5 Image Processing, Restoration, Enhancement, Filters, Image and Video Coding

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Keywords found in this Chapter: 3D Video Coding. 3D-HEVC. AFLC. AVC. AVS. Adaptive. Adaptive Filters. Adaptive Histogram Equalization. Adaptive coding. Application, Astronomy. Architectures. Artifacts. Award, BMVC, Poster. Award, CVPR, HM. Award, ICIP, Student Paper. Award, IET IPR Premium. Award, JVCI, HM. Award, Longuet-Higgins. Bandpass. Bayes Nets. Bayes Restoration. Bilateral Filter. Blind Deconvolution. Block Coding. Block Matching. Blocking Artifacts. Boundary. Cellular Networks. Code, Bilateral Filter. Code, Color Enhancement. Code, Color Histograms. Code, Denoising. Code, Equalization. Code, Filters. Code, H.264/AVC. Code, Image Analysis. Code, Image Coding. Code, Image Coding, Java. Code, Image Equalization. Code, Image Processing. Code, Impulse Noise. Code, Kalman Filter. Code, Noise Estimation. Code, PSF Estimation. Code, Point Spread Function. Code, Rectification. Code, Steerable Filter. Code, Total Variation. Coding. Color. Color Image Restoration. Color Quantization. Compressed Sensing. Compression. Compression, Color. Compression, Lossless. Compression, Model-Based. Compression, Stereo. Compression, Video. Compressive Sensing. Contrast. Contrast Enhancement. Corner Detector. Cosine Transform. DCT. DPCM. Dataset, Image Quality. Dataset, Saliency. Dataset, Video Streaming. Deblocking. Deconvolution. Deinterlace. Denoising. Depth Coding. Depth Map Coding. Displays. Distortion. Distributed Video Coding. Edge Detection. Encryption. Enhancement. Entropy. Entropy VQ. Error Analysis. Error Concealment. Error Concealment, Video. Evaluation. Evaluation, Coding. Evaluation, Denoising. Evaluation, Image Coding. Evaluation, Motion Coding. Evaluation, Video. FAX. Facsimile. Feature Detection. Film Restoration. Filter Implementation. Filters. Flow Fields. Fluorescence. Fourier. GIS. Gabor. H.263. H.264. H.264 Hardware. HDTV. HEVC. HEVC Hardware. HEVC, 3D. Haar Transform. Hadamard Transform. Halftone. Hardware. Hardware, Displays. Hierarchical Analysis. Hierarchical Coding. Histogram Equalization. Hough Transform. Huffman. Human Visual System. Hybrid Enhancement. Hyperspectral. IAFC. Image Coding. Image Compression. Image Display. Image Distortion. Image Enhancement. Image Enhancement, Survey. Image Processing. Image Quality. Image Quality Measure. Image Quality Metric. Image Restoration. Image Rotation. Image Warping. Implementation. Impulse Noise. Inspection, Wear. Intra Coding. Intra Prediction. Inverse Halftone. Iterative. JPEG 2000. JPEG Coding. JPEG Standard. Kalman Filter. Karhunen-Loeve Transform Filter. Least Squares. Lossless Compression. Low Bit Rate Coding. MPEG. MPEG Standard. MVC. Matching Pursuits. Mellin Transform. Mobile Transmission. Mode Selection. Motion Compensation. Motion, Coding. Motion, Compression. Motion, Estimation. Multicast. Multimedia. Multiple Description. Multiplicative Denoising. Multiplicative Noise. Multiresolution. Multiview Video Coding. Neural Networks. No-Reference Quality. Noise Models. Noise Removal. Non-Local Means. Object Matching. Optics. Packet Video. Patch-Based. Peer to Peer. Ph.D.. Photogrammetry. Poisson Noise. Progressive Transmission. Pyramids. Quality Assessment. Quantization. Radon Transform. Rate Control. Rate-Control. Rate-Distortion. Reconstruction. Rectification. Region Coding. Region Matching. Region-Based. Relaxation. Restoration. SAR. SAR Image Analysis. SPIHT. SVC. SVD. Salt and Pepper Noise. Scalable Video Coding. Scale Space. Screen Content. Sequence Database. Sharpening. Sharpness. Society, Image Analysis. Society, JPEG. Society, MPEG. Society, US. Space Variant. Steerable Filter. Steerable Filters. Stereo. Stereo Video Coding. Stereo, Coding. Stereoscopic Video Coding. Streaming Video. Subband Coding. Survey, AVC. Survey, AVS Coding. Survey, Coding. Survey, Compression. Survey, Compressive Sensing. Survey, Denoising. Survey, Display. Survey, Displays. Survey, Filters. Survey, H.264. Survey, Halftone. Survey, Image Analysis. Survey, Image Compression. Survey, Image Enhancement. Survey, Image Quality. Survey, JPEG. Survey, JPEG 2000. Survey, Kalman Filter. Survey, MPEG. Survey, MPEG-4. Survey, Motion Coding. Survey, Noise. Survey, Noise Estimation. Survey, Progressive Transmission. Survey, Restoration. Survey, Source Separation. Survey, Streaming Video. Survey, Subband. Survey, Transcoding. Survey, Transforms. Survey, Transmission. Survey, Vector Quantization. Survey, Video Coding. Survey, Video Compression. Survey, Video Quality. Survey, Video Transmission. Survey, Visual Quality. Television. Tone Mapping. Total Variation. Transcoding. Transform. Transform Coding. Transforms. Transmission. Unsharp Mask. Up-Conversion. VLSI. VQ Codebook. Variational Reconstruction. Vector Fields. Vector Quantization. Vendor, 3D Models. Vendor, Image Analysis. Vendor, Image Printing. Vendor, MPEG. Vendor, TV Applications. Vendor, Video Compression. Video. Video Coding. Video Error Concealment. Video Quality. Video Segmentation. Video Streaming. Walsh Transform. Wavelets. Wireless Network. Wireless Transmission. Wyner-Ziv.
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