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Pani, A. Co Author Listing * Online Change-Point Detection in Sparse Time Series With Application to Online Advertising

Pani, A.K.[Alok Kumar] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Mutation-Spider Monkey Optimization (GM-SMO) Model for Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* Polynomial Time Algorithm for Inferring Subclasses of Parallel Internal Column Contextual Array Languages

Pani, B. Co Author Listing * Filtering and prediction techniques in radar tracking of vehicles for assisted driving
* Monitoring motorway infrastructures for detection of dangerous events

Pani, D. Co Author Listing * Exploring custom heterogeneous MPSoCs for real-time neural signal decoding
* multi-dataflow composer tool: Generation of on-the-fly reconfigurable platforms, The
Includes: Pani, D. Pani, D.[Danilo]

Pani, P.[Peejush] Co Author Listing * Decadal Historical Satellite Data and Rainfall Trend Analysis (2001-2016) for Flood Hazard Mapping in Sri Lanka, A
* Microwave Vegetation Index from Multi-Angular Observations and Its Application in Vegetation Properties Retrieval: Theoretical Modelling

Pani, S.[Silvia] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Content-Based Exposure Control for Scanning Applications in Radiography
* High Energy Resolution Hyperspectral X-Ray Imaging for Low-Dose Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography
Includes: Pani, S.[Silvia] Pani, S.

Pani, S.K.[Shantanu Kumar] Co Author Listing * Determination of Lidar Ratio for Major Aerosol Types over Western North Pacific Based on Long-Term MPLNET Data
* Intelligent computing on time-series data analysis and prediction of COVID-19 pandemics
Includes: Pani, S.K.[Shantanu Kumar] Pani, S.K.[Subhendu Kumar]

Pani, S.M.[Sara Maria] Co Author Listing * Robustness of functional connectivity metrics for EEG-based personal identification over task-induced intra-class and inter-class variations

Paniagua Martin, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Semantic Annotation Architecture for Accessible Multimedia Resources
Includes: Paniagua Martin, F.[Fernando] Paniagua-Martin, F.[Fernando]

Paniagua, B.[Beatriz] Co Author Listing * 3D Textural Mapping and Soft-Computing Applied to Cork Quality Inspection
* Entropy-based correspondence improvement of interpolated skeletal models
* Locally Affine Diffeomorphic Surface Registration and Its Application to Surgical Planning of Fronto-Orbital Advancement
* Perceptually Relevant Pattern Recognition Applied to Cork Quality Detection
* Skeletal Shape Correspondence Through Entropy
Includes: Paniagua, B.[Beatriz] Paniagua, B.

Paniagua, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Indexing media by personal events

Paniagua, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * PaCa-ViT: Learning Patch-to-Cluster Attention in Vision Transformers

Panic, M.[Marko] Co Author Listing * Bush Detection for Vision-based UGV Guidance in Blueberry Orchards: Data Set and Methods
* Remote Sensing of Poplar Phenophase and Leaf Miner Attack in Urban Forests
* Soya Yield Prediction on a Within-Field Scale Using Machine Learning Models Trained on Sentinel-2 and Soil Data
* Sparse Recovery in Magnetic Resonance Imaging With a Markov Random Field Prior
Includes: Panic, M.[Marko] Panic, M.

Panic, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Maximizing the latency fairness in UAV-assisted MEC system
* WPT-Enabled UAV-Assisted Condition Monitoring Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks, A

Panicacci, R. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Image Sensor

Panichkriangkrai, C.[Chulapong] Co Author Listing * Character segmentation and transcription system for historical Japanese books with a self-proliferating character image database
* Ukiyo-e Rakkan Retrieval System
Includes: Panichkriangkrai, C.[Chulapong] Panichkriangkrai, C.

Panicker, M.R.[Mahesh Raveendranatha] Co Author Listing * Employing Acoustic Features To Aid Neural Networks Towards Platform Agnostic Learning In Lung Ultrasound Imaging

Panico, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Compartmental Epidemiological Model Applied to the Covid-19 Epidemic, A

Paniconi, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Handling packet loss in WebRTC
* Motion segmentation system with multi-frame hypothesis tracking
* Optimizing AV1 Encoder for Real-Time Communication

Panicucci, B. Co Author Listing * Integer Linear Programming Approach for Radio-Based Localization of Shipping Containers in the Presence of Incomplete Proximity Information, An

Panidi, E. Co Author Listing * Cloud-desktop Remote Sensing Data Management to Ensure Time Series Analysis, Integration of QGIS and Google Earth Engine
* GIS-based Infectious Disease Data Management on A City Scale, Case Study of St. Petersburg, Russia
* GIS-based Mapping of Estimated Flood Inundation Area, Geometrical Aspect
* Highly Discrete Mapping of The Growing Season Time Frames and Time Dynamics
* Issues of Geographic Information Systems and Thematic Mapping Application to Analysis of Epidemiological Situation in Large Cities
* Mapping Of The Land Cover Spatiotemporal Characteristics In Northern Russia Caused By Climate Change
* Web-based Representation and Management of Infectious Disease Data on A City Scale, Case Study of St. Petersburg, Russia
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Panidi, E.A. Co Author Listing * Integration of Data of the Remote Sensing, GIS, and Gamma-spectrometric Analysis to Study Soil Material Redistribution
* Social Media Data Processing and Analysis By Means of Machine Learning For Rapid Detection, Assessment and Mapping the Impact of Disasters
* Using Systems of Parallel and Distributed Data Processing to Build Hydrological Models Based on Remote Sensing Data

Panigada, C.[Cinzia] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Red and Far-Red Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Their Ratio in Different Canopies Based on Observed and Modeled Data
* Assessing canopy PRI from airborne imagery to map water stress in maize
* Discriminating Irrigated and Rainfed Maize with Diurnal Fluorescence and Canopy Temperature Airborne Maps
* Evaluation of Hybrid Models to Estimate Chlorophyll and Nitrogen Content of Maize Crops in the Framework of the Future CHIME Mission
* Hybrid retrieval of crop traits from multi-temporal PRISMA hyperspectral imagery
* Mapping landscape canopy nitrogen content from space using PRISMA data
* Mapping of Asbestos Cement Roofs and Their Weathering Status Using Hyperspectral Aerial Images
* Mapping Surface Features of an Alpine Glacier through Multispectral and Thermal Drone Surveys
* Multi-Scale Evaluation of Drone-Based Multispectral Surface Reflectance and Vegetation Indices in Operational Conditions
* Nitrogen Status Assessment for Variable Rate Fertilization in Maize through Hyperspectral Imagery
* Spectral Diversity Successfully Estimates the a-Diversity of Biocrust-Forming Lichens
Includes: Panigada, C.[Cinzia] Panigada, C.
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Panighini, F. Co Author Listing * Educational and Training Experiences in Geomatics: Tailored Approaches For Different Audience
* Giardino Delle Camelie in The Boboli Monumental Garden: Integrated Survey, Structural Reinforcement and Restoration Project of The Architecture, The Decorations and The Hydraulic System, The

Panigrahi, A.[Akash] Co Author Listing * GeoEngine: A Platform for Production-Ready Geospatial Research
* QFabric: Multi-Task Change Detection Dataset

Panigrahi, B.K. Co Author Listing * Advanced Visibility Restoration Technique for Underwater Images, An
* Classification of patients with tumor using MR FLAIR images
* Classification of Power Quality Disturbances Using GA Based Optimal Feature Selection
* Improved Air-Light Estimation Scheme for Single Haze Images Using Color Constancy Prior, An
* Increasing Reliability of Fault Detection Systems for Industrial Applications
* Model-based dehazing scheme for unmanned aerial vehicle system using radiance boundary constraint and graph model, A
* Spatially Informative Optic Flow Model of Bee Colony With Saccadic Flight Strategy for Global Optimization, A
* WMCP-EM: An integrated dehazing framework for visibility restoration in single image
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Panigrahi, I.[Indu] Co Author Listing * Improving Data-Efficient Fossil Segmentation via Model Editing

Panigrahi, L.[Lipismita] Co Author Listing * Hybrid segmentation method based on multi-scale Gaussian kernel fuzzy clustering with spatial bias correction and region-scalable fitting for breast US images

Panigrahi, P.K.[Prasanta K.] Co Author Listing * Locally adaptive block thresholding method with continuity constraint
* Multilevel thresholding for image segmentation through a fast statistical recursive algorithm
* Solving Vehicle Routing Problem Using Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm

Panigrahi, S. Co Author Listing * Application of Vegetation Indices for Agricultural Crop Yield Prediction Using Neural Network Techniques
* Exploiting deep and hand-crafted features for texture image retrieval using class membership
Includes: Panigrahi, S. Panigrahi, S.[Sibarama]

Panigrahi, S.K.[Susant Kumar] Co Author Listing * Curvelet-based multiscale denoising using non-local means and guided image filter
* Joint Bilateral Filter for Signal Recovery from Phase Preserved Curvelet Coefficients for Image Denoising

Panigrahi, S.R. Co Author Listing * Interacting Multiple-Model-Based Algorithm for Driver Behavior Characterization Using Handling Risk, An

Panigrahy, C. Co Author Listing * MRI and SPECT Image Fusion Using a Weighted Parameter Adaptive Dual Channel PCNN

Panigrahy, S.[Sushma] Co Author Listing * Retrieval of land surface temperature from the Kalpana-1 VHRR data using a single-channel algorithm and its validation over western India

Panikkar, U.R.[Urmila R.] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Variability of Hydrological Responses in Urbanizing Watershed
* Uncertainties in Prediction of Streamflows Using SWAT Model: Role of Remote Sensing and Precipitation Sources

Panin, G.[Giorgio] Co Author Listing * 3D point tracking and pose estimation of a space object using stereo images
* Efficient and Robust Real-Time Contour Tracking System, An
* Ego-motion Estimation Using Rectified Stereo and Bilateral Transfer Function
* Hierarchical Grid-based Multi-People Tracking-by-Detection With Global Optimization
* Human Body Orientation Estimation in Multiview Scenarios
* Multi-target and Multi-camera Object Detection with Monte-Carlo Sampling
* Mutual Information for Multi-modal, Discontinuity-preserving Image Registration
* Mutual Information-Based 3D Object Tracking
* Real-Time 3D Face Tracking with Mutual Information and Active Contours
* Real-Time Articulated Hand Detection and Pose Estimation
Includes: Panin, G.[Giorgio] Panin, G.
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Panin, V.Y. Co Author Listing * Continuous and Discrete Data Rebinning in Time-of-Flight PET
* Experimental Comparison of Lesion Detectability for Four Fully-3D PET Reconstruction Schemes
* Fully 3-D PET Reconstruction With System Matrix Derived From Point Source Measurements

Panine, M.[Mikhail] Co Author Listing * Isospectralization, or How to Hear Shape, Style, and Correspondence

Panini, L. Co Author Listing * machine learning approach for human posture detection in domotics applications, A

Paninski, L. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Image Recovery for Dendritic Structures Under Low Signal-to-Noise Conditions

Panis, G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Adaptation of Streaming Multimedia Content in a Dynamic and Distributed Environment
* Bitstream Syntax Description: A Tool for Multimedia Resource Adaptation within MPEG-21
* Overview of Research Activities in Facial Age Estimation Using the FG-NET Aging Database, An
* Overview of research on facial ageing using the FG-NET ageing database
Includes: Panis, G. Panis, G.[Gabriel]

Panis, S.[Stathis] Co Author Listing * Method for computer-supported motion estimation for picture elements of chronologically following images of a video sequence
* use of stereo and motion in a generic object-based coder, The

Paniti, I.[Imre] Co Author Listing * Online Toolkit for Applications Featuring Collaborative Robots Across Different Domains, An

Panizza, P. Co Author Listing * Enhanced diffuse optical tomographic reconstruction using concurrent ultrasound information

Panizzi, E. Co Author Listing * Communication Control and Driving Assistance to a Platoon of Vehicles in Heavy Traffic and Scarce Visibility

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