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This is a heavily hyperlinked (everything underlined is a link), annotated listing of research papers in computer vision, including image processing, document analysis, remote sensing, video analysis, and other related topics.
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The Introduction describes this site, how to reference it, and how it was created.

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2 Journal Name List, Conference Name List, Research Groups
3 Books, Collections, Overviews, General, and Surveys
4 Computational Vision, Regularization, Connectionist, Morphology, Scale-Space, Perceptual Grouping, Wavelets, Color, Sensors, Optical, Laser, Radar
5 Image Processing, Restoration, Enhancement, Filters, Image and Video Coding
6 Edge Detection and Analysis, Lines, Segments, Curves, Corners, Hough Transform
7 2-D Feature Analysis, Extraction and Representations, Shape, Skeletons, Texture
8 2-D Region Segmentation Techniques, Snakes, Active Contours
9 3-D Shape from X -- Shading, Textures, Lasers, Structured Light, Focus, Line Drawings
10 Stereo: Three Dimensional Descriptions from Two or More Views, Binocular, Trinocular
11 3-D Object Description and Computation Techniques, Surfaces, Deformable, View Generation, Video Conferencing
12 Registration, Matching and Recognition Using Points, Lines, Regions, Areas, Surfaces
13 Matching and Recognition Using Volumes, High Level Vision Techniques, Invariants
14 Pattern Recognition, Clustering, Statistics, Grammars, Learning, Neural Nets, Genetic Algorithms
15 Active Vision, Camera Calibration, Mobile Robots, Navigation, Road Following
16 Motion -- Feature-Based, Long Range, Motion and Structure Estimates, Tracking, Surveillance, Activities
17 Optical Flow Field Computations and Use
18 Motion Analysis -- Low-Level, Image Level Analysis, Mosaic Generation, Super Resolution, Shape from Motion
19 Implementations and Applications, Databases, QBIC, Video Analysis, Hardware and Software, Inspection
20 Medical Applications, CAT, MRI, Ultrasound, Heart Models, Brain Models
21 Face Recognition, Detection, Tracking, Gesture Recognition, Fingerprints, Biometrics
22 Remote Sensing, Cartography, Aerial Images, Buildings, Roads, Terrain, ATR
23 OCR, Document Analysis and Character Recognition Systems
24 New Unsorted Entries, and Other Miscellaneous Papers
25 Other Computer Vision Resources
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