczky, L. Brczky, L. (Maybe also Boeroeczky, L.)Boroczky, L.[Lilla]

Borodin, Y. Co Author Listing * General Approach for Partitioning Web Page Content Based on Geometric and Style Information, A

Borodina, E.L. Co Author Listing * Tomographical acoustic vision in the ocean

Borodkin, A.M. Co Author Listing * Optimal Requantization of Deep Grayscale Images and Lloyd-Max Quantization

Borodkin, S.M. Co Author Listing * Optimal Requantization of Deep Grayscale Images and Lloyd-Max Quantization

Borok, S.[Sofia] Co Author Listing * Image Denoising Using TV-Stokes Equation with an Orientation-Matching Minimization
* Orientation-Matching Minimization for Image Denoising and Inpainting

Borole, M.[Megha] Co Author Listing * feature-based approach for digital camera identification using photo-response non-uniformity noise, A

Boronka, A. Co Author Listing * Utilization of Smartphone Data for Driving Cycle Synthesis Based on Electric Two-Wheelers in Shanghai

Borooah, S. Co Author Listing * Joint Vessel Segmentation and Deformable Registration on Multi-Modal Retinal Images Based on Style Transfer

Boroomand, A. Co Author Listing * Noise-Compensated, Bias-Corrected Diffusion Weighted Endorectal Magnetic Resonance Imaging via a Stochastically Fully-Connected Joint Conditional Random Field Model
* Random Field Computational Adaptive Optics Framework for Optical Coherence Microscopy, A
* Saliency-guided projection geometric correction using a projector-camera system
Includes: Boroomand, A. Boroomand, A.[Ameneh]

Boros, E.[Endre] Co Author Listing * Approximate MRF Inference Using Bounded Treewidth Subgraphs
* graph cut algorithm for higher-order Markov Random Fields, A
* Hypergraph-Based Reduction for Higher-Order Binary Markov Random Fields, A
* Inference and Learning of Graphical Models: Theory and Applications in Computer Vision and Image Analysis

Borotschnig, H. Co Author Listing * Active Object Recognition in Parametric Eigenspace
* Appearance-based active object recognition

Borouchaki, H. Co Author Listing * On uniqueness in triangulation based pattern for structured light reconstruction

Boroujeni, H.S.[Hamid Shayegh] Co Author Listing * Robust moving shadow detection with hierarchical mixture of MLP experts

Boroujeni, N.S.[Nasim Sepehri] Co Author Listing * Fast obstacle detection using targeted optical flow
* Robust Horizon Detection Using Segmentation for UAV Applications

Boroujeni, S.C.[Sattar Chavoshi] Co Author Listing * Comparing Three Approaches of Evapotranspiration Estimation in Mixed Urban Vegetation: Field-Based, Remote Sensing-Based and Observational-Based Methods

Boroujerdi, A.S.[Ali Sharifi] Co Author Listing * PDE-Based Color Morphology Using Matrix Fields

Borovec, J. Co Author Listing * ANHIR: Automatic Non-Rigid Histological Image Registration Challenge
* Benchmarking of Image Registration Methods for Differently Stained Histological Slides
* Binary Pattern Dictionary Learning for Gene Expression Representation in Drosophila Imaginal Discs
* Fast registration of segmented images by normal sampling
Includes: Borovec, J. Borovec, J.[Jir] Borovec, J.[Jiri]

Borovikov, E. Co Author Listing * 3D shape estimation based on density driven model fitting
* RSILC: Rotation- and Scale-Invariant, Line-based Color-aware descriptor
Includes: Borovikov, E. Borovikov, E.[Eugene]

Borovikov, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Practical Parametric Synthesis of Realistic Pseudo-Random Face Shapes

Borovkova, M.[Mariia] Co Author Listing * Screening of Alzheimer's Disease With Multiwavelength Stokes Polarimetry in a Mouse Model

Borowa, A.[Adriana] Co Author Listing * Kernel Self-Attention for Weakly-supervised Image Classification using Deep Multiple Instance Learning

Borowiec, N.[Natalia] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Verification of Building Changes Based on Point Clouds from Different Sources and Time Periods
* Using LiDAR System as a Data Source for Agricultural Land Boundaries

Borowska Stefanska, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Changes in Urban Mobility Related to the Public Bike System with Regard to Weather Conditions and Statutory Retail Restrictions
* Measurement of Mobility-Based Accessibility: The Impact of Floods on Trips of Various Length and Motivation, The
* Spatial Dimension of Transport Exclusion Related to Statutory Trade Restriction: The Use of ITS Tools in Studies of Sustainable Urban Development
Includes: Borowska Stefanska, M.[Marta] Borowska-Stefanska, M.[Marta]

Borowska, L. Co Author Listing * Spectral Processing for Step Scanning Phased-Array Radars

Borowska, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Fractal dimension in textures analysis of xenotransplants

Borowski, L.[Lukasz] Co Author Listing * Altitude on Cartographic Materials and Its Correction According to New Measurement Techniques
* Phase Centre Corrections of GNSS Antennas and Their Consistency with ATX Catalogues

Borowsky, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Classification of Tumor Histology via Morphometric Context
* Human Driving Centered Gain Scheduling Control of Mixed Platoons
* Interruption Management in the Context of Take-Over-Requests in Conditional Driving Automation
* Invariant Delineation of Nuclear Architecture in Glioblastoma Multiforme for Clinical and Molecular Association
* Stacked Predictive Sparse Decomposition for Classification of Histology Sections
Includes: Borowsky, A.[Alexander] Borowsky, A.[Avinoam] Borowsky, A.

Borozdin, K.N. Co Author Listing * Statistical Reconstruction for Cosmic Ray Muon Tomography

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