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State, A.[Andrei] Co Author Listing * Exact Eye Contact with Virtual Humans
* Immersive 3D Telepresence
* Methods and systems for real-time structured light depth extraction and endoscope using real-time structured light depth extraction
Includes: State, A.[Andrei] State, A.

State, L.[Luminita] Co Author Listing * Improved Algorithm for Estimating the ICA Model Concerning the Convergence Rate, An
* PCA Approach on Morphological Classification of Galaxies
* Version of the FastICA Algorithm Based on the Secant Method Combined with Simple Iterations Method, A
Includes: State, L.[Luminita] State, L.

State, R. Co Author Listing * Detection of abnormal behaviour in a surveillance environment using control charts

Stateczny, A.[Andrzej] Co Author Listing * Cascade Object Detection and Remote Sensing Object Detection Method Based on Trainable Activation Function
* Empirical Application of Automotive 3D Radar Sensor for Target Detection for an Autonomous Surface Vehicle's Navigation, The
* Methodology for Processing of 3D Multibeam Sonar Big Data for Comparative Navigation
* Radar and Sonar Imaging and Processing
* Reduction Method of Bathymetric Datasets that Preserves True Geodata, The
* Shore Construction Detection by Automotive Radar for the Needs of Autonomous Surface Vehicle Navigation

Statella, T.[Thiago] Co Author Listing * Incongruence-Based Anomaly Detection Strategy for Analyzing Water Pollution in Images from Remote Sensing, An
* Study on Automatic Methods Based on Mathematical Morphology for Martian Dust Devil Tracks Detection, A

Statescu, F. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of A Complex Building 3D Model Reconstructed From Images Acquired with A Low-cost UAS

Stathaki, T.[Tania] Co Author Listing * Car Detection in High-Resolution Urban Scenes Using Multiple Image Descriptors
* Coupled Network for Robust Pedestrian Detection With Gated Multi-Layer Feature Extraction and Deformable Occlusion Handling
* Detection of cars in complex urban areas
* Detection of Cars in High-Resolution Aerial Images of Complex Urban Environments
* DFT algoritrm based on filter banks: the extended subband DFT, A
* Early Fire Detection Based on Aerial 360-Degree Sensors, Deep Convolution Neural Networks and Exploitation of Fire Dynamic Textures
* Frequency Domain Approach to Roto-translation Estimation using Gradient Cross-Correlation, A
* Iterative determination of local bound constraints in iterative image restoration
* Linear Subclass Support Vector Machines
* Mammogram Analysis Using Two-Dimensional Autoregressive Models: Sufficient or Not?
* Mixed Norm Image Restoration, A
* Multidimensional directional steerable filters: Theory and application to 3D flow estimation
* Multidimensional steerable filters and 3D flow estimation
* Novel Framework for Early Fire Detection Using Terrestrial and Aerial 360-degree Images, A
* novel low false alarm rate pedestrian detection framework based on single depth images, A
* novel shape matching descriptor for real-time static hand gesture recognition, A
* Novel Statistical Approaches to the Quantitative Combination of Multiple Edge Detectors
* Phase Amplified Correlation for Improved Sub-Pixel Motion Estimation
* regularized least mean mixed norm multichannel image restoration algorithm, A
* Robust FFT-Based Scale-Invariant Image Registration with Image Gradients
* Robust Recognition of Planar Shapes Under Affine Transforms Using Principal Component Analysis
* rule-based classification methodology to handle uncertainty in habitat mapping employing evidential reasoning and fuzzy logic, A
* Shape Signature Matching for Object Identification Invariant to Image Transformations and Occlusion
* Spatial kernel K-harmonic means clustering for multi-spectral image segmentation
* SRHRF+: Self-Example Enhanced Single Image Super-Resolution Using Hierarchical Random Forests
* Subpixel Registration With Gradient Correlation
* Two Dimensional Volterra Parameter Estimation Using a Zero Tolerance Optimisation Formulation
* Unifying Approach to Moment-Based Shape Orientation and Symmetry Classification, A
* Video event recounting using mixture subclass discriminant analysis
Includes: Stathaki, T.[Tania] Stathaki, T.
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Stathakis, D. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Computational Intelligence Based Classification Techniques for Remotely Sensed Optical Image Classification
* Forecasting Urban Expansion Based On Night Lights
* Global Elevation Ancillary Data for Land-use Classification Using Granular Neural Networks
* Global Optimization versus Deterministic Pruning for the Classification of Remotely Sensed Imagery
Includes: Stathakis, D. Stathakis, D.[Demetris]

Stathakis, E. Co Author Listing * Outage Region Characterization for Beamforming in MISO Interference Networks with Imperfect CSI

Stathakis, G. Co Author Listing * Two Dimensional Volterra Parameter Estimation Using a Zero Tolerance Optimisation Formulation

Stathis, K.[Kostas] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of microaneurysms in diabetic retinopathy fundus images using the L*a*b color space

Stathis, P.[Pavlos] Co Author Listing * evaluation survey of binarization algorithms on historical documents, An

Stathis, S.[Stamatatos] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Binarization of Historical Document Images

Stathopoulos, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * Role of Sea Surface Temperature Forcing in the Life-Cycle of Mediterranean Cyclones, The

Stathopoulos, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Applying Error-Correcting Output Coding to Enhance Convolutional Neural Network for Target Detection and Pattern Recognition
* Error-Correcting Output Coding for the Convolutional Neural Network for Optical Character Recognition

Stathopoulos, N.[Nikolaos] Co Author Listing * Could Historical Mortality Data Predict Mortality Due to Unexpected Events?
* Geoinformation Technologies in Support of Environmental Hazards Monitoring under Climate Change: An Extensive Review

Stathopoulos, V.[Vassilios] Co Author Listing * Putting the Scientist in the Loop: Accelerating Scientific Progress with Interactive Machine Learning

Stathopoulou, E.K. Co Author Listing * Depth Cameras On UAVS: A First Approach
* Evaluating Unmanned Aerial Platforms For Cultural Heritage Large Scale Mapping
* HDR Imaging for Feature Detection on Detailed Architectural Scenes
* High And Low Resolution Textured Models Of Complex Architectural Surfaces
* Image-based 3D Reconstruction Data As An Analysis And Documentation Tool for Architects: the Case of Plaka Bridge in Greece
* Multi-view Stereo With Semantic Priors
* Open-source Image-based 3d Reconstruction Pipelines: Review, Comparison And Evaluation
* Photomatch: An Open-source Multi-view and Multi-modal Feature Matching Tool for Photogrammetric Applications
* Semantic Photogrammetry: Boosting Image-based 3D Reconstruction With Semantic Labeling
* Semantically Derived Geometric Constraints for MVS Reconstruction of Textureless Areas
Includes: Stathopoulou, E.K. Stathopoulou, E.K.[Elisavet Konstantina]
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Stathopoulou, T.[Thomai] Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence-Based System to Assess Nutrient Intake for Hospitalised Patients, An
* Partially Supervised Multi-Task Network for Single-View Dietary Assessment

Stattegger, K.[Karl] Co Author Listing * Spectral calibration of CBERS 2B multispectral satellite images to assess suspended sediment concentration

Statter, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic Traffic Monitoring with Airborne Wide-Angle Digital Camera System for Estimation of Travel Times
* Traffic Flow Estimation from Single Satellite Images
Includes: Statter, R. Stätter, R. (Maybe also Staetter, R.)

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