7 2-D Feature Analysis, Extraction and Representations, Shape, Skeletons, Texture

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Keywords found in this Chapter: 3-D. 3-D Distance. 3-D Thinning. 3D Points. Adaptive Pyramid. Adaptive Smoothing. Aggregated Descriptors. Area. Autocorrelation. Autoregression. Autoregressive Measures. Award, BMVC, HM Poster. Award, Best Paper, ISPRS. Award, CVIU, Most Cited. Award, CVPR. Award, ECCV. Award, JVCIR Most Cited. Award, Marr Prize, HM. Award, Pattern Recognition, Honorable Mention. Axial Descriptions. Bilateral Symmetry. Binary Image Processing. Blob Detection. Blob Extraction. Blob Segmentation. Boundary from Quadtree. Cellular Automata. Chain Codes. Change Detection. Circles. Closest Point. Co-occurrence Matrix. Code LPB-TOP. Code, Connected Components. Code, Convex Hull. Code, Distance Transform. Code, Gaussian Convolution. Code, Landmarks. Code, Object Detection. Code, SURF. Code, Texture Analysis. Code, Texture Analysis, Java. Code, Texture Synthesis. Color. Color Clustering. Color Segmentation. Color Texture. Complexity Analysis. Compression, Binary Images. Concavity. Connected Components. Connectivity. Contour Coding. Contour Tracing. Contourlet. Contours. Convex Hull. Convexity. Convolution. Cosine Transform. DCT. Dataset, Infrared. Dataset, Texture. Dataset, Tracking. Decomposition. Defect Detection. Delaunay. Delaunay Triangulation. Derivative. Descriptions, Ribbons. Differential. Differentiation Filter. Digital Geometry. Digital Topology. Digital Topology, Survey. Discrete Topology. Distance Function. Distance Map. Distance Measures. Distance Metric. Distance Transform. Dynamic Texture. Early Vision. Edge-Preserving Smoothing. Euler Number. Evaluation. Evaluation, Feature Points. Evaluation, Interest Points. Evaluation, Thinning. Extremal Regions. FFT Computation. Fast Algorithms. Feature Computation. Feature Extraction. Feature Points. Features. Features, Geometric. Fourier Descriptors. Fourier Transform. Fourier, 3D. Fractals. GIS. Gabor Filter. Generic Objects. Geometric Features. Geometry. HOG. Hausdorff Distance. Hexagonal. Hexagonal Grid. Hexagonal Representation. Hierarchical. Histogram of Oriented Gradient. Human Texture Recognition. ICP. Image Compression. Image Models. Impulse Noise. Inpainting. Inspection. Interest. Interest Points. Interval Code. Invariants. Iterative Closest Point. Key Points. LBP. Line Adjacency Graph. Line Segments. Lines. Local Binary Patterns. Log Mapping. MAT. MDL. MRF. MSER. Machined Surfaces. Markov Model. Markov Random Field. Match Measure. Matching, Regions. Matching, Textures. Medial Axis Transform. Median Computation. Median Filters. Mesh, 2-D. Minimum Description Length. Moments. Morphology. Multiple Resolutions. Multiscale. Neural Networks. OCR. Object Detection. Object Proposals. Order Statistics. Orientation. Parallel Algorithms. Parallel Architectures. Perceptual Grouping. Performance. Perimeter. Periodic Textures. Ph.D.. Point Matching. Polar Representation. Primal Sketch. Psychophysical Evidence. Pyramid Structure. Pyramid, Laplacian. Pyramids. Quadtree. Quadtree from Boundary. Quadtree, Evaluation. Quadtree, Features. Quadtree, Survey. ROI. Rank Statistics. Reconfigurable Mesh. Reconstruction. Region Extraction. Region Operations, Quadtree. Region of Interest. Representation, 2D. Representation, Curves. Representation, Log Mapping. Representation, Pyramid. Representation, Quadtree. Representation, Runlength Code. Ribbons. Run Length Code. SIFT. SURF. Salient Objects. Salient Points. Salient Regions. Scale Space. Segmentation, Blobs. Segmentation, Texture. Shape Decomposition. Shape Features. Shape Measure. Shape Representation. Shape from Texture. Shape, 2D. Shape, Survey. Similarity Measure. Similarity Measures. Skeletonization. Skeletons. Smoothing. Smoothing, Adaptive. Snakes, Active Contours. Spectral. Spot Detection. Spots. Steerable Filter. Structural Features. Structural Texture. Surface Matching. Survey, Data Structures. Survey, Digital Geometry. Survey, Digital Topology. Survey, Distance. Survey, Distance Functions. Survey, Distance Measures. Survey, Feature Computation. Survey, Feature Extraction. Survey, Features. Survey, Geospatial Matching. Survey, Markov Random Fields. Survey, Mesh. Survey, Object Class. Survey, Pattern Recognition. Survey, Quadtree. Survey, Shape. Survey, Skeletonization. Survey, Texture. Survey, Texture Datasets. Survey, Texture Synthesis. Survey, Thinning. Survey, Voronoi. Symmetry. Symmetry, 2-D. Synthesis, Texture. Target Recognition. Tetrahedral Representation. Texture. Texture Analysis. Texture Models. Texture Synthesis. Texture, Co-occurrence. Texture, Color. Texture, Evaluation. Texture, Recognition. Texture, Statistical. Texture, Structural. Texture, Survey. Texture, Transforms. Textures, Filters. Textures, Fractals. Textures, Oriented. Textures, Structural. Textures, Synthesis. Thinning. Thinning Techniques. Three-Dimensional Skeleton. Tiled Images. Topology. Triangulation. Urban Area. VLAD. Voronoi. Voronoi Diagrams. Waveforms. Wavelets. Wavelets, Texture.
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