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Tambasco, M.[Mauro] Co Author Listing * robust convergence index filter for breast cancer cell segmentation, A

Tambe, M. Co Author Listing * BIRDSAI: A Dataset for Detection and Tracking in Aerial Thermal Infrared Videos
* Effectiveness of Task-Level Parallelism for High-Level Vision, The
* Measuring the Effectiveness of Task-Level Parallelism for High-Level Vision
* Overview of RoboCup-98
Includes: Tambe, M. Tambe, M.[Milind]

Tambe, R.G.[Rishikesh G.] Co Author Listing * Deep multi-feature learning architecture for water body segmentation from satellite images

Tambe, S. Co Author Listing * Flutter Shutter Video Camera for compressive sensing of videos
* radon image as plenoptic function, The
* Robust Face Alignment Using a Mixture of Invariant Experts
* Towards Motion Aware Light Field Video for Dynamic Scenes
Includes: Tambe, S. Tambe, S.[Salil]

Tambe, T.[Takahiro] Co Author Listing * Extraction of trabecular structures of mandible excluding tooth roots on dental panoramic radiographs using mathematical morphology

Tamberg, G.[Gert] Co Author Listing * Improved interpolation kernels for super resolution algorithms
* new low-complexity patch-based image super-resolution, A

Tambo, A.[Asong] Co Author Listing * Bridging the Gap Between Computational Photography and Visual Recognition
* Low-and Semantic-Level Cues for Forensic Splice Detection
* Novel representation for driver emotion recognition in motor vehicle videos
Includes: Tambo, A.[Asong] Tambo, A.

Tambo, A.L.[Asongu L.] Co Author Listing * Dynamic bi-modal fusion of images for the segmentation of pollen tubes in video
* Integrated Model for Understanding Pollen Tube Growth in Video
* Modeling and Classifying Tip Dynamics of Growing Cells in Video
* Temporal dynamics of tip fluorescence predict cell growth behavior in pollen tubes
* Understanding pollen tube growth dynamics using the Unscented Kalman Filter
Includes: Tambo, A.L.[Asongu L.] Tambo, A.L.

Tamboli, D.[Dipesh] Co Author Listing * Domain Adaptive Few-Shot Open-Set Learning
* Multi-source Open-set Deep Adversarial Domain Adaptation
* Saliency-Driven Class Impressions For Feature Visualization Of Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Tamboli, D.[Dipesh] Tamboli, D.

Tamboli, R.[Roopak] Co Author Listing * subjective evaluation of true 3D images, A

Tamboli, R.R. Co Author Listing * 3D Objective Quality Assessment of Light Field Video Frames
* Achieving high angular resolution via view synthesis: Quality assessment of 3D content on super multiview lightfield display
* Super-multiview content with high angular resolution: 3D quality assessment on horizontal-parallax lightfield display
Includes: Tamboli, R.R. Tamboli, R.R.[Roopak R.]

Tamborini, G. Co Author Listing * Automated Registration of 3D TEE Datasets of the Descending Aorta for Improved Examination and Quantification of Atheromas Burden

Tamborrino, C.[Cristiano] Co Author Listing * Sentinel-2 Satellite Image Time-Series Land Cover Classification with Bernstein Copula Approach

Tamborrino, R. Co Author Listing * Digital Cultural Heritage Meets Digital Humanities
* Translation and Fruition of an Ancient Book Through Virtual Reality in the Case of Lost Cultural Heritage
Includes: Tamborrino, R. Tamborrino, R.[Rosa]

Tambouratzis, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Conditional random fields versus template-matching in MT phrasing tasks involving sparse training data
* Image Segmentation with the SolNN Unsupervised Logic Neural-Network
* Implementing the Abingdon Cross benchmark on the ASP
* Improving the Classification Accuracy of the Scanning N-tuple Method
* Improving the Clustering Performance of the Scanning n-Tuple Method by Using Self-Supervised Algorithms to Introduce Subclasses
* logical neural network that adapts to changes in the pattern environment, A
* Multi-objective optimisation of real-valued parameters of a hybrid MT system using Genetic Algorithms
* Word-Map Systems for Content-Based Document Classification
Includes: Tambouratzis, G.[George] Tambouratzis, G.
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Tambouratzis, T. Co Author Listing * Integrating Artificial and Psychophysical Approaches for Boundary Finding in Line Drawings
* Using Geometrical Information for Accurate Scene Understanding in an Artificial Vision System

Tamburelli, G. Co Author Listing * Some Results in the Processing of the Holy Shroud of Turin

Tamburello, G.[Giancarlo] Co Author Listing * Changes in SO2 Flux Regime at Mt. Etna Captured by Automatically Processed Ultraviolet Camera Data
* Low-Cost Smartphone Sensor-Based UV Camera for Volcanic SO2 Emission Measurements, A
* Novel and Inexpensive Method for Measuring Volcanic Plume Water Fluxes at High Temporal Resolution, A

Tamburino, L.A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithms for the Soft Morphological Operators
* Unified Approach to the Linear Camera Calibration Problem, A

Tamburlin, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Testing the Height Variation Hypothesis with the R rasterdiv Package for Tree Species Diversity Estimation

Tamburo, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Exploiting & Refining Depth Distributions with Triangulation Light Curtains
* Fast reactive control for illumination through rain and snow
* Performance Characterization of Reactive Visual Systems
* Programmable Automotive Headlights
* WALT: Watch And Learn 2D amodal representation from Time-lapse imagery
Includes: Tamburo, R.[Robert] Tamburo, R.

Tamburo, R.J.[Robert J.] Co Author Listing * Gradient-oriented Profiles For Boundary Parameterization and Their Application to Core Atoms Towards Shape Analysis
* Shells and Spheres: A Framework for Variable Scale Statistical Image Analysis
Includes: Tamburo, R.J.[Robert J.] Tamburo, R.J.

Tamburrini, G. Co Author Listing * Contrastive Explanations to Classification Systems Using Sparse Dictionaries

Tamburro, M. Co Author Listing * Psychovisually Based Multiresolution Image Segmentation

Tambwekar, A.[Anuj] Co Author Listing * Few-Shot Batch Incremental Road Object Detection via Detector Fusion

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