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Brinckmann, S.[Sven] Co Author Listing * Homogeneity Analysis of the CM SAF Surface Solar Irradiance Dataset Derived from Geostationary Satellite Observations

Brindamour, M. Co Author Listing * Hemispherical Photographs Used for Mapping Confined Spaces

Brindha, M. Co Author Listing * SEcure Similar Image Matching (SESIM): An Improved Privacy Preserving Image Retrieval Protocol over Encrypted Cloud Database

Brindise, M.C.[Melissa C.] Co Author Listing * 4D Flow MRI Pressure Estimation Using Velocity Measurement-Error-Based Weighted Least-Squares
* Divergence-Free Constrained Phase Unwrapping and Denoising for 4D Flow MRI Using Weighted Least-Squares
* Modeling Bias Error in 4D Flow MRI Velocity Measurements

Brindley, H.[Helen] Co Author Listing * Cirrus Cloud Identification from Airborne Far-Infrared and Mid-Infrared Spectra
* Evaluation of Two Decades of Aerosol Optical Depth Retrievals from MODIS over Australia, An

Brindley, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Measuring Urban Greenspace Distribution Equity: The Importance of Appropriate Methodological Approaches

Brines, S.J.[Shannon J.] Co Author Listing * Improved Classification of Urban Trees Using a Widespread Multi-Temporal Aerial Image Dataset

Brinez de Leon, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Co Author Listing * Morphological Analysis for Temporary Behaviour Description of Photoelasticity Images on Plastic Films
Includes: Brinez de Leon, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Briñez de León, J.C.[Juan Carlos]

Bringas Vega, M.L. Co Author Listing * Tensor Analysis and Fusion of Multimodal Brain Images
Includes: Bringas Vega, M.L. Bringas-Vega, M.L.

Bringas, P.G. Co Author Listing * Decentralised intelligent transport system with distributed intelligence based on classification techniques
* Procedural approach to volumetric terrain generation
Includes: Bringas, P.G. Bringas, P.G.[Pablo G.]

Bringay, S.[Sandra] Co Author Listing * Discovering Novelty in Gene Data: From Sequential Patterns to Visualization

Bringer, A. Co Author Listing * 500-2000-MHz Brightness Temperature Spectra of the Northwestern Greenland Ice Sheet
* CYGNSS Mission: On-Going Science Team Investigations, The
* Greenland Ice Sheet Subsurface Temperature Estimation Using Ultrawideband Microwave Radiometry
* Location of Radio-Frequency Interference Sources Using the SMAP L-Band Radiometer
* Remote Sensing of Sea Ice Thickness and Salinity With 0.5-2 GHz Microwave Radiometry
* Revisiting the Short-Wave Spectrum of the Sea Surface in the Light of the Weighted Curvature Approximation
* SMAP L-Band Microwave Radiometer: RFI Mitigation Prelaunch Analysis and First Year On-Orbit Observations
* Ultrawideband Software-Defined Microwave Radiometer: Instrument Description and Initial Campaign Results, The
Includes: Bringer, A. Bringer, A.[Alexandra]
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Bringer, J. Co Author Listing * Optimal Iris Fuzzy Sketches
* Privacy-Preserving Biometric Identification Using Secure Multiparty Computation: An Overview and Recent Trends
* Security analysis and improvement of some biometric protected templates based on Bloom filters
Includes: Bringer, J. Bringer, J.[Julien]

Bringi, V.[Viswanathan] Co Author Listing * Measurements of Rainfall Rate, Drop Size Distribution, and Variability at Middle and Higher Latitudes: Application to the Combined DPR-GMI Algorithm
* Retrieval of Drop Size Distribution Parameters Using a Dual-Polarimetric Radar, The
* Retrieving Rain Drop Size Distribution Moments from GPM Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar

Bringi, V.N. Co Author Listing * Hydrometeor Classification System Using Dual-Polarization Radar Measurements: Model Improvements and In Situ Verification

Bringier, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Evidence theory for high dynamic range reconstruction with linear digital cameras
* High-speed optical 3D measurement device for quality control of aircraft rivet
* Photometric reconstruction of a dynamic textured surface from just one color image acquisition
* Quality Assessment for CRT and LCD Color Reproduction Using a Blind Metric
* Specularity and shadow detection for the multisource photometric reconstruction of a textured surface
Includes: Bringier, B.[Benjamin] Bringier, B.

Bringmann, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Automatic techniques for 3D reconstruction of critical workplace body postures from range imaging data
* Simple Way to Make Neural Networks Robust Against Diverse Image Corruptions, A

Bringout, G. Co Author Listing * 2D Images Recorded With a Single-Sided Magnetic Particle Imaging Scanner
* Axially Elongated Field-Free Point Data Acquisition in Magnetic Particle Imaging

Bringoux, L. Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of Physiological and Psychological Features to Estimate Helicopter Pilots' Workload: A Bayesian Network Approach

Bringsjord, S.[Selmer] Co Author Listing * Red-Pill Robots Only, Please

Brini, A.[Anouar] Co Author Listing * Neural Network Approaches to Reconstruct Phytoplankton Time-Series in the Global Ocean

Brini, M. Co Author Listing * Advanced Monitoring Systems for Landslide Risk Reduction in the 'Siq' of Petra (Jordan)

Brinicombe, A.M. Co Author Listing * Direction of regard determination

Brink, A. Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous Multimedia Reasoning
* Land Cover Change Monitoring Using Landsat MSS/TM Satellite Image Data over West Africa between 1975 and 1990
* Pre-processing of a sample of multi-scene and multi-date Landsat imagery used to monitor forest cover changes over the tropics
Includes: Brink, A. Brink, A.[Andreas]

Brink, A.A.[Axel A.] Co Author Listing * How Much Handwritten Text Is Needed for Text-Independent Writer Verification and Identification
* Recognition of Handwritten Numerical Fields in a Large Single-Writer Historical Collection
* Text-Independent Writer Identification and Verification on Offline Arabic Handwriting
* Towards Explainable Writer Verification and Identification Using Vantage Writers
* Towards robust writer verification by correcting unnatural slant
* Writer identification using directional ink-trace width measurements
Includes: Brink, A.A.[Axel A.] Brink, A.A.

Brink, A.B.[Andreas B.] Co Author Listing * Indicators for Assessing Habitat Values and Pressures for Protected Areas: An Integrated Habitat and Land Cover Change Approach for the Udzungwa Mountains National Park in Tanzania

Brink, A.D. Co Author Listing * Comments on Grey-Level Thresholding of Images Using a Correlation Criterion
* Gray-Level Thresholding of Images Using A Correlation Criterion
* Minimum Cross-Entropy Threshold Selection
* Minimum Spatial Entropy Threshold Selection
* Thresholding Of Digital Images Using Two-Dimensional Entropies
* Using Spatial Information as an Aid to Maximum-Entropy Image Threshold Selection

Brink, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Photometric Correction for Infrared Sensors

Brink, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Pulmonary Artery-Vein Separation and Classification in Computed Tomography Using Tree Partitioning and Peripheral Vessel Matching

Brink, W.[Willie] Co Author Listing * BINet: A binary inpainting network for deep patch-based image compression
* Image identification of Protea species with attributes and subgenus scaling
* Indexing Uncoded Stripe Patterns in Structured Light Systems by Maximum Spanning Trees
Includes: Brink, W.[Willie] Brink, W.

Brink, W.M. Co Author Listing * 3-D Contrast Source Inversion-Electrical Properties Tomography
* Efficient Methodology for the Analysis of Dielectric Shimming Materials in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, An
* High-Permittivity Pad Design for Dielectric Shimming in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Projection-Based Model Reduction and a Nonlinear Optimization Scheme

Brinkhoff, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Assessment of In-Season Cotton Nitrogen Status and Lint Yield Prediction from Unmanned Aerial System Imagery
* Integrating Remote Sensing and Weather Variables for Mango Yield Prediction Using a Machine Learning Approach
* Land Cover Classification of Nine Perennial Crops Using Sentinel-1 and -2 Data
* Macadamia Orchard Planting Year and Area Estimation at a National Scale
* Modeling Mid-Season Rice Nitrogen Uptake Using Multispectral Satellite Data
* Monitoring the Effects of Water Stress in Cotton Using the Green Red Vegetation Index and Red Edge Ratio
* Potential of Time-Series Sentinel 2 Data for Monitoring Avocado Crop Phenology
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Brinkhoff, T. Co Author Listing * Compression And Progressive Retrieval Of Multi-dimensional Sensor Data
* Framework for Generating Network-Based Moving Objects, A
* InflateSAR Campaign: Developing Refugee Vessel Detection Capabilities with Polarimetric SAR, The
* InflateSAR Campaign: Evaluating SAR Identification Capabilities of Distressed Refugee Boats, The
* InflateSAR Campaign: Testing SAR Vessel Detection Systems for Refugee Rubber Inflatables, The
* Open Street Map Data As Source For Built-up And Urban Areas On Global Scale
* Sensor Web Services For Early Flood Warnings Based On Soil Moisture Profiles
Includes: Brinkhoff, T. Brinkhoff, T.[Thomas]
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Brinkkemper, S. Co Author Listing * Video2Report: A Video Database for Automatic Reporting of Medical Consultancy Sessions

Brinkley, J.F. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Driven Ultrasonic Three-Dimensional Organ Modeling

Brinkman, W.P. Co Author Listing * Expressive Virtual Audience with Flexible Behavioral Styles, An

Brinkmann, B.H. Co Author Listing * Optimized Homomorphic Unsharp Masking for MR Grayscale Inhomogeneity Correction

Brinkmann, E. Co Author Listing * Color Bregman TV

Brinkmann, E.M.[Eva Maria] Co Author Listing * Bias Reduction in Variational Regularization
* Regularization with Sparse Vector Fields: From Image Compression to TV-type Reconstruction
* Unified Models for Second-Order TV-Type Regularisation in Imaging: A New Perspective Based on Vector Operators
Includes: Brinkmann, E.M.[Eva Maria] Brinkmann, E.M.[Eva-Maria]

Brinkmann, J.[Jake] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of VIIRS and MODIS Thermal Emissive Band Calibration Stability Using Ground Target
* Multidimensional Analysis of Social Biases in Vision Transformers, A
Includes: Brinkmann, J.[Jake] Brinkmann, J.[Jannik]

Brinkmann, K.[Katja] Co Author Listing * Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Urban Wetlands in an Indian Megacity over the Past 50 Years

Brinkmann, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Traffic Light Control With Deep Reinforcement Learning: An Evaluation of Traffic Flow and Energy Consumption

Brinkworth, R. Co Author Listing * Determining Morphometric Properties of Radiata Pine Using Long Wave Infrared Sensing and Biologically-inspired Vision

Brinkworth, R.S. Co Author Listing * Bio-Inspired Video Enhancement for Small Moving Target Detection

Brinkworth, R.S.A. Co Author Listing * Applications for bio-inspired visual processing algorithms
* Assessing the naturalness of scenes: An approach using statistics of local features
* Automatic Ground Truths: Projected Image Annotations for Omnidirectional Vision
* Consistent estimation of rotational optical flow in real environments using a biologically-inspired vision algorithm on embedded hardware
* Efficient Sampling of Bayer Pattern for Long Range Small Target Detection in Color Images
* Real-Time Visual Rotational Velocity Estimation Using a Biologically-Inspired Algorithm on Embedded Hardware
Includes: Brinkworth, R.S.A. Brinkworth, R.S.A.[Russell S.A.] Brinkworth, R.S.A.[Russell S. A.]

Brinn, L.W. Co Author Listing * Application Of Linear Programming To Object Location In R Dimensions, An

Brint, A.T.[Andrew T.] Co Author Listing * Stereo Matching of Curves

Brintha, N.C. Co Author Listing * Factorization-based active contour segmentation and pelican optimization-based modified bidirectional long short-term memory for ovarian tumor detection

Brinton, B.[Bonnie] Co Author Listing * Incorporating a robot into an autism therapy team

Brinton, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Learning Lightweight Neural Networks via Channel-Split Recurrent Convolution

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